Welcome to GT Hotel Boracay, the epitome of luxury and relaxation on the stunning island of Boracay. Located in the picturesque Station 1 of Boracay’s White Beach, our beachfront hotel offers a truly unforgettable vacation experience. From our top-rated service to our lavish accommodations, we strive to provide our guests with the best hotel experience in Boracay.

At GT Hotel Boracay, we boast 7 meticulously designed rooms, each offering breathtaking ocean views. Every room is equipped with modern amenities such as Wi-Fi, a minibar, and a flat-screen TV to ensure your utmost comfort. Our beachfront access allows you to soak up the sun and enjoy the pristine sands of Boracay’s White Beach at your leisure.

From thrilling sports activities like golf and diving to on-site dining options at our restaurant and bar, you’ll have no shortage of things to do during your stay. Whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway or a family vacation, GT Hotel Boracay has it all.

Key Takeaways:

  • GT Hotel Boracay is a luxury beachfront hotel located in Station 1 of Boracay’s White Beach.
  • The hotel offers 7 rooms with ocean views and modern amenities for a comfortable stay.
  • Guests can enjoy beach access, sports activities, and on-site dining options.
  • GT Hotel Boracay is the perfect choice for a memorable vacation in Boracay.
  • Stay at GT Hotel Boracay for a top-rated, luxury beachfront experience.

Location and Facilities at GT Hotel Boracay

GT Hotel Boracay is located in the central area of Boracay’s White Beach, offering a prime location for guests to explore the island’s main attractions and landmarks. Situated on the beachfront, this luxury hotel provides breathtaking views and easy access to the crystal-clear waters.

With its beachfront location, GT Hotel Boracay allows guests to immerse themselves in the beauty of Boracay’s pristine shores. Enjoy leisurely walks on the powdery white sand or indulge in water sports activities like snorkeling and jet skiing.

At GT Hotel Boracay, guests can expect a luxurious stay with a wide range of facilities and amenities. The hotel features modern and well-appointed rooms, ensuring a comfortable and relaxing retreat. Each room is equipped with air conditioning, a minibar, and a flat-screen TV to provide the utmost convenience.

Guests can unwind in the hotel’s garden area, surrounded by lush greenery and tranquil ambiance. The hotel also offers a restaurant and bar, where guests can savor delectable dishes and enjoy refreshing beverages while overlooking the stunning beachfront.

For added convenience, GT Hotel Boracay provides services such as paid shuttle service and room service, catering to guests’ needs throughout their stay. The hotel also offers free Wi-Fi access, allowing guests to stay connected and share their memorable moments with loved ones.

In summary, GT Hotel Boracay’s strategic location and range of facilities make it an excellent choice for travelers seeking a luxury beachfront hotel in Boracay. Whether guests are looking to relax by the beach or explore the island’s attractions, GT Hotel Boracay provides the perfect setting for an unforgettable vacation.

Room Amenities and Services at GT Hotel Boracay

The rooms at GT Hotel Boracay offer a luxurious and comfortable stay with their unique and elegant French decor. Each room is thoughtfully soundproofed to ensure a peaceful ambiance for guests. The hotel provides a wide range of amenities and services to enhance the comfort and convenience of guests during their stay.

Room Amenities

The rooms at GT Hotel Boracay are well-appointed and equipped with the following amenities:

  • Air conditioning: Each room is air-conditioned, allowing guests to adjust the temperature according to their preference for a comfortable stay.
  • Minibar: The rooms feature a minibar stocked with a variety of beverages and snacks, ensuring that guests have refreshments readily available.
  • Flat-screen TV: Guests can enjoy their favorite shows and movies on the flat-screen TV provided in each room.
  • DVD player: For entertainment, each room is equipped with a DVD player, allowing guests to relax and watch their favorite movies.

Private Bathrooms

The rooms at GT Hotel Boracay have private bathrooms that offer both hot and cold showers. Complimentary toiletries are provided for guests’ convenience. The bathrooms are clean, well-maintained, and designed with modern fixtures to provide a comfortable and refreshing experience.


To ensure a hassle-free stay, GT Hotel Boracay offers the following services:

  • Daily housekeeping: The hotel provides daily housekeeping services to ensure that the rooms are clean and well-maintained throughout the guests’ stay.
  • Wake-up service: Guests can request a wake-up call at their preferred time to start their day on schedule.
  • Room service: GT Hotel Boracay offers room service, allowing guests to enjoy delicious meals and snacks in the comfort of their own rooms.

Additionally, guests can stay connected and enjoy seamless internet access with free Wi-Fi available in all areas of the hotel. For added security, the hotel provides a safety deposit box for guests to store their valuables. Luggage storage facilities are also available, offering a convenient option for guests to store their belongings.

Room Amenities and Services Comparison

Room Amenities GT Hotel Boracay
Air conditioning
Flat-screen TV
DVD player
Private bathrooms
Hot and cold showers
Complimentary toiletries
Daily housekeeping
Wake-up service
Room service
Free Wi-Fi
Safety deposit box
Luggage storage

Proximity to Attractions from GT Hotel Boracay

GT Hotel Boracay is conveniently located near popular attractions in Boracay, making it an ideal choice for travelers seeking a luxury beachfront hotel with easy access to the island’s top landmarks and activities.

Just a short walk from the hotel is D’Mall, a thriving shopping complex where guests can indulge in retail therapy and explore a variety of shops, boutiques, and restaurants. It’s the perfect place to find souvenirs, beach essentials, and local handicrafts.

Within close proximity to the hotel are two noteworthy landmarks: Willy’s Rock and Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary Catholic Church. Willy’s Rock is a picturesque volcanic rock formation with a statue of the Virgin Mary that stands as a symbol of Boracay. Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary Catholic Church, also known as Boracay Church, is a beautiful place of worship that showcases stunning architecture and offers a tranquil sanctuary for prayer and reflection.

For guests who wish to explore the pristine sands of Boracay’s White Beach, the hotel’s location near White Beach Path provides easy access to the beachfront. Guests can bask in the sun, take a dip in the crystal-clear waters, or simply relax and enjoy the breathtaking views that have made Boracay famous.

For nature enthusiasts, the nearby Balabag Wetland and Diniwid Beach offer a chance to experience the island’s natural beauty. The Balabag Wetland is a coastal wetland area that is home to diverse flora and fauna, while Diniwid Beach is a quiet and secluded stretch of coastline known for its tranquil ambiance.

No matter what attractions guests wish to explore, GT Hotel Boracay’s convenient location ensures that they are just a short drive or walk away from unforgettable experiences.

Attractions Near GT Hotel Boracay

Attraction Description
D’Mall A lively shopping complex with a variety of shops, boutiques, and restaurants.
Willy’s Rock A volcanic rock formation with a statue of the Virgin Mary, offering stunning views.
Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary Catholic Church (Boracay Church) A beautiful church with exquisite architecture, providing a peaceful sanctuary.
White Beach Path A pathway leading to Boracay’s iconic White Beach, offering easy beach access.
Balabag Wetland A coastal wetland area known for its diverse flora and fauna.
Diniwid Beach A quiet and secluded beach known for its tranquil ambiance.

Venture out from GT Hotel Boracay to immerse yourself in the vibrant culture, natural wonders, and breathtaking beauty that Boracay has to offer.

Guest Reviews for GT Hotel Boracay

At GT Hotel Boracay, guest satisfaction is our top priority. We take pride in providing exceptional service and creating unforgettable experiences for our guests.

Here’s what some of our recent guests have to say about their stay:

“The staff at GT Hotel Boracay were incredibly friendly and accommodating. They went above and beyond to ensure that we had a comfortable and enjoyable stay. Their genuine hospitality made us feel right at home.”

– Maria Smith

“The beachfront location of GT Hotel Boracay is simply stunning. We loved waking up to the sound of waves and having direct access to the beautiful White Beach. It made our vacation truly magical.”

– David Johnson

“The rooms at GT Hotel Boracay are spacious, clean, and well-appointed. The comfortable beds and modern amenities provided us with a luxurious and relaxing retreat. We couldn’t have asked for more.”

– Anna Gonzalez

Many of our guests also loved the proximity of GT Hotel Boracay to D’Mall and other popular attractions in Boracay. Being within walking distance of shopping, dining, and entertainment options added convenience and excitement to their stay.

We are proud that our commitment to service excellence and attention to detail have garnered positive guest reviews. We consistently strive to exceed our guests’ expectations, ensuring that their stay at GT Hotel Boracay is nothing short of exceptional.

Guest Satisfaction Ratings:

Category Rating
Service 9.5/10
Location 9.8/10
Room Comfort 9.7/10
Value for Money 9.6/10

*Ratings based on guest reviews collected from verified sources.

Nearby Dining Options from GT Hotel Boracay

When it comes to dining options, GT Hotel Boracay offers a delightful variety to suit every palate. Guests can enjoy the convenience of two on-site restaurants within the hotel premises. Here are some dining establishments in close proximity to GT Hotel Boracay that guarantee an exceptional culinary experience:

  1. Lights Bar & Grille: Indulge in a delectable array of dishes while enjoying the lively ambiance of Lights Bar & Grille, one of the hotel’s on-site restaurants. Delight in a fusion of flavors and relish their signature cocktails.
  2. Greeka by Prima: Experience the taste of Greece at Greeka by Prima, another on-site restaurant at GT Hotel Boracay. Here, guests can savor authentic Greek cuisine, including mouthwatering dishes like souvlaki and moussaka.
  3. Salsa Fusion Restaurant: If you’re in the mood for vibrant Mexican flavors, head to Salsa Fusion Restaurant. Revel in their delicious tacos, enchiladas, and refreshing margaritas. This restaurant is just a short walk away from GT Hotel Boracay.
  4. Don Vito Boracay: If Italian cuisine is what you crave, Don Vito Boracay is the place to be. Treat yourself to sumptuous pasta dishes, wood-fired pizza, and an impressive selection of wines. This Italian restaurant is also conveniently located near the hotel.
  5. Whitesand Cafe: For an authentic Chinese dining experience, Whitesand Cafe is a great choice. Indulge in a variety of Chinese dishes prepared with fresh ingredients and enjoy the cozy ambiance of this restaurant. It is situated within walking distance of GT Hotel Boracay.

These are just a few of the many dining options available near GT Hotel Boracay, ensuring that guests have a wide array of choices to satisfy their culinary desires. Whether you’re craving international cuisine or local delicacies, Boracay offers a dining scene that never fails to impress.

Check-in and Check-out Information for GT Hotel Boracay

When staying at GT Hotel Boracay, it’s important to be aware of the check-in and check-out procedures to ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience. Here are the details:

Check-in Time

The check-in time at GT Hotel Boracay is from 14:00 to 23:30. This gives guests ample time to arrive at the hotel, settle in, and start enjoying their Boracay vacation.

Check-out Time

Check-out is from 06:00 to 12:00. Guests are kindly requested to vacate their rooms by the designated check-out time to allow the hotel staff to prepare the rooms for incoming guests.

Late Check-out

For guests who may require a late check-out, GT Hotel Boracay offers this option upon request. It is recommended to inform the hotel in advance of the desired late check-out time to ensure availability and avoid any inconvenience.

Payment Information

GT Hotel Boracay only accepts cash payment. Guests are advised to prepare the necessary currency before arrival to facilitate a smooth check-in process.

A Safe and Secure Environment

GT Hotel Boracay prioritizes the safety and security of its guests. The hotel provides a safe and secure environment, giving guests peace of mind during their stay.

Experience a stress-free check-in and check-out process at GT Hotel Boracay, where every guest’s comfort and convenience are paramount.

Extra Bed Details at GT Hotel Boracay

At GT Hotel Boracay, we understand the importance of a comfortable and convenient stay for our guests. That’s why we offer the option to add an extra bed to your room, ensuring everyone in your group can enjoy our luxury beachfront accommodations.

Extra Bed Allowance:

Number of Extra Beds Allowed

If you require an additional bed, simply request it during the booking process or inform our friendly staff upon check-in. Please note that the availability of extra beds is subject to the selected room option and our hotel’s availability.

Extra Bed Charges:

Adding an extra bed is charged at ₱ 900 per person, per night. This fee includes the provision of bedding and additional amenities needed for a comfortable stay.

Whether you’re traveling with family or friends, our extra bed option ensures everyone can unwind and indulge in the luxurious experience of GT Hotel Boracay. Book your stay today and create unforgettable memories!


GT Hotel Boracay offers a luxurious beachfront stay in Boracay, making it the perfect choice for travelers seeking a memorable vacation. With its prime location, top-rated service, and elegant accommodations, the hotel provides an exceptional experience for guests.

Guests at GT Hotel Boracay can enjoy a range of amenities and services, including on-site dining options, convenient beach access, and exciting sports activities. Whether you want to indulge in a delicious meal at the hotel’s restaurant, soak up the sun on Boracay’s White Beach, or try your hand at thrilling water sports, the hotel has something for everyone.

The well-appointed rooms at GT Hotel Boracay offer both comfort and style, allowing guests to relax and unwind after a day of exploration. With positive guest reviews and a convenient proximity to popular attractions, GT Hotel Boracay is highly recommended for travelers visiting Boracay.

Experience the beauty of Boracay’s White Beach and create lasting memories at GT Hotel Boracay. Book your stay now and enjoy a luxurious beachfront vacation.


Are pets allowed at GT Hotel Boracay?

No, pets are not allowed on the property.

What are the check-in and check-out times at GT Hotel Boracay?

The check-in time is from 14:00 to 23:30, and check-out is from 06:00 to 12:00. Late check-out is available upon request.

Does GT Hotel Boracay offer room service?

Yes, GT Hotel Boracay offers room service for the convenience of guests.

Are there dining options available at GT Hotel Boracay?

Yes, GT Hotel Boracay has two on-site restaurants, Lights Bar & Grille and Greeka by Prima. There are also several dining options within walking distance from the hotel.

What amenities are provided in the rooms at GT Hotel Boracay?

The rooms at GT Hotel Boracay are equipped with amenities such as air conditioning, a minibar, a flat-screen TV, and a DVD player.

Is there free Wi-Fi available at GT Hotel Boracay?

Yes, guests can enjoy free Wi-Fi access in all areas of the hotel.

Does GT Hotel Boracay have a private beach?

Yes, GT Hotel Boracay offers beach access to guests.

How many extra beds are allowed in a room at GT Hotel Boracay?

One extra bed is allowed in a room at GT Hotel Boracay, subject to availability and at an additional charge.

What are some nearby attractions from GT Hotel Boracay?

GT Hotel Boracay is located near popular attractions such as D’Mall, Willy’s Rock, and Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary Catholic Church.

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