Online dating has emerged as an accepted and widespread practice around the world. The Philippines, a Southeast Asian archipelago, has also embraced this trend. However, a significant stigma persists around the idea of online dating in the Philippines, particularly due to the misleading label of “mail order brides”. This article aims to dispel that myth, offering a clearer perspective on the true nature and intentions behind online dating in the Philippines.

Understanding The Historical Context

To debunk the “mail order bride” stereotype, we first need to trace its historical roots. The term originated in the 19th century American frontier days, where men sought brides from more populated areas, often paying money to intermediaries. Fast forward to the late 20th century, and the introduction of catalogues showcasing foreign women, mainly from Asia, seeking Western husbands. The Philippines, unfortunately, was often associated with these catalogues.

However, the reality of these interactions was far more complex than the simple transactional notion implied by the “mail order bride” term. In most cases, the women were looking for better lives, and the men were seeking companionship. In the digital age, catalogues have morphed into dating websites, but the stereotypes persist.

Modern Online Dating

Online dating in the Philippines, much like in other parts of the world, has evolved into a multifaceted platform connecting people based on various preferences – from friendships to serious relationships.

1. Diverse Platforms for Varied Intentions:

Online dating platforms in the Philippines range from sites like FilipinoCupid, which focuses on genuine relationship building, to international platforms like Tinder and Bumble, which cater to a broader range of intentions.

2. Profiles Beyond Pictures:

Profiles on these sites often provide detailed information, from hobbies and interests to life goals. This allows individuals to make informed decisions, fostering deeper connections beyond mere physical attraction.

The Filipina Perspective

A crucial aspect of this discussion is understanding the Filipina perspective. Labeling these women as “mail order brides” robs them of agency and reduces their complex motivations to mere commodities.

1. Economic Opportunities:

The economic disparities between the West and the Philippines cannot be ignored. Many Filipinas are motivated by the prospect of a better life abroad. However, it’s overly simplistic (and quite offensive) to claim that this is their only motive.

2. Genuine Love and Companionship:

Just like anyone else, Filipinas seek genuine connections, love, and understanding in their relationships.

3. Cultural Emphasis on Family:

The Philippines has a rich cultural fabric with a strong emphasis on family ties. Many Filipinas look for partners who share these values, irrespective of their nationality.

Challenges Faced by Filipinas in Online Dating

Despite the genuine intentions of many Filipinas, they face numerous challenges in the world of online dating:

1. Fetishization:

Asian women, Filipinas included, often experience fetishization. This objectification reduces them to mere stereotypes, further perpetuating misconceptions.

2. Scams and Exploitation:

Sadly, not every online dating platform operates with integrity. Scams that prey on both men and women abound, casting a shadow over genuine connections.

Governmental and Organizational Safeguards

Recognizing the potential risks, the Philippine government and various organizations have implemented measures to safeguard Filipinas:

1. Republic Act 6955:

This act, also known as the “Anti-Mail Order Bride Law”, prohibits the practice of matching Filipino women for marriage to foreign nationals on a mail order basis.

2. Counseling Programs:

Several NGOs and governmental bodies offer counseling programs for Filipinas who marry foreigners, ensuring they are aware of their rights and are not subject to exploitation.

Online dating in the Philippines, while not without its challenges, is not a mere extension of the “mail order bride” concept. With technology bridging gaps, Filipinas, like many around the world, are seeking genuine connections and relationships. It’s essential to approach this topic with nuance and understanding, respecting the agency and motivations of all involved.

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