Explore the Bohol Code with our guide to understand the unique customs, regulations and travel tips for a perfect trip to Bohol, Philippines.

Have you ever wondered how places keep their natural beauty and culture? The answer is the Bohol Code. It’s a guide with rules to protect and highlight Bohol Island’s wonders in the Philippines. You’ll get to see amazing tourist spots, learn about its rich history, and enjoy peaceful beach resorts. Bohol is indeed a place you should visit.

Key Takeaways:

  • Discover the rules and regulations that help preserve Bohol’s natural beauty
  • Learn about the rich history and cultural heritage of the region
  • Explore the stunning tourist spots and attractions in Bohol
  • Plan your itinerary and find the best beach resorts to stay in
  • Uncover the secrets of the Bohol Code and its impact on sustainable tourism

Best Time to Go to Bohol

Thinking of visiting Bohol? The timing of your trip is crucial. Visit between December and May to enjoy the dry season. This is when the weather is perfect for swimming, diving, and exploring. Notably, the summer season reveals the Chocolate Hills in their famous brown hue.

But, there are times when Bohol gets busier. During the Holy Week from March to April and the Sandugo Festival in July, more people visit. If you like quieter times, avoid these periods.

In Bohol, it’s warm all year, with little change in temperature. Always be ready for the heat when you pack.

For a trip with nice weather and fewer tourists, choose the dry season. It’s a great time to see Bohol’s beautiful attractions comfortably.

What to Wear in Bohol

Packing the right clothes for a trip to Bohol is crucial due to its tropical climate. The weather there is hot and humid year-round. It’s key to wear comfy clothes to stay cool.

Here’s what you should wear in Bohol:

  1. Lightweight and Breathable Clothing: Choose clothes that are light and loose. Fabrics like cotton or linen are best as they let air move freely.
  2. Sun Protection: Shield yourself from the sun. Wear high SPF sunscreen, a wide-brimmed hat, and sunglasses for protection.
  3. Layers for Cooler Evenings: Evenings can get cooler. Bring a light jacket or sweater for the sea breeze or AC rooms.
  4. Comfortable Footwear: For exploring and activities, wear sturdy, comfy shoes. Sandals or sneakers are ideal for walking or hiking.
  5. Swimwear: You can’t forget your swimwear! Bohol has wonderful beaches and clear waters for swimming and sunbathing.

Packing smart means staying comfy in Bohol’s tropical weather. Wear lightweight, airy clothes, protect from the sun, and remember your swimwear for beach fun.

Packing Essentials for Bohol

Item Description
Sunscreen High SPF to protect your skin from the sun
Hat Wide-brimmed hat for sun protection
Sunglasses To shield your eyes from UV rays
Lightweight clothing Choose breathable fabrics like cotton or linen
Swimwear For enjoying the beautiful beaches
Comfortable footwear Sandals or sneakers for walking and hiking
Jacket or sweater For cooler evenings or air-conditioned spaces

How to Get to Bohol

Bohol is a beautiful island in the Philippines that you can get to by air or sea. You can choose between flying for quickness or enjoying a ferry ride’s scenic views. Both methods offer several options to reach this tropical paradise.

Flights to Bohol

The Bohol-Panglao International Airport is where you’d land if flying from major Philippine cities. It has domestic flights from Manila, Cebu, and more. Thanks to regular schedules and multiple airlines, flying is quick and easy for visitors.

Ferry to Bohol

For a slower pace, consider taking a ferry. Ferries run from Cebu and other islands. This way, you can enjoy the beautiful sea views on your trip. Make sure to check the ferry schedules ahead of time.

Transportation in Bohol

Once in Bohol, you have many ways to get around. Tricycles are great for short trips. They’re common and easy to find on the streets.

Jeepneys are another option for longer distances. They’re colorful, can carry many passengers, and have set routes and stops. This makes exploring different parts of the island easier.

Taxis are the go-to for a private ride. They’re good for when you have lots of bags or specific places to visit. You can find taxis at stands or use ride-hailing apps.

Getting to Bohol is easy, with options for every preference. Fly straight to Bohol-Panglao International Airport or take a scenic ferry. Once you’re there, tricycles, jeepneys, and taxis make exploring simple. Bohol’s beauty and transport options guarantee an incredible journey.

Where to Stay in Bohol

Bohol has many places to stay, fitting every traveler’s wish. You can pick from luxury resorts to budget guesthouses. Alona Beach, Anda Beach, and Tagbilaran City are top spots to consider.

Alona Beach on Panglao Island is perfect for a beach getaway. It has many beach resorts with beautiful views and direct access to the sea. These resorts have pools, spas, and places to eat by the water.

For those watching their budget, Tagbilaran City is ideal. It offers many guesthouses and cheap places to stay. Plus, it’s near shopping, dining, and sights.

Anda Beach is for those who like peace and beauty. It’s calm, with white sands and clear waters. It’s the right place to relax and recharge.

Booking your stay early is wise, especially in busy seasons. It helps you get the place you want without stress.

In Bohol, whether you want a resort by the beach or a cozy guesthouse, you will find a great place to make your visit special.

Popular Accommodations in Bohol

Neighborhood Accommodation Type Price Range
Alona Beach Beach Resorts $$ – $$$$
Tagbilaran City Guesthouses $ – $$
Anda Beach Beachfront Resorts $$ – $$$

beach resort in Bohol

What to See and Do in Bohol

Bohol is filled with exciting places to visit for all types of visitors. Adventure seekers, nature lovers, and history buffs will all find something special to do. Here are some top spots and activities to check out:

1. Chocolate Hills

The Chocolate Hills are a must-see in the Philippines. This area has over 1,200 hills that look like chocolate in the dry season. It’s a great place to take amazing photos and enjoy the view.

2. Tarsier Conservation Area

Bohol’s tarsiers are among the world’s smallest primates. Visit the Tarsier Conservation Area to see these cute animals up close. You’ll learn about their big eyes and conservation work.

3. Loboc River Cruise

Enjoy a peaceful river cruise along the Loboc River. The trip is relaxing and lets you see Bohol’s beautiful nature. Have a tasty lunch on a floating restaurant during your cruise.

4. Baclayon Church

Make sure to visit Baclayon Church, a very old stone church. It has beautiful designs and teaches about the area’s culture and religion. The museum inside is worth exploring too.

5. Island Hopping

Go island hopping to see Bohol’s beautiful islands. Pamilacan Island and Balicasag Island are perfect for swimming and snorkeling. Enjoy the clear waters, stunning reefs, and sunbathing.

Bohol has a lot to offer to everyone who visits. From its natural beauty to history and unique animals, your trip will be full of discoveries. Make sure to plan a visit and experience Bohol’s wonders for yourself.

What to Eat and Drink in Bohol

Bohol is a paradise for those who love food. It offers the best of local food. You will find both traditional dishes and international tastes. Here are top dishes and places to eat when you’re in Bohol.

Local Delicacies and Must-Try Dishes

In Bohol, some dishes are a must-try. Boholano lechon is famous. It’s a roast pig that’s loved for its crispy skin and tender meat. This dish is a highlight at many celebrations. Another top dish is kinilaw. It’s like ceviche, made with fresh seafood, vinegar, and citrus juice. It’s spiced with onions, ginger, and chili for a refreshing mix.

For dessert lovers, try sikwate. It’s a rich hot chocolate made with local cacao beans. Enjoy it with puto or bibingka for a tasty breakfast.

Recommended Restaurants and Eateries

To fully enjoy Bohol’s food scene, visit the top restaurants and eateries. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Bohol Bee Farm: In Panglao, this place offers an organic dining experience. Enjoy healthy, tasty food made with ingredients from their farm.
  2. Gerarda’s Place: In Tagbilaran City, try traditional Filipino food. Their menu includes seafood and classic Filipino dishes.
  3. Amorita Resort’s Restaurant: For a fancy meal, go to Amorita Resort’s Restaurant in Panglao. They offer a mix of local and international dishes, with a great wine list.

Bohol has many great places to eat. Explore to find the diverse tastes it has to offer.

Try the best of Bohol’s local food. Whether you like savory, refreshing, or sweet foods, Bohol has something for you. Don’t forget to check out the places listed above. Discover the rich flavors of Bohol’s food heritage!

Practical Information and Tips for Bohol

Before you go to Bohol, it helps to know some key tips. Learn about the local currency, language, and have sample itineraries ready. These steps help you enjoy your visit more.

Currency in Bohol

In Bohol, people use the Philippine Peso (PHP). You should change your money to PHP before your trip or when you arrive at the airport. You can find ATMs and places to exchange money in big cities and spots where tourists go.

Language in Bohol

The main language in Bohol is Filipino/Tagalog, which is the Philippines’ official language. But, many people also speak English, especially in places where tourists visit. This makes it easy for visitors from other countries to talk to locals.

Sample Itineraries in Bohol

Planning your visit can make your stay in Bohol even better. Below are some plans to help guide your trip:

  1. Day 1: Explore Panglao Island
    • Visit Alona Beach and enjoy the pristine white sand and blue waters
    • Snorkel or dive at Balicasag Island Marine Sanctuary for a vibrant underwater experience
    • Indulge in a relaxing spa treatment at one of the luxury resorts
  2. Day 2: Discover Bohol’s Cultural Heritage
    • Explore the historic Baclayon Church, one of the oldest churches in the Philippines
    • Take a river cruise along the Loboc River and savor local cuisine on a floating restaurant
    • Visit the Tarsier Conservation Area to see the adorable and endangered Philippine tarsiers
  3. Day 3: Experience Nature’s Wonders
    • Marvel at the iconic Chocolate Hills and enjoy panoramic views from the viewing deck
    • Go on an island-hopping tour to Pamilacan Island and spot dolphins and whales
    • Visit the Hinagdanan Cave and be amazed by its stunning underground formations

Feel free to change these itineraries to fit what you like and how long you are staying.

With the right information and these tips, you’re ready for a great time in Bohol. You’ll make memories that last a lifetime.

Best Time to Go to Bohol

Are you planning a trip to Bohol? Picking the right time is crucial. The weather significantly impacts the ideal vacation time. Here are the details on the best time to visit Bohol.

The Dry Season: December to May

The dry season runs from December to May. It’s the perfect time for a visit. The weather’s hot, great for outdoor fun like swimming and diving. Enjoy the sun on gorgeous beaches, dive into the beautiful sea, and enjoy the island’s natural wonders.

This season is best to see the Chocolate Hills turn brown. The hills are a top sight in Bohol. Seeing them in their brown splendor during the dry season is unforgettable.

Peak Seasons: Holy Week and Sandugo Festival

Holy Week and the Sandugo Festival in July mark Bohol’s peak seasons. These times bring more tourists to the island. Both locals and people from afar visit during Holy Week. To avoid hassles, book your stay early if you plan to come then.

The Climate in Bohol

Bohol is hot and humid all year. Temperatures stay fairly constant. Even in the rainy season, from June to November, rain showers are brief. So, any season promises warm weather.

best time to go to Bohol

The best time for Bohol is the dry season, from December to May. This season allows for lots of outdoor activities in sunny weather. Just remember, Holy Week and the Sandugo Festival are busy. But Bohol’s beauty and the warmth of its people ensure a great trip anytime.

How to Get to Bohol

Bohol is a stunning province in the Philippines, reachable by air or sea. You can choose flying for speed or enjoy a ferry ride’s views. Each option meets different tastes and needs.

Flights to Bohol

Bohol-Panglao International Airport is your entry to Bohol, with domestic flights from major Philippine cities. Airlines regularly fly here, making access easy. Pick a flight that fits your plans.

Ferry to Bohol

If you’re up for adventure, take a ferry. Ferries from places like Cebu offer beautiful views. On a ferry, enjoy the sea breeze and coastline views.

Transportation in Bohol

Bohol has many ways to get around. Choose from tricycles, jeepneys, or taxis. Tricycles are great for short distances. For longer routes, jeepneys and taxis are best.

Flying or ferrying to Bohol is easy, and moving around the island is simple too. Explore Bohol and see its beauty.

Where to Stay in Bohol

Bohol is a place of great natural beauty and lively culture. It offers many places to stay for all travelers. From luxury resorts on the beach to affordable guesthouses, you’ll find what you’re looking for.

Popular Neighborhoods in Bohol

Thinking about where to stay in Bohol? Look at these top areas:

  • Alona Beach: This spot on Panglao Island is known for its white sand and clear waters. You’ll find beachfront resorts, places to eat, and bars here.
  • Anda Beach: On the east coast, Anda Beach is quiet and beautiful. It’s filled with small resorts and great beaches for chilling out.
  • Tagbilaran City: As Bohol’s capital, it has easy access to attractions and amenities. There are accommodations for every budget, shopping, and restaurants.

Beach enthusiasts love Alona and Anda Beach. Meanwhile, Tagbilaran City is great for its convenient location.

Beach Resorts in Bohol

Bohol’s beach resorts are famous for giving guests amazing experiences in nature. Here are some top picks:

  1. Amorita Resort: On Panglao Island, it offers luxury, stunning views, and excellent amenities like pools and spas.
  2. Donatela Resort and Sanctuary: Also on Panglao, this resort is private and surrounded by nature. Enjoy beautiful villas, a spa, and wildlife.
  3. Henann Resort Alona Beach: Right on Alona Beach, Henann Resort has great facilities and lush surroundings. It’s perfect for a tropical getaway.

These resorts are known for their views, service, and water activities.

Book your place early, especially in the busy season. Find the perfect spot for your trip and enjoy Bohol’s wonders.

What to See and Do in Bohol

Bohol is a paradise for travelers looking for natural beauty and culture. The island has many tourist spots that will amaze you. You can see stunning landscapes and meet adorable creatures.

1. Chocolate Hills

The Chocolate Hills are the top attraction in Bohol. Over 1,200 hills covered in grass turn brown in the dry season. They make for a breathtaking view and great photos.

2. Tarsier Conservation Area

Don’t miss the Tarsier Conservation Area in Bohol. You can see the tiny tarsiers, with their big eyes, up close. Take a guided tour to learn about them and see how cute they are.

3. Loboc River Cruise

Take a peaceful river cruise on the Loboc River. Enjoy green scenery and Filipino music. Have a yummy lunch on the boat and enjoy the views.

4. Baclayon Church

If you love history, visit Baclayon Church. It’s one of the oldest churches in the Philippines. Admire its beautiful design and feel history come alive inside.

5. Island Hopping

Bohol is surrounded by lovely islands great for exploring. Go on a tour to places like Pamilacan Island and Balicasag Island. Enjoy their beaches, snorkel, and see the colorful sea life.

Bohol has many attractions to enjoy. It’s perfect for nature lovers, history fans, or anyone wanting to relax. There’s a lot to do on this beautiful island.

What to Eat and Drink in Bohol

Bohol offers a variety of mouthwatering dishes. These will introduce you to the island’s local flavors. There’s something for everyone, whether you love food or just want to try new things.

The Boholano Lechon

The Boholano lechon should be your first stop. It’s a roast pig that’s incredibly juicy and flavorful. The skin is crispy, and the meat inside is soft and delicious. One taste will definitely leave you wanting more.


Don’t skip kinilaw, a dish similar to ceviche. It’s made from fresh seafood like fish or shrimp. The seafood is soaked in vinegar and citrus, making it tangy. It’s perfect for cooling down on a warm Bohol day.


Trying sikwate in Bohol is a must. It’s a local hot chocolate made from pure cacao tablets. Enjoyed with puto, a type of rice cake, it’s delicious. It’s ideal for starting a day or relaxing after a busy one.

Seafood Delights

Bohol is rich in fresh seafood thanks to its surrounding waters. You can enjoy everything from grilled fish to steamed squid. Be sure to taste “tahong,” mussels cooked with spices and coconut milk. It’s a local specialty.

International Flavors

For those craving international tastes, Bohol won’t disappoint. The island offers everything from Italian pasta to American burgers. You’ll find a variety of international restaurants to explore.

Wondering where to eat in Bohol? Here are some top spots:

  1. Bohol Bee Farm is known for healthy, farm-to-table meals. They use fresh, local ingredients.
  2. Gerarda’s Place offers a cozy setting. It serves both Filipino and international dishes in large portions.
  3. Amorita Resort’s Restaurant is on Panglao Island. It has a beautiful sea view and a mixed menu of international and Filipino dishes.

These examples highlight Bohol’s diverse and delicious dining scene. Whether you like local dishes or crave international flavors, you’ll find lots to love in Bohol.


Bohol provides a special travel adventure with its breathtaking nature, deep cultural roots, and friendly people. You can explore the famous Chocolate Hills, meet the cute tarsiers, or enjoy tasty local food. It’s a place for everyone. So, plan your visit to Bohol and make unforgettable memories.


What is the Bohol Code?

The Bohol Code means the rules in Bohol, Philippines. It talks about keeping the environment safe, taking care of cultural sites, and boosting tourism.

When is the best time to visit Bohol?

Visit Bohol from December to May for the best experience. The weather is great for outdoor fun during this dry season. This time is perfect for seeing the Chocolate Hills turn brown.

Is it crowded during Holy Week and Sandugo Festival?

Yes, expect more people during Holy Week and the Sandugo Festival. For fewer crowds, consider visiting at other times.

What is the climate like in Bohol?

Bohol is mostly hot throughout the year. Wear light and airy clothes to stay cool in the tropical climate.

What should I wear in Bohol?

Wear light, comfy clothes like cotton because of the hot weather. Also, bring a sweater for cooler nights or places with air conditioning.

How can I get to Bohol?

You can fly or take a boat to Bohol. The Bohol-Panglao International Airport connects to other Philippine cities. Ferries from places like Cebu are also an option. For travel within Bohol, there are tricycles, jeepneys, and taxis.

Where can I stay in Bohol?

Bohol has many accommodations, from fancy resorts in Panglao Island to budget-friendly places in Tagbilaran City. Alona Beach, Anda Beach, and Tagbilaran City are popular areas to stay.

What are the must-see tourist spots in Bohol?

Don’t miss the Chocolate Hills, Tarsier Conservation Area, and Loboc River. Also, take a boat to Pamilacan Island and Balicasag Island for island hopping.

What are some must-try dishes in Bohol?

Try Boholano lechon, kinilaw, and sikwate when in Bohol. You’ll also find tasty seafood and international food all over the island.

What are some practical tips for visiting Bohol?

Know that in Bohol, people use Philippine Pesos, and Filipino/Tagalog is the main language. Yet, many people speak English, especially in tourist spots. Look for itineraries to help plan your trip and enjoy.

When is the best time to visit Bohol?

The prime time to see Bohol is from December to May, during the dry season. It’s sunny and great for exploring. Plus, the Chocolate Hills look amazing in their brown hue.

How can I get to Bohol?

Reach Bohol by plane or by sea. Land at Bohol-Panglao International Airport for flights within the Philippines. From nearby islands like Cebu, ferries are available. Around Bohol, you can use tricycles, jeepneys, and taxis.

Where can I stay in Bohol?

Whether you want luxury or budget options, Bohol has it all. Stay in Panglao Island, Tagbilaran City, or around popular beaches like Alona and Anda.

What are the must-see tourist spots in Bohol?

Make sure to see the Chocolate Hills, Tarsier Conservation Area, Loboc River, and Baclayon Church. Also, go island hopping to Pamilacan Island and Balicasag Island.

What are some must-try dishes in Bohol?

Enjoy Boholano lechon, kinilaw, and sikwate in Bohol. There’s also a variety of seafood and international dishes to try.

What are some practical tips for visiting Bohol?

Remember, the local currency is the Philippine Peso. The main language is Filipino/Tagalog, but many people speak English. Use sample itineraries to plan your activities well.

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