Girl from the Provinces vs a Girl from the City:

The dichotomy between the provincial girl and the city girl in the Philippines is a testament to the country’s rich tapestry of history, culture, and modern influences. While both share the core essence of being Filipino, their perspectives have been shaped by distinct experiences. The interplay of tradition and modernity, local and global, shapes their opinions and attitudes in unique ways. It is essential to appreciate these nuances to truly understand the multifaceted Filipino identity.

If you are a foreigner considering a relationship with a more traditional Filipina, you will have much better odds and quality of relationship with a girl from the Provinces or a Province Girl who has very recently moved to the city.


The Philippines is a country rich in culture, tradition, and history. Just as its geography is vast and varied, so too are its people. One of the most fascinating contrasts in the nation is the difference in opinion and attitude between girls from the provinces (rural areas) and those from the cities. To understand this contrast, one needs to take a deep dive into the history, modernity, and culture of the Philippines.

Filipina Girl from the Provinces
The Difference in Opinion and Attitude of a Girl from the Provinces vs a Girl from the City in the Philippines: A Dive into History, Modernity, and Culture 3

Historical Context

  1. Spanish Colonial Influence
    The Philippines was a Spanish colony for over 300 years, which had a profound influence on its culture and way of life. The Spanish era introduced the encomienda system where large portions of lands were granted to Spaniards, leading to the establishment of prominent cities.

Provincial Girl: The encomienda system in the provinces led to the exploitation of the native people, fostering a sense of resilience and skepticism towards foreign influence. This historical experience has instilled in provincial girls a deep sense of pride in their local traditions and an inclination to be wary of external forces.

City Girl: Cities, on the other hand, became centers of trade, education, and religion. As such, city girls have historically been exposed to a melting pot of influences. Their attitudes and opinions are often more open and cosmopolitan, thanks to this constant interaction with a myriad of cultures and ideas.

  1. American Colonization and Education
    Following the Spanish-American War, the Philippines became an American colony. The Americans introduced public education, teaching English and emphasizing democratic values.

Provincial Girl: In the provinces, access to education was limited. Schools were few and far between, and many provincial girls received basic, rudimentary education. This limited exposure has often led to a preference for traditional values and a conservative outlook.

City Girl: The city girls benefited more from the American education system, with better school infrastructure and qualified teachers. This has translated to a more liberal, forward-thinking attitude, and a greater emphasis on individual rights and democratic values.

There is a growing Stigma in the Cities toward a Filipina dating a Foreigner. You may find that a city girl is more concerned about how she is viewed by Filipinos around her if she is in a relationship with a Foreigner. City Girls may also be less receptive to dating a Foreigner because they have seen more Foreigners behaving badly and don’t want to deal with the negative social pressure.


Modern Influences

  1. Economic Opportunities
    The rapid economic growth in the Philippines has created a chasm between the cities and the provinces in terms of opportunities and development.

Provincial Girl: With fewer job opportunities in the provinces, many girls either migrate to the cities for work or find employment overseas. This has fostered a hardworking and sacrificial attitude, with many sending remittances back home to support their families.

City Girl: The abundance of opportunities in cities has given city girls a competitive edge. They often prioritize education and career advancement. This modern urban lifestyle has cultivated an attitude of ambition and independence.

  1. Media and Technology
    The digital age has transformed the way Filipinos consume information, bridging some gaps but also accentuating differences.

Provincial Girl: While technology has reached the provinces, the consumption is different. Provincial girls often rely on local media, which reinforces traditional values and community news.

City Girl: City girls, with better access to the internet and international media, are more influenced by global trends, making them more progressive in their opinions and more connected to global issues.

Cultural Differences

  1. Festivals and Traditions
    The Philippines is known for its colorful festivals, many of which originate in the provinces.

Provincial Girl: Festivals in the provinces are deeply rooted in local folklore and traditions. For the provincial girl, these festivals are a source of pride and are celebrated with fervor, emphasizing community over the individual.

City Girl: While city girls also participate in festivals, the celebrations in cities are often more commercialized. The attitude here is a mix of tradition and modernity, reflecting the city’s diverse population.

  1. Family Values and Religion
    Family and religion are cornerstones of Filipino culture, but the way they are perceived varies between the city and the provinces.

Provincial Girl: In the provinces, family ties are strong. A provincial girl often grows up in close-knit communities where everyone knows each other. Religion, especially Roman Catholicism, plays a central role, and traditional values are held in high regard.

City Girl: City girls, while valuing family, often advocate for a balance between individuality and familial obligations. Exposure to diverse beliefs in cities also fosters a more eclectic view on religion and spirituality.

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