Meet Filipino singles looking for love, romance and serious relationships on - the leading Filipino dating site for finding your match.

Looking to meet Filipino partners or want to dive into the exciting Filipino dating world? You’re in the right place at This top online dating platform has united Filipino singles with their worldwide matches since 2001.1 It belongs to the well-known Cupid Media network, known for quality. With over 5.5 million members1, it’s a great place to find love, romance, or a serious relationship.

Key Takeaways

  • has been connecting Filipino singles globally since 20011
  • The site has a vast membership of over 5.5 million singles1
  • is part of the reputable Cupid Media network1
  • Thousands of successful matches and relationships have been facilitated on the platform1
  • The site offers a safe and enjoyable Filipino dating experience for its users1

What is is a top Filipino dating site. It’s been making matches since 2001.2 More than 5.5 million people use it worldwide, making it big for both Filipinos and those who love their culture.2 It’s part of the Cupid Media group, which runs over 30 dating sites,3 showing its dedication to helping people find love, no matter where they live.

Trusted Filipino Dating Site Since 2001

Over 5.5 Million Singles Worldwide

Part of the Reputable Cupid Media Network

At, more than 5.5 million people look for love,2 bringing together singles globally who are into Filipino culture.2 Being part of CupidMedia, which powers over 30 special interest dating apps,3 means it’s focused on helping you find your perfect someone, no matter where you’re from.

Feature Description
Profile Photo Galleries Members can showcase their photos to attract potential matches.2
Extensive Profile Information Users can provide detailed information about their interests and lifestyle.2
Online Activity Visibility Members can see how recently a potential match was active on the app.2
Premium Membership Offers bonus features like unlimited messaging, profile highlighting, and instant translation.2
24/7 Customer Service The app provides around-the-clock support to assist users in their dating journey.2
Match Filter Users can search for their ideal match based on specified criteria.2
Reviews and Feedback The app has a rating of 4.4 out of 5, based on 79.2K reviews across various devices.3 Users can report abuse and potentially false profiles to the app administrators.3 The developer responds to reviews and emphasizes constant improvement.3
Verification and Security Identity verification is mentioned as a positive feature to help rule out fake accounts.3 There is an emphasis on data privacy and encryption during transit.3 Users can delete their data upon request.3
Matching Algorithms Advanced matching algorithms are highlighted as making it easier to find matches among the Asian singles community.3 Success Stories has helped many people find love and marriage.1 The website is full of stories from happy couples who met online.1 These stories encourage others to search for love on

Thousands of Happy Couples

In its 12 years, the site matched countless pairs who found their true love.1 People share stories like “Forever grateful” and “My one and only.”1

Shared Stories of Meeting Soulmates

On, there are many stories of finding the perfect match. These tales prove the site’s success in creating meaningful and lasting relationships.

How Does Work?

Getting started on is quick and easy. Creating your profile only takes a few seconds. You’ll need to share some basic info.1 Once your profile is ready, you can look through the many members. You can talk to those who catch your eye. The site’s design makes it easy to find Filipino friends or those who love the culture.

Create Your Profile in Seconds

Setting up your profile is fast and simple on In just a few seconds, you can have your profile running. This quick start lets you jump into the dating scene right away.

Browse Through Millions of Members has over 5.5 million singles to look through.1 Its easy-to-use layout makes finding people who fit your dreams easy. You can pick members based on your interests.

Start Communicating with Potential Matches

After finding interesting members, you can start talking with them.’s messaging makes this smooth. This way, you can learn about your matches, make friends, and maybe find love.

Key Steps to Getting Started on
1. Create your profile in seconds
2. Browse through millions of members
3. Start communicating with potential matches

Download the Filipino Dating App also has a handy mobile app for . It makes it easy to use the site on your phone or tablet.2

This platform has over 5.5 million members looking for love and connection. And it’s growing all the time.2 You’ll get great features like unlimited messaging and instant translation on the app.2

Staying safe is important. The app asks users to report any strange activity they see.2 Plus, you can get help anytime with their 24/7 customer service.2

Asian Dating for Singles Interested in Filipino Culture is perfect for singles looking into the vibrant Asian dating world. It mainly focuses on connecting you with Asian women from the Philippines. The site has linked singles worldwide for more than 12 years, giving you a chance to meet over 5.5 million singles looking for love and serious relationships.

Connect with Asian Women in the Philippines

Looking to date or learn about the Philippines’ unique culture? is your go-to place for both. With a vast membership of over 5.5 million, many of whom are women from the Philippines, it’s a top spot for those seeking love and serious relationships.1

Being part of the Cupid Media network, which runs 30+ niche dating sites,3 is dedicated to helping singles worldwide find their ideal partner. No matter where you are, it strives to make your match search fruitful.

Explore the Diverse Asian Dating Scene

Interested beyond the Philippines? also opens the door to the vast Asian dating community. It connects singles fascinated by the cultural riches and traditions of Asia. Thus, it’s perfect for explorers, travelers, expats, or anyone keen on Asian cultures to delve into the varied Asian dating scene and to find their match.

Asian dating

Premium Dating Experience on is designed for serious singles looking for strong, lasting connections. When you become a premium member, you can talk with anyone on the site freely,3 without any message limits. The site’s smart matching system finds people who match your interests,3 and help them connect with you.

Unlimited Communications

With a premium membership, there are no barriers in communication. You can freely chat and get to know others better.3 This open communication can lead to real, deep relationships.

Advanced Matching Algorithms uses a clever system to pair you with people who fit well with you.3 This means you don’t have to guess who might be a good match. You can focus on those who the system sees potential with.

VIP Profile Highlighting

Being a premium member lets you put your profile in the spotlight.3 With VIP profile highlighting, more people can see you. This can help start more conversations with others looking for someone like you.

There are over 5.5 million singles to meet on,1 making it a top choice for Filipino dating. Whether you want a serious relationship or to explore the Filipino dating world, these premium features can improve your chances of success. Part of the Cupid Media Network is linked with 30+ reliable niche dating sites on the Cupid Media network.1 It aims to join singles worldwide, tapping into a varied global crowd. These members enjoy both Filipino culture and worldwide love.

Over 30 Niche Dating Apps

Being part of the Cupid Media family, offers a place for many communities to meet.1 They help singles find their perfect match, whether Filipino love or other cultural romances, across the globe.

Commitment to Connecting Singles Worldwide is all about uniting singles from everywhere.1 It uses its large and diverse membership to create meaningful relationships, embracing the worldwide Filipino dating scene.

Get Started with Filipino Dating

Starting your dating journey with is simple. It takes just a few seconds to sign up. Then, you can make your profile and look through lots of profiles of Filipino singles. You can easily search based on what you like to find your perfect match.

Quick and Easy Sign-Up Process

Starting on is quick. With just your basic info and a few clicks, you’ll be ready to connect with Filipino singles. Get ready to explore the world of international dating.

Browse Thousands of Filipino Singles Profiles

After creating your profile, you’ll get to see lots of Filipino singles at You can check out their profiles to see their interests and lifestyle. Then, you can start talking to those you find interesting. Finding your perfect match is simple with this platform.

Extensive Search Functionality

The search tools at make finding someone easy. You can look for matches by age, location, or interests thanks to the site’s advanced search. This way, you can find profiles that match what you’re looking for. Join today and let it help you find love.

Features of the FilipinoCupid Dating App

The FilipinoCupid dating app is perfect for finding love online. It has over 5.5 million members ready to connect. You can meet Filipino women and men, check out their profiles, see photos, and know when they were last online.12

Huge Membership Base of Over 5.5 Million

Since 2001, FilipinoCupid has linked Filipino singles worldwide.1 Now you can meet over 5.5 million singles who are looking for love.2

Chat with Filipino Women and Men

With the app’s like and match feature, it’s simple to show interest. You can easily connect with and chat with Filipino singles.2

Detailed Profile Information

Profiles offer a lot of info like interests and lifestyle. This helps you know your possible matches better.2

Photo Galleries

Browse through photo galleries to see your potential matches. It gives you a better idea of who you’d like to connect with.2

See Online Activity

You can tell who’s active by seeing when they were last online. This can help you kick-start conversations with others who are actively using the app.2

Like and Match System

Expressing interest in others is easy with the like and match system. It’s a straightforward way to connect and chat with new people.2

Profile Upgrades for Serious Daters

For those looking for something serious, you can upgrade to Gold or Platinum. These options come with special benefits like advanced matching and highlighted profiles for more visibility.32

24/7 Customer Service

Customer support is available 24/7 to help with your dating needs. Any issues are quickly taken care of.2

Privacy and Safety on FilipinoCupid takes your privacy and safety very seriously. It uses top-notch security to keep your data safe. This ensures you have a great time dating online.4 When you sign up, the website needs some personal info. This is for legal and service reasons. You also agree to let them use your info to give you a full experience.4

Secure Platform promises a secure spot for its members. It uses the latest security tech, like cookies, to make your time better.4 It also checks on site traffic with Google Analytics. This helps keep your dating journey smooth and safe.4

Report Abuse Feature

There’s a smart Report Abuse tool on the site. It lets members tell about any bad behavior they see.5 With this tool, everyone works together to keep the dating community safe and sound.5

Customer Support Team is ready to help 24/7. They have a whole team just for you. So, if you have any worries, they’re there to listen.4 This support makes sure your dating experience is both fun and secure.4

Membership Options and Costs has options for all types of daters. You can start with a free basic membership. Or, choose premium packages for more features. They aim to make your dating journey better.6

The Platinum membership is top tier. It costs between $21.50 weekly and $359.98 yearly.6 Gold membership is a step down in price. Still, it lets you use special features.6

Membership Type Weekly Cost Monthly Cost 3-Month Cost 12-Month Cost
Platinum $21.50, $25.50, $51.00 $43.75, $51.00, $91.98 $85.50, $100.00, $179.97 $170.00, $200.00, $359.98

Signing up and creating your profile is free. You can also send interests and save favorite profiles.6 But, paid members get to do much more. This includes chatting live, sending messages, and browsing without ads.6 You can even hide your profile and enjoy VIP features with a premium plan.6

You can stay a free member for as long as you want. But, when you’re ready, upgrading opens up a lot more. This way, makes sure everyone can find what they need.6

Filipino Dating Tips and Advice

Exploring Filipino dating is thrilling and fulfilling. It’s vital to come in with a positive mind and good strategies. is your guide, offering Filipino dating tips and dating advice. They aim to assist you in finding your ideal partner.

Creating deep bonds is key for a strong relationship. Spend time learning about your Filipino partner’s culture and customs. advises you to be respectful, open, and eager to know their background. This shows genuine care and helps grow your bond.

For dating advice, remember that talking is crucial. Be clear about what you want and listen to what your partner says. Good talks help bridge any cultural gaps and set a solid base for your relationship.

True long-term relationships need time, empathy, and a readiness to meet halfway. advises approaching dating with openness. Focus on forging a deep emotional bond that goes beyond cultural differences.

Follow these Filipino dating tips and relationship guidance. You’ll soon be on track to discover your ideal partner at Go on this journey with self-assurance and a promise to honor and understand the unique cultures. This approach makes Filipino dating enriching.1

Connecting with Singles Around the World, we bring together singles worldwide. We aim to connect you with Filipinos and share the Philippines’ diverse culture. Our site is perfect forinternational daters,expats, and travelers, letting you make connections that go beyond places.

International Daters Welcome

No matter where you are, welcomes you. We provide a space for singles looking intoFilipino culture andglobal relationships. With a wide mix of members, you’re sure to find your ideal match.

Expats and Travelers

Are you anexpat in the Philippines or atraveler passing by? gives you a chance to meet locals. Dive into the lively Filipino culture and create bonds that go beyond miles.

Cross-Cultural Connections, we cherishcross-cultural ties. Discover the Philippines’ variety and meet people who match your dreams and beliefs, no matter your origin. Let’s make a world where love beats every obstacle.

cross-cultural connections

Conclusion is top-notch for singles seeking deep connections with Filipinos or exploring the culture. It has over 3.5 million singles looking for love.7 FilipinoCupid stands out in online dating, with an average rating of 3.7 in the Dating Service category since 2001.8 The easy-to-use mobile app provides quick access to its many features,7 making dating simpler and more fun.

Are you a single Filipino or just curious about Filipino dating? is where you can find your match.8 It’s known for keeping things safe and private. Plus, it has cool stuff like live video chats and VIP profile features.9 With people from all over, lets you connect with different cultures and enjoy what the Philippines offers.

Boasting a huge number of users, strong security, and a mission to bring people together, is the place for anyone interested in Filipinos or their culture. It’s about creating real, lasting bonds.897


What is is a top site for online dating. It brings together single Filipinos with people worldwide. It’s been doing this since 2001. It’s part of the Cupid Media, which has over 5.5 million members looking for love and serious relationships.

How long has been operating?

It started in 2001, making it a well-known place for Filipinos to meet. So, it has over 20 years of experience helping people find love.

How many members does have?

It has over 5.5 million members. This makes it one of the biggest dating sites for people interested in Filipino culture.

What is the Cupid Media network?

The Cupid Media network includes over 30 different dating sites. It connects singles from all over the world to find their perfect match.

Has facilitated successful relationships?

Definitely. It has helped create thousands of relationships and marriages. There are many stories of happy couples who met on the site and found true love.

How do I create a profile on

It’s quick and easy. Just provide some basic information. In no time, your profile will be all set to start matching with others.

Can I access on my mobile device?

Yes, there’s a mobile app available. This app lets you date anytime, anywhere. You can use your phone or tablet to meet Filipino singles.

Does cater to singles interested in Asian dating?

Yes, it’s also for those interested in Asian dating, including Filipino culture. You can meet Asian women, especially from the Philippines, and discover the diverse Asian dating world.

What premium features does offer?

Premium members get special benefits. These include talking as much as you like with others. Plus, you’ll get to use smart matching tools and stand out with a highlighted profile.

How does ensure the safety and privacy of its members?

The site works hard to keep you safe. It uses strong security to protect your information and ensure a fun, positive experience. If there are any issues, you can report them. Also, the support team is always ready to help 24/7.

What are the membership options and costs on

There are different membership types, from basic to premium. You can check the prices on the website. This lets you pick the plan that meets your needs and budget.

Does provide dating tips and advice?

Yes, it offers helpful advice for dating and building relationships. You can learn about connecting meaningfully, cultural differences, and how to make long-term relationships work.

Is open to international daters?

Yes, it’s open to singles worldwide who want to connect with Filipinos. It’s a place for international dating, welcoming expats and travelers. It offers the chance to make relationships that go beyond just distance.

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