The evolving choices of Filipina women reflect a blend of economic pragmatism, individual aspirations, and deep-rooted familial values. By prioritizing university education, these women are reshaping societal expectations, contributing to both local and global communities, and strengthening the bonds of family. While the journey is not without challenges, the rewards – both tangible and intangible – are profound, marking a significant shift from traditional norms towards a brighter, more empowered future.

In the lush archipelago of the Philippines, a sea change is emerging in traditional family norms and values. Historically, Filipinas were often expected to marry young and prioritize family over personal ambitions. Today, however, an increasing number of Filipina women are choosing to delay starting their own families in favor of completing their university education. This deliberate choice is not solely for personal development but often to better support their extended families. The shift reflects a changing socio-economic landscape, individual aspirations, and a deeper sense of familial obligation. In this article, we’ll explore the reasons behind this change and delve into specific examples illustrating this evolving trend.

Changing Socio-Economic Realities

The Philippine economy has, for decades, been buoyed by the remittances of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs). While the sacrifices of these OFWs are well-recognized, there’s a growing realization that sustainable progress might lie in higher education and local opportunities. University degrees often lead to better-paying jobs, whether in the Philippines or abroad, allowing women to send more financial support back home.

Example 1: Maria’s Journey to Becoming a Nurse Maria, a young woman from Cebu, grew up witnessing her parents struggle to make ends meet. Early in life, she vowed to uplift her family’s economic status. Rather than marrying straight out of high school as many of her friends did, Maria pursued a nursing degree, motivated by the demand for nurses overseas. Today, she works in a top hospital in the United States and regularly sends money home, supporting her younger siblings’ education and improving her family’s standard of living.

Example 2: Liza’s Commitment to Local Change Liza, hailing from Davao City, had a slightly different trajectory. After high school, she resisted societal pressures to settle down and instead attended a local university, majoring in business management. After graduation, Liza secured a managerial position in a growing local firm. Her decision not only benefitted her immediate family but also contributed to her community by fostering local economic growth.

Filipina Women: Postponing Families for Education
Filipina Women: Postponing Families for Education

Aspirations and Personal Growth

Beyond economic reasons, personal aspirations play a significant role in this shift. Many Filipinas today seek personal growth, independence, and a wider array of experiences that university education can provide.

Example 3: Carla’s Passion for Law Carla, from Quezon City, grew up in a conservative family where most women married young. However, she harbored a passion for justice and law. Despite facing some resistance, Carla enrolled in law school. Her dedication paid off when she became a respected lawyer, advocating for women’s rights in the Philippines. Her success has not only benefitted her family but has also made her a role model for many young Filipinas.

Example 4: Nina’s Quest for Knowledge Nina, from Iloilo, was always a curious child. She dreamt of exploring the world and understanding different cultures. Her quest for knowledge led her to pursue anthropology at the university. Post-graduation, she traveled extensively for research, documenting indigenous cultures, and eventually became a university professor. Her decision to prioritize education has expanded her horizons and enriched her family’s worldview.

Deepening Familial Obligations

For many Filipinas, the decision to delay starting their own families stems from a profound sense of responsibility towards their birth families. With increasing financial pressures and the challenges of a rapidly changing world, many women feel compelled to provide support, especially when they see potential in acquiring better resources through higher education.

Example 5: Sofia’s Sacrifice for Her Siblings Sofia, from Batangas, was the eldest of five siblings. Witnessing her parents’ hardships, she felt a deep responsibility to ensure her siblings had a brighter future. She deferred marriage and pursued accounting, a profession in high demand. After university, her qualifications allowed her to secure a stable job, helping her finance her siblings’ education and providing a safety net for her aging parents.

Example 6: Rina’s Dedication to Her Parents Rina’s story is slightly different. From Pampanga, she grew up with aging parents who had her later in life. Knowing their time with her might be limited, Rina wanted to ensure they had a comfortable old age. By attending university and securing a well-paying job, she could provide better medical care and a comfortable life for her parents in their twilight years.

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