The Philippines offers a delightful mix of rich history, unique culture, and breathtaking landscapes. One of the best ways to immerse yourself in the genuine Filipino experience is by staying in a bed and breakfast. These establishments provide personalized service, home-cooked meals, and the cozy comfort of a home away from home. Let’s dive into ten of the best bed and breakfast spots in this tropical paradise.

10 Best Bed and Breakfasts in the Philippines

  1. Amihan Del Sol, Batangas
  2. Balay da Blas, Laoag
  3. Tambobong White Beach Resort, Pangasinan
  4. Noordzee Hostel, Cebu
  5. Casa San Pablo, Laguna
  6. The Flying Fish Hostel, Dumaguete
  7. Casa Roces, Manila
  8. Villa Angela, Vigan
  9. The Coffee Heritage House, Sagada
  10. The Circle Hostel, La Union
10 Best Bed and Breakfasts in the Philippines
10 Best Bed and Breakfast Spots in the Philippines 3

Amihan Del Sol, Batangas

Nestled in the heart of Batangas, Amihan Del Sol offers a tranquil escape from the bustling city life. Its traditional Filipino architecture, coupled with modern amenities, makes it a perfect blend of the old and new. Every morning, guests are greeted with a delectable spread of local and international breakfast dishes, freshly prepared to kickstart your day. Not only that, but its strategic location allows visitors to explore nearby attractions like the Taal Lake and Volcano.Beyond the meals, the ambiance at Amihan Del Sol promotes relaxation. Whether you choose to lounge by the pool, read a book in their tropical garden, or simply enjoy the view from your room’s balcony, there’s something for every type of traveler here.

Balay da Blas, Laoag

Up north in the province of Ilocos Norte is Balay da Blas, a bed and breakfast that reflects the rich history and culture of the Ilocanos. Named after its owner, Blas, this establishment was initially intended as a residence. As such, it exudes a genuine homey vibe, ensuring guests feel welcomed and cherished.The rooms are tastefully decorated with Ilocano crafts, giving you a glimpse of the region’s artistic heritage. And when it comes to breakfast, expect traditional dishes like longganisa and bagnet, which are staples in the Ilocano diet.

Tambobong White Beach Resort, Pangasinan

For beach lovers, Tambobong White Beach Resort is a dream destination. Located in Pangasinan, this bed and breakfast boasts pristine white sands and clear blue waters. Waking up to the sound of the waves and the scent of the sea is truly invigorating.Apart from its mesmerizing beachfront, guests are treated to a variety of local dishes for breakfast. The fresh seafood, combined with Filipino flavors, guarantees a delightful morning feast. And with various water activities available, your stay will undoubtedly be filled with both relaxation and adventure.

Noordzee Hostel, Cebu

Situated on the shores of Boljoon, Cebu, Noordzee Hostel offers an exceptional combination of laid-back vibes and vibrant energy. The property provides a panoramic view of the sea, which is especially enchanting during sunrise.Breakfast here is an experience in itself. From fresh tropical fruits to the famed Cebu lechon, your palate is in for a treat. Moreover, Noordzee’s strategic location allows easy access to nearby attractions, such as the Osmena Peak and Tumalog Falls, making it a favorite among adventure seekers.

Casa San Pablo, Laguna

Tucked away in the heart of Laguna, Casa San Pablo is a bed and breakfast that celebrates Filipino art and culture. Every corner of this establishment is adorned with locally crafted items, from sculptures to paintings, each telling a story of the country’s rich heritage.Breakfast is a lavish affair with a spread of Filipino favorites like arroz caldo and suman. What’s more, the surrounding coconut plantation offers a serene backdrop, perfect for morning strolls or simply lounging by the pool.

The Flying Fish Hostel, Dumaguete

Reflecting the vibrant spirit of Dumaguete City, The Flying Fish Hostel is a haven for travelers looking to experience genuine Filipino hospitality. The establishment is eco-friendly, with sustainable materials used in its construction and operations.The breakfast menu boasts both local and international options, catering to the diverse tastes of its guests. Whether you’re sipping on locally brewed coffee or indulging in freshly made silog (rice and egg dishes), mornings at The Flying Fish are always memorable.

Casa Roces, Manila

Located in the bustling capital city, Casa Roces stands as a testament to Manila’s storied past. This ancestral home-turned-bed and breakfast offers a mix of vintage charm and modern amenities, making it a unique stay in the heart of the city.Breakfast at Casa Roces is a culinary delight, with dishes ranging from Spanish-inspired meals to classic Filipino breakfasts. And being in the capital, guests have easy access to historic sites like Intramuros and Rizal Park.

Villa Angela, Vigan

Embracing the colonial charm of Vigan, a UNESCO World Heritage site, Villa Angela mirrors the Spanish-era Philippines. With antique furnishings and capiz shell windows, staying here feels like traveling back in time.A morning at Villa Angela is never complete without savoring their traditional Ilocano breakfast. From savory longganisa to sweet kakanin, every dish promises a flavorful start to your day. And being in Vigan, a kalesa (horse-drawn carriage) ride around the historic town is a must.

The Coffee Heritage House, Sagada

Perched on the highlands of Sagada, The Coffee Heritage House is not just a bed and breakfast but also a coffee sanctuary. Surrounded by lush coffee plantations, guests are not only treated to picturesque views but also to some of the finest brews in the country.Breakfasts here are hearty, with freshly baked bread and organic produce from their garden. After your meal, take a walk through the coffee fields, or join a guided tour to learn more about Sagada’s coffee culture.

The Circle Hostel, La Union

A favorite among surfers and backpackers, The Circle Hostel in La Union is all about community and shared experiences. With its colorful murals and open-air design, it promotes a vibrant and inclusive environment.Mornings at The Circle are lively, with guests sharing stories over breakfast. The menu features a mix of Filipino and Western dishes, perfect for fueling up before hitting the waves. And with La Union’s reputation as the surfing capital of the north, there’s no shortage of adventures here.

The Philippines, with its diverse culture and landscapes, promises a plethora of experiences. And there’s no better way to immerse yourself than by staying in a bed and breakfast. Each of these ten spots offers not just a place to rest but a genuine taste of Filipino hospitality. So on your next trip to the archipelago, consider booking a stay in one of these gems. Happy traveling!

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