Discover your soulmate with Filipino Kisses Dating Site, connecting singles from the Philippines with compatible matches across the globe for lasting love.

Tired of swiping and bad dates? Try Filipino Kisses Dating Site, the top place for Filipino singles to meet worldwide matches. It’s safe, with verified profiles and easy to use. You can find your perfect partner and start a great relationship here.

Filipino Kisses stands out for its quality and the love stories from its users. It welcomes people from age 20 to 65 and matches of various heights and weights.123 This means there’s someone for everyone, no matter what they’re looking for.

This site is more than just numbers. It’s a family of singles looking for deep connections. They value family, faith, and serious commitment.12 It’s a place where anyone, from single moms to never-married folks, can feel at home. The site is all about support and inclusion in the search for true love.

Key Takeaways

  • Filipino Kisses Dating Site is the leading online platform for connecting Filipino singles with compatible matches worldwide.
  • The site offers a safe and secure environment, verified member profiles, and a user-friendly interface.
  • Members come from diverse backgrounds, with an age range of 20 to 65 years old, average height of 157 cm, and average weight of 55 kg for female members.
  • A significant portion of members are family-oriented, religious, and seeking serious relationships.
  • The platform welcomes singles from all walks of life, including single mothers and those who have never been married.

Discover Love with Filipino Singles

Filipino Kisses Dating Site lets singles meet and fall in love with Filipino singles.4 You can search through profiles of beautiful Filipina women. See their pictures and talk to matches.4 The site is great for finding love or making new friends.

Meet Attractive Filipina Women

Find various Filipina women on Filipino Kisses Dating Site. Their ages are between 25 and 73. They come in different heights and weights.4 These singles are from places all over the Philippines, like Davao and Cebu.4

Browse Profiles and Photos

Find your perfect match by looking at profiles and photos on Filipino Kisses Dating Site.5 There are lots of genuine profiles to choose from. Easy to strike up a chat with those you like.5

The Leading Filipino Dating Platform

Filipino Kisses Dating Site is the top spot for online dating for Filipinos and those into them. Since 2006, it’s been linking people across the globe with ideal matches in the Philippines.6 Safety and easy use are top priorities here, making it ideal for finding love and friends among Filipinos.

Over 500,000 members make it one of the biggest and liveliest6 of its kind. Plus, Filipina women can chat for free,6 adding to its welcoming feel.

This site offers many ways to connect. You can video or text chat, get match suggestions, break the ice with messages, and more. There’s even an option to pick up some Filipino phrases.6 To keep things safe, every member has to verify their identity.

The platform is aware of scam concerns in online dating and advises against giving out money.6 It also gives dating tips for Filipino women, like being kind, funny, and interested in their culture.6

A membership at Filipino Kisses costs $46 a month or $195 a year, which is a $17 monthly equivalent.6 This investment offers a safe, friendly platform and a large pool of potential Filipino connections.

Why Choose Filipino Kisses Dating Site?

Filipino Kisses Dating Site is top for connecting with Filipino singles. It provides a safe and secure spot7. Your profile is checked to make sure it’s real7. Plus, finding your way around, looking at profiles, and starting chats is simple because of the easy design.

Safe and Secure Environment

Your safety is really important at Filipino Kisses Dating Site. It uses lots of ways to keep your info safe and make sure you have a good time. So, you can search and chat knowing you’re in a safe and secure environment.

Verified Member Profiles

Online, knowing people are who they say they are is key. Filipino Kisses Dating Site checks everyone’s ID to be sure they’re real. This way, you’ll meet real people ready to find their special someone.

User-Friendly Interface

Finding love online can sometimes be hard, but not on Filipino Kisses. Its user-friendly interface is designed to be simple to use. You can check out profiles, start a chat, and keep up with your matches easily.

Whether you’re from the Philippines or love dating Filipinos, this site has what you need. It’s a place where you can safely meet people and have fun while doing it.

Success Stories from Happy Couples

Filipino Kisses Dating Site has helped many success stories. Happy couples have met their perfect match and formed strong bonds. This site is dedicated to linking Filipino singles with partners who truly fit them. It has led to numerous tales of love, friendship, and marriage.5 These stories prove how effective the site is at bringing singles together.

Cami and Poy met in June after chatting for a month, showing how quickly connections can happen.8 Agatha and Red, who found each other on this platform, will mark their second year together in September 2022. Agatha shares she takes her time in online talks because she likes to build real friendships first.8 This approach has clearly worked for them.

The dating site offers a variety of tools, such as profile matching and unlimited messages.5 Plus, it allows users to send virtual gifts. With thousands of verified profiles featuring detailed descriptions,5 users can easily find potential partners. This makes the search for love more efficient.

success stories

Filipino Kisses Dating Site prioritizes safety and ease of use. These traits have made it a favorite for those looking for success stories and happy couples.5 It welcomes both Filipino singles and those wanting to connect with them. The site is ideal for anyone aiming for true love and lasting connections.

Get Started with Filipino Kisses Dating Site

Creating your profile on Filipino Kisses Dating Site is easy. First, create your profile. Show off your personality, interests, and what you want in a partner.7 This site lets you sign up for free,7 so you can start your search without paying anything.

Create Your Profile Today

Having a good profile can help find the right matches. It’s important to talk about your hobbies, values, and what you’re looking for. With members aged 21 to 68,9 you’ll likely find someone who wants the same things.

Browse and Connect with Matches

After setting up your profile, you can look for matches. The site is easy to use, helping you find people you might like. On the app, women can do this for free,7 letting them take their time looking. It’s great whether you want something serious or more casual. Filipino Kisses Dating Site is here to support you in finding your ideal partner.

filipino kisses dating site

Filipino Kisses Dating Site is known for helping Filipino singles and those attracted to them find love online.4 It has many ways to help you connect, such as making a profile, using special search tools, and messaging people freely.9 You can find a serious relationship or a fun friendship on Filipino Kisses Dating Site.

The filipino kisses dating site has mostly women from the Philippines, about 95%, and a small portion from other places. The women are often around 40.9 years old and are an average of 155.8 cm tall and 51.9 kg heavy.4 Many, 85%, want something serious, and 40% hope to find a partner for marriage.4 What’s more, 60% of the women have a religious faith, and just 5% are open to Americans.

Users on the filipino kisses dating site can set up profiles, look at potential matches, and talk as much as they like.9 They come from all walks of life, aged 21 to 68, and include singles, those separated with children, and single parents looking for love.9 People’s heights range from 145 cm to 170 cm, and their weights from 30 kg to 77 kg.9

The filipino kisses dating site attracts users from many countries, like the USA, UK, Germany, and Australia, among others.10 Some members have specific tastes, liking women with natural hair, no tattoos, or who dress loosely.10 A couple yearn for a submissive partner or a deep relationship.10 One even talks about a trip to Manila, showing a keenness to meet someone there for fun times.10

In summary, the filipino kisses dating site is a great place for Filipinos and those who fancy them to meet and mingle online. It’s perfect for finding love, whether you want something serious or just a friendship. The site is full of features to help you interact and maybe find the love you’re looking for.

Tips for Online Dating Success

To succeed on Filipino Kisses Dating Site, start with a strong profile. Share about yourself and what you want in a partner.11 First impressions matter a lot, with 81% of people saying so.11 Add good photos and an interesting bio to attract matches.

Craft an Engaging Profile

Be real when you make your profile.11 Sites show that being authentic boosts interest by 45%.11 Talk about your special qualities, hobbies, and values.

Initiate Meaningful Conversations

Start chats by aiming for real connections.11 Almost 74% suggest being clear on what you want early on to avoid mix-ups.11 Ask deep questions and really listen to the other person.

11 Respect people’s boundaries at first, say 62%.11 53% agree that honesty and openness are key for a good relationship on Filipino dating sites.11 Following these suggestions can help you find the right match on Filipino Kisses Dating Site.

11 Many users, over 70%, prefer slow relationship starts, respects the cultural norm. Additionally, about 68% value a polite and indirect style of communication in Filipino dating.

Cultural Insights: Dating Filipino Women

Understanding Filipino women means you know about their values and way of life. They are known for caring deeply about family, being loyal, and showing respect. Honesty, kindness, and devotion are important to them.12 Knowing this can help you navigate the dating scene and form strong bonds with Filipino singles.

Understanding Filipino Values

Filipino life is centered around family.13 They believe in strong family bonds. These traditions deeply influence their dating culture, where men take care of the family and women are nurturing.13

12 Filipino women are often seen as kind and hardworking. They are good at English and find it easy to talk with others. In Filipino culture, having lighter skin is often seen as more appealing.12

12 Filipina beauty ideas are interesting and varied. Many Filipina women are online, looking to meet new people. When Filipinos date, they spend a lot of time really getting to know each other, often for months.12

12 Filipino women are usually on the shorter side, around 5’5″ to 5’7″.12 They are pushing for equal rights, like those in the West.12

12 In the Philippines, people don’t show affection in public much.12 Connecting with Filipino communities can teach you a lot about their way of life.12

12 When dating a Filipino, it’s key to show interest in their culture and family. Meeting her family shows that you respect their traditions.12

13 Global men often look to Filipinas because of their beauty and values.13 To have a great relationship, understanding their culture is essential. This means showing respect and fitting into their way of life.13

13 Marrying a Filipina means you have a partner who cares deeply, and a culture-filled life. The bond you share will be strong, and loyalty is a big part of it. With many Filipinos living all over the world, long-distance relationships are not uncommon. These need strong communication and trust.13

12 Online dating through AsianFeels can connect you with a special Filipino woman. Emotional support and close connection are vital. When it comes to being intimate, take your time and be understanding.12

Mobile App for On-the-Go Dating

Do you love mobile dating? Filipino Kisses Dating Site has a cool mobile dating app just for you. With this app, you can check out all the site’s cool features anytime, anywhere.14 It’s designed to be easy to use, so you can keep up with your dating life while on the move.14

This mobile dating app from Filipino Kisses Dating Site is perfect for serious dating or just meeting new people. It lets you look through profiles, start chats, and keep up with your matches easily, fitting into your busy life.14

Imagine dating while on your way to work, on a fun trip, or just relaxing at home. The Filipino Kisses Dating Site app makes it possible.14 Enjoy the freedom and ease of mobile dating. Connect with awesome Filipino singles right from your phone.14

Premium Membership Benefits

Want to spice up your dating on Filipino Kisses Dating Site? Think about getting a premium membership. It lets you enjoy exclusive perks. These make it easier for you to meet someone special.

Advanced Search Filters

Having a premium membership gives you access to advanced search filters. These let you be very specific in what you’re looking for.15 Seeking someone from a particular faith, lifestyle, or hobbies? These filters on Filipino Kisses Dating Site make your search a lot simpler.

Unlimited Communication

Another great feature of a premium membership is unlimited messaging.16 You can talk to potential partners as much as you like. This helps build strong connections. Plus, you can share pictures and even do video calls. Filipino Kisses Dating Site really opens up for you with a premium membership.

Getting the most from your dating experience is what it’s all about. With a premium membership, you step into a world of opportunities on Filipino Kisses Dating Site. It’s your chance to move closer to finding true love.

Frequently Asked Questions

Filipino Kisses Dating Site created a detailed FAQ section to help users with common queries and worries. It covers many areas like signing up, making a profile, using search options, ways to talk, and membership types. The goal is to give users the info they need to use the site well and choose wisely.

Sign-up is a top question for users. To join, you just need to fill in some basic details like your name, where you’re from, and what you like. You can start for free to check out the site and meet new people.17

People also ask a lot about how to find others on the site. Filipino Kisses Dating Site offers tools like a postcode search to help you find a good match. There’s a big group of adults looking for Filipino partners, so it’s easy to find someone you click with.17

Communication is key at Filipino Kisses Dating Site. They have chat rooms for everyone, letting members share and make connections. There’s also a way to see who’s online now. It makes talking to others even easier.17

The site is open to people who are bisexual, swingers, straight, or gay. This makes it more likely that everyone will find a match.17

Wondering what you get with a premium membership? It lets you search in more detail to find someone who is just right for you. Plus, you can talk without limits. This makes getting to know someone even better.17

With all these answers to common questions, Filipino Kisses Dating Site makes dating online smoother. If you’re just starting out or already know your way around, the FAQ has info and tips for everyone looking for love.


Filipino Kisses Dating Site stands out as a top choice for connecting with singles from the Philippines. It’s known for being safe and easy to use, with profiles that are checked for authenticity. Whether you are Filipino or want to date someone from the Philippines, Filipino Kisses Dating Site offers great tools. These help you find love and start meaningful relationships.18

It’s clear the site is committed to bringing together singles from the Philippines and beyond. The Philippines has a huge population, about 100 million people, making it a prime place to find your match.18 Since 2006, has been a key player in matching women from the Philippines with men from around the world.18 This means single men have had the chance to meet, flirt, and form connections thanks to the website.18 The site is particularly helpful for men from Europe, America, Asia, and Africa seeking love with Filipina singles.18

Filipino Kisses Dating Site prides itself on leading many to find true love. In fact, 100% of verified users have shared that they found their life partners on the site.18 The Filipino women on this platform stand out for their faithfulness and dedication to their partners.18 They are described as smart, hardworking, and speak multiple languages, including English and Filipino.18 Such qualities make them attractive to men looking for serious relationships worldwide.18

If you want to find your perfect match in the lively Filipino community, turn to Filipino Kisses Dating Site. Dive into its wide range of singles and start your search. With its easy-to-use features, you can set off on the path to meeting your soulmate.

filipino kisses dating site

Find Your Perfect Match Today

Start your search for love by signing up on Filipino Kisses Dating Site. You’ll find a large group of Filipino singles18. This site is perfect for those who want to find love and friendship. Create a profile, check out your matches1, and start talking. Filipino Kisses Dating Site offers the chance to find your soulmate and start a meaningful relationship.

Since it began in 2006, Filipino Kisses Dating Site has matched Filipina girls with men from all over the world18. It’s known as the top site for men from Europe, America, Asia, and Africa18. Here, Filipina singles can meet their match whether near or far18. Filipina women are known for being smart, hardworking, and attractive18. They often speak more than one language, making them appealing to singles worldwide.

Don’t overlook the chance to find romance on Filipino Kisses Dating Site. The site is easy to use and focused on keeping you safe while you date. Join now to start finding your soulmate. It’s the first step toward a happy, enduring relationship.


How do I create a profile on Filipino Kisses Dating Site?

Creating a profile on Filipino Kisses Dating Site is easy. Start by visiting the site and click on “Join Now.” Then, you simply need to fill out your personal info, interests, and what you seek in a partner.

Can I browse profiles on Filipino Kisses Dating Site for free?

Yes, browsing profiles on Filipino Kisses Dating Site is free. With a basic account, you can look at profiles, photos, and basic details of potential matches.

What features come with a premium membership on Filipino Kisses Dating Site?

A premium account offers advanced search filters for better match results. It also means unlimited communication. This lets you talk without interruption with those you’re interested in.

How does Filipino Kisses Dating Site ensure the safety and security of its users?

Filipino Kisses Dating Site prioritizes user security. It uses verified profiles to guarantee authenticity. Also, it serves as a safe place for users to meet and interact.

Can I use the Filipino Kisses Dating Site mobile app?

Yes, you can use the Filipino Kisses app. It lets you date from anywhere, making the process smooth and enjoyable. This means staying active in your dating life is easier than ever.

How do I start a conversation with a potential match on Filipino Kisses Dating Site?

Starting a chat on Filipino Kisses Dating Site is all about connecting deeply. Ask meaningful questions and show you’re truly interested in them. This approach can help build a strong connection.

What cultural insights should I keep in mind when dating Filipino women?

Understanding Filipino culture is key when dating women from the Philippines. They value relationships with honesty, kindness, and loyalty. Knowing this can help you in the dating world to form real, lasting bonds.

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