Welcome to Acuatico Beach Resort, a premier beachfront resort located in the picturesque Laiya, San Juan, Batangas, Philippines. Whether you’re seeking a weekend getaway or a relaxing beach vacation, our resort offers the perfect blend of luxury, comfort, and natural beauty. Immerse yourself in the tranquility of our pristine white sands, crystal-clear waters, and breathtaking sunsets. At Acuatico Beach Resort, we strive to provide an unforgettable experience that will rejuvenate your senses and create lasting memories.

Key Takeaways:

  • Acuatico Beach Resort is a luxurious beachfront resort in Batangas, Philippines.
  • Enjoy a relaxing beach vacation or a weekend getaway in the serene ambiance of Laiya.
  • Indulge in the beauty of pristine white sands, clear waters, and breathtaking sunsets.
  • Experience the perfect blend of luxury, comfort, and natural beauty at our resort.
  • Create lasting memories and rejuvenate your senses at Acuatico Beach Resort.

Location and Amenities of Acuatico Beach Resort

Acuatico Beach Resort is nestled in the stunning beachfront location of Laiya, San Juan, Batangas. Offering breathtaking views, the resort provides the perfect setting for a relaxing getaway.

Guests at Acuatico Beach Resort can indulge in a wide range of amenities that cater to their every desire. The resort boasts an infinity pool, where you can take a refreshing dip while enjoying the panoramic vista of the ocean. For ultimate relaxation, there’s a jacuzzi where you can unwind and let your worries melt away.

Looking for a unique dining experience? Acuatico Beach Resort has got you covered. With beachfront dining options, you can savor a delicious meal while the gentle sea breeze caresses your skin. The resort also offers a floating pool bar, where you can sip on your favorite cocktail without ever leaving the water.

When it comes to accommodations, Acuatico Beach Resort prides itself on its modern design villas. These villas are equipped with deluxe amenities, ensuring a comfortable and luxurious stay for all guests. The attention to detail in the design and decor provides a welcoming ambiance that complements the natural beauty of the surroundings.

Whether you’re seeking a weekend getaway or a beachside retreat, Acuatico Beach Resort offers the perfect blend of tranquil surroundings and top-notch amenities. Experience the epitome of luxury at this Batangas beach resort and create unforgettable memories.

Room Types and Features at Acuatico Beach Resort

Acuatico Beach Resort offers a variety of beachside accommodations to cater to the diverse needs of its guests. The resort’s selection of modern design villas provides a luxurious and comfortable setting for a memorable stay.

The deluxe amenities offered in each villa ensure a truly indulgent experience. Guests can enjoy the breathtaking ocean view from their rooms, creating a serene and relaxing atmosphere. The resort understands the importance of providing options to suit different preferences, which is why they offer non-smoking rooms to ensure a pleasant environment for all guests.

Whether traveling as a couple, a family, or a group of friends, Acuatico Beach Resort has thoughtfully designed suites and family rooms to provide ample space and privacy. These spacious accommodations feature modern furnishings, stylish decor, and all the necessary amenities to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable stay.

Here is a table summarizing the room types and features at Acuatico Beach Resort:

Room Type Features
Ocean View Villas Stunning ocean view, private balcony, luxurious amenities
Non-Smoking Rooms Clean and fresh environment, modern design, deluxe amenities
Suites Spacious layout, separate living area, ocean or garden view
Family Rooms Multiple bedrooms, living area, ideal for families or groups

The modern design villas at Acuatico Beach Resort provide the perfect beachside accommodation with their deluxe amenities, ocean view, and options for non-smoking rooms, suites, and family rooms. Whether you’re seeking a romantic getaway, a relaxing family vacation, or a fun-filled trip with friends, the resort’s various room types are designed to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Dining Options at Acuatico Beach Resort

Indulge in a variety of dining options at Acuatico Beach Resort, where exquisite flavors and breathtaking views come together to create an unforgettable culinary experience. Whether you are seeking beachfront dining, a lively bar atmosphere, or a refreshing swim-up bar, the resort offers something to please every palate.

Beachfront Restaurant

The beachfront restaurant at Acuatico Beach Resort is a scenic haven where you can savor delectable dishes while enjoying the soothing sound of waves crashing against the shore. Indulge in a sumptuous meal as you take in panoramic views of the ocean and feel the gentle sea breeze tickle your senses. With a menu inspired by global cuisines and a focus on using fresh, locally sourced ingredients, the restaurant offers a culinary journey that will satisfy even the most discerning food enthusiasts.

Bar and Poolside Bar

Quench your thirst and unwind at the resort’s bar and poolside bar, where you can enjoy a wide selection of handcrafted cocktails, premium spirits, and refreshing beverages. Situated amidst the lush tropical landscape, the bar provides a relaxed ambiance to savor your favorite drinks and socialize with fellow guests. Whether you prefer classic cocktails, innovative concoctions, or chilled beers, the skilled bartenders are ready to create your perfect drink.

Swim-Up Bar

For a unique and immersive experience, head to the resort’s swim-up bar, where you can enjoy your favorite beverages while staying cool in the pool. Take a dip in the invigorating water and swim up to the bar counter to order your drink of choice. With the perfect blend of relaxation and indulgence, the swim-up bar offers a refreshing oasis that adds a touch of excitement to your poolside experience.

Upon arrival at Acuatico Beach Resort, guests are warmly welcomed with a complimentary welcome drink, setting the stage for a delightful stay. Whether you’re enjoying a romantic dinner by the beach, sharing drinks with friends at the bar, or cooling off in the pool with a refreshing cocktail, the resort’s dining options provide the perfect backdrop to create lasting memories.

Activities and Entertainment at Acuatico Beach Resort

At Acuatico Beach Resort, we believe that a memorable beach vacation is not just about lounging by the pool or soaking up the sun on the beach. That’s why we offer a wide range of activities and entertainment options to cater to our guests’ varied interests and preferences. Whether you’re seeking adventure, relaxation, or family-friendly fun, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Water Activities

  • Take a refreshing swim in our pristine pool or the crystal-clear waters of the beach.
  • Unwind and relax by the beach, letting the gentle waves soothe your soul.

Indoor Recreation

  • Engage in friendly competition with family and friends in our game room.
  • Let your little ones have a blast in our indoor play area, filled with exciting toys and activities.

Aqua Fun for Kids

  • Treat your children to a splashing good time in our dedicated kids’ pool.
  • Watch as they delight in playing and making new friends in a safe and supervised environment.

Soothe Your Body and Mind

Indulge in ultimate relaxation with our spa treatments and massages. Our expert therapists will pamper you with a variety of rejuvenating options, including couples massages and full-body massages. Take a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life, and drift into a state of pure bliss and tranquility.

Experience the perfect blend of excitement, relaxation, and bliss at Acuatico Beach Resort. Join us for an unforgettable beach getaway where you can create lasting memories and immerse yourself in a world of fun, adventure, and serenity.

Events and Weddings at Acuatico Beach Resort

Acuatico Beach Resort is the perfect venue for your special events and weddings. With its stunning beachfront location and impeccable facilities, the resort offers a memorable setting for any occasion.

Looking for a beach wedding venue? Look no further. Acuatico Beach Resort provides picturesque beachfront wedding venues that will make your big day truly unforgettable. Say your vows surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of the ocean, with the sound of waves as your backdrop. Our dedicated event team will ensure every detail is taken care of, allowing you to relax and enjoy your dream wedding.

In addition to weddings, Acuatico Beach Resort offers event venues for conferences and meetings. Our conference facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and amenities, creating the ideal environment for productive and successful gatherings. From intimate meetings to large-scale conferences, our versatile event spaces can accommodate your specific needs.

Are you planning a banquet or a corporate event? Our spacious banquet rooms provide the perfect setting for elegant and sophisticated gatherings. Whether it’s a gala dinner, a cocktail party, or a corporate retreat, our team will assist you in creating an event that exceeds your expectations.

Need a professional space for business meetings or presentations? Acuatico Beach Resort offers well-appointed meeting rooms that can accommodate small to medium-sized groups. Our meeting rooms are designed with functionality and comfort in mind, providing the ideal setting for productive discussions and brainstorming sessions.

Whether it’s a wedding, a conference, a banquet, or a meeting, Acuatico Beach Resort has the perfect venue for your event. Our dedicated staff will work closely with you to ensure that every detail is taken care of, allowing you to focus on enjoying your special day or achieving your business goals.

Choose Acuatico Beach Resort for an unforgettable event experience. Contact us today to discuss your event requirements and start planning your memorable occasion.

Reviews and Testimonials of Acuatico Beach Resort

Acuatico Beach Resort has garnered rave reviews and glowing testimonials from our satisfied guests. We take pride in providing outstanding customer service, ensuring that every guest feels valued and well taken care of throughout their stay.

Our commitment to guest satisfaction extends beyond friendly smiles and warm greetings. Our staff goes above and beyond to create a comfortable and memorable experience for each individual. From the moment you step foot onto our resort to the time you check out, our dedicated team is always ready to assist you with any requests or inquiries you may have.

“The customer service at Acuatico Beach Resort is exceptional. The staff went out of their way to ensure that we had everything we needed during our stay. Their attentiveness and genuine care for their guests truly made us feel like VIPs. We can’t wait to come back!” – Sarah and Mark, satisfied guests

Another aspect that guests appreciate is the outstanding room comfort provided by our modern design villas. Each room is meticulously designed and equipped with deluxe amenities to ensure a relaxing and rejuvenating stay. Guests can indulge in the cozy ambiance, luxurious bedding, and thoughtfully curated interiors that make them feel right at home.

Location is another highlight of Acuatico Beach Resort. Situated in the picturesque region of Batangas, our beachfront resort offers breathtaking views of the ocean and easy access to the sandy shores. Whether you’re soaking up the sun on the beach or gazing at the tranquil waters from your villa, the location of our resort guarantees a serene and idyllic setting for your vacation.

When it comes to cleanliness, we spare no effort in maintaining the highest standards. Our dedicated housekeeping team diligently ensures that each room and common area is spotless and well-maintained. We understand the importance of cleanliness and hygiene, especially in the current times, and take every precaution to provide a safe and clean environment for our guests.

At Acuatico Beach Resort, we also believe in offering value for money. We strive to provide exceptional quality and services at a reasonable price. Our guests consistently praise the excellent value they receive during their stay, as they enjoy premium amenities, top-notch service, and a luxurious beachfront experience without breaking the bank.

Don’t just take our word for it – read through the reviews and testimonials from our satisfied guests. Their experiences speak volumes about the exceptional level of service, comfort, and value that you can expect when you choose Acuatico Beach Resort for your next getaway.

What Our Guests Are Saying

  • “The customer service at Acuatico Beach Resort is exceptional. The staff went out of their way to ensure that we had everything we needed during our stay. Their attentiveness and genuine care for their guests truly made us feel like VIPs. We can’t wait to come back!” – Sarah and Mark
  • “Our room at Acuatico Beach Resort was incredibly comfortable. The bed was luxurious, the amenities were top-notch, and the attention to detail in the interiors was impressive. We had the best sleep and woke up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.” – Jessica and Michael
  • “The resort’s location is an absolute dream. We were able to relax on the beach and soak up the sun just steps away from our villa. The serene ambiance and stunning views of the ocean made our vacation truly unforgettable.” – Emily and David
  • “Cleanliness is a top priority for us, and Acuatico Beach Resort exceeded our expectations. The entire resort was impeccably maintained, and our room was spotless. We felt safe and comfortable throughout our stay.” – Laura and John
  • “We were pleasantly surprised by the incredible value for money at Acuatico Beach Resort. From the luxurious amenities to the outstanding service, we felt like we were getting so much more than we paid for. It was an amazing experience that we highly recommend.” – Samantha and Thomas

Getting to Acuatico Beach Resort

Acuatico Beach Resort is conveniently located approximately a 3-hour drive from Manila. Whether you choose to travel by car or public transportation, reaching the resort is easy and hassle-free. If you prefer to fly, the nearest airport is the Ninoy Aquino International Airport, which offers convenient access to the resort.

If you’re arriving at Ninoy Aquino International Airport, rental cars are available for transportation from the airport to the resort. This provides you with the flexibility to explore the beautiful surroundings at your own pace. Simply pick up your rental car and embark on a scenic drive to Acuatico Beach Resort.

Alternatively, if you prefer not to drive, public transportation options are also available. You can take a taxi or hire a private car service to take you directly to the resort. This is a great option for those who prefer a more relaxed and convenient way of traveling.

If you require directions to the resort, our friendly staff will be more than happy to assist you. Simply reach out to our reception desk or contact our customer service team, and they will provide you with step-by-step directions to help you arrive at Acuatico Beach Resort with ease.

Regardless of your preferred method of transportation, rest assured that the journey to Acuatico Beach Resort will be worth it. The scenic drive or comfortable public transportation options will only enhance your anticipation of the wonderful beachfront experience that awaits you.

Transportation Option Advantages
Rental Car Flexibility to explore at your own pace
Public Transportation Convenience and relaxed travel
Taxi/Private Car Service Comfortable and hassle-free travel


Experience the epitome of a luxury beach vacation or weekend getaway at Acuatico Beach Resort. Situated in the stunning beachfront of Batangas, this resort offers a perfect blend of tranquility and indulgence. Whether you’re seeking a beach wedding venue, beachside accommodation, or a beachfront dining experience, Acuatico Beach Resort has it all.

From the moment you arrive, you’ll be captivated by the resort’s breathtaking location and world-class amenities. Immerse yourself in the serenity of the infinity pool and jacuzzi or enjoy a refreshing drink at the floating pool bar. The modern design villas, equipped with deluxe amenities, provide the utmost comfort and luxury.

At Acuatico Beach Resort, you’ll find an array of activities and entertainment to suit every interest. Dive into the crystalline waters for a beach vacation filled with water activities, or relax in the spa and indulge in a rejuvenating massage. For those planning events or weddings, the resort offers stunning beachfront venues and conference facilities.

With glowing reviews highlighting exceptional customer service and excellent value for money, Acuatico Beach Resort stands out as the premier choice for a memorable beach getaway. So pack your bags and head to this idyllic Batangas beach resort, where paradise awaits.


Is Acuatico Beach Resort a beachfront resort?

Yes, Acuatico Beach Resort is a beachfront resort located in Laiya, San Juan, Batangas, Philippines.

What amenities does Acuatico Beach Resort offer?

Acuatico Beach Resort offers amenities such as an infinity pool, jacuzzi, and a floating pool bar.

What kind of accommodations are available at Acuatico Beach Resort?

Acuatico Beach Resort features modern design villas with state-of-the-art technology and deluxe amenities, including options for ocean views, non-smoking rooms, suites, and family rooms.

Can guests enjoy beachfront dining at Acuatico Beach Resort?

Yes, Acuatico Beach Resort offers beachfront dining options, including a beachfront restaurant, bar, poolside bar, and swim-up bar.

What activities are available at Acuatico Beach Resort?

Guests can enjoy various water activities, including swimming and beach relaxation. The resort also provides a pool, game room, and indoor play area for children. Spa treatments and massages, including couples massages and full-body massages, are also available.

Does Acuatico Beach Resort offer venues for events and weddings?

Yes, Acuatico Beach Resort offers beachfront wedding venues, as well as event venues for conferences and meetings, with conference facilities, banquet rooms, and meeting rooms available.

What do guests say about Acuatico Beach Resort?

Guests have praised the customer service, room comfort, location, cleanliness, and value for money provided by the resort.

How can guests get to Acuatico Beach Resort?

Acuatico Beach Resort is conveniently located approximately a 3-hour drive from Manila. Guests can easily reach the resort by car or public transportation. Rental cars are available for transportation from Ninoy Aquino International Airport to the resort. Directions to the resort can be provided upon request.

What makes Acuatico Beach Resort the ultimate destination for a beach vacation or weekend getaway?

Acuatico Beach Resort offers a luxurious beachfront experience, with modern design villas, deluxe amenities, and excellent customer service, making it a top choice for travelers seeking a relaxing and enjoyable stay.

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