Are you ready to dive into the exciting world of underwater photography and videography? Choosing the right camera for your aquatic adventures is essential to capture stunning images and videos beneath the surface. Whether you’re a snorkeler, a scuba diver, or an underwater enthusiast, we’ve got you covered with our handpicked selection of the best underwater cameras on the market.

Key Takeaways:

  • Consider your budget and determine whether you need a dedicated underwater camera for specialized use or one that can be used both above and below water.
  • Zoom capabilities and a macro mode are important factors to consider when choosing an underwater camera.
  • Focus on sensor quality rather than megapixels for better image and video results.
  • The Canon G7X III is a top pick for its DSLR-like controls and high-quality images and videos.
  • The GoPro Hero10 is a compact and affordable option that excels in capturing professional underwater videos.

What to Consider When Buying an Underwater Camera

When it comes to purchasing an underwater camera, there are several key factors to consider. Whether you’re an avid underwater photographer or a snorkeling enthusiast looking to capture the beauty beneath the waves, selecting the right camera is essential. To help you make an informed decision, here are some important aspects to keep in mind:

Budget and Usage:

First and foremost, determine your budget range. This will help you narrow down your options and find a camera that meets your specific needs without breaking the bank. Additionally, consider whether you need a camera solely for underwater use or one that can also be used above water. Some cameras offer both functionalities, providing versatility for different shooting scenarios.

Zoom Capabilities and Macro Mode:

Depending on your underwater photography goals, zoom capabilities and a macro mode may be essential. If you plan to capture detailed shots of marine life or intricate coral formations, a camera with a good zoom function and a macro mode will allow you to get up close and personal with your subjects. Look for cameras that offer these features to ensure optimal image quality and focus.

Megapixels vs. Sensor Quality:

Megapixels are often mentioned as a key specification when it comes to cameras. While they do play a role in determining the image resolution, it’s important to prioritize the camera’s sensor quality over sheer megapixel count. A camera with a higher-quality sensor will produce better image and video results, even with fewer megapixels. This results in higher clarity, improved low-light performance, and reduced noise levels.

Recommended Options:

When it comes to underwater photography, there are a few standout options worth considering. The Canon G7X III offers DSLR-like controls and delivers high-quality images and videos in both underwater and above-water settings. Another popular choice is the GoPro Hero10, known for its compact design, affordability, and ability to capture professional-grade videos underwater. These cameras are well-regarded in the underwater photography community and offer excellent performance for enthusiasts and professionals alike.

By considering factors such as budget, zoom capabilities, macro mode, and sensor quality, you can make an informed decision when purchasing an underwater camera that best suits your needs and preferences.

The Secret to Great Underwater Photos and Videos

Achieving great underwater photos and videos requires more than just having the best underwater camera. One key element that photographers often overlook is lighting. Good lighting is essential for capturing the vibrant colors and stunning details of the underwater world. Let’s explore the secret to achieving exceptional underwater imagery.

The Importance of Underwater Lighting

Underwater environments present unique lighting challenges due to the way light behaves in water. As you descend into the depths, colors become muted, and the quality of light changes. To overcome these challenges, it’s crucial to use underwater lighting equipment specifically designed for this purpose.

There are two types of lights commonly used in underwater photography and videography:

  1. Strobes: Strobes are powerful flashes that provide a burst of instant light. They are ideal for capturing still shots, freezing the motion and revealing vibrant colors and details. Strobes work best for macro photography and close-up shots.
  2. Video Lights: Video lights offer continuous lighting, making them suitable for shooting both videos and stills. They provide consistent illumination, allowing you to capture the natural colors and textures of the underwater world. Video lights are essential for wide-angle shots and low-light conditions.

Understanding the differences and limitations of each type of light is crucial for achieving professional-quality underwater photos and videos. While both strobes and video lights have their advantages, it ultimately depends on your specific shooting needs and preferences.

Choosing the Right Underwater Lighting Equipment

When selecting underwater lighting equipment, consider the following factors:

  • Power: Determine the power output required for your intended shooting conditions. The depth, water clarity, and subject distance all affect the amount of light needed. More powerful lights are useful for shooting in deeper, darker conditions.
  • Beam Angle: Consider the beam angle of the lights. A wider beam angle is ideal for wide-angle shots, providing more even illumination. For macro photography, a narrower beam angle helps to control light and minimize backscatter.
  • Battery Life: Check the battery life of the lights to ensure they can last for the duration of your dives or shoots. Some lights offer multiple power settings to maximize battery life.
  • Mounting Options: Look for lights that are compatible with your camera and housing. Ensure they have secure mounting options, allowing for easy attachment and adjustment.
  • Weight and Size: Consider the weight and size of the lights, especially if you plan to travel with them. Lightweight and compact options are more convenient for underwater adventures.

By carefully considering these factors, you can choose the right underwater lighting equipment that meets your specific needs and enhances your underwater photography and videography.

Now that you understand the secret to great underwater photos and videos, it’s time to explore the best underwater camera options available. In the next section, we will dive into the top picks for underwater cameras, covering a range of budgets and shooting preferences.

Lighting Type Benefits Limitations
  • Provides a burst of instant but powerful light
  • Ideal for still shots and macro photography
  • Reveals vibrant colors and details
  • Not suitable for continuous lighting
  • May cause backscatter if not positioned correctly
  • Additional learning curve for proper placement and adjustment
Video Lights
  • Offers continuous lighting for video and stills
  • Provides consistent illumination
  • Reveals natural colors and textures
  • Can be less powerful compared to strobes
  • May not freeze motion as effectively
  • Requires proper positioning and control for optimal results

Best Overall Underwater Camera

The OM System Tough TG-7 is considered the best overall underwater camera. It offers a compact yet rugged build and a 4x zoom range, making it a versatile option for capturing stunning underwater images. While the image quality may not be perfect, the camera is easy to use and built to withstand the challenging underwater environment.

With a waterproof rating of up to 15m, the OM System Tough TG-7 is designed to accompany you on all your underwater adventures. Whether you’re snorkeling, diving, or exploring the depths of the ocean, this camera is up for the task.

The durability of the TG-7 goes beyond just waterproofing. It is also resistant to dust, drops, crushing, and freezing, making it suitable for even the harshest conditions.

The TG-7 is equipped with a range of shooting modes to enhance your underwater photography experience. The macro focusing mode allows you to capture intricate details of marine life, while the white balance presets ensure accurate colors at different water depths.

“The OM System Tough TG-7 is the perfect companion for underwater photography enthusiasts. Its compact size, rugged build, and versatile features make it the top choice among underwater camera options.” – Photography Enthusiast Magazine

Features Specifications
Rugged and compact design Waterproof up to 15m
4x zoom range Resistant to dust, drops, crushing, and freezing
Various shooting modes Macro focusing
White balance presets for different water depths

Best Budget Underwater Camera

The Fujifilm XP140 is an excellent option for those on a budget. It offers solid performance, a 5x optical zoom, and waterproofing up to 25m. While its specifications may not be groundbreaking, it provides good value for the price. The XP140 is suitable for beginner underwater photographers or those looking for a basic and affordable option.

Key Features of the Fujifilm XP140:

  • 5x optical zoom for versatile shooting options
  • Waterproof up to 25m for underwater exploration
  • Compact and lightweight design for easy portability
  • High-quality image and video capabilities
  • Simple and user-friendly interface for hassle-free shooting

If you’re just starting with underwater photography or have a limited budget, the Fujifilm XP140 is a reliable choice that won’t break the bank. Capture stunning aquatic moments without compromising on quality.

Features Details
Optical Zoom 5x
Waterproof Depth Up to 25m
Image Resolution 15.9 megapixels
Video Resolution Full HD 1080p
Display 3-inch LCD
Battery Life Up to 240 shots

Best Underwater Action Camera

For those interested in underwater action photography, the GoPro Hero12 Black is a highly recommended choice. This compact and waterproof camera offers advanced video capabilities, including 5.3K video recording and class-leading image stabilization.

While the GoPro Hero12 Black may not perform as well in low-light conditions, its rugged design makes it perfect for capturing action-packed underwater moments. Whether you’re capturing your surfing adventures or exploring vibrant coral reefs, this camera is built to withstand the elements and deliver stunning footage.

“The GoPro Hero12 Black has been my go-to camera for all my underwater adventures. Its video capabilities are second to none, and the image stabilization ensures that I capture smooth and immersive footage every time.” – Sarah Johnson, Underwater Filmmaker

Key Features of the GoPro Hero12 Black:

  • 5.3K video recording: Capture detailed and vibrant underwater footage with stunning resolution.
  • Advanced image stabilization: Eliminate camera shake and create smooth and professional-looking videos.
  • Compact and waterproof design: Take your camera to depths of up to 10 meters without the need for an additional housing.
  • Built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth: Easily connect to your smartphone for remote control and instant sharing of your underwater adventures.
  • Wide range of accessories: Enhance your underwater photography experience with a variety of mounts, grips, and filters.

The GoPro Hero12 Black is a favorite among adventure enthusiasts and professional filmmakers alike. Its exceptional video capabilities and rugged design make it the ultimate choice for capturing action-packed underwater moments.

Best Underwater Camera for Low Light

The DJI Osmo Action 4 is the ideal choice for those seeking the best underwater camera for low-light conditions. With its exceptional features and performance, it surpasses other cameras in its class.

“The DJI Osmo Action 4 offers a 1/1.7-inch sensor, allowing for superior performance in dimly lit underwater environments.”

Featuring waterproofing up to 18m, the Osmo Action 4 ensures reliable functionality in challenging underwater conditions. Its innovative design and advanced technology make it an outstanding option for capturing breathtaking images in low-light situations.

Whether you’re exploring the depths of the ocean or documenting your nighttime underwater adventures, the DJI Osmo Action 4 delivers exceptional performance and image quality.

Key Features of the DJI Osmo Action 4:

  • 1/1.7-inch sensor for excellent low-light performance
  • Waterproof up to 18m for underwater shooting
  • Advanced technology for capturing stunning images
  • Rugged design to withstand challenging environments
  • Intuitive controls for effortless operation

With its impressive low-light capabilities, the DJI Osmo Action 4 empowers underwater photographers and videographers to push the boundaries of their creativity. Whether you’re capturing mesmerizing marine life or documenting nighttime snorkeling expeditions, this underwater camera guarantees exceptional results.

Pros Cons
Superior performance in low-light conditions Limited zoom capabilities
Waterproof up to 18m Not designed for professional-level diving
Intuitive controls for easy operation Relatively higher price point
High-quality image and video capture No built-in image stabilization

Best Underwater Camera with LED Lights

When it comes to underwater photography, having adequate illumination is essential to capture stunning images of underwater subjects. The Ricoh WG-60 is a top choice for photographers in need of a reliable underwater camera with LED lights.

The Ricoh WG-60 features six LED macro lights strategically placed around the lens, providing ample light for illuminating underwater scenes. These LED lights enhance the visibility of subjects, ensuring that every detail is captured with precision.

Moreover, the Ricoh WG-60 offers a 5x optical zoom, allowing photographers to frame their shots with versatility and creativity. Whether you’re capturing close-up shots of marine life or wide-angle underwater landscapes, this camera provides the flexibility to meet various photographic needs.

The Ricoh WG-60 is designed to withstand the harsh underwater environment, with a rugged construction that is waterproof up to 14m, shockproof from a height of 1.6m, and freeze-proof down to -10°C. This durability ensures that the camera can withstand the challenges of underwater photography, providing peace of mind to photographers exploring aquatic depths.

With its LED lights and durable build, the Ricoh WG-60 is an excellent choice for underwater photographers seeking reliable performance and exceptional image quality. This camera offers the perfect combination of lighting capabilities and versatility that allows photographers to capture breathtaking underwater moments.

Features Ricoh WG-60
LED Lights 6 LED macro lights around the lens
Optical Zoom 5x
Waterproofing Up to 14m
Shockproof 1.6m height
Freeze-proof Down to -10°C


Selecting the perfect underwater camera is a key step in unleashing your creativity and capturing stunning images and videos beneath the water’s surface. With so many options available, it’s essential to consider your budget, shooting needs, and desired performance. By understanding the importance of different features and accessories, you can make an informed decision that will enhance your underwater photography and videography.

When choosing an underwater camera, remember to determine your budget and whether you require a dedicated underwater camera or one that can also be used above water. Consider factors such as zoom capabilities and the availability of a macro mode to capture intricate details. While megapixels play a role, prioritize the sensor quality for superior image reproduction.

Effective lighting is crucial for professional underwater photography and videography. Whether you opt for strobes or video lights, understanding their differences and limitations is essential. These lighting options will help you illuminate your subjects and capture vibrant colors in the underwater environment.

From budget-friendly options to advanced action cameras, there is a wide range of underwater cameras available to cater to every photographer’s needs. The OM System Tough TG-7, Fujifilm XP140, GoPro Hero12 Black, DJI Osmo Action 4, and Ricoh WG-60 are among the best choices on the market. Remember to assess your requirements, explore underwater camera reviews, and equip yourself with the necessary underwater camera gear to take your underwater photography and videography to new depths.


What factors should I consider when buying an underwater camera?

When buying an underwater camera, it’s important to consider your budget, whether you want a dedicated underwater camera or one that can be used above water, the zoom capabilities, the availability of a macro mode, and prioritizing sensor quality over megapixels.

What types of lights are suitable for underwater use?

There are two types of lights suitable for underwater use: strobes and video lights. Strobes provide a burst of instant but powerful light, suitable for still shots, while video lights provide continuous light and are suitable for shooting both video and stills.

What is the best overall underwater camera?

The OM System Tough TG-7 is considered the best overall underwater camera. It offers a compact yet rugged build, a 4x zoom range, and various shooting modes, including macro focusing and white balance presets for different water depths.

What is the best budget underwater camera?

The Fujifilm XP140 is an excellent option for those on a budget. It offers solid performance, a 5x optical zoom, and waterproofing up to 25m, providing good value for the price.

What is the best underwater action camera?

The GoPro Hero12 Black is highly recommended for underwater action photography. It offers advanced video capabilities, including 5.3K video recording and class-leading image stabilization, making it ideal for capturing action-packed underwater moments.

What is the best underwater camera for low light conditions?

The DJI Osmo Action 4 is the top choice for shooting in low-light conditions underwater. With a 1/1.7-inch sensor and waterproofing up to 18m, it offers superior low-light performance compared to other cameras in its class.

What is the best underwater camera with LED lights?

The Ricoh WG-60 is the recommended choice for underwater photographers seeking a camera with LED lights. It features six LED macro lights around the lens, providing useful illumination for capturing underwater subjects.

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