When visiting a Filipino home, it’s customary to bring a gift, pasalubong, to show gratitude and appreciation. But what do you give that will genuinely resonate with their tastes and sentiments? Here’s a list of the 10 Best gifts that would delight any Filipino family. The Philippines boasts a rich culture, a fusion of indigenous traditions and foreign influences. Hospitality is an intrinsic part of Filipino culture.

10 Best Gifts to Give a Filipino Family When Visiting

  1. Handcrafted Artisanal Goods
  2. Dried Fruits and Nuts
  3. Locally Roasted Coffee
  4. Native Delicacies
  5. Scented Candles or Essential Oils
  6. Books on Philippine Culture or Fiction by Filipino Authors.
  7. Wines or Craft Spirits
  8. Personal Care Products
  9. Custom Jewelry
  10. Plants or Flowers
10 Best Gifts to Give a Filipino Family When Visiting
10 Best Gifts to Give a Filipino Family When Visiting 3

Handcrafted Artisanal Goods Filipinos take immense pride in their craftsmanship. Local artisans from various regions specialize in hand-woven textiles, carved wooden items, and intricate beading. A handcrafted item not only represents the skill of the artisan but also the rich history and tradition of its origin. Whether it’s a handwoven “banig” mat from the Visayas or a carved “bulul” figure from the Cordilleras, these artisanal goods can serve as both functional items and decorative pieces in a Filipino home.

Dried Fruits and Nuts A delectable treat that’s universally appreciated. Dried mangoes, in particular, are a favorite snack in the Philippines. When buying dried fruits and nuts, consider looking for premium or organic versions. They can be a healthier alternative and can showcase the extra thought and care you’ve put into selecting the gift. A nicely packed assortment of dried fruits and nuts can make for a delightful “merienda” (snack) during afternoon chit-chats.

Locally Roasted Coffee With the Philippines having a rich coffee culture, gifting locally roasted beans will surely be appreciated. Regions like Batangas and Benguet are famous for their distinct coffee flavors. When gifting coffee, consider adding a French press or a traditional Filipino “sibol” drip. It can be a conversation starter, introducing them to a new brewing method or reminding them of the old ways their ancestors brewed their morning cup.

Native Delicacies Filipinos are known for their love for food. Local delicacies, like “polvoron” (powdered milk candy), “kakanin” (rice cakes), or “biscocho” (toasted bread), can be a delightful gift. However, it’s essential to consider any dietary restrictions or allergies. Many native delicacies are made fresh, so ensure they’re consumed within their recommended timeframe to enjoy them at their best.

Scented Candles or Essential Oils Infusing homes with pleasant aromas is universally appreciated. Filipinos, in particular, enjoy fresh and tropical scents. Consider gifting scented candles with notes of calamansi (a local lime), ylang-ylang, or sampaguita (the national flower). Essential oils, especially those distilled from local sources, can also make for a thoughtful gift, providing relaxation and a touch of luxury.

Books on Philippine Culture or Fiction by Filipino Authors A gift that can offer both entertainment and education. There’s a burgeoning literary scene in the Philippines. Introducing a Filipino family to a novel by a local author or a beautifully illustrated book on Filipino traditions can be a unique and treasured gift. Such gifts can also serve as a conversation piece, opening discussions about stories, legends, and local perspectives.

Wines or Craft Spirits A bottle of good wine or a locally distilled spirit is always a classy gift choice. If you’re coming from abroad, consider bringing wine from your home country. Alternatively, the Philippines also offers craft spirits, like premium rums or “lambanog” (coconut vodka). Just remember to consider the family’s preferences and ensure it’s appropriate for the occasion.

Personal Care Products A touch of self-care is always welcome. Whether it’s artisanal soaps made from local ingredients like coconut oil and calamansi or luxury spa items, these gifts can provide relaxation and rejuvenation. Opt for eco-friendly and sustainably sourced products to make your gift even more thoughtful.

Custom Jewelry A touch of elegance and personalization. Pearls are abundant in the Philippines, making them a popular jewelry choice. However, if you wish to give jewelry, consider having it customized. A pendant with the family’s initials or a bracelet in the recipient’s favorite color can show the extra effort and thought you’ve put into the gift.

Plants or Flowers A gift that grows over time. The Philippines is home to various tropical plants and flowers. Gifting a beautiful orchid or an indoor plant like the “sansevieria” (snake plant) can be a delightful addition to their home. It’s a living testament to your visit and a gift that keeps on giving.

The most crucial aspect of gifting is the thought and effort behind the present. By tailoring your gift to the preferences and sensibilities of the Filipino family you’re visiting, you’re not just giving an item; you’re sharing a piece of your heart and building lasting relationships. Whether it’s a handcrafted item, a delicious treat, or a novel, the key is to ensure it comes from a genuine place of appreciation and respect.

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