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Hello! I'm Wise, a Filipina with a deep love for my country and a passion for sharing its beauty with the world. As a writer, blogger, and videographer, I capture the essence of the Philippines through my eyes, hoping to give foreign visitors a true taste of what makes these islands so special.

From the vibrant streets of Manila to the tranquil beaches of Palawan, my journey is about uncovering the hidden gems and everyday wonders that define the Filipino spirit. My articles and blogs are not just travel guides; they are invitations to explore, to feel, and to fall in love with the Philippines, just as I have.

Through my videos, I strive to bring the sights, sounds, and stories of my homeland to life. Whether it's the local cuisine, the colorful festivals, or the warm smiles of the people, I aim to prepare visitors for an authentic experience.

For those seeking more than just a vacation, the Philippines can be a place of discovery and, perhaps, even love. My goal is to be your guide, not just to the places you'll visit, but to the experiences and connections that await in this beautiful corner of the world. Welcome to the Philippines, through my eyes. Let's explore together!

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  • To be late is normal for most Filipinos except me. Because I hate LATE or tardiness. If I have not lived in Germany maybe I have never learned to be punctual but just like many filipinos always late. If you have appointment with Filipinos adjust the time so you have idea what time they would show up. Thats the weakness of filipinos tardiness otherwise you’re lucky dear to have a traditional queen while you’ll the king in the family as long as you’re honest to them. Honesty is the key. Hehehe.

    • Hey Johnny, thanks for watching again!! Yes, I have a 9-5 like most. I get 3/weeks vacation along with 1/week sick time. I save and use all of it for my trips to visit Arlene. I split it up and visit about ever 6 months.

    • @Brandon & Arlene must be expensive. I was looking at flights and just the flight alone is not cheap, and then the travel time

    • @Johnny Lawrence Yes, LDR is not cheap. Each flight is around $2K. About $35/day for Airbnb, another $20/day for rental car and then you got regular spending for food and what not. Short-term stays are much more expensive than living here long-term. With all that said, I have been planning on moving to Asia since I was 25. Sold my house and downsized my lifestyle with the goal of moving overseas eventually. Worked tons of OT and also took advantage of Credit Card reward points for travel. What you are seeing now is a decade long plan coming together. Best of luck to you Johnny!!

  • 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    • Yes we are Donald, although we dont know how long the process will take. Thanks for watching!!

  • Good video Brandon, Things to get used in another country. Time is way slower there and more relaxed compared here in the States.
    Patience will be tested for you 😁You’ll get thru it and be adjusted to it.
    Your Girl is very loyal to you. She’s a Keeper bro.

    • It was because of my mom’s name it can’t be read so I need to get a form 1A! But it’s okay now!😍 thank you for watching our video Ray!😍

  • Hi bro, i have to visit philipines by this month to meet my girl, i heared immigration ask too many questions to those forginers who visit by tourist visa, is it true

    • There isn’t anything to worry about. Based on my own experience, I have never been asked buy immigration anything. Even right after travel restrictions were lifted and there were tons of documents “required” they did even look at them. I will say this though, I usually arrive in Manila at 11:30 pm. It’s possible the other shifts are more strict I’m not sure. I’ve never had an issue at all. Enjoy your trip bro!

  • Brandon, I see you’re eating your food incorrectly…you know you’re supposed to ise the fork and spoon right? Great content guys. .

    • There’s no wrong or correct in eating foods using fork Rick as long as it’s healthy foods that’s enough! and we’re just eating at home we can do whatever we want to do thank you for watching our video!☺❤

    • HAHA…As I was reading your comment I thought you were going to make fun of both Arlene and I because we are left handed. Thanks for watching Rick!!

    • I agree. No incorrect way. Although I changed to using both when I started dating my ex filipina GF years ago and haven’t stopped. Looking forward to your next vlog.

  • after the passport, next problem is the immigration. Been thru that when I took my baby’s nanny back to my country. They sent her to interview room, we almost missed our flights. Many people were there, especially first time travelers, some also got rejected boarding. I hate their system.

  • Aww sorry about that, my first to get my passport the same where you get, it was approved, and it valid for 10 years 🤍💘

  • Hope you got enough views. You guys deserves air so damn much… Keep sharing your life with us Thanks so much

  • My fiancee’ lives in Burauen, I was just there with her in September’22, small world! My fiancee’ has a passport but most countries (including the US) will not allow her to travel there. Were you aware of this? She tried to visit her sister in Australia but was also denied there. A passport does not guarantee entry to another country ☹️

  • Nice! I’ve been married for over 20 years to my Asawa after our 2 + yr LDR. Passports are a bitch to get. I’m from WA ST also, but I wish I was there. I love the Philippines 🇵🇭

  • I do disliked the Filipino punctuality, its annoying. I hate the Filipino time crap lage yod unya sa ha 1hr later.

  • just go to the cityhall where she was born and ask for certified true copy of her birth certificate… it happened to my son when he applied for passport.. his full name is hard to read coz it was placed at the labels itself so he asked for the certified true copy (original copy not psa copy) from the cityhall he was born.. then he submit them and he is just waiting for the release of his passport

  • The Gov’t can be brutal with all the paperwork and TIME!!! But with a beautiful and good Filipina its worth every bloody minute…your neighbor wally

  • My friend is going to Manila in July to get her multiple entry visa to the US. It’s a big deal. She had to pay a fixer to get an appointment for a passport too.

  • Hang in there Brandon, When my daughter was born in the EU, the first thing I did is apply for her Cdn citizenship and her Cdn passport, in person @ the Canadian embassy, but her mother had a harder time, in the middle of Covid season, needed an E.T.A, an invitation and a quarantine plan, Everything in 2 copies, Luckily no Visa was needed, but my daughter having a Cdn passport in hand was a good thing with immigration. Hope everything works out for the 2 of you.

  • I’m in a LDR relationship with a Filipina two months now. I’m working on my passport and looking forward to our first meet


  • I’m liking your channel bro. You started from the beginning of your expat journey. I love these realistic mini errands and things to do events. It’s usually where good content worth filming emerges. Keep the channel going 💪🏻.

  • The passport will be easy compared to getting a visa to visit you in the states. I’m in Spokane Valley WA so hello from a fellow Washingtonian. My Filipina GF is in Manila and I visited 2 times in 2023 after meeting her for the first time in Oct 2022.

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