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  • I dont know nothing abt fishing……….but i have seen tourist fishing options and they use a special undersea scanner to find the fish then they drop fishing lines and the rods etc……..potential revenue options ?

  • I have been reading up on the Coast Guard based in Manila and it would seem as if there is some inspection process etc. I was wondering if you need to have a radio for emergencies. By the way we had a wonderful dog part Lab and part Basset so I called him an Ambassador!

  • The registration can take forever to get from the Coast Guard. Not sure how it is now but a few years ago it was a painful process for friends of mine in Southern Leyte. Good luck guys. Love the idea.

  • Love your channel brother! I’ve always wondered what kind of visa are you on? With you starting and having businesses just a little curious on the visa status.

    • That netting people can lay on would be great for the sides. Problably in the new boat so they can build for it. I believe this is their test run. Can’t wait to cruise around!

  • I’m definitely an original subscriber and still with you. The boat should be great for and and I’m glad you tale the safety seriously. Good luck with itm. I hope Ai daughter is doing better. Be safe.

  • Yo joe! I’m in Maine also! I haven’t picked the month but I’m heading there this year. Let’s team up and bring Derek and Ai some lobsters and giant bay scallops. I’ve got a boat connection in Portland. Last time I got about 20 lobsters for $75.

  • Western quality control and quality of care is the way to go. Hire the best and make it happen, they will come.

    If anyone asks, I will give word of mouth about Your services. Even though we are 30 plus hours by car away.

    Derek, You are a man of honor and character.

    You’d never know it, I studied Vietnamese for eight years (1986 to 1994). And I haven’t spoken the language since about 2005-ish.

    I used to have good, not perfect conversional skills. But now not so much. But I do remember a lot that still surprises me.

    Once I get into a routine here, in the village I reside in. And finally get my builds started, especially the farm, I have a phenomenal idea that I know will work. And it doesn’t exist in the Philippines.

    I spoke to a few locals about it and they told me, it’s a great idea. I don’t want to give it away here. Someone “WILL” steel the idea 💡.

    I’d like to talk with You about it. And how to make it work. And it’s perfect, because of the distance that You and I are from each other.

  • The variety in camera angles keeps the visual storytelling dynamic. It prevents monotony and keeps the audience engaged.

  • Dude replaced the 2 niece with a mutt. LMAO 😂😂😂😂Dog better, dog won’t go and date ur renters. Lol

  • I forgot to mention. Find Your hires that will use the words. Sure, right away and it’s my pleasure, without hesitation.

    Don’t forget to have barf buckets for the seasick. Just in case.

    Derek, would You be able to bypass the traveling with motorcycle on Your boat; so they don’t have to go by fairy?

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