Random Conversation With Locals – Video Video

Random Conversation With Locals – Video


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  • I was immediately impressed with Jack also and his command of English so I hope it works out.

    • Indeed, his English was perfect. No idea why he hide his face and badge. Such guys just need that 1 opportunity to get an escape out of poverty. Even with a degree , without the right connection they never get a good paying job

  • There have been some anthropology studies about Philippino role play. Boys are raised/ educated by the elder peers, cousins, brothers. Not really by the father or uncles. While girls stay at home helping mom with the household and younger siblings, the boys get out of the house. The so called “ hanging around” is in fact the better part of their education. I forgot the Tagalog word for that group society.

  • The Bridge ! When I left Derek’s place in the early evening, I was driving over the expressway and it was wonderful. Gives a heavenly feeling with the lights. And the view over Cebu, with the cobalt blue lights on some buildings. You have to try it guys.

    • Hopefully soon, coz I intend to come to Cebu wen I come back now in July to meet my girlfriend again and hopefully coming to see Derek.

  • @Q Adventures. Haha doing good things for the locals again Derek.
    Love the way you help young Filipina’s/,Filipinos out man.
    Legend Derek.

  • “What makes it so nice?”… no foreigners… til now 🤭 Fun video, always love how friendly everyone is. Hopefully I’ll be seeing you in a few months to rent a motorbike… just waiting on the stock market to pay off so I can take a break from trading.

  • It was so cute how the group you were talking to moved down to the “Diving Tire” so they could show off their skills for the camera as they tried to outdo their buddies. And your ever patient Ai acting as Robin while your Batman in the Gotham city of Cebu always looking to showcase the local community. Always look for the crowd and you’ll find the fun, or best food as Filipinos are such friendly helpful people

  • They say, danger, don’t go. Like a child that is told, don’t play with fire, You will get burned.

    Being limited peeks the curiosity.

    It only takes once to learn the hard way.

    Yesterday we went to a place where the mountain area is full of NPA. We went with a group of locals from a different Province. Barangay police was with us and there were military with M-16 s that were there as well.

    I did feel safe, but I will assure You, I would never go there without them or just go on my own.

    • There is “educated risks” and I don’t recommend anyone going there. I grew up different than most, can recognize danger, know how to behave in a bad situation, and I don’t wear fancy. Shorts and Chinese crocs for me

  • Local flavor! Yeah man that brgy by the water behind Carbon market is sketchy for reals. Great video Q

  • “Many children are jumping into the sea without any fear. It’s really wonderful to see how brave and carefree they are! Their joy and energy are contagious.”🎉🎉😊😊😊 Fascinating video! I love seeing the daily life and friendliness of the locals in the Philippines. Great job, Derek! 🌟

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