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Hello! I'm Wise, a Filipina with a deep love for my country and a passion for sharing its beauty with the world. As a writer, blogger, and videographer, I capture the essence of the Philippines through my eyes, hoping to give foreign visitors a true taste of what makes these islands so special.

From the vibrant streets of Manila to the tranquil beaches of Palawan, my journey is about uncovering the hidden gems and everyday wonders that define the Filipino spirit. My articles and blogs are not just travel guides; they are invitations to explore, to feel, and to fall in love with the Philippines, just as I have.

Through my videos, I strive to bring the sights, sounds, and stories of my homeland to life. Whether it's the local cuisine, the colorful festivals, or the warm smiles of the people, I aim to prepare visitors for an authentic experience.

For those seeking more than just a vacation, the Philippines can be a place of discovery and, perhaps, even love. My goal is to be your guide, not just to the places you'll visit, but to the experiences and connections that await in this beautiful corner of the world. Welcome to the Philippines, through my eyes. Let's explore together!

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  • You now how you feel 😢😢 I’m back April so not long now , stay strong foe each other, dave UK keep up the videos

  • Enjoyed your guys channel. So I met my girlfriend online through Facebook 5 years a go and we talked for three years as friends I was helping her with her English and I was going to visit her two years ago until covid hit and travel came to a stop and I had issues with work. Now with my job situation a stable one and travel restrictions open up now we are planning on meeting next year. We started our LDR dating last year in April so going on two years in our LDR. Looking forward to your guys next video blog. Safe travels and many blessing for you guys.

  • I love your videos. A new channel that I am subscribed to. LOL LDR is very tough but you guys can do it. I cried so hard every time I had to say goodbye to my husband when I was still in the Philippines. Also, we are neighbors (state). Good luck in your LDR journey. -Kim-

  • I love watching your videos and following your journey together. Please keep making them. Safe flight Brandon and much mahal to Arlene, and Arlene, please stay strong. I’m also in an LDR with a Filipina and it’s not easy, but if you love each other enough then distance is no barrier to love. Take care guys. 💕💕

  • LDR is hard. I’m seeing her again in May, a little more than a year since I last saw her. I remember leaving…it was difficult and we’ve been texting everyday since. We got a k1 visa ready June 2022, so later this year we will be together forever. ❤️

  • Hello there I hope you enjoyed your vacation both of you…. Brandon I was just wondering I think you look very familiar maybe I’ve seen you before here or maybe you look like at some of my co-worker brother maybe that’s why 😂😂😂 but by the way good you enjoy the Philippines 🇵🇭

  • Dude, you need to dress up at least a LITTLE bit for her. Wearing shorts, t-shirt and cap for your blow-out night when she obviously fixed up for you is not very classy. The least you can do is put some effort in how you look for her.

    • I’m traveling with a suitcase on vacation bro, I don’t bring any dress clothes to PH…its so hot there. Besides, what’s wrong with dressing for comfort? Its who I am. I’ve never been someone who does things just because society says I should. One of the best things about the Philippines is they don’t care about that kind of stuff in my opinion. Your fancy car, Rolex watch, and your nice clothes mean nothing here…its all about how you treat people and that’s exactly why I love this place. In the Philippines, you can be yourself and they wont judge. Thanks for watching!

    • My comment was just an observation. If “they don’t care about that kind of stuff” (in your opinion), then why did she fix up for you? Good luck to you and hope things work out long-term for you both.

  • stay strong it is difficult to say goodbye I dealt it for 8yrs LDR, when you are use to it, It is bit easier 💪

  • I just got back home Salt Lake City utah, my fiance met me in cebu, stayed there and dipolog, she’s from dapitan. We had a great visit, going home was horrible. We both missed each other so much. I’m almost done with the paperwork to bring her to the states on the k1 fiance visa and then the waiting, I’ve heard it’s like 5 months to 14 months depending on where you’re paperwork goes. Midwest is fast California is slow. Gonna get married and work in the states till I retire in about 4 years, then we’ll go back and forth. She has a house there and I’ll keep my condo here

  • This video made me emotional. My fiance is also from USA, and he is my first boyfriend. I was already 28 years old when I first dated him, met him for the first time and got engaged. He visited me here in Manila for 2 weeks and everything went fast. When we say goodbye at the airport, my heart was breaking and I cried for almost 1 week. I got too attached on him. LDR is really hard and challenging but it will help you to be strong and patient. We applied for K1 visa last June 2022 and waiting for NOA 2 and more. God bless you Brandon and Arlene! Your videos are making me strong to get through this LDR, knowing that I have other people on the same boat.

  • Must be tough to leave and not see each other for awhile. Push on thru and hope for the best. Take Care.

  • I’m 3 yrs ldr from my Jenny in Davao. I’m in Clearwater Fl….a long ways for sure. I’ve only traveled to the P I. once…it was quite the experience. Her K1 Visa is in the works but it will take 9 mos to a year to approve😢😢. Hang in there buddy, like my Filipina, your Filipina will be well worth the wait. Grace & Peace to you…keep us posted.😊

  • Hi guys, just subscribe to your channel and will continue to watch your videos. Take care and stay safe from Pasadena, Texas

  • Love, Hope, and prayers for you Both as True Love will Triumph over all adversity. Stay Strong and your one day closer to being together again. You guys give the rest of us Hope and Inspiration as maybe someday soon I will find what you have.. Visiting Cebu with buddy and his Filipina wife of 15 years this fall and see if I too become a Passport bro..

  • Watching from Arizona, now your new subscriber too! Sending fellow YTubers some lovin’ and support!

  • Hello lovebirds a new frnd of you, pahug me too😊💞. Life of an ldr couple but yeah patience and trust to be together again. Arlene where you in tacloban part cuz sometimes im there some i meet you though😉

  • Hey guys…..So happy I found your vlog. I also have an LDR there. She is the love of my life. Unfortunately, we have to wait 11 months because she is a contract worker outside the Philippines and only gets one month at home, so we meet in Manilla and spend the month together. It’s hard, but she is easily worth it. We are both waiting for the day we will be together for good there. Loyal subscriber now. Wishing you both the best 🙂🙂🙂

  • I flew back after my first visit, 5 months later before my now wife came to the US. I had a couple of great mentors guiding me with invaluable information about the PH and dating/marrying a Filipina. Hope the best for you both. Let me know if I can help.

  • So?? whats going on,, its late june… > fishing hear ¯_(ツ)_/¯ where are you guys,, get all of up to date please

  • LDR is actually good for me as I’m in another country and wife is in PI at times. We’re together now, but a nice break is necessary and healthy for relationships from time to time. Air Asia is also good like SouthWest Airlines.

  • I enjoyed watching your videos. I wish you both the best of luck in your future journey as husband & wife. Stay strong & stick to each other till the end. God bless you both😊

  • I’m in an LDR. My GF work as an OFW in Hong Kong. Actually, I am on route to see her and met her cousins today. Last time we saw each other was this past October in Hong Kong. We sped up or next meeting because she is starting a new contract in HK and time off is difficult to come by. This may be our last in person visit until we get approved for the Fiance Visa. However if that process starts to take too long then I will find some other way to get to Asia and work remotely to see her for the public Holidays. Ya’ll are cute and refreshing couple as there aren’t too many where the Foreigner is under age 50/60 and vlogging.

  • 6 months is about how long I take between visits to my GF in the Philippines. In November I flew to manila and met her at the airport. We spent the night at a hotel walking distance away from terminal 3. Then we flew to Bali for 10 days. Back to Manila and then to Cebu. We stayed there 4 days then we went by grab to Moalboal for 2 days. Back to Cebu then took the ferry to Bohol. We did all the tourist stuff there such as the chocolate hills etc. then we stayed at Alona beach for 5 days. Flew back to manila for 5 days where we had her kids(10 & 13) join us. Then I left for the states. About 30 days total time which I feel is perfect when you consider how hard it is to get there and back.

    • Yup same as us, 6 months is the best I can do unfortunately. Two weeks visit mid year than 1 month around Christmas. Thanks for watching Doug!

  • My wife and i met in july,2016 in person. We didnt see each other again in person until January 2023. We were married in October 2022.

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