Travel vlogs have become a popular source of inspiration and entertainment for wanderlust enthusiasts. Whether you’re dreaming of exploring exotic destinations or seeking travel tips and advice, following the best travel vloggers can ignite your sense of adventure and provide valuable insights. These creative individuals have mastered the art of visual storytelling, taking viewers on awe-inspiring journeys and sharing their unique travel experiences.

From documenting breathtaking landscapes to immersing themselves in different cultures, travel vloggers offer a window into the world of travel and provide a more personal approach to experiencing new destinations. They showcase the ups and downs of travel, building connections with viewers through their captivating narratives and relatable experiences.

Are you searching for the best travel vlogs to satisfy your wanderlust and gain some travel inspiration? Look no further! In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the top travel vloggers of 2024 who are redefining the travel vlogging scene with their incredible content and storytelling prowess.

Key Takeaways:

  • Travel vlogs offer a unique and immersive way to explore destinations from the comfort of your home.
  • The best travel vloggers capture the essence of travel through visual storytelling and personal narratives.
  • Following travel vloggers can provide valuable travel tips, ideas, and inspiration for your own adventures.
  • The top travel vloggers of 2024 include a diverse range of content creators, each with their own unique style and perspective.
  • Whether you’re interested in adventure travel, cultural exploration, or food experiences, there’s a travel vlogger out there for you.

Fearless and Far: Journeying to Weird and Wonderful Destinations

Welcome to Fearless and Far, an adventure travel vlog that takes you on a thrilling journey to the most weird and wonderful destinations. Created by Mike Corey, this vlog is all about pushing boundaries and exploring the unknown.

Mike’s travels go beyond the beaten path, venturing into places that others may fear to tread. With a passion for unique travel experiences, Fearless and Far is not for the faint of heart.

“Face your fears, embrace the unknown, and make travel your ultimate adventure,” is the motto of Fearless and Far. The vlog encourages viewers to embrace travel as an extreme sport, where adrenaline and excitement await at every turn.

The videos featured on Fearless and Far showcase wild and unconventional travel experiences, providing an exhilarating rollercoaster of adventure. From navigating treacherous terrains to encountering extraordinary cultures, Mike’s vlogs deliver an adrenaline-fueled journey like no other.

“Fearless and Far is not just about the destination, it’s about the journey itself. It’s about challenging your limits, conquering your fears, and experiencing the world in a way that pushes you out of your comfort zone.”

Through awe-inspiring visuals, captivating storytelling, and Mike’s infectious enthusiasm, Fearless and Far is a go-to adventure travel vlog for those seeking unparalleled excitement and thrilling experiences.

Are you ready to embark on a journey to the weird and wonderful? Join Mike Corey and Fearless and Far on an adrenaline-packed escape that will leave you breathless, inspired, and yearning for more.

The Adventures of Fearless and Far

Date Destination Highlights
February 2023 The Salt Flats of Bolivia Walking on the otherworldly landscapes of the Salar de Uyuni and capturing stunning sunrise shots
May 2023 The Crooked Forest, Poland Exploring the mysterious grove of oddly shaped pine trees and delving into its enigmatic history
August 2023 The Door to Hell, Turkmenistan Camping next to the burning gas crater and witnessing the mesmerizing flames lighting up the night sky
November 2023 The Great Barrier Reef, Australia Snorkeling with marine life in the world’s largest coral reef system and discovering its breathtaking beauty

Prepare to be amazed as Fearless and Far takes you on a thrilling ride to these incredible destinations. Through Mike Corey’s lens, you’ll experience the extraordinary and expand your horizons with every adventure.

Drew Binsky: Celebrating Cultures and Challenging Stereotypes

Drew Binsky is an acclaimed American travel vlogger and YouTube documentary maker. With an insatiable curiosity for the world, Drew’s vlog takes viewers on a journey of culture exploration and sociopolitical enlightenment.

In his captivating videos, Drew immerses himself in diverse cultures, seeking to celebrate the richness and uniqueness of each destination. His genuine passion for travel and sincere interactions with locals shine through, creating an authentic and engaging experience for his audience.

What sets Drew apart is his dedication to shedding light on sociopolitical issues. Through his thought-provoking content, he fearlessly addresses topics such as human rights, LGBTQ+ acceptance, and challenging racial and religious stereotypes. By confronting these sensitive issues head-on, Drew encourages viewers to critically think about the world and foster greater understanding and empathy.

“Travel has the power to bridge divides and break down barriers. It’s about embracing new experiences, challenging biases, and celebrating the beautiful diversity that exists in our world.” – Drew Binsky

By sharing his personal experiences and creating dialogue around sociopolitical issues, Drew inspires his audience to become more informed global citizens. His vlog acts as a catalyst for change, encouraging viewers to step out of their comfort zones and embrace new perspectives.

Discovering Hidden Gems

One of Drew’s notable achievements is his ability to uncover hidden gems in lesser-known destinations. Through his extensive research and explorations, he uncovers the beauty and intrigue hidden in the corners of the world that often go unnoticed.

Drew’s vlog captures the essence of each location, whether it’s an off-the-beaten-path village, a vibrant street market, or a lesser-explored cultural site. His keen eye for detail and knack for storytelling bring these hidden gems to life, leaving viewers inspired and eager to embark on their own adventures.

One such destination Drew highlights is the remote tribe of Papua New Guinea. Through his immersive travel series, he showcases the rich traditions, vibrant festivals, and untouched landscapes of this unique tribe, offering an intimate glimpse into their way of life.

Cultivating Connections Through Culture

Travel allows us to connect on a deeper level with people from different backgrounds, fostering a sense of empathy and unity. Through his vlog, Drew encourages viewers to embrace cultural immersion as a means of bridging divides.

By actively engaging with locals, Drew cultivates meaningful connections that transcend language barriers and cultural differences. His interactions with individuals from diverse backgrounds showcase the shared humanity that unites us all.

Cultural Exchange in Action

To demonstrate the transformative power of cultural exchange, Drew often participates in local traditions, festivals, and celebrations. From learning traditional dances in Indonesia to joining in the festivities of Holi in India, he displays a genuine willingness to embrace different cultures firsthand.

Through these immersive experiences, Drew not only celebrates local traditions but also encourages viewers to step out of their comfort zones and engage with the world around them. His vlog instills a sense of wonder and curiosity, reminding us that travel is not only about exploring destinations but also about connecting with people.

Hey Nadine: Infectious Energy and Fun Travel Content

Hey Nadine, a renowned travel vlogger, brings a burst of positive energy to the world of travel. With her infectious enthusiasm, Nadine’s videos captivate audiences and inspire them to embark on their own adventures.

What sets Hey Nadine apart is her unique ability to blend entertainment with valuable travel tips and hacks. Her content is not only fun and enjoyable to watch but also highly informative and educational.

From packing guides to budget travel tips, Hey Nadine covers a wide range of topics that cater to young travelers seeking guidance and inspiration. She effortlessly shares her expertise and personal experiences, making her viewers feel like they’re embarking on the journey alongside her.

One of the highlights of Hey Nadine’s channel is her vibrant personality, which shines through in every video. Her positive energy and genuine passion for travel are contagious, leaving viewers feeling motivated and excited about exploring the world.

Hey Nadine’s attention to detail and commitment to creating engaging content is evident in her stellar production quality. Each video is thoughtfully crafted and visually appealing, enhancing the overall viewing experience.

To give you a taste of Hey Nadine’s infectious energy, here’s a quote from one of her videos:

“Travel opens our minds, broadens our perspectives, and helps us grow as individuals. It’s about embracing new cultures, trying new foods, and creating lasting memories. Join me on this incredible journey!”

Experience the magic of Hey Nadine’s travel vlogs by checking out one of her recent videos:

Kold: Cinematic Masterpieces and Creative Filmmaking

Kold is a travel vlog created by Sam Kolder, a Canadian adventurer and talented travel filmmaker. With a passion for storytelling and a keen eye for visuals, Sam’s videos are known for their cinematic quality and exceptional storytelling.

Sam’s travel videos take viewers on immersive journeys, capturing stunning landscapes, vibrant cultures, and exhilarating adventures. Through his artistry, he brings destinations to life, allowing viewers to experience the beauty and excitement of travel in a unique and captivating way.

One of the standout features of Sam’s videos is his impressive use of transitions. Seamless and visually striking, these transitions add a layer of creativity and artistry to his films, elevating the overall visual experience. Whether it’s a smooth camera movement or a clever match cut, these transitions help to create a sense of fluidity and engagement.

In addition to his travel videos, Sam also shares educational content for aspiring filmmakers. Through tutorials and behind-the-scenes footage, he provides valuable insights into the art of travel filmmaking, sharing techniques and tips to help others improve their craft.

“I believe that travel videos have the power to transport viewers to different places, evoke emotions, and inspire them to explore the world. I strive to create cinematic travel videos that not only showcase beautiful destinations but also tell meaningful stories,” says Sam Kolder.

Sam’s dedication to his craft and his ability to create cinematic masterpieces make Kold a must-watch travel vlog for anyone seeking visually stunning and immersive travel content.

Lost LeBlanc: Unwavering Passion for Travel and Adventure

Lost LeBlanc is a popular travel vlog created by Christian LeBlanc, a Canadian adventurer. With an unwavering passion for travel and adventure, Christian takes his viewers on exciting journeys around the world.

In his vlogs, Christian showcases breathtaking destinations and shares his personal experiences, inspiring others to step out of their comfort zones and explore the unknown. Through his captivating storytelling and stunning visuals, he brings the beauty of different cultures and landscapes right to your screen.

Lost LeBlanc is not just about travel, it’s also about filmmaking. Christian provides resources and tips for aspiring travel filmmakers and photographers, helping them hone their creative skills and navigate the business side of travel vlogging.

Christian’s dedication to his craft shines through in his videos, as he captures the essence of each location and immerses viewers in the thrill of adventure. From epic hikes to exhilarating water sports, Lost LeBlanc is the go-to channel for anyone seeking inspiration and a taste of adrenaline-fueled travel experiences.

“Travel far, travel wide, and travel often. The world is waiting for you to explore and discover its hidden treasures.” – Christian LeBlanc

To get a glimpse of the awe-inspiring content Christian produces, take a look at this breathtaking image:

Lost LeBlanc Features
Adventure Travel Thrilling activities and exploration of off-the-beaten-path destinations.
Travel Filmmaking Guidance and resources for aspiring travel filmmakers and photographers.
Travel Tips Insights and advice to make your own travel experiences extraordinary.

Join Lost LeBlanc’s travel community and let Christian inspire you to embark on unforgettable adventures and turn your travel dreams into reality.

Mark Wiens: Exploring the World Through Food

Mark Wiens, formerly known as Migrationology, is a renowned food travel vlogger who has taken the world by storm with his captivating videos and mouth-watering food discoveries.

Through his popular food travel vlog, Mark takes viewers on a global culinary adventure, showcasing the incredible diversity of cuisines from various countries and cultures.

Based in Thailand, Mark has a deep appreciation for local delicacies and is known for his enthusiastic exploration of street food markets and restaurant scenes. His genuine passion for food shines through in every episode as he savors each bite and introduces viewers to unique and delicious dishes.

Mark’s food travel vlog is a feast for the senses, featuring vibrant visuals, authentic interactions with local chefs and food vendors, and insightful commentary about the flavors and cultural significance of each dish.

Whether it’s indulging in spicy street food in Bangkok, sampling exotic fruits in Southeast Asia, or savoring traditional dishes in Europe and beyond, Mark’s videos offer an immersive experience that transports viewers to different corners of the world.

Here is a glimpse of some of Mark Wiens’ food travel adventures:

“The food in Thailand is simply incredible. From the fiery heat of som tam (green papaya salad) to the fragrant aroma of pad Thai, Thai cuisine is a true explosion of flavors. Join me as I delve into the vibrant food culture of my home country and discover hidden gems in every bite.” – Mark Wiens

Mark Wiens’ food travel vlog is not only a visual treat but also serves as a valuable resource for food lovers and travelers seeking authentic culinary experiences around the world. His videos offer practical tips on where to find the best local food, how to navigate food markets, and even recipes for those who want to bring a taste of their travels into their own kitchens.

Mark Wiens’ Top Culinary Discoveries

Destination Local Delicacy
Thailand Som Tam (Green Papaya Salad)
Japan Sushi
Italy Pizza Napoletana
Mexico Tacos al Pastor
India Butter Chicken

Mark Wiens’ food travel vlog is a deliciously addictive journey that will leave you craving for more culinary adventures. Join him as he explores the world through food and discovers the incredible flavors and stories hidden in each bite.

Phil Good Travel: Promoting Solidarity and Positivity

Phil Good Travel is an inspiring travel vlog created by Phil Calvert. As a passionate travel vlogger, Phil aims to promote solidarity and unity between people of different backgrounds and races during his adventures across Europe.

Through his travel videos, Phil showcases positive travel experiences that highlight the beauty of cultural diversity and foster a sense of togetherness. His videos are filled with optimism, open-mindedness, and a genuine appreciation for the people and places he encounters.

Phil’s infectious enthusiasm for travel sparks wanderlust and encourages viewers to explore the world with an open heart and mind. By sharing his positive travel experiences, he inspires others to embrace diverse cultures and cultivate deeper connections with fellow travelers.

With a focus on solidarity, Phil invites viewers to join him in creating a more inclusive world through the power of travel. He believes that by celebrating our shared humanity, we can break down barriers and foster understanding, compassion, and unity among all people.

Discover the world through Phil’s uplifting travel vlogs and let his positive energy inspire your next adventure.

Benefits of Phil Good Travel Solidarity and Positivity
1. Inspires viewers to embrace cultural diversity 1. Promotes unity and inclusivity
2. Encourages open-mindedness and understanding 2. Fosters a sense of togetherness
3. Showcases the beauty of global connections 3. Inspires viewers to create a more inclusive world

Sorelle Amore: Inspiring Confidence and Creativity

Sorelle Amore is not your average travel vlogger. Her infectious smile and genuine enthusiasm for life shine through in every video she creates. While her channel is primarily focused on travel, Sorelle goes beyond the traditional boundaries of a travel vlog and delves into topics like self-improvement, creativity, and confidence.

With her unique perspective and thoughtful insights, Sorelle inspires her viewers to be better humans and embrace their creativity. Her authenticity and dedication to personal growth make her a relatable and inspiring figure in the world of travel vlogging.

“Don’t wait for the perfect moment, take the moment and make it perfect.” – Sorelle Amore

Through her videos, Sorelle encourages her audience to step out of their comfort zones and pursue their passions. She shares practical tips and advice on achieving personal goals, building confidence, and nurturing creativity. Whether it’s through her beautifully shot travel footage or her heartfelt discussions on self-improvement, Sorelle’s content leaves a lasting impact on her viewers.

As a travel vlogger, Sorelle Amore takes her audience on amazing adventures around the world, exploring diverse cultures, stunning landscapes, and hidden gems. But she doesn’t stop there. Sorelle’s videos serve as a catalyst for personal growth and self-reflection, inspiring her viewers to embark on their own journeys of self-discovery.

Embracing Self-Expression and Creativity

Sorelle Amore believes that travel has the power to unlock creativity and self-expression. She encourages her audience to embrace their unique talents and find joy in the creative process. Through her own experiences as a photographer and artist, Sorelle shares practical tips and techniques for capturing breathtaking visuals and telling compelling stories through her videos.

By showcasing her own creative process, Sorelle inspires her viewers to tap into their own artistic abilities and see the world through a fresh lens. Whether it’s experimenting with different camera angles, incorporating music into videos, or exploring unconventional storytelling methods, Sorelle’s creativity knows no bounds.

Cultivating Self-Confidence and Overcoming Challenges

One of Sorelle Amore’s most powerful messages is the importance of self-confidence. She encourages her viewers to embrace their uniqueness, celebrate their strengths, and face their fears head-on. Through her own personal stories of triumph and vulnerability, Sorelle shows that confidence is not a destination but a journey.

She shares practical tips and techniques for boosting self-confidence, such as positive affirmations, mindset shifts, and personal growth exercises. By openly discussing her own insecurities and the challenges she has overcome, Sorelle creates a safe and supportive space for her audience to address their own self-doubts and insecurities.

Sorelle Amore’s inspirational travel vlogs go beyond exploring new destinations. With her infectious energy and passion for personal growth, she inspires her viewers to embrace their creativity, cultivate self-confidence, and embark on their own journey of self-discovery.

Brooke Saward: Encouraging Solo Travel and Confidence

Brooke Saward is a renowned travel vlogger hailing from Tasmania. With her engaging videos, she aims to inspire young people to embark on their own adventures and gain confidence in solo travel. Brooke’s authentic and relatable content sets her apart as an influential figure in the travel vlogging community.

Through her captivating travel narratives and stunning visuals, Brooke documents her journeys to various destinations, providing viewers with valuable travel tips and advice along the way. Whether it’s navigating unfamiliar cities or finding hidden gems off the beaten path, Brooke’s insightful videos empower aspiring travelers to take the plunge and explore the world on their terms.

Brooke Saward: “Traveling alone can be an incredibly liberating and transformative experience. It allows you to discover your true self, build confidence, and embrace the unknown with open arms. Don’t let fear hold you back from embarking on the adventure of a lifetime.”

Brooke’s content resonates with individuals seeking not only travel inspiration but also the confidence to embark on their solo adventures. By sharing her own personal experiences, she offers practical tips for staying safe, making friends on the road, and overcoming common challenges faced by solo travelers.

Brooke Saward’s travel vlogs are a testament to the liberation and growth that can be achieved through solo travel. With each video, she encourages viewers to step outside their comfort zones and embrace the world with open arms. Her engaging storytelling and down-to-earth persona make her a trusted source of inspiration for those dreaming of exploring the world on their own terms.

Travel Tips from Brooke Saward

  • Research your destination thoroughly before your trip to understand local customs, traditions, and safety precautions.
  • Connect with other travelers through social media platforms and online travel communities to find support and valuable advice.
  • Pack light and prioritize versatile clothing items to make traveling solo more convenient and flexible.
  • Stay in accommodations that foster a social atmosphere, such as hostels or guesthouses, to meet fellow travelers and make new friends.
  • Trust your instincts and be aware of your surroundings at all times. Safety should always be a top priority.

Brooke Saward’s Top Solo Travel Destinations

Destination Description
Brooke has explored many incredible destinations around the world, but she has a few favorites for solo travel:
Bali, Indonesia Known for its welcoming culture and stunning landscapes, Bali offers a perfect blend of relaxation and adventure for solo travelers.
Reykjavik, Iceland Iceland’s capital city provides a safe and friendly environment for solo travelers. From stunning natural wonders to vibrant city life, Reykjavik has it all.
Wellington, New Zealand With its compact size and vibrant atmosphere, Wellington is an ideal destination for solo travelers looking to explore both the city and the surrounding nature.
Lisbon, Portugal Rich in cultural heritage and known for its warm hospitality, Lisbon offers an enchanting experience for solo travelers seeking history, architecture, and incredible cuisine.
Tokyo, Japan Despite its bustling nature, Tokyo is a remarkably safe and fascinating city for solo travelers. Immerse yourself in the vibrant street culture and indulge in culinary delights.

Brooke Saward’s passion for solo travel is infectious, inspiring young adventurers to gain confidence and embrace the world on their own terms. Her travel tips and captivating videos continue to empower and influence aspiring travelers worldwide.

Eva zu Beck: Exploring Less-Visited Destinations

Eva zu Beck is an adventurous traveler and a solo female explorer who is passionate about uncovering hidden gems in less-visited destinations. She goes where many mainstream travel media overlook, bringing to light the stories of people, communities, and cultures that are rarely seen or featured in traditional travel content.

Eva’s videos are a window into vibrant cities, remote villages, and breathtaking landscapes that are off the beaten path. Through her captivating storytelling and immersive cinematography, she takes her viewers on a journey to places they may have never considered visiting.

Eva zu Beck: “Traveling to less-visited destinations allows us to break free from the overcrowded tourist hotspots and experience the authenticity and beauty that lie beyond. It’s about discovering the lesser-known, connecting with locals, and embracing the unexpected.”

With a fearless spirit, Eva encourages her audience to step outside their comfort zones and embrace unique travel experiences. She inspires them to broaden their horizons, challenge their perspectives, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Through her adventures, Eva strives to show that solo female exploration is empowering and rewarding. She inspires women around the world to set out on their own journeys, breaking down barriers and fostering a sense of independence and confidence.

Notable Less-Visited Destinations Explored by Eva zu Beck:

  • Hunza Valley, Pakistan
  • Tajikistan’s Pamir Mountains
  • Yemen’s Socotra Island
  • Iran’s Chabahar
  • Vanuatu’s Tanna Island

Eva zu Beck’s passion for adventure and exploration shines through her videos, inspiring viewers to seek out the road less traveled and discover the beauty and wonder that awaits in lesser-known destinations.


In conclusion, the world of travel vlogging is brimming with inspiration and creativity. The best travel vloggers of 2024 have taken viewers on incredible journeys, offering a unique and captivating insight into the world of travel and adventure.

From adrenaline-pumping adventures in strange and wonderful destinations to visually stunning cinematic masterpieces, these travel content creators have shown us the beauty and diversity of our planet. Each vlogger brings their own style and perspective, offering a plethora of travel videos and tips for every aspiring adventurer.

Whether you seek inspiration for your next trip, practical travel hacks, or a deep dive into various cultures, these top travel vloggers have something to offer. With their infectious energy and authentic storytelling, they continue to inspire and entertain viewers worldwide.

So, if you’re in need of travel inspiration or simply looking to embark on a virtual adventure, don’t miss out on the incredible content created by these best travel vloggers. Their dedication to their craft and passion for exploration will undoubtedly ignite the wanderlust within you.


What is Fearless and Far?

Fearless and Far is an adventure travel vlog created by Mike Corey. Mike travels to weird and wonderful destinations that are off the beaten path, showcasing wild and unique travel experiences that encourage viewers to face their fears and embrace travel as an extreme sport.

Who is Drew Binsky?

Drew Binsky is an American travel vlogger and YouTube documentary maker. His vlog focuses on discovering and celebrating different cultures around the world. Drew delves into sociopolitical issues, including human rights, LGBTQ+ acceptance, and challenging racial and religious stereotypes, to inspire people to travel and broaden their perspectives of the world.

Who is Hey Nadine?

Hey Nadine is a travel vlogger known for her infectious energy and positive approach to travel. Nadine’s videos are fun, informative, and full of useful travel tips and hacks. She covers a wide range of topics, from packing guides to handy travel hacks, inspiring young people to travel and explore the world.

What is Kold?

Kold is a travel vlog created by Sam Kolder, a Canadian adventurer and talented travel filmmaker. Sam’s videos are known for their cinematic quality and exceptional storytelling. His travel videos feature engaging storytelling, stunning visuals, and impressive transitions. Sam also provides educational videos for aspiring filmmakers, sharing his knowledge and expertise in the field.

What is Lost LeBlanc?

Lost LeBlanc is a popular travel vlog created by Christian LeBlanc, a Canadian adventurer. Christian’s vlogs showcase his unwavering passion for travel and adventure, encouraging viewers to step out of their comfort zones in pursuit of global discovery. Lost LeBlanc offers resources and tips for aspiring travel filmmakers and photographers, catering to both the creative and business aspects of the travel vlogging sphere.

Who is Mark Wiens?

Mark Wiens, formerly known as Migrationology, is a food travel vlogger. His vlog focuses on exploring the world through food, showcasing incredible food discoveries from various countries and cultures. Mark is based in Thailand but frequently travels to different parts of the world in search of mouth-watering meals and local delicacies.

What is Phil Good Travel?

Phil Good Travel is a travel vlog created by Phil Calvert. Phil aims to promote solidarity between people of different backgrounds and races during his travels across Europe. His travel videos are filled with positivity, open-mindedness, and optimism, inspiring viewers to explore the world with an open mind.

Who is Sorelle Amore?

Sorelle Amore is a travel vlogger known for her infectious smile and inspirational content. Her videos go beyond travel and cover topics like self-improvement, creativity, and confidence. Sorelle’s authenticity and dedication to personal growth inspire viewers to be better humans and embrace their creativity.

Who is Brooke Saward?

Brooke Saward is a travel vlogger from Tasmania who aims to inspire young people to travel more and gain confidence in solo travel. Her videos document her travels and provide helpful travel tips and advice. Brooke’s content feels authentic and accessible, making her a relatable and inspiring figure for aspiring travelers.

Who is Eva zu Beck?

Eva zu Beck is an adventure traveler and solo female explorer. She focuses on exploring less-visited destinations that are often overlooked by mainstream travel media. Eva’s videos tell the stories of people, communities, and cultures that are not commonly seen or featured in traditional travel content. She encourages viewers to push themselves out of their comfort zones and embrace unique travel experiences.

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