Welcome to Jeamco Royal Hotel Baybay, the best hotel in Baybay City, Philippines. Nestled in the heart of Rizal Boulevard Zone 10, our 2-star luxury hotel offers a perfect blend of comfort, convenience, and affordability. Whether you’re a leisure traveler seeking a beachfront getaway or a business traveler in need of top-notch accommodations, we have everything you need to make your stay memorable.

At Jeamco Royal Hotel Baybay, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional service and a wide range of amenities to ensure your utmost comfort. From spacious and well-appointed rooms to free Wi-Fi and flat-screen TVs, we take care of every detail to make your stay truly enjoyable. Our 24-hour front desk is always available to assist you with any requests or inquiries you may have.

Our prime location in Baybay allows you to explore the city’s attractions conveniently. Whether you want to visit the nearby Baybay City Port, explore the fascinating Bukilat Cave, or take in the breathtaking views from Alto Peak, you’ll find yourself just a stone’s throw away from all the excitement.

Experience the best of Baybay City at Jeamco Royal Hotel Baybay. With rates starting from $17 per night, our hotel offers affordable luxury that won’t break the bank. Don’t miss out on our exclusive Baybay hotel deals and promotions, designed to make your stay even more irresistible.

Key Takeaways:

  • Jeamco Royal Hotel Baybay is the best hotel in Baybay City, Philippines.
  • Enjoy exceptional service and a range of amenities at an affordable price.
  • Conveniently located near Baybay City Port, Bukilat Cave, and Alto Peak.
  • Rooms feature free Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs, and comfortable furnishings.
  • Take advantage of our exclusive hotel deals and promotions for a memorable stay.

Location and Nearby Attractions

Jeamco Royal Hotel Baybay is located in the beautiful city of Baybay, Philippines. Situated in a prime location, guests can easily explore the area and discover the many attractions it has to offer.

Attraction Distance from Jeamco Royal Hotel Baybay
Baybay City Port 0.12 km
Bukilat Cave 31.11 km
Alto Peak 49.07 km

Just a stone’s throw away from Jeamco Royal Hotel Baybay is Baybay City Port, providing easy access for guests arriving by boat. From there, visitors can embark on exciting adventures to explore the nearby attractions.

Bukilat Cave, located approximately 31.11 km from the hotel, is a must-visit for nature enthusiasts. Discover the stunning rock formations and underground wonders that make this cave a hidden gem in Baybay.

If you’re a fan of hiking and breathtaking scenic views, make sure to visit Alto Peak, situated around 49.07 km from Jeamco Royal Hotel Baybay. This majestic mountain offers an exhilarating climb and rewards you with panoramic vistas of the surrounding landscape.

With its convenient location and proximity to these attractions, Jeamco Royal Hotel Baybay provides the perfect base for guests to explore and experience the natural beauty of Baybay.

Accommodations and Amenities

Jeamco Royal Hotel Baybay offers comfortable and well-equipped accommodations for its guests. The rooms are air-conditioned and feature amenities such as free Wi-Fi and a flat-screen TV. Each room is furnished with a desk for guests to work or study comfortably. The hotel also provides free toiletries for guests’ convenience, ensuring a pleasant stay.

With a 24-hour front desk, guests can enjoy a hassle-free check-in and assistance throughout their stay. The hotel is daily cleaned and sanitized by dedicated staff, ensuring the disinfection of high-touch surfaces and creating a safe and hygienic environment. Hand sanitizer is also available in guest accommodations and key areas of the hotel.

Daily housekeeping ensures that guests’ rooms are kept clean and tidy. The hotel provides additional facilities such as an elevator for easy access to upper floors. Each room is equipped with a fan to ensure a comfortable temperature for guests.

“The accommodations at Jeamco Royal Hotel Baybay were top-notch. The room was spacious, clean, and well-equipped. The free Wi-Fi was fast and reliable, and the flat-screen TV provided a great selection of channels. The daily housekeeping service kept the room fresh throughout our stay. The staff were friendly and attentive, and the hand sanitizer stations throughout the hotel gave us peace of mind during these times. Overall, a fantastic experience!” – Satisfied Guest

Accommodations and Amenities Summary:

Accommodation Features Amenities
Air-conditioned rooms
Free Wi-Fi
Flat-screen TV
Free toiletries
24hr front desk
Daily housekeeping
Disinfection of high-touch surfaces
Hand sanitizer in guest accommodation and key areas

Reviews and Ratings

Jeamco Royal Hotel Baybay has garnered positive feedback from satisfied guests, earning an impressive average rating of 8.0 based on 19 verified guest reviews. The hotel’s commitment to exceptional service and comfortable accommodations has been praised by its patrons. A variety of guests, including couples and solo travelers, have rated their stay as very good.

The glowing reviews and high ratings are a testament to Jeamco Royal Hotel Baybay’s dedication to providing a delightful experience for all guests. The hotel strives to ensure every visitor feels welcomed and has a memorable stay.

“Great service and comfortable accommodations. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Jeamco Royal Hotel Baybay. Highly recommended!”

– Elizabeth S, verified guest

Guest reviews and ratings are invaluable in determining the quality and reliability of a hotel. Jeamco Royal Hotel Baybay’s positive reviews establish it as a preferred choice for travelers seeking a pleasant and enjoyable stay in Baybay.

Rating No. of Reviews
8.0 19

Based on the 19 verified guest reviews, Jeamco Royal Hotel Baybay has an average rating of 8.0 out of 10.

Check-in/Check-out Policies

At Jeamco Royal Hotel Baybay, we strive to make your stay as convenient and stress-free as possible. Here are the details of our check-in, check-out, and cancellation policies:

Check-in Time:

You can check in at Jeamco Royal Hotel Baybay anytime after 2:00 PM. Our friendly staff will be ready to assist you upon your arrival.

Check-out Time:

We kindly ask guests to check out before 12:00 PM on their departure day. This gives our dedicated housekeeping team enough time to prepare the room for the next guest.

Cancellation Policy:

Our cancellation and prepayment policies vary depending on the room type and provider. We recommend checking the specific policies for your chosen room type before making a reservation. Our goal is to provide flexibility while ensuring fairness to all our guests.

Should you have any questions or require further information regarding our check-in, check-out, or cancellation policies, please feel free to reach out to our friendly staff who will be more than happy to assist you.

Booking and Price Tips

To secure the best deals at Jeamco Royal Hotel Baybay, we have some booking tips and price tips for you. By following these recommendations, you can make the most of your stay while also saving some money.

Booking Tips

  • Book during the low season: Prices are generally lower during the low season, so consider visiting Baybay City and Jeamco Royal Hotel Baybay during less busy times of the year. This can help you score some great deals and avoid crowds.
  • Consider August and June: According to our data, August and June are typically the months with the cheapest deals for Jeamco Royal Hotel Baybay. If your travel plans are flexible, these months might offer the best rates.
  • Stay on a Monday or Wednesday: Booking your stay for a Monday or Wednesday can often result in better room rates. These days are usually less popular for travelers, which means you might be able to find better deals.

Price Tips

Prices for rooms at Jeamco Royal Hotel Baybay can vary over time, so it is advisable to check for the most up-to-date prices before making a reservation. Keep an eye out for any special promotions or discounts that may be available. By staying informed and flexible, you can find the best price for your desired travel dates.

Here is a visual representation of the price fluctuations for Jeamco Royal Hotel Baybay throughout the year:

Month Average Price per Night
January $25
February $27
March $30
April $35
May $30
June $20
July $22
August $19
September $25
October $28
November $30
December $33

Please note that these prices are approximate and can vary based on various factors such as room type, availability, and demand.

Nearby Hotels and Places to Stay

For those looking for alternative accommodations, there are several other options near Jeamco Royal Hotel Baybay. These include Gv Hotel Baybay and Fan’s Hotel, both offering different amenities and room types. Guests can choose from a variety of nearby hotels in Baybay City to find the best fit for their preferences and budget.

Hotels in Baybay City

Hotel Amenities Room Types
Gv Hotel Baybay Free Wi-Fi
24-hour front desk
Standard Room
Deluxe Room
Family Room
Fan’s Hotel Air-conditioned
Free Wi-Fi
24-hour front desk
Standard Room
Deluxe Room
Executive Suite

Whether you prefer a budget-friendly stay or a hotel with specific amenities, Baybay City offers a range of options to suit every traveler’s needs. From modern comforts to friendly service, these nearby hotels provide a comfortable and convenient stay just minutes away from Jeamco Royal Hotel Baybay.

Jeamco Royal Hotel – Baybay FAQ

Here are some frequently asked questions about Jeamco Royal Hotel – Baybay:

  1. Where is Jeamco Royal Hotel – Baybay located?

    It is situated at Rizal Boulevard Zone 10, Baybay City, Philippines.

  2. What are the check-in and check-out times at Jeamco Royal Hotel – Baybay?

    Guests can check in after 2:00 PM and check out before 12:00 PM.

  3. Does Jeamco Royal Hotel – Baybay offer free Wi-Fi?

    Yes, free Wi-Fi is available for hotel guests.

  4. How far is Jeamco Royal Hotel – Baybay from the airport?

    It is approximately 40.9 miles from Tacloban City D.Z. Romualdez and 61.4 miles from Cebu City Mactan Intl.

How KAYAK Finds Hotel Deals

KAYAK is a popular platform that helps travelers find the best hotel deals, including those at Jeamco Royal Hotel – Baybay. It scours the web for all available room deals at the hotel and compares them to provide users with the best rates for their stay. KAYAK searches a wide range of travel sites, ensuring that users can find great deals for Jeamco Royal Hotel – Baybay and other accommodations in Baybay City.

With KAYAK’s powerful search engine and extensive network of hotel partners, finding the perfect hotel deal in Baybay City has never been easier. Whether you’re looking for a luxury resort or a budget-friendly boutique hotel, KAYAK has got you covered. The platform allows you to filter your search results based on your preferences, such as price range, amenities, and guest ratings, ensuring that you find the best hotel that suits your needs.

By using KAYAK, you can save both time and money, as the platform does all the hard work for you. Instead of visiting multiple websites and comparing prices manually, KAYAK aggregates all the information in one place, making it convenient and efficient to find the best hotel deals. You can also set price alerts and track the price fluctuations of your desired hotel, ensuring that you book at the perfect time to score the best rate.

So, if you’re planning a trip to Baybay City and want to find the best hotel deals, look no further than KAYAK. Start your search today and discover the incredible savings and options available at Jeamco Royal Hotel – Baybay and other top accommodations in Baybay City.

Best Places to Stay in Baybay City

Baybay City offers a variety of accommodations for visitors. In addition to Jeamco Royal Hotel Baybay, there are other top-rated hotels in the area such as Bamboo Beach Conalum and Gv Hotel Baybay. These hotels provide comfortable stays and excellent service, making them popular choices among travelers visiting Baybay City.

When visiting Baybay City, finding the right place to stay is essential for a memorable and enjoyable experience. Whether you’re seeking a luxurious beachfront hotel or a budget-friendly option, Baybay City has something for every traveler’s preference and budget.

Luxury Hotels

For those looking for a touch of luxury, Bamboo Beach Conalum is the perfect choice. Situated on the beautiful shores of Baybay City, this top-rated hotel offers stunning ocean views, upscale amenities, and world-class service. Guests can relax in spacious and stylishly decorated rooms, indulge in gourmet dining options, or unwind by the infinity pool overlooking the beach.

Budget-Friendly Options

If you’re traveling on a budget, Gv Hotel Baybay is a great option. Known for its affordability and comfort, this hotel offers clean and cozy rooms with essential amenities. It provides easy access to local attractions and is conveniently located near public transportation options, making it an ideal choice for budget-conscious travelers.

No matter which hotel you choose, you can expect warm Filipino hospitality and a comfortable stay. These top-rated hotels in Baybay City offer excellent service, convenient locations, and a range of amenities to enhance your travel experience.

Hotel Rating Price Range Location
Jeamco Royal Hotel Baybay 8.0 $17 – $40 Rizal Boulevard Zone 10, Baybay City
Bamboo Beach Conalum 9.2 $70 – $150 Baybay City Beachfront
Gv Hotel Baybay 7.8 $14 – $25 Zamora Street, Baybay City

These hotels in Baybay City offer a range of options to suit every traveler’s needs and preferences. Whether you’re seeking luxury, affordability, or convenience, you’ll find the perfect place to stay in Baybay City.

Planning Your Trip to Baybay City

When planning a trip to Baybay City, it is important to consider your accommodations and the attractions you wish to visit. Baybay City is known for its stunning natural beauty, rich cultural heritage, and warm hospitality. To make the most of your trip, here are some tips for planning your Baybay adventure.


Choosing the right accommodations can greatly enhance your stay in Baybay City. For a comfortable and convenient option, look no further than Jeamco Royal Hotel Baybay. Located in the heart of the city, this top-rated hotel offers a range of amenities and easy access to popular attractions. With comfortable rooms, friendly staff, and affordable rates, it’s the perfect home base for your Baybay adventure. Book your stay in advance to secure your spot at Jeamco Royal Hotel Baybay.


Baybay City is a treasure trove of natural wonders and cultural landmarks. Explore the stunning landscapes of Bukilat Cave, where you can witness magnificent rock formations and underground rivers. Don’t miss the opportunity to hike Alto Peak, the highest peak in Eastern Visayas, and be rewarded with breathtaking panoramic views. Immerse yourself in the local culture by visiting historic sites like Sts. Peter and Paul Cathedral and the Samar-Leyte Provincial Capitol Building. Plan your itinerary to make the most of these attractions and discover the beauty of Baybay City.

Remember, it’s always a good idea to check the opening hours and any requirements for visiting these attractions in advance. This way, you can plan your days effectively and optimize your time in Baybay City.

You don’t want to miss the chance to witness the natural wonders and immerse yourself in the rich culture of Baybay City. Plan your trip carefully, and you’ll have an unforgettable experience.

Sample Itinerary

To help you get started, here’s a sample itinerary for a 3-day trip to Baybay City:

Day Activities
Day 1
  • Check-in at Jeamco Royal Hotel Baybay and settle into your room
  • Visit Sts. Peter and Paul Cathedral
  • Explore the Samar-Leyte Provincial Capitol Building
  • Enjoy a leisurely walk along Rizal Boulevard
Day 2
  • Start the day with a delicious breakfast at a local cafe
  • Take a day trip to Bukilat Cave and marvel at its natural beauty
  • Have a picnic lunch at one of the scenic spots near the cave
  • Visit nearby attractions such as Santo Niño Shrine and the Baybay City Port
Day 3
  • Embark on an early morning hike to Alto Peak and be rewarded with stunning views
  • Explore the local markets and indulge in the delicious delicacies of Baybay City
  • Spend the afternoon relaxing at the beach and soaking up the sun
  • Enjoy a farewell dinner at one of the city’s renowned seafood restaurants

Remember, this is just a sample itinerary and can be customized based on your preferences and the amount of time you have. Be sure to allocate some free time to explore the hidden gems of Baybay City and make unexpected discoveries along the way.

With proper trip planning and the right accommodations, your trip to Baybay City is bound to be an unforgettable experience. Immerse yourself in the natural beauty, explore the cultural landmarks, and create memories that will last a lifetime. Start planning your trip to Baybay City today!


In conclusion, Jeamco Royal Hotel Baybay is the perfect choice for travelers seeking comfortable accommodations and excellent service in Baybay City. With its prime location and a range of amenities, the hotel caters to both leisure and business travelers. The hotel offers affordable rates without compromising on quality, making it ideal for budget-conscious guests looking for a beachfront hotel experience.

Whether you’re exploring Baybay City’s natural wonders or simply seeking a relaxing beach getaway, Jeamco Royal Hotel Baybay provides the ideal base for your stay. The hotel’s commitment to cleanliness and guest satisfaction ensures a pleasant and enjoyable experience throughout your visit.

Book your stay at Jeamco Royal Hotel Baybay now and immerse yourself in the luxury and comfort of this top-rated hotel. Experience the beautiful seaside surroundings, attentive service, and all the amenities you need for a memorable stay in Baybay City.


Where is Jeamco Royal Hotel – Baybay located?

Jeamco Royal Hotel – Baybay is situated at Rizal Boulevard Zone 10, Baybay City, Philippines.

What are the check-in and check-out times at Jeamco Royal Hotel – Baybay?

Guests can check in after 2:00 PM and check out before 12:00 PM.

Does Jeamco Royal Hotel – Baybay offer free Wi-Fi?

Yes, free Wi-Fi is available for hotel guests.

How far is Jeamco Royal Hotel – Baybay from the airport?

It is approximately 40.9 miles from Tacloban City D.Z. Romualdez and 61.4 miles from Cebu City Mactan Intl.

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