Welcome to Only Seed Resort, your ultimate seaside retreat in the heart of a tropical paradise. Nestled in the beautiful island of Panglao, Bohol, Philippines, our beachfront accommodation offers a truly exclusive vacation destination. As a five-star boutique resort, we pride ourselves on providing an exceptional experience for our guests while maintaining our commitment to eco-friendly and sustainable tourism practices.

At Only Seed Resort, you’ll discover a haven of luxury amidst pristine beaches and breathtaking natural beauty. Immerse yourself in the serenity and tranquility of our resort, where every detail has been carefully curated to ensure your comfort and satisfaction.

We invite you to indulge in the finest amenities and services that our resort has to offer. Whether it’s lounging by the pool, enjoying a refreshing cocktail at our bar, or exploring the nearby attractions, your stay at Only Seed Resort will be nothing short of extraordinary.

Key Takeaways:

  • Only Seed Resort is a luxury beach resort in Panglao, Bohol, Philippines.
  • The resort offers beachfront accommodation in a tropical paradise setting.
  • Guests can expect a five-star experience and exclusive vacation destination.
  • Only Seed Resort is a boutique resort with a focus on eco-friendly and sustainable tourism.
  • The resort provides access to pristine beaches and a range of amenities and services.

Location and Facilities

Only Seed Resort is nestled in the picturesque island of Panglao, offering a perfect escape to beach lovers and vacation seekers. Situated just a short distance from the stunning Danao Beach, the resort provides guests with easy access to the pristine shores and azure waters of Panglao.

At Only Seed Resort, we prioritize our guests’ comfort and convenience, and our range of facilities and amenities reflects that:

  • Free WiFi: Stay connected throughout your stay with complimentary high-speed internet access in all areas of the resort.
  • Indoor Pool: Take a refreshing dip in our indoor pool, perfect for relaxation or a quick swim.
  • Room Service: Enjoy the convenience of having delectable dishes and refreshing beverages delivered right to your room.
  • 24-Hour Front Desk: Our friendly and dedicated staff are available round-the-clock to assist with any queries or requests.
  • Free Private Parking: Drive with ease knowing that your vehicle is securely parked within the resort.
  • Restaurant: Indulge in a culinary journey at our on-site restaurant, where you can savor a variety of American and Chinese dishes, prepared by our skilled chefs.
  • Bar: Unwind and socialize at our bar, where you can enjoy a wide selection of cocktails and alcoholic beverages.

Immerse yourself in the tranquil ambiance and take advantage of our exceptional resort facilities and amenities. Whether you want to take a refreshing swim, stay connected with free WiFi, or simply relax and enjoy a delicious meal, Only Seed Resort has you covered.

Discover the Essence of Panglao

Only Seed Resort offers a perfect blend of comfort and convenience. With its beachfront location and an array of amenities, guests can truly experience the best of Panglao.” – Lily Moore, Travel Enthusiast.

To further enhance your stay, we have prepared a table highlighting some of the key amenities available at Only Seed Resort:

Amenities Details
Free WiFi Stay connected throughout your stay with complimentary high-speed internet access.
Indoor Pool Take a refreshing dip in our indoor pool, perfect for relaxation or a quick swim.
Room Service Savor delectable dishes and refreshing beverages delivered right to your room.
24-Hour Front Desk Our dedicated staff are available round-the-clock to assist with any queries or requests.
Free Private Parking Enjoy peace of mind with complimentary private parking for your vehicle.
Restaurant Taste a variety of American and Chinese dishes at our on-site restaurant.
Bar Unwind at our bar and enjoy a wide selection of cocktails and alcoholic beverages.

Guest Reviews

At Only Seed Resort, we take pride in providing a truly exceptional guest experience. Don’t just take our word for it – here’s what our valued guests have to say about their stay:

“The staff went above and beyond to make our stay unforgettable. From the warm welcome at check-in to the personalized recommendations for local activities, they truly made us feel at home.”

– Sarah M.

“The cleanliness of the resort was top-notch. Our room was immaculate, and the common areas were always well-maintained. It’s clear that the staff takes great pride in maintaining a high standard of cleanliness.”

– Mark T.

“The rooms at Only Seed Resort are incredibly comfortable. The beds are plush and cozy, ensuring a restful night’s sleep. We also loved the spaciousness of the rooms, providing ample space to relax and unwind.”

– Laura S.

Guests have also appreciated the value for money offered by our resort, noting the affordable rates combined with the exceptional amenities and services provided. The convenient location of the resort has also been a highlight, allowing guests to easily access nearby attractions and explore the surrounding area.

We are constantly striving to improve our services, and guest feedback is invaluable in helping us enhance the guest experience. While some guests have mentioned the need for improvements in WiFi connectivity, we are actively working to address this issue and provide a seamless online experience for all our guests.

Overall, Only Seed Resort has received positive reviews for its friendly staff, impeccable cleanliness, comfortable accommodations, exceptional value for money, and convenient location. We are delighted to have exceeded our guests’ expectations and look forward to welcoming you to our resort.

Room Amenities and Design

The rooms at Only Seed Resort offer a combination of comfort and style, providing guests with a truly relaxing and indulgent experience. Each room is thoughtfully designed and equipped with a range of amenities to ensure a memorable stay.

Comfortable Beds for a Restful Sleep

At Only Seed Resort, we understand the importance of a good night’s sleep. That’s why we have carefully selected comfortable beds that guarantee a restful and rejuvenating sleep. Whether you prefer a plush mattress or a firmer one, our beds are designed to cater to your individual preferences and ensure maximum comfort.

Stunning Pool Views from Your Room

Imagine waking up to the sight of crystal-clear waters and a sparkling pool. Our rooms offer picturesque pool views, allowing you to soak in the beauty of our resort right from the comfort of your room. Whether you’re enjoying a morning coffee or winding down at the end of the day, the pool view creates a tranquil and serene atmosphere.

Spacious Layouts for Added Comfort

We understand the importance of having ample space to relax and unwind. Our rooms feature spacious layouts that provide plenty of room to move around and make yourself at home. Whether you’re traveling solo or with a group, you’ll find our rooms to be the perfect retreat after a day of exploring.

Private Patios for Outdoor Enjoyment

Step outside and immerse yourself in the tropical surroundings with your own private patio. Our rooms come with patios where you can enjoy a morning cup of coffee or simply bask in the sun. It’s the perfect spot to take in the fresh air and enjoy the natural beauty of our resort.

Air Conditioning for Year-Round Comfort

Guests can stay cool and comfortable throughout their stay with air conditioning in every room. Whether it’s a warm summer day or a cooler evening, you can adjust the temperature to your liking and create the perfect atmosphere for a peaceful night’s sleep.

With attention to detail and a focus on guest comfort, the rooms at Only Seed Resort provide a serene and inviting sanctuary. From comfortable beds and pool views to spacious layouts and private patios, every element is designed to enhance your stay. Experience the perfect blend of luxury and relaxation in our thoughtfully designed rooms.

Dining Experience

Indulge in a delightful dining experience at Only Seed Resort. Our on-site restaurant, Only Cuisine, offers a diverse menu that caters to everyone’s tastes. Whether you’re looking for a satisfying breakfast or craving authentic Chinese cuisine, our restaurant has something to satisfy your culinary desires.

The breakfast buffet at Only Cuisine is a favorite among our guests. Start your day off right with a selection of fresh fruits, pastries, cereals, and hot dishes prepared by our talented chefs. Enjoy a leisurely meal in our comfortable dining area, or take in the breathtaking views from our spacious terrace.

For lunch and dinner, our restaurant presents a fusion of flavors, combining classic American dishes with traditional Chinese specialties. From mouthwatering burgers to aromatic stir-fries, each dish is thoughtfully crafted using the finest ingredients.

Situated on our terrace, you can dine al fresco while taking in the stunning surroundings of our resort. Feel the gentle breeze as you savor your meal and soak up the tranquil ambiance of our tropical paradise.

After a day of exploring or relaxing by the pool, head to our bar for a refreshing drink. Our skilled bartenders will impress you with their craft, creating innovative cocktails that perfectly complement the tropical atmosphere. Unwind with a classic mojito or try one of our signature creations packed with exotic flavors.

Highlights of our Dining Experience:

  • Extensive breakfast buffet with a variety of options
  • Authentic Chinese cuisine prepared with care
  • Spacious terrace offering breathtaking views
  • Tropical cocktails crafted by skilled bartenders

“The food at Only Cuisine exceeded my expectations. The breakfast buffet had a wide selection, and the Chinese dishes were delicious. Dining on the terrace was such a memorable experience!” – Satisfied Guest

Sustainable Practices

At Only Seed Resort, we are dedicated to sustainable tourism and eco-friendly practices. We understand the importance of preserving our natural environment and minimizing our impact on the planet. That’s why we have implemented various initiatives to ensure that our resort operates with sustainability in mind.

Water Conservation

Water is a precious resource, and we strive to conserve it. Our resort employs water-efficient fixtures and technologies throughout the property. This includes low-flow showerheads, faucets, and toilets, as well as responsible irrigation practices for our landscaping.

Waste Management

We believe in responsible waste management to reduce our ecological footprint. Recycling bins are conveniently located across the resort, allowing guests to separate their recyclables from general waste. We also minimize single-use plastics and encourage guests to join us in our efforts to reduce waste generation.

Energy Efficiency

We are committed to energy-efficient operations to minimize our carbon footprint. Our resort utilizes energy-saving appliances, LED lighting, and smart thermostat systems to optimize energy consumption. By implementing these measures, we strive to create a comfortable and sustainable environment for our guests.

Green Initiatives

At Only Seed Resort, we continuously seek opportunities for eco-friendly practices and green initiatives. We actively engage in tree planting programs, beach clean-ups, and other environmental projects in collaboration with local conservation organizations. These initiatives aim to protect and preserve the natural beauty of our surroundings.

“We believe that eco-friendly practices and sustainable tourism are essential for the long-term well-being of our planet. By implementing these practices, we hope to inspire our guests to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle and contribute to a greener future.” – Only Seed Resort

Experience a resort that not only offers luxury and comfort but also prioritizes the well-being of our planet. Book your stay at Only Seed Resort and be a part of our sustainable journey.

Nearby Attractions

Only Seed Resort is conveniently located near several popular attractions in Panglao. Whether you’re seeking natural beauty or cultural exploration, there’s something for everyone in the vicinity of the resort.

1. Alona Beach

Alona Beach is a world-renowned destination known for its white sand and crystal-clear waters. Guests can relax on the beach, soak up the sun, and enjoy water activities such as swimming, snorkeling, and diving. With its vibrant atmosphere and stunning views, Alona Beach is a must-visit for beach lovers.

2. Hinagdanan Cave

Located nearby, the Hinagdanan Cave offers visitors a unique underground experience. This natural wonder features limestone formations and an underground pool, creating a magical atmosphere. Exploring the cave is an adventure that shouldn’t be missed.

3. Nova Shell Museum

The Nova Shell Museum is a fascinating attraction that showcases an extensive collection of seashells from around the world. Visitors can learn about the diverse marine life and admire the intricate beauty of these natural creations. It’s a must-see for shell enthusiasts and those interested in marine biology.

4. Calypso Resort

If you’re looking for more natural attractions and cultural sites, Calypso Resort is within easy reach. This resort offers breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape and provides access to stunning beaches and scenic hiking trails. Immerse yourself in nature and discover the hidden gems of Panglao.

Whether you’re seeking relaxation on the beach, adventure in underground caves, or knowledge about marine life, the nearby attractions to Only Seed Resort offer a diverse range of experiences. Explore the natural beauty and cultural richness of Panglao, all within easy reach of your luxurious resort.

Guest Services and Amenities

At Only Seed Resort, we prioritize the comfort and convenience of our guests. We offer a wide range of services and amenities to ensure a memorable stay:

Airport Shuttle Service

Start your vacation stress-free with our convenient airport shuttle service. Our friendly and professional drivers will pick you up from the airport and transport you directly to the resort, allowing you to relax and enjoy the journey.

24-Hour Front Desk

We know that travel plans can change, which is why our front desk is available 24 hours a day. Whether you need assistance with check-in, booking activities, or simply have a question, our dedicated staff is always ready to help.

Concierge Service

Our knowledgeable concierge team is here to enhance your experience at Only Seed Resort. They can provide recommendations for local attractions, book tours and activities, and assist with any special requests you may have. Let us help you create unforgettable memories during your stay.

Luggage Storage

Arriving early or departing late? No problem. We offer secure luggage storage facilities, allowing you to make the most of your time in Panglao. Feel free to explore the area, relax by the pool, or enjoy our on-site amenities while we take care of your belongings.

Tour Desk

Discover the beauty of Panglao and its surroundings with the help of our tour desk. Our friendly staff can provide information on local attractions, arrange guided tours, and help you plan your itinerary. Immerse yourself in the culture, nature, and adventure that this vibrant destination has to offer.

Currency Exchange

Managing your finances is made easy at Only Seed Resort. We offer currency exchange services, providing you with the convenience of exchanging your money without leaving the resort. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that you can handle your financial matters effortlessly during your stay.

At Only Seed Resort, we strive to exceed your expectations by offering exceptional guest services and amenities. Your comfort and satisfaction are our top priorities.

Relaxation and Wellness

At Only Seed Resort, we prioritize our guests’ relaxation and well-being. We believe that a vacation should be a time for rejuvenation and indulgence. That’s why we offer a range of amenities and services designed to help you unwind and experience true bliss during your stay.

One of the highlights of our resort is the pool area, where you can find comfortable sun loungers and beach umbrellas. Soak up the warmth of the sun, breathe in the fresh ocean breeze, and let the tranquil ambiance of our tropical paradise envelop you. Whether you prefer to relax with a good book or simply feel the sand between your toes, our poolside facilities provide the perfect setting for ultimate relaxation.

For a truly rejuvenating experience, we invite you to try our full body massage services. Our skilled therapists will help you release tension and revitalize your body and mind. Indulge in a wellness experience that will leave you feeling renewed and invigorated.

Immerse yourself in the soothing atmosphere of Only Seed Resort and embrace the opportunity to focus on your well-being. Whether you choose to lounge by the pool or treat yourself to a luxurious massage, we aim to create a haven of relaxation where you can escape the stresses of everyday life.

Community and Environmental Initiatives

At Only Seed Resort, we are dedicated to making a positive impact on the community and the environment through various sustainable initiatives and eco-friendly projects. We firmly believe in the importance of community involvement and local partnerships to create a better future for everyone.

One of our key sustainable initiatives is organizing frequent beach clean-ups, where we collaborate with guests, staff, and local volunteers to keep our pristine beaches free from litter and debris. These clean-ups not only contribute to the preservation of marine life but also create awareness about the importance of responsible waste management.

Another significant aspect of our environmental efforts is tree planting. We actively participate in reforestation programs, aiming to restore and protect the natural biodiversity of the surrounding areas. By planting trees, we contribute to carbon offsetting and promote a greener environment.

We also extend our support to local conservation organizations, providing financial assistance and actively participating in their initiatives. Through these partnerships, we strive to promote eco-friendly practices and contribute to the overall well-being of the community.

By engaging in sustainable initiatives, fostering community involvement, and forming impactful local partnerships, we aim to create a more ecologically conscious and responsible tourism industry. At Only Seed Resort, we believe that our commitment to the environment and the community enhances the overall guest experience and ensures a better future for generations to come.


Only Seed Resort is the epitome of a luxury beach resort, providing guests with an exclusive vacation experience in a tropical paradise. The resort’s commitment to sustainable tourism sets it apart, ensuring that guests can enjoy their stay while contributing to the preservation of the pristine beaches and natural beauty of the area.

From the moment guests arrive, they are greeted by a five-star resort that offers impeccable service and world-class amenities. The spacious and well-designed rooms provide a comfortable sanctuary, with pool views and private patios that invite guests to unwind and relax.

At Only Seed Resort, indulgence extends beyond the accommodations. Guests can savor delectable dishes at Only Cuisine, the on-site restaurant that serves a variety of international cuisine, including mouthwatering American and Chinese dishes. Additionally, the resort’s bar offers a delightful selection of cocktails, perfect for enjoying the tropical atmosphere.

While exploring the nearby attractions, such as the renowned Alona Beach and the fascinating Hinagdanan Cave, guests can rest easy knowing that their stay at Only Seed Resort supports sustainable practices. The resort’s eco-friendly initiatives, such as water conservation and waste management, reflect a commitment to preserving the environment and engaging with the local community.


What is Only Seed Resort?

Only Seed Resort is a luxury beach resort located in Panglao, Philippines. It is a seaside retreat and tropical paradise offering beachfront accommodation and an exclusive vacation experience.

What kind of resort is Only Seed Resort?

Only Seed Resort is a five-star boutique resort, known for its eco-friendly practices and commitment to sustainable tourism.

What are the facilities and amenities offered at Only Seed Resort?

Only Seed Resort offers free WiFi throughout the property, an indoor swimming pool, room service, a 24-hour front desk, and free private parking. The resort also has a restaurant serving American and Chinese dishes, as well as a bar offering cocktails.

What do guests say about Only Seed Resort?

Guests have praised the friendly and helpful staff, the cleanliness of the facilities, the comfort of the rooms, and the value for money. Some guests have mentioned the need for improvements in WiFi connectivity.

What amenities can I expect in the rooms at Only Seed Resort?

The rooms at Only Seed Resort are well-appointed and designed for guests’ comfort. They feature comfortable beds, pool views, spacious layouts, and private patios. All rooms are equipped with air conditioning, flat-screen TVs, and private bathrooms with showers.

What dining options are available at Only Seed Resort?

Only Seed Resort has an on-site restaurant called Only Cuisine, which serves a variety of dishes, including a breakfast buffet and American and Chinese cuisine. Guests can enjoy their meals on the spacious terrace overlooking the resort’s beautiful surroundings. The resort also has a bar offering a wide selection of cocktails.

What sustainable practices does Only Seed Resort follow?

Only Seed Resort is committed to sustainable tourism and eco-friendly practices. The resort implements various initiatives to minimize its impact on the environment, including water conservation, waste management, and energy-efficient operations.

What are some nearby attractions to Only Seed Resort?

Only Seed Resort is conveniently located near popular attractions in Panglao, including Alona Beach, Hinagdanan Cave, Nova Shell Museum, and Calypso Resort. Guests can explore these natural attractions and cultural sites during their stay.

What guest services and amenities are offered at Only Seed Resort?

Only Seed Resort provides various guest services and amenities, including airport shuttle service, a 24-hour front desk, concierge service, luggage storage, and a tour desk for assistance with planning activities and exploring the area. The resort also offers currency exchange services.

What relaxation and wellness options are available at Only Seed Resort?

Guests at Only Seed Resort can enjoy sun loungers and beach umbrellas by the pool, as well as full body massage services for a rejuvenating wellness experience.

How does Only Seed Resort contribute to the community and environment?

Only Seed Resort actively engages in community and environmental initiatives. The resort participates in sustainable projects such as beach clean-ups, tree planting, and supporting local conservation organizations. They also partner with local communities to promote eco-friendly practices and contribute to the well-being of the surrounding area.

What makes Only Seed Resort a luxury beach resort?

Only Seed Resort offers guests a luxurious beach resort experience in a tropical paradise. With its exclusive vacation offerings, eco-friendly practices, and commitment to sustainable tourism, the resort provides a unique and memorable stay.

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