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Condo for Sale Philippines

Top Picks: Prime Condo for Sale Philippines Listings for Smart Buyers

Are you on the hunt for a “condo for sale Philippines”? Our guide cuts through the clutter to spotlight prime condo for sale listings in key urban areas and emerging hotspots. With a focus on real value, location perks, and practical investment advice, we help you home in on options that resonate with your personal and financial aspirations in today’s dynamic Philippine condo for sale market.

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Key Takeaways

  • Metro Manila offers diverse condo living options from luxury high-rises in Makati CBD to urban lifestyle in BGC and family-friendly environments in Quezon City, each with distinct amenities and convenience for different lifestyles.
  • Cebu City caters to both beachfront living and city life with a variety of condominium options, including investment-ready units tailored to professionals and business owners in the city’s business hubs.
  • Condo living across the Philippines provides substantial lifestyle benefits such as low-maintenance living, wellness-enhancing amenities, and varied locations offering both affordability and accessibility in cities like Ortigas CBD and Davao del Sur.

Exploring Condo Units in Metro Manila

High-rise condo buildings in Metro Manila
High-rise condo buildings in Metro Manila

Picture living in a bustling city where everything is at your fingertips; Metro Manila might just be your dream home. This vibrant region is a melting pot of cultures and activities, boasting a mix of residential, commercial, and business districts. From the high-rise living in Makati Central Business District to the urban comforts in Bonifacio Global City (BGC), and the family-friendly condos in Quezon City, Metro Manila offers diverse condo living options to suit every lifestyle.

High-Rise Living in Makati Central Business District

Luxurious amenities in Makati CBD condos
Luxurious amenities in Makati CBD condos

Makati Central Business District (CBD) exemplifies high-rise living in Makati City, a prime area of Metro Manila. Known for its exceptional cityscape views and convenient access to major business districts, Makati CBD offers a luxurious lifestyle like no other. Its central location within the country’s business, shopping, and entertainment hub makes it a prime choice for condo buyers.

Notable high-rise condo developments in Makati CBD include:

  • The RISE Makati
  • Salcedo SkySuites
  • Kroma Tower
  • The Estate Makati

These luxury studio condos for sale offer a range of top-notch amenities, catering to the discerning tastes of city dwellers. With a few studio condo for sale, the price for move-in ready studio units with one studio to two bedrooms starts at approximately PHP 10 million, showcasing the upscale city lifestyle that Makati CBD offers.

Urban Comforts in Bonifacio Global City (BGC)

Urban lifestyle in Bonifacio Global City
Urban lifestyle in Bonifacio Global City

Bonifacio Global City (BGC), a city known for its contemporary urban lifestyle, is another desirable location for condominium living. The city with high-end condominiums, top-notch shopping destinations, and diverse dining establishments make BGC a haven for those seeking comfort and convenience located in the heart of the city.

The top condominium projects in BGC include Horizon Homes by Shangri-La at the Fort, Grand Hyatt Manila Residences, The Suites at One Bonifacio High, Bellagio Three, Forbeswood Heights apartments, and McKinley Park Residences apartments. These condos offer a variety of lifestyle amenities, including al-fresco lounges, gardens, playgrounds, sky lounges, fitness facilities, and more. Moreover, the close proximity to Uptown Place Mall and hotels and notable dining establishments further enhances the urban living experience in BGC.

Family-Friendly Condos in Quezon City

Family-friendly environment in Quezon City condos
Family-friendly environment in Quezon City condos

Quezon City presents a variety of condominium options for families aiming for a balance between urban living and a family-oriented environment. Top condos for sale in this city, such properties as Manhattan Parkview Araneta Center Cubao and No Cleanfee-OneEastwood, offer spacious units averaging 51.5 square meters, making them an ideal home for families.

These condos and apartments are designed to cater to families, providing amenities such as:

  • Open green spaces
  • Swimming pools
  • Playgrounds
  • Game rooms
  • Daycare centers

Proximity to schools and shopping malls, as well as substantial green areas and open spaces, further enhance the appeal of these family-friendly condos in Quezon City.

A Glimpse at Cebu City Condo Developments

Heading south from Metro Manila, Cebu City reveals itself as a further alluring destination for condominium buyers. As the oldest city in the Philippines, Cebu City has evolved into a modern metropolis, offering a mix of beachfront properties and investment-ready units located in its growing business hubs.

Whether you’re drawn to the peacefulness of beachfront living or the vibrancy of city life, Cebu City’s condominium market can accommodate your preferences.

Beachfront and City Condos in Cebu

For those dreaming of a home with stunning sea views, beachfront condos in Cebu City are a perfect choice. Notable beachfront condo developments include the condos for sale at Cebu Real Estate Shop and the El Sol Mactan residential development in the Seagrove Estate. These condos offer residents the chance to relish the serenity of the countryside alongside Cebu’s renowned beaches.

On the other hand, city condos in Cebu City offer a different kind of appeal. Developments such as:

  • Mandtra Residences
  • Mivela Garden Residences
  • The Rise at Monterrazas
  • Vertex Central Cebu

provide a range of amenities and benefits, such as increased property values, convenient access to services, and potential for rental income. These city condos offer an ideal blend of urban convenience and lifestyle comfort.

Investment-Ready Units in Cebu’s Business Hubs

Condominium units primed for investment in Cebu’s business hubs present enticing opportunities for professionals and business owners. Factors such as:

  • needs and preferences
  • type of unit
  • financing options
  • potential for appreciation

contribute to the investment readiness of these units.

Condos in Cebu’s business districts suitable for investment should be strategically located in areas with high demand. Additionally, they should possess a high appraisal value and offer the potential for substantial returns on investment. The typical price range for investment-ready condominium units in Cebu’s business hubs varies from ₱4.5M to ₱11M, making it an attractive option for potential investors.

Condominiums Across Key Philippine Cities

Apart from Metro Manila, Cebu City, and Pasig City, other major Philippine cities boast burgeoning condominium markets. Two such cities that offer a mix of affordability and accessibility are Ortigas CBD and Davao del Sur. Whether you’re looking for rent a condo in a bustling business district or invest in a growing city, there’s a wide array of choices available across the country.

Ortigas CBD: A Mix of Affordability and Accessibility

Situated at the core of Metro Manila, Ortigas CBD is recognized for its blend of affordability and accessibility. With competitive pricing compared to Makati CBD, Bonifacio Global City, and Taguig City, Ortigas CBD offers a more affordable option for condo buyers. Its strategic location ensures convenient access to various parts of Metro Manila.

Condos in Ortigas CBD, such as those located in The Sapphire Bloc and around Ortigas Center, are strategically situated near major office buildings and commercial areas. Additionally, Ortigas CBD offers excellent public transportation options, including the EDSA Carousel Ortigas Bus Station and nearby bus stops located at Meralco Ave and Ortigas Ave.

Emerging Markets: Condo Living in Davao del Sur

Situated in the southern Philippines, Davao del Sur signifies a rising market and growing population for condominium living. Over the past five years, the condo for sale market in Davao del Sur has experienced significant growth, with a surge in the sale of condominium units in the first half of 2022. This surge in condo units for sale indicates a strong demand and a promising future for the condo for sale market in the city.

Notable condo developments in Davao del Sur include:

  • Arezzo Place Davao
  • Seawind
  • Palmetto Place
  • Aeon Tower
  • Verdon Parc Davao
  • One Oasis Davao
  • Linmarr Towers Davao
  • Avida Towers Davao

These developments offer modern living options for potential buyers, with the typical cost of a condominium unit for sale in Davao del Sur approximately ₱4,452,838.

Lifestyle Benefits of Condo Ownership

Swimming pool in a condo complex
Swimming pool in a condo complex

In addition to location and price, the lifestyle advantages of owning a condominium also hold significant appeal. From top-notch amenities to low-maintenance city living, condos offer a lifestyle that caters to the urban dweller’s needs.

From having a fitness center and office spaces in your building to freeing yourself from lawn maintenance, the perks of condominium living are numerous and can elevate your lifestyle.

Amenities That Enhance Well-being

Of the multitude of condominium living benefits, the provided amenities are frequently the most accessible and appealing. Fitness centers located in condominiums, for instance, provide convenient access to exercise equipment and facilities, promoting a healthy and active lifestyle for residents.

Some amenities that enhance the well-being of condo residents include:

  • Swimming pools, which provide a space for leisure and exercise
  • Green spaces, which offer a tranquil environment for relaxation and improve air quality
  • Additional amenities such as spas or dedicated sports areas, which further support the well-being of residents.

The Appeal of Low-Maintenance Living

A key attraction of owning a condominium is the low-maintenance lifestyle it facilitates. Condo owners enjoy a lifestyle with minimal maintenance, freeing them from typical responsibilities associated with traditional homeownership such as yard work and exterior upkeep. This advantage not only saves time but also allows condo owners to allocate more time to personal interests.

This low-maintenance lifestyle extends to the services provided by property management in condominiums. These services include:

  • Building maintenance
  • Fire insurance
  • Parking charges per square meter
  • Staff remuneration

This means that condo unit owners can enjoy a worry-free living experience, knowing that these aspects are taken care of.

Navigating Condo Investments in the Philippines

Investing in a Philippine condominium necessitates thorough deliberation. From identifying trusted sellers and developers to comparing the condo units, prices and similar properties, there are several factors that can influence your investment decision.

This section offers guidance on maneuvering through condominium investments in the Philippines.

Identifying Trusted Sellers and Developers

It’s vital to identify reliable sellers and developers when investing in Philippine condominiums. This ensures a seamless and secure purchase process. Top condo developers in the Philippines include:

  • Ayala Land
  • Megaworld Corporation
  • SM Prime Holdings
  • Filinvest Land
  • Federal Land
  • DMCI Homes

These properties and these property developers have established a strong reputation in the Philippine real estate market to date.

Apart from the reputation of trusted seller, the agent of trusted seller and the developer, other factors to consider when selecting a trusted seller reputable condo seller include:

  • The location
  • Safety
  • Amenities
  • Accessibility
  • The management of the homeowners’ association

Additionally, verifying the licensing and accreditation of the agent and condo developers and checking customer and agent reviews and testimonials can provide the agent with valuable insights into the reliability and professionalism of the agent and the developer.

Comparing Condo Prices and Similar Properties

A crucial aspect of condominium investment involves using similar properties and comparing condo prices and similar properties. Condo prices and similar properties in the Philippines are influenced by various factors such as:

  • Population growth
  • Economic indicators
  • Foreign investments
  • Location
  • Infrastructure

According to recent reports, there has been a notable increase in condominium average prices, with a substantial rise of 12.9% in 2022. The average price of condominiums in Metro Manila is ₱ 10,144,662, while the average price of condos for sale in Cebu City is approximately PHP 143,000 per square meter. Comparing these average prices to the median price and considering the influence of various factors can help potential investors make informed decisions.

Condo Buying Tips for First-Time Buyers

The process of buying a condominium can seem daunting to first-time buyers. However, with the right tips and guidance, it can be a smooth and rewarding experience.

This section offers valuable tips for first-time condominium buyers, such as selecting an ideal location and comprehending condominium fees and associated costs.

What to Consider When Choosing a Location

Selecting the appropriate location for your condominium is essential. Factors such as accessibility to schools, universities, hospitals, and malls play a pivotal role in the decision-making process. In Metro Manila, for example, accessible, public transportation access is crucial for a condo location as it guarantees convenient travel for residents.

Another important aspect to consider when choosing a condo location is future condominium development plans in the area. Future developments can signify potential growth in property value and enhancements in civic infrastructure, making it a crucial factor in the selection process.

Understanding Condo Fees and Other Costs

Grasping condominium fees and additional costs is another vital part of the condominium buying process. Condo fees in the Philippines typically encompass:

  • Maintenance of the building
  • Fire insurance
  • Parking per square meter
  • Remuneration of the staff

These fees are often assessed per square meter of the condo unit itself.

Apart from condo occupancy fees and rent, condominium owners in the Philippines are also required to comply with property tax or real property tax. Therefore, it’s important for potential condo owners to understand these costs and factor them into their budget planning.


From the bustling districts of Metro Manila to the beachfront properties in Cebu City and the growing markets in cities like Ortigas CBD and Davao del Sur, the Philippines offers a diverse range of condo living options. Whether you’re a young professional, a growing family, or an investor, there’s a condo that fits your lifestyle and budget. The convenience, lifestyle benefits, and investment potential of condos make them an increasingly popular choice for urban living in the Philippines.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it wise to buy a condo in the Philippines?

Yes, buying a house or a condo in the Philippines can be a wise financial decision, as it has the potential to be a profitable property investment due to increasing property value as surrounding areas and infrastructure improve.

Can you buy a condo in the Philippines as a foreigner?

Yes, as a foreigner, you can buy or rent a a condo unit in the country of the Philippines as long as the overall foreign ownership of the condo unit sale or project sale doesn’t exceed 40%, according to the Condominium Act of the Philippines.

What are the benefits of high-rise living in Makati CBD?

Living in a high-rise in Makati CBD provides stunning city views, convenient access to business districts, diverse dining and retail options, affordable,, and a luxurious lifestyle in the heart of the country’s business, government, shopping, and entertainment hub. Enjoy extensive transportation options as well.

What amenities are typically provided in condos?

Condos typically provide amenities such as swimming pools, spa facilities, fitness gyms, and landscaped gardens to cater to the residents’ leisure and recreational needs. These amenities contribute to a comfortable and convenient living experience.

How does low-maintenance living in condos work?

Low-maintenance living in condos means enjoying a lifestyle with minimal responsibilities such as yard work and exterior upkeep, allowing condo owners to save time and prioritize personal interests.

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