Discover Bohol's beauty and navigate with ease using our detailed Bohol map with municipalities. Plan your visit and find key locations today!

Planning to visit Bohol in the Philippines? Get our detailed map for a smooth trip. It helps you navigate easily, explore attractions, and plan your itinerary.

Bohol is full of wonders waiting to be seen. You’ll find beautiful beaches and natural marvels here. Our map guides you to places like the Chocolate Hills, the Tarsier Sanctuary, and Sagbayan Peak.

Forget thinking Bohol is hard to explore. Our map makes finding hidden spots and making lasting memories easy.

Key Takeaways:

  • Navigate Bohol’s regions and municipalities effortlessly with our detailed map
  • Discover Bohol’s captivating attractions and plan your itinerary accordingly
  • Unveil the stunning natural wonders of Bohol with our geosite map
  • Explore scenic viewpoints and immerse in outdoor adventures with our maps
  • Learn about Bohol’s cultural heritage and plan your visit to heritage churches

Discover Bohol’s Captivating Attractions

Bohol has a lot to offer that will amaze you. You can enjoy beautiful beaches, stunning landscapes, and unique wildlife in this tropical paradise. Our interactive Bohol map is here to guide you through all the top places.

Our Bohol island map helps you find the island’s best spots. You can see the Chocolate Hills, visit the Tarsier Sanctuary, or look at the Punta Cruz Watchtower. Our map makes it easy to find these amazing places.

Be amazed by the Chocolate Hills, with over 1,200 hills to see. At the Tarsier Sanctuary, meet the tiny Philippine tarsiers in their home. Then, head to the Punta Cruz Watchtower for great views of the Bohol Sea and learn some history.

Use our Bohol tourist map to plan your trip and explore the island’s wonders. With interactive tools and lots of info, our map helps you enjoy Bohol to the fullest.

Explore Bohol’s Natural Wonders

Bohol is famous for its stunning natural wonders. These wonders draw people from all over the world. The Chocolate Hills are especially breathtaking.

These hills are cone-shaped and cover a wide area. Their greenery and natural beauty are truly captivating. You can hike up the hills or admire them from afar. Either way, they make for an unforgettable experience.

The Tarsier Sanctuary is a haven for wildlife lovers. It protects the endangered Philippine tarsiers. These creatures are known for their big, round eyes.

Visiting this place lets you see them in their natural setting. You also learn about how to keep them safe.

The Punta Cruz Watchtower is another must-see in Bohol. It gives you stunning views of the Bohol Sea. And it’s filled with history, reminding us of Bohol’s past and the Spanish colonial times.

Discovering Bohol’s natural wonders is truly inspiring. With a Bohol geosite map, you can explore these magical places easily. This journey will show you the island’s incredible beauty.

Notable Natural Wonders in Bohol:

  1. Chocolate Hills
  2. Tarsier Sanctuary
  3. Punta Cruz Watchtower

Bohol Geosite Comparison

Geosite Description
Chocolate Hills A unique geological formation consisting of cone-shaped hills.
Tarsier Sanctuary A sanctuary where you can observe endangered Philippine tarsiers up close.
Punta Cruz Watchtower A historical landmark offering panoramic views of the Bohol Sea.

“The natural wonders of Bohol, including the Chocolate Hills, Tarsier Sanctuary, and Punta Cruz Watchtower, are the epitome of the island’s mesmerizing beauty. Explore these incredible sites and create memories that will last a lifetime.”

Marvel at Bohol’s Scenic Viewpoints

Bohol has many scenic spots that show off the island’s beauty. Both nature lovers and photographers will love these places. They are a must-see.

Sagbayan Peak

Sagbayan Peak offers beautiful views of Chocolate Hills. These hills are famous and enchanting. When you’re there, the views of these cone-shaped landmarks are unforgettable.

It gives a special look at Bohol’s beauty. You get a deep sense of wonder from this place. It really shows off the island’s natural charm.

Panoramic Park in Alicia

Panoramic Park in Alicia is another spot with great views. It has a unique rock formation known as the Alicia Schist. This park offers gorgeous views of the surrounding rice terraces.

These views show the hard work of local farmers. The rocks and the terraces together make a magical sight. It’s a truly beautiful scene.

Visiting these spots in Bohol is an unforgettable experience. They offer great chances for photos and memories. Make sure to see the beauty of Sagbayan Peak and Panoramic Park.

Immerse in Bohol’s Outdoor Adventures

Bohol is full of outdoor adventure activities. You can enjoy exciting ATV rides at the Chocolate Hills. Or explore the thrilling caves of Danao Adventure Park. These activities are sure to pump up your adrenaline and create lasting memories.

ATVs at Chocolate Hills

Riding ATVs at the Chocolate Hills is a thrilling experience. These hills are unique and cone-shaped, making a stunning backdrop. Imagine hopping on an ATV and riding through the rugged terrain, with amazing views all around you.

ATVs at Chocolate Hills

Danao Adventure Park

For those who crave excitement, Danao Adventure Park is the place to be. Here, you can try zip-lining, river tubing, and rappelling. It’s a chance to fly through treetops, ride river rapids, and climb cliffs.

“Danao Adventure Park is a must-visit for adrenaline junkies seeking an unforgettable outdoor adventure in Bohol.” – Travel Enthusiast

Bohol has lots to offer, whether you love nature or crave adventure. Just grab a map and plan your outdoor activities. Get ready for the exciting adventures that wait in Bohol’s stunning landscape.

Dive into Bohol’s Underwater Paradise

Bohol Island offers paradise under its waters as well as above. With gorgeous coral reefs and diverse marine life, diving here is unmatched. Dive into Bohol and see its stunning underwater world for yourself.

Bohol has many dive spots that amaze with underwater beauty. You’ll find colorful corals and fascinating formations underwater. Each dive promises a distinct and memorable adventure.

Dive sites in Bohol welcome both new and skilled divers. Its clear waters give great visibility to explore marine ecosystems.

Best Time to Dive in Bohol

For the best diving in Bohol, plan for November to May. This period offers favorable weather and clear water.

Expect warm waters, around 27°C to 30°C (81°F to 86°F), and clear visibility up to 30 meters (98 feet). These conditions help divers enjoy Bohol’s vibrant marine life and colors.

Recommended Dive Operators

For a safe dive in Bohol, it’s smart to go with reputable dive operators. They have guides who know the sites and their marine life.

Dive Operator Contact Information
Bohol Divers Resort Website:
Email: in**@bo*********.com
Phone: +63-38-502-9090
Sea Explorers Philippines Website:
Email: in**@se***********.com
Phone: +63-38-502-9091
Bohol Aqua Sports Website:
Email: in**@bo*************.com
Phone: +63-38-502-9092

These operators offer guided dives, equipment rental, and beginner courses. Be sure to reach out ahead of time for plans.

For anyone into scuba diving, Bohol Island is a must-visit. This experience is filled with unforgettable memories. Dive into Bohol’s paradise and explore its underwater wonders.

Step back in Time with Bohol’s Cultural Heritage

Bohol is a province in the Philippines known for its rich history. It has several heritage churches, each showing the area’s past significance. Our cultural and heritage Bohol map is your perfect guide to this.

This map takes you on a journey to see Bohol’s famous heritage churches. A must-see is the Baclayon Church, a stunning piece of architecture from the Spanish era. It’s amazing to see its details and history up close.

Discover Bohol’s Heritage Churches

Our cultural and heritage Bohol map doesn’t only highlight the Baclayon Church. It also shows other important churches, each showing a part of Bohol’s history.

  1. The Church of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception in Loboc
  2. The Our Lady of the Assumption Church in Dauis
  3. The Santa Monica Church in Alburquerque
  4. The St. Peter the Apostle Parish Church in Loboc
  5. The Our Lady of the Holy Rosary Parish Church in Dimiao

Each church has its own charm and style, showing Bohol’s rich culture.

“Exploring the heritage churches of Bohol is like stepping back in time. Each church has a compelling story. These buildings are more than religious sites; they are cultural and historical treasures.” – Local Historian

Use the cultural and heritage Bohol map to see these churches’ beauty. Inside, you’ll feel the spiritual ambiance that’s been kept alive for hundreds of years.

Church Location Architectural Style
Church of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception Loboc Baroque
Our Lady of the Assumption Church Dauis Neo-Romanesque
Santa Monica Church Alburquerque Baroque
St. Peter the Apostle Parish Church Loboc Baroque
Our Lady of the Holy Rosary Parish Church Dimiao Baroque

As you visit these churches, you’ll uncover rich tales within their walls. From their architecture to historical artifacts, they reveal Bohol’s vibrant history.

Plan Your Visit with a Printable Bohol Map

Exploring Bohol requires a good map. We offer a printable map to help you out. It guides you on sightseeing trips, including cruises, to enjoy the island.

With this map, finding top attractions is easy. Whether you’re checking out famous spots or less-known areas, the map leads the way.

Discover the Best Bohol Sightseeing Day Trips

Bohol has many places to see, and our map assists in planning your trips. See the Chocolate Hills and enjoy the Loboc River. Everyone finds something fun.

  • Marvel at the unique geological formations of the Chocolate Hills
  • Experience the vibrant colors and diverse wildlife of Balicasag Island
  • Explore the lush greenery and cascading waterfalls of the Bohol Countryside

Our map points you to nature, history, and adventure spots. You won’t miss the best parts.

Embark on a Full-Day Cruise or Sailing Tour

A cruise or sailing tour shows Bohol’s true beauty. Our map lists the top cruise options. Pick one that fits your style.

During your cruise, you’ll:

  • Snorkel in clear waters and see colorful fish
  • Visit secluded beaches for a peaceful retreat
  • Enjoy tasty local food onboard

Our map gives all you need for a great sea day. It makes your experience fun and memorable.

Download our printable Bohol map today. Plan your sightseeing or sea adventures with it. It’s your best guide to exploring Bohol’s wonders.

How to Get to Bohol – Ferry Tickets and Transportation

Finding your way to Bohol is easy with our guide. We help you get Cebu Bohol ferry tickets without trouble. Our tips on ferry routes and operators make planning your trip simple. You’ll enjoy a hassle-free journey to this beautiful island.

For those who like flying, we have info on Cebu Pacific flights too. Whether by sea or air, we ensure your trip to Bohol is smooth.

Check the table below to see all ways you can travel:

Ferry Operator Departure Point Arrival Point Duration
OceanJet Cebu Tagbilaran 1 hour and 45 minutes
SuperCat Cebu Tagbilaran 1 hour and 30 minutes
Weesam Express Cebu Tubigon 1 hour and 45 minutes

secure cebu bohol ferry tickets

Experience a Scenic and Relaxing Ferry Ride

Traveling by ferry offers lovely coastal views and fresh sea air. This scenic trip adds fun to your Bohol visit.

When you get to Bohol, many transport options await you. Whether by car, motorcycle, tricycle, or taxi, exploring Bohol is easy.

Start planning your Bohol trip now. Get ready for an unforgettable adventure in this tropical paradise.

Bohol Map Resources and Travel Tips

Make your trip to Bohol better with our thorough map resources and travel tips. We offer a detailed Bohol map and valuable insights. These include the best time to come and advice for exploring the island effectively.

Bohol Maps

Our Bohol maps aim to guide you around the island with ease. Whether it’s a broad view of Bohol you need, or a detailed look at specific areas, our maps are easy to use. Find key spots and interesting municipalities without any trouble, making your journey smoother.

Travel Tips

  • Best Time to Visit Bohol: Travel during the dry season, from November to May, for the best experience. This period is ideal for enjoying the outdoors and beach fun.
  • Efficient Island Exploration: Hire a local guide or join tours to discover Bohol well. They can show you amazing places and experiences you might not find on your own.
  • Accommodations and Dining: Bohol has many places to stay and eat, fitting any budget. Choose from fancy resorts to cozy guesthouses and local food spots to satisfy your tastes.

With our maps and tips, you’re ready for an amazing Bohol journey. See beautiful sights, enjoy nature, and learn about the culture. Plan your trip to make memories you’ll never forget.

Explore Beyond Bohol – Nearby Islands and Cities

Bohol’s nearby islands and cities are ideal for extending your adventure. They offer diverse experiences that complement your trip. Check out our maps and guides of Cebu City, Manila, and Palawan for the wonders beyond Bohol.

1. Cebu City

Cebu City is close to Bohol and is bustling with activity. It’s known for its rich history and vibrant culture. Explore historic sites like Magellan’s Cross and vibrant markets such as Carbon Market. Also, beautiful beaches and dive spots are a must-see.

2. Manila

Manila, the capital of the Philippines, blends heritage with modern attractions. Visit historic Intramuros, Fort Santiago, and stroll through Rizal Park. Experience shopping in Makati and enjoy Filipino cuisine. It’s a city of both tradition and innovation.

3. Palawan

Palawan is a tropical paradise, famous for its stunning landscapes. Explore El Nido’s cliffs, go island hopping in Bacuit Archipelago, or dive in Tubbataha Reefs. It’s perfect for those who love nature and adventure.

City Highlights
Cebu City Magellan’s Cross, Fort San Pedro, Carbon Market, Taboan Market
Manila Intramuros, Fort Santiago, San Agustin Church, Rizal Park, Makati
Palawan El Nido, Bacuit Archipelago, Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park

Our comprehensive maps and guides make planning multi-destination itineraries easy. From historical landmarks to natural wonders, these destinations offer diverse experiences. They enrich your journey beyond Bohol.

For culturally rich experiences in Cebu City, historical exploration in Manila, or tropical adventures in Palawan, these places are great. Let our maps guide you through the Philippines’ enchanting islands.

Uncover Inspiration and Share Your Bohol Experience

Looking for travel inspo or want to share your Bohol journey? Follow Bohol-related social media. They show off Bohol’s beauty, giving you travel ideas. Plus, you can connect with other travelers.

Be part of the Bohol travel community.

Be Inspired by Bohol Travel

On Instagram, follow @BoholTravel for amazing photos. See Bohol’s stunning landscapes and beautiful beaches. It’s all about vibrant colors and unique experiences in this tropical paradise.

Connect with travelers, share your Bohol moments, and find hidden spots. Make your trip unforgettable.

“Bohol is a hidden gem that has something for everyone. From the iconic Chocolate Hills to the adorable Tarsiers, this island never fails to amaze. Follow us as we uncover the secrets of Bohol and share our passion for travel and adventure!” – @BoholTravel

Join the Bohol Wanderlust Community

Join Bohol Wanderlust for a community of passionate travelers. They’ve explored Bohol and want to share. You can connect, swap tips, and talk about the best places to visit.

“Bohol Wanderlust is a community of travelers who are captivated by the beauty of Bohol. Join us as we wander through this enchanting island, share our adventures, and inspire each other to explore the world one destination at a time!” – @BoholWanderlust

Discover Bohol’s Food and Culture

Follow Bohol Eats & Beats on Facebook to learn about Bohol’s culture and food. See pictures of local dishes, food festivals, and more. It’s a great way to learn about Bohol’s unique flavors and recipes.

“At Bohol Eats & Beats, we believe that food is not just sustenance; it’s an expression of culture and identity. Join us as we explore the diverse flavors of Bohol, discover local favorites, and celebrate the culinary heritage of this beautiful island!” – @BoholEatsAndBeats

By following these accounts, dive into Bohol’s beauty, culture, and adventure. Get inspired for your journey, connect with others, and share your Bohol memories. Let Bohol spark your next adventure.

And remember, tag your photos with #BoholTravel or #BoholWanderlust. Share your story with everyone!


Exploring Bohol is an unforgettable journey. You’ll see beautiful landscapes, rich culture, and lots of outdoor fun. With our detailed Bohol map, finding hidden gems is easy. You can enjoy natural wonders, dive into cultural sites, or go on exciting adventures. Bohol has lots to offer everyone.

Get ready for a trip that you’ll always remember. See the famous Chocolate Hills and meet tiny Tarsiers. Enjoy the view from Sagbayan Peak. Bohol has so many amazing sights. Visit heritage churches and explore the colorful life underwater. For those who love excitement, try ATV riding at the Chocolate Hills or discover Danao Adventure Park’s caves.

Bohol’s beauty is unmatched, with its natural spots, views, and cultural sites. Use our maps to explore at your own pace. Discover all that Bohol has to offer. Plan your trip now for unforgettable memories. You’ll see the incredible beauty of nature and culture.


Can I find an interactive Bohol map with municipalities?

Yes, our detailed Bohol map lets you explore Bohol’s regions and municipalities easily.

Are there maps available for Bohol’s tourist attractions?

Yes, we offer maps for Bohol’s tourist spots, including administrative and political maps. They help you find the region’s captivating attractions.

Where can I find information about Bohol’s natural wonders?

Our geosite map gives details on Bohol’s Chocolate Hills, Tarsier Sanctuary, and Punta Cruz Watchtower. You can learn about these famous sites.

Are there any scenic viewpoints in Bohol?

Yes, Bohol has stunning viewpoints like Sagbayan Peak and Alicia’s Panoramic Park. They offer breathtaking panoramic views.

What outdoor adventure activities can I do in Bohol?

Bohol is great for adventure. You can ride ATVs at Chocolate Hills, explore caves at Danao Adventure Park, and enjoy zip-lining and river tubing.

Can I go scuba diving in Bohol?

Absolutely! Dive spots in Bohol have diverse marine life and beautiful coral reefs. It’s a fantastic experience for diving lovers.

How can I explore Bohol’s cultural heritage?

Our cultural and heritage map leads you to heritage churches, like Baclayon Church. You’ll explore architectural and historical wonders of the province.

Is there a printable map available for Bohol?

Yes, we offer a printable map for Bohol. It helps plan sightseeing day trips, including cruises and sailing tours.

How can I get to Bohol?

Our guide offers info on Cebu Bohol ferry tickets and flights with Cebu Pacific. It ensures easy access to Bohol.

Where can I find additional resources and travel tips for Bohol?

We provide more resources, including maps and travel tips for Bohol. Learn about the best visit times, accommodations, and dining places.

Can I explore other nearby islands and cities from Bohol?

Absolutely! Our guides have info on places like Cebu City, Manila, and Palawan. You can plan trips to multiple destinations.

How can I get travel inspiration and connect with other Bohol travelers?

Follow Bohol-related social media for travel inspiration. Connect with travelers who have explored this beautiful island.

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