Welcome to the hidden gem of the Philippines! Anda Beach in Bohol is a tropical paradise that should be on every traveler’s bucket list. Nestled on the eastern coast of Bohol, Anda Beach offers pristine white sands, crystal-clear waters, and untouched natural beauty. Whether you’re seeking relaxation, adventure, or a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, Anda Beach has it all. In this article, we will explore the stunning beaches, water activities, and beach resorts that make Anda Beach a top tourist destination.

Key Takeaways:

  • Anda Beach in Bohol is a hidden paradise with pristine white sands and crystal-clear waters.
  • It offers a wide range of water activities and is a popular destination for island hopping.
  • The beach resorts in Anda provide the perfect accommodation options for a relaxing vacation.
  • Explore the lush landscapes surrounding Anda Beach through nature treks and visit beautiful waterfalls.
  • Immerse yourself in the local culture of Anda Beach by interacting with friendly locals and trying traditional delicacies.
  • Anda Beach offers a variety of dining options, including local cuisine and international dishes.
  • The best time to visit Anda Beach is during the dry season, but it is beautiful year-round.
  • Practicing responsible tourism is crucial to preserving the natural beauty of Anda Beach.

Getting to Anda Beach

Getting to Anda Beach requires a little effort, but it’s well worth it. The easiest way to reach Anda Beach is by flying into Panglao Airport in Bohol and then hiring a private car or taking a van to Anda. Another option is to take a ferry from Cebu to Tagbilaran and proceed to Anda by land. Once you arrive in Anda, you’ll find a range of accommodation options, from budget-friendly guesthouses to luxurious beachfront resorts.

Flight and Land Transfer

To start your journey to Anda Beach, book a flight to Panglao Airport in Bohol. From Panglao Airport, it is recommended to hire a private car or take a van to reach Anda Beach efficiently. The drive from Panglao Airport to Anda takes approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes, depending on the traffic conditions.

Sea Voyage from Cebu

If you prefer a scenic sea journey, you can take a ferry from Cebu to Tagbilaran. Several ferry companies, such as OceanJet, SuperCat, and Lite Shipping, offer regular services between Cebu and Tagbilaran. The ferry ride typically takes around 2 hours. Once you reach Tagbilaran, you can continue your trip to Anda Beach by land. There are various transportation options available, including private cars and vans.

Accommodation Options

Upon arrival in Anda Beach, you’ll have a variety of accommodation options to choose from. Whether you’re looking for budget-friendly guesthouses or luxurious beachfront resorts, Anda Beach has something for every traveler’s preference. Here are a few popular accommodation choices:

  1. Anda White Beach Resort: This beachfront resort offers comfortable rooms, stunning ocean views, and a wide range of amenities.
  2. Amihan Resort: Located just steps away from the beach, Amihan Resort offers cozy cottages and modern facilities for a relaxing stay.
  3. Mystic Springs Cottages: Set amidst lush gardens, Mystic Springs Cottages provide a serene atmosphere and spacious accommodations for a tranquil retreat.
  4. Anda Paradise Resort: Nestled along the coastline, Anda Paradise Resort offers luxurious villas, a swimming pool, and a beachside restaurant.

Whichever accommodation you choose, you can expect warm Filipino hospitality and easy access to the beautiful beaches and attractions that Anda has to offer.

Water Activities and Island Hopping

Anda Beach is a haven for water activities and island hopping. Whether you’re an avid snorkeler or a seasoned diver, the crystal-clear waters and vibrant marine life of Anda Beach will leave you in awe. Grab your snorkeling gear or scuba equipment and get ready to explore the underwater world.

Immerse yourself in the colorful coral reefs and discover a diverse array of marine species. Keep an eye out for graceful turtles gracefully gliding by or catch a glimpse of adorable clownfish hiding among the coral. If you’re lucky, you might even encounter the majestic whale sharks, the gentle giants of the sea.

To make the most of your aquatic adventure, consider taking a boat tour around the stunning islands near Anda Beach. One must-visit destination is Lamanoc Island, known for its ancient burial sites and mystical caves. Marvel at the fascinating history and natural wonders as you explore this unique island.

For an unforgettable swimming experience, head to Cabagnow Cave Pool. Dive into the crystal-clear waters of this underground pool and admire the mesmerizing limestone formations surrounding you. It’s a truly magical spot that will undoubtedly leave you amazed.

Water Activities and Island Hopping Highlights:

  • Snorkeling and diving in crystal-clear waters
  • Encountering turtles, clownfish, and whale sharks
  • Taking boat tours to nearby islands
  • Exploring Lamanoc Island’s ancient burial sites and mystical caves
  • Swimming in Cabagnow Cave Pool’s underground oasis

Tips for an Unforgettable Experience:

  1. Bring your own snorkeling or diving gear for maximum convenience
  2. Follow local guidelines and respect marine life and coral reefs
  3. Book a boat tour in advance to secure your spot
  4. Listen to the local guides for safety instructions and recommendations
  5. Capture the magic with an underwater camera or GoPro

Immerse yourself in the wonders of Anda Beach’s water activities and island hopping, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Relaxing on the Beach

Spend lazy days basking in the tranquility of Anda Beach, where powdery white sands and breathtaking views create the perfect setting for ultimate relaxation. Whether you’re seeking solitude or simply enjoying the beauty of nature, Anda Beach offers a tranquil atmosphere that invites you to unwind and indulge in sunbathing.

The powdery white sands of Anda Beach provide a luxurious spot to lay back, stretch out, and soak up the sun. Lie on a beach towel, feel the warm sand between your toes, and let the soothing sound of the waves lull you into a state of pure relaxation. The gentle sea breeze adds to the serene ambiance, making Anda Beach a haven for those seeking a quiet and peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

The breathtaking views from Anda Beach further enhance the tranquility of the surroundings. Whether you’re gazing out at the vast expanse of the ocean or admiring the mesmerizing colors of the sunset, the beauty of the beach will leave you in awe. Immerse yourself in the serene atmosphere, take in the stunning vistas, and let the natural beauty of Anda Beach rejuvenate your spirit.

From sunbathing to leisurely strolls along the shore, Anda Beach offers a range of ways to unwind and enjoy a lazy day. Catch up on your favorite book while savoring the cool ocean breeze, take a leisurely nap under the shade of a palm tree, or simply sit back and watch as the waves gently crash onto the shore.

Anda Beach is more than just stunning scenery – it’s a sanctuary of tranquility where you can escape the pressures of daily life and embrace the slow pace of lazy days spent by the sea.

Testimonial from a beachgoer:

“Anda Beach is a hidden paradise where time seems to stand still. The powdery white sands and tranquil atmosphere create the perfect environment for relaxation. The breathtaking views only add to the serenity of the place. It’s an absolute dream destination for sunbathing and forgetting about the outside world.”
– Amanda Smith, Beach Lover

Nature Treks and Waterfalls

Embark on a nature trek to explore the lush landscapes surrounding Anda Beach. Follow trails leading to waterfalls such as Can-umantad Falls, where you can witness the beauty of cascading waters amidst the greenery. You can also hike up hills for panoramic coastline views, immersing yourself in the natural beauty of the area.

Cultural Immersion

Immerse yourself in the vibrant local culture of Anda Beach and discover the rich heritage of this enchanting destination. Take a tour of the traditional villages scattered throughout the area, where you can interact with the friendly locals and gain insight into their way of life.

Experience firsthand the mastery of traditional crafts passed down through generations. From intricately woven textiles to skillfully carved wooden sculptures, you’ll witness the talent and dedication of the local artisans.

But cultural immersion doesn’t stop at crafts. Indulge your taste buds with the distinct flavors of Anda Beach by sampling the local delicacies. Savor the tangy and refreshing taste of kinilaw (ceviche), feast on the freshly grilled fish, and treat yourself to the mouthwatering chicken inasal.

As the sun sets, prepare to be captivated by the colorful and rhythmic performances of traditional dances. The locals will showcase their graceful movements and vibrant costumes, bringing to life centuries-old traditions.

Listen to the enchanting melodies of live music performances, where traditional instruments create a harmonious symphony that resonates with the soul. Let the rhythmic beats and melodic tunes transport you to a world of wonder and fascination.

“Immerse yourself in the cultural tapestry of Anda Beach and let the locals guide you through an unforgettable journey of traditional crafts, delectable cuisines, and captivating performances.”

Traditional Crafts

Discover the artistry of Anda Beach through its traditional crafts. The table below showcases some of the exquisite crafts you can encounter during your cultural immersion:

Craft Description
Woven Textiles Handcrafted textiles with intricate patterns and vibrant colors.
Wood Carvings Masterfully carved wooden sculptures depicting local legends and nature.
Pottery Beautifully crafted clay pots and vases adorned with traditional motifs.

Local Delicacies

The culinary delights of Anda Beach are a reflection of the local culture. Indulge in the flavors of the region with these mouthwatering delicacies:

  • Kinilaw (Ceviche) – A refreshing dish of raw fish marinated in vinegar, lime juice, and spices.
  • Grilled Fish – Freshly caught fish grilled to perfection, bursting with smoky flavors.
  • Chicken Inasal – Succulent chicken marinated in local spices and grilled over hot coals.

Traditional Dances and Music Performances

Experience the vibrant energy of Anda Beach through the captivating performances of traditional dances and live music. Immerse yourself in the cultural heritage of the region with these enchanting performances:

  1. Tinikling – A fast-paced dance that showcases the agility and coordination of dancers as they skillfully navigate bamboo poles.
  2. Singkil – A royal dance that tells the story of a princess escaping from danger, accompanied by the melodic sounds of indigenous instruments.
  3. Pangalay – A graceful dance performed by women, characterized by intricate hand and foot movements that depict the beauty of nature.

Dining Options

After a day of exploring and adventuring, satisfy your hunger with delicious local cuisine. Anda Beach offers a range of dining options to suit all tastes and budgets.

Local Delicacies

Don’t miss the chance to try the authentic flavors of Anda Beach. Indulge in local delicacies such as kinilaw, a savory ceviche made with fresh seafood, and grilled fish, which showcases the area’s abundance of fresh seafood. For a taste of traditional Filipino cuisine, savor the juicy chicken inasal, grilled to perfection and bursting with flavor.

International Flavors

If you’re craving international dishes, Anda Beach has you covered. Some restaurants in the area serve Italian cuisine, offering a variety of pasta, pizza, and other Italian favorites. Mexican food enthusiasts can also find a taste of Mexico, with options like tacos, burritos, and flavorful salsas.

Beachfront Dining

Enjoy your meal with a stunning view at one of the beachfront restaurants in Anda Beach. Immerse yourself in the serene atmosphere as you indulge in delectable dishes while overlooking the sparkling waters and powdery white sands.

Budget-Friendly Options

Traveling on a tight budget? No worries! Anda Beach has budget-friendly dining options that won’t break the bank. Local eateries and food stalls offer affordable and tasty meals, allowing you to enjoy the flavors of Anda without straining your wallet.

Whether you’re in the mood for local cuisine, fresh seafood, or international dishes, Anda Beach has something to satisfy every palate. Explore the diverse dining scene and indulge in unforgettable flavors during your visit.

Best Time to Visit Anda Beach

The beauty and charm of Anda Beach in Bohol can be enjoyed throughout the year, but the best time to visit is during the dry season. The dry season in Anda Beach extends from November to May, offering visitors sunny weather and minimal chances of rain. This period is perfect for immersing yourself in the stunning natural surroundings and partaking in various outdoor activities.

During the dry season, you can expect clear skies and warm temperatures, making it ideal for sunbathing on the powdery white sands or taking refreshing dips in the crystal-clear waters. Whether you’re snorkeling, diving, or embarking on an island hopping adventure, the dry season ensures optimal conditions for enjoying the water activities that Anda Beach has to offer.

Anda Beach boasts its beauty even during the rainy season, which typically runs from June to October. While you may experience occasional rainfall during this time, it does not detract from the beach’s allure. The rainy season brings a unique charm to the surroundings, with fewer tourists and a lush green landscape that enhances the natural beauty of Anda Beach.

Regardless of the season, Anda Beach offers a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Whether you visit during the dry season or the rainy season, you’ll be greeted by the breathtaking views and tranquility that make Anda Beach a hidden paradise.

Season Weather Tourist Traffic
Dry Season (November – May) Sunny weather with minimal chances of rain More tourists
Rainy Season (June – October) Occasional rainfall, lush green landscape Fewer tourists

Responsible Tourism in Anda Beach

As travelers, it’s important to practice responsible tourism to preserve the natural beauty of destinations like Anda Beach. By being mindful of our actions and choices, we can contribute to the sustainability and preservation of this stunning paradise. Here are some ways you can be a responsible traveler during your visit to Anda Beach:

Respect the Local Culture and Traditions

When exploring Anda Beach and its surrounding areas, it’s essential to respect the local culture and traditions. Take the time to learn about the customs and norms of the community and be mindful of your behavior. Show appreciation for their heritage and engage in cultural exchanges with an open and respectful mindset.

Dispose of Trash Correctly

Help keep Anda Beach pristine by disposing of your trash correctly. Avoid littering and always use designated trash receptacles. If you can’t find one nearby, hold on to your trash until you reach a proper disposal area. Consider bringing a reusable water bottle and bag to minimize waste.

Support Local Businesses and Artisans

One of the best ways to contribute to the local economy is by supporting local businesses and artisans. Whether it’s dining at a local restaurant or purchasing souvenirs from local artisans, your patronage helps sustain the livelihoods of the community members. Seek out authentic experiences and products that offer a true taste of the local culture.

Choose Eco-Friendly Activities and Tours

When planning your itinerary, opt for eco-friendly activities and tours that minimize impact on the environment. Consider activities that promote conservation efforts, such as guided nature walks or eco-friendly water sports. These activities allow you to engage with the natural beauty of Anda Beach while preserving it for future generations.

Minimize Your Impact on the Environment

While enjoying your time at Anda Beach, take steps to minimize your impact on the environment. Conserve water by taking shorter showers and reusing towels. Reduce energy consumption by turning off lights and air conditioning when you leave your accommodation. These small actions can add up to significant positive changes for the environment.

“Traveling responsibly not only allows you to enjoy the beauty of Anda Beach, but also ensures its preservation for generations to come.”

By embracing responsible tourism practices, we can all play a part in protecting and conserving the natural wonders of Anda Beach. Let’s leave a positive impact on this breathtaking destination, respecting the local culture, reducing our carbon footprint, and supporting the local community. Together, we can help Anda Beach thrive for years to come.


Anda Beach in Bohol is a hidden paradise tucked away from the hustle and bustle of popular tourist destinations. With its pristine white sands, crystal-clear waters, and untouched beauty, it offers a tranquil escape for those seeking an off-the-beaten-path experience. Whether you’re looking to relax on the beach, indulge in water activities, immerse yourself in the local culture, or embark on nature treks, Anda Beach has something for everyone.

As you step foot on the soft sands and immerse yourself in the crystal-clear waters, you’ll understand why Anda Beach is a true hidden gem. Its untouched beauty and serene surroundings create a serene ambiance that is hard to find elsewhere. Whether you’re a nature lover, adventure enthusiast, or simply in search of a peaceful getaway, Anda Beach has it all.

Leave your worries behind and let the untouched beauty of Anda Beach captivate your senses. This off-the-beaten-path destination will reward you with pristine white sands, crystal-clear waters, and a serene atmosphere. Pack your bags and embark on an unforgettable journey to this hidden paradise. Anda Beach is waiting to offer you an escape from the ordinary and an opportunity to reconnect with nature in its purest form.


How can I reach Anda Beach?

The easiest way to reach Anda Beach is by flying into Panglao Airport in Bohol and then hiring a private car or taking a van to Anda. Another option is to take a ferry from Cebu to Tagbilaran and proceed to Anda by land.

What accommodation options are available in Anda Beach?

Once you arrive in Anda, you’ll find a range of accommodation options, from budget-friendly guesthouses to luxurious beachfront resorts.

What water activities can I enjoy in Anda Beach?

Popular water activities in Anda Beach include snorkeling and diving, thanks to the crystal-clear waters and vibrant marine life. You may encounter turtles, clownfish, and even whale sharks while exploring the coral reefs.

Can I go island hopping from Anda Beach?

Yes, you can take a boat tour from Anda Beach and visit nearby islands such as Lamanoc Island, known for its ancient burial sites and mystical caves, and Cabagnow Cave Pool, which offers a unique swimming experience in an underground pool.

What can I do on the beach in Anda?

Spend lazy days lounging on the powdery white sands of Anda Beach. Its tranquil atmosphere and breathtaking views make it the perfect place to relax and soak up the sun.

Are there any nature treks near Anda Beach?

Yes, you can embark on nature treks near Anda Beach. Follow trails leading to waterfalls such as Can-umantad Falls, where you can witness the beauty of cascading waters amidst the greenery. You can also hike up hills for panoramic coastline views.

How can I immerse myself in the local culture of Anda Beach?

Immerse yourself in the local culture by visiting traditional villages and interacting with the friendly locals. Learn about their traditional crafts, taste local delicacies like kinilaw (ceviche), grilled fish, and chicken inasal, and witness traditional dances and music performances.

What dining options are available in Anda Beach?

Anda Beach offers a range of dining options, from small local eateries serving fresh seafood to beachfront restaurants offering international dishes. Don’t miss the chance to try local delicacies like kinilaw, grilled fish, and chicken inasal. There are also budget-friendly options available for those on a tight budget.

When is the best time to visit Anda Beach?

The best time to visit Anda Beach is during the dry season, which runs from November to May. However, even during the rainy season (June to October), Anda Beach retains its beauty and charm, with fewer tourists.

How can I practice responsible tourism in Anda Beach?

Practice responsible tourism by respecting the local culture and traditions, disposing of trash correctly, supporting local businesses, choosing eco-friendly activities and tours, and minimizing your impact on the environment by conserving water and energy.

Why should I visit Anda Beach?

Anda Beach in Bohol is a hidden paradise that offers an escape from the crowds and a chance to reconnect with nature. With its pristine white sands, crystal-clear waters, and untouched beauty, it’s becoming increasingly popular among travelers seeking an off-the-beaten-path destination.

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