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Finding Good Filipino Women with Christian Filipina

Christian Filipina
Finding Good Filipino Women with Christian Filipina 45

How to Find Good Filipino Women with Christian Filipina

What’s not to love about the Philippines? The rich culture, natural beauty of its islands, and of course, the women; charming, graceful, nurturing, respectful, loyal, feminine, and with strong family values. Well, that’s what you were promised, but in reality, many Western men make a few mistakes when looking for love in the Philippines.

Yes you can find the Filipina of Your Dreams but you have to do it the smart way. Keep reading to find out how to find the Good Filipinas! This is the only proven safe way I can recommend to find a Filipino Woman.

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Where to find your dream Filipino woman

While it’s fun to visit the Philippines and meet women in bars and cafes, the reality is that most men don’t have the time to take multiple trips overseas in the vague hopes of meeting “the one.”

Of course, there are plenty of Filipino dating websites to help you find your dream woman from the comfort of your own home. But before you rush in, be warned; many women on these websites aren’t what they seem.

After my Divorce I felt like my life was over. I was pretty sure I would never find another woman because I still felt young, but I was too old for the dating scene, and the idea of dating an older woman was too depressing. I never imagined that there were countries where pretty young women wanted a mature man. This is like getting a second chance at life.

Thomas K.

Finding the Perfect Filipina is like stepping back in time

Are you looking for traits like…

If the answer is YES! then you are looking in the right place.

4 tips to find your dream Christian Filipino woman

1. Avoid generic dating websites

Not all dating sites are created equal. Look for dating websites that specifically cater for Filipino women that share your Christian values. There aren’t many, but one of the most reputable in this space is Christian Filipina which has a stringent vetting process to weed out scammers.

2. Watch for red flags

If someone you’ve just met online starts asking for money, it’s a major red flag. In these cases, emotional blackmail may be a tool these women use to lure you into sending them money; from being made to feel guilty because her family is sick to being told that you’re her only hope out of a bad situation.

3. Verify her identity

After you’ve gotten to know her on the dating website, aim to get on a video call fairly soon to ensure the person you’re talking to matches their profile pictures. Christian Filipina helps you save time here with pre-vetted women, which can further reduce the risk and save you time in the vetting process.

4. Take your time

Genuine relationships take time to develop. Be cautious of women who seem to be rushing things, especially towards discussions of marriage or moving to your country.

My wife passed away. She wanted me to be happy. She would not want me to be alone. If you are going fishing, go where the fish are biting. Lots and lots of fish.


Does the perfect Christian Filipino woman even exist?

You know the one — that gorgeous, church-attending Filipino woman who’s looking to devote herself to a hard-working man, have his children, and remain by his side in sickness and in health?

Yes, she does exist and she is out there waiting for you. The Philippines is predominantly Christian, with a strong emphasis on faith and religious practices, which means there are plenty of genuine Christian Filipino women out there seeking meaningful relationships.

These are some of the most remarkable women in the world; family-orientated, feminine, religious, and English-speaking. Better yet, Filipino women, particularly those outside the big cities, don’t care as much about age gaps in a relationship. It’s your Christian values, status, and personality they care about more than anything else.

Many of these women are looking to start a family, too. I’ve known many Filipino women who burst with pride over being able to start a family with a Western man, even men reaching their 60s!

So if you’re an older guy who missed out on starting a family earlier in life, you can have a second chance with a beautiful young wife who can take good care of your children.

But remember, just because the Philippines is predominantly a Christian country, this doesn’t mean every woman who lives there will share your Christian values. Be sure to use a dating website like Christian Filipina to quickly narrow your search to strictly Christian Filipino women.

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Christian Filipina
Finding Good Filipino Women with Christian Filipina 46

If these Filipino women are so wonderful, why are they single?

One reason is that Filipino men aren’t attracted to the same physical attributes that Western men find attractive. Where a western man may find a slim, tan, exotic girl attractive, a Filipino man would find the opposite attractive.

This means many of these beautiful, loyal and caring girls are largely ignored by local men.

If you are a good man, and you’re willing to treat your Filipino woman with respect, kindness and consideration, and take time to learn and appreciate her culture, then you will find a good Filipino woman.

All that’s left, is knowing where to look.

If you are just starting out, we always suggest starting with Christian Filipina. There are fewer choices than other dating websites, but that’s because the women you speak to on this website are already filtered and vetted.

Unlike other dating sites, Christian Filipina has Relationship Specialists who screen all potential members using an exclusive and strict vetting process, including in-depth interviews to ensure that the women are real, authentic, single, and share your same Christian faith and ideals.

(This might explain why it has a 99% success rate of married couples who met on the site!)

It’s not for everyone, though.

These Filipino women are not looking for just anyone. To be successful with Christian Filipina you’ll need to be a sincere, honest man who lives by Christian principles of honesty and charity.

Which also rules out casual dating, too. The women you’ll find there are looking for long-term life partners. So if you’re only looking for a quick hook-up, this website isn’t for you.

The good news is that many Western men have found love and are enjoying happy marriages through the Christian Filipina dating site, despite never visiting the Philippines before finding their match. They currently offer a free trial, so you can start chatting with women today.

Avoiding the Filipino Women with Bad intentions

It’s no surprise that many Filipino dating websites are full of, shall we say, un-Christian women. Behind the beautiful smiles and perfect figures, many of the women you’ll find on the major dating websites are:

1. Looking for a “sugar daddy” to live off

2. Single women who just need money to support their child or family.

3. Attempting to get you to invest in local property scams.

4. Looking for a Foreign visa (and will leave you when it’s granted)

And while not every Filipino woman is out to scam you, there will be plenty of women who don’t share your ethics or Christian values. So how do you find one that does?

So you’ve found your match — don’t stuff it up now!

So you’ve found your perfect partner, congrats! Now it’s time to meet her in real life. This is where the real fun begins. Visiting the Philippines not only shows your commitment but also gives you a chance to experience her culture firsthand and meet her family and friends. Plus, it’s an amazing excuse for a tropical vacation.

However, this is also where many men go wrong, and all that hard work, time, and money go to waste.

From getting lost to getting into trouble with cultural differences or simply making a poor first impression, there are a few things to watch out for.

To make sure your trip and meet-up goes smoothly, here are a few things to consider:

1. Check the latest travel advisories

Check the latest travel advisories for the Philippines and familiarize yourself with the popular destinations, cultural hotspots, areas to avoid, and Philippines’ laws.

2. Check your visa

Ensure your passport is valid for at least six months beyond your planned stay. Check if you need a visa to enter the Philippines and apply in advance if necessary.

The last thing you want is to get locked out of the country at the start of your relationship!

3. Learn the culture

English is the primary language but learning basic phrases and common Filipino customs and etiquette can help you make a strong first impression on her and her family — and avoid embarrassing faux pas! Remember, family approval is essential in Filipino culture, so give yourself the best chance by learning some basics.


Finding your dream Christian Filipino woman is easier than ever with the right approach and mindset and by using a reputable dating site such as ChristianFilipina.

Always remember to be cautious and respectful and invest time in understanding her culture. This is how thousands of Western men are meeting beautiful Filipino women every day, and enjoying long-term relationships, marriages, and even starting their own families. While the journey may require patience, the reward of a loving,

loyal, and caring partner with Christian values makes it all worthwhile.

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Christian Filipina
Finding Good Filipino Women with Christian Filipina 47

Christian Filipina
Finding Good Filipino Women with Christian Filipina 87