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Hello! I'm Wise, a Filipina with a deep love for my country and a passion for sharing its beauty with the world. As a writer, blogger, and videographer, I capture the essence of the Philippines through my eyes, hoping to give foreign visitors a true taste of what makes these islands so special.

From the vibrant streets of Manila to the tranquil beaches of Palawan, my journey is about uncovering the hidden gems and everyday wonders that define the Filipino spirit. My articles and blogs are not just travel guides; they are invitations to explore, to feel, and to fall in love with the Philippines, just as I have.

Through my videos, I strive to bring the sights, sounds, and stories of my homeland to life. Whether it's the local cuisine, the colorful festivals, or the warm smiles of the people, I aim to prepare visitors for an authentic experience.

For those seeking more than just a vacation, the Philippines can be a place of discovery and, perhaps, even love. My goal is to be your guide, not just to the places you'll visit, but to the experiences and connections that await in this beautiful corner of the world. Welcome to the Philippines, through my eyes. Let's explore together!

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  • A little slice of paradise! Very happy for you! Will be leaving for my 4th trip to the Philippines 🇵🇭 on 1/25/24 to visit my fiancée, very excited! 🙏🏻🥰

    • @@brandonandarlene yessir! we plan on retiring to Ormoc City in 8 years. get her visa application in asap, the process is long and frustrating 😡 … my fiancée’s visa is being delayed … she was supposed to be here in February, now we just don’t know 😔

    • Damn that sucks! We filed ours in OCT, hoping for no delays. Average timeline seems to be 12-15 months?@@itsmejsb

    • @@brandonandarlene ours took 12 months, we are fully approved, “case ready” status, but they cancelled our interview pending results of unnecessary medical tests. pray your fiancée does not get singled out additional tests as it will delay the visa for many months. it’s a scam! very unfair! millions of illegals have come into our country with no tests or vaccines etc 😡😡😡

    • yes brother specially in province the land and house was cheap compare to manila. however make sure you have to adapt chicken noise during 6am but for us it was free alarm clock..

  • My wife is from Leyte, Leyte. We are planing on moving there in September. We have a house in Ormoc City and a farm in Leyte, Leyte. We currently reside in Kent WA. I work in downtown Seattle. I think that makes us double neighbors, let’s have coffee some place some time.

  • Just arrived @ your channel,and Im really impressed by your property set up congrats well done indeed guys .

    • Ahhhh, TRUST is the name of the game, some folks you can, and some you cannot, sometimes of course we all have made a mistake….that’s LIFE!!!@@DManGrand

    • Well you only have a 50% chance of a marriage working out long term. No guarantees that he would get 50% of the house if they ever broke up. Not great odds for him.. She is the winner either way..@@brendandoherty2159

    • @@brendandoherty2159 Trust + a good prenup.
      Step 1. Form a corporation (60-40) in the Philippines with your wife/partner. Then you buy property in the name of the corporation. That is a way of having both names on the property title. Great protection for the foreigner.
      Step 2. A prenup. Without a prenup, the Filipina could get 50% of the assets, property, and money you held BEFORE the marriage in case of death or divorce. A prenup would also specify that there would be a 50-50 split of assets acquired during the marriage.

      I know it doesn’t sound very romantic But It’s your responsibility to protect your assets going into a marriage.

  • New subscriber here. Watching from NY and S. Leyte. Congratulations on your new home… Great looking build 👏🏻👏🏻

  • You must be American because of the windows :), look up German windows :P. I would never go without German windows unless of course there is no other option. But other than that really great place, love it.

  • What was the cost of land and house (separately)? We bought a 1000 sqm lot in Camotes for P2M. 150 meters from the paved highway, 2 lane unpaved road to the lot, 75 m from the ocean. We plan this year to build similar: small building for vacation living off to the side., CHB enclosure. If/when we sell in the future, the new owner can live in the smaller house til a main house is built. Then care taker/ gardener can reside in the smaller. Includes 50-60 banana trees.

    • @@captainrick971 under $40k for Camotes. Sorry I used $. Should be pesos. I will estimate my improvements between 25-25k dollars. My house will be basic 2 story outdoor kitchen and CR.

    • Yes USD. Its always hard to tell with prices in philly because there arent really any comps. But i thought it was at least a fair price. Were happy with it so its all good. Contgrats on your lot and house!@@philam1973

    • I couldn’t tell you but I do know its a natural filtration system and it works! For more information, check out “Project Akwaman Channel” is who we hired. He travels not only around Philippines but other countries providing clean water. Highly recommend. Thanks for watching Gary

    • @@brandonandarlene looked at the channel you recommended and I can not understand as it is in the local venacular. One more question about approximate cost of just the labor for such a project?

    • labor is usually 300-500 PHP per person each day depending on skill set. Well, that’s the local rates. Also, have to pay for lunch 🙂 @@garyharris4361

    • Yeah sorry about that. He does speak great English and travels around Philippines so if you need clean drinking water out of the well with natural filtration id get in contact with him. Took about two days, we had some sand in our water and it smelled. He is great! @@garyharris4361

  • New Subscriber here and how old it is viewing your blog on your new build and land its awesome, how long you staying back in USA b4 coming back to Philippines to start the main house cos that’s gonna be exciting seeing that being built for sure

    • I visit Arlene every 6 months. We wont be building the main house for about 3 years as Arlene will be coming to the states for a while. We will document it when we do though. Thanks for watching!

  • New sub here and I will be settling down in Ormoc here in a few months. Beautiful tiny house and property. I love Leyte.

  • Very nice property and tiny house/outside setup…

    Congrats and you have a new subscriber (me!)…

    Will run through your other vids as I have time…

    How much is your total investment to date for everything?

    Great start to life in The Philippines!



  • Hello Brandon we found your channel very nice to folow. I am Jack from the Netherlands me and my wife alos have a lot on Leyte we are going in march april again to the PH. Making the lot building ready. You are going to build over 3 years cool. Do a lot of reseach before. I give you a tip check out the channel of Olav his channels is called Cassa Seterbakken. We are going to build also like this methode. NO HOLLOW BLOCKS lol. maybe we can meet and talk about houses build on the PH with a beer. We see you working people did a nice job maybe we can hire them and give them a nice building job to they can make money. Its just a idea. We are in the Tanauan area. Regards Jack and Isabela. Say hello to your beautiful wife Arlene. You are a nice couple

    • hey jack, we are about 5 minutes from you near tabon… Isabela will know. Yeah I’ve seen The Armstrong family build without hollow block, very interesting. You plan on using Starken AAC? I’m back in the states now but we should keep in touch and plan a meet when were both in Leyte. Thanks for watching!

    • Yes sir, solar is a must eventually. Excited about that but it wont be till the bungalow is being built. Thanks for watching Brendan!

  • Congratulations on your property. My feeling on concrete walls though, from my experience, is that they while they make you feel protected, it like being ‘protected’ inside a prison. The beautiful views are also reduced. Maybe a steel fence or a high chain link fence will offer pretty well the same security while not closing you in as much.

    • I had similar ideas but local architectural engineers point out what the local weather and insects do to USA standard construction. High winds destroy anything not made of concrete too. Arguably a concrete dome would be best suited to survive the Philippines.

  • Brandon,are there anymore lots in that area I retired last year so Im going to have to sell all my stuff and my house.I do have a girlfriend in Zamboanga that I have met already thanks

    • Not that I’m aware of, all word of mouth or by seeing a sign as you drive from my experience. Hard to find compared to west. Thanks for watching Edwin!

  • New Subscriber… Very interested in your journey.. My GF is from just south of Ormoc and we are thinking of doing something similar in the mountains with a view.

  • Nice place, very peaceful love it po! New follower here (3,76K) 🎉 more blessings / subs to come lovely couple keep up the good work more content to share! Mabuhay ❤

  • Smart move Just make do first Its so cosy.
    Do slowly not like others getting into debts n not good for marriage Both happy is more important

  • You bought her a house and lot. I’m sure that you know the laws in the Philippines. Take her to the USA and you may never see that place again. You’re still young so you’ll have time to recover financially from it. Not trying to crap on your video but this is from personal experience and observations of other expats that have gone down this path. Wishing you good luck 👍🏻

  • Your new house is very beautiful and excellent bro. I have not seen a new model house like this until 2024. A lot of money seems to have been spent. 6×9 size with bamboo bongs is very nice for lunch and dinner. I am very happy. In my life too, I should build it in the model of your house. I saw your video from Telangana State Hyderabad in India. Great video your new home. My best wishes to your family. Thanks brother.

  • Nice location..its really a peaceful place!👍🇧🇭🇵🇭
    Wow! That small house is really beautiful! Good job!. I wouldcsuggest to plant more fruit bearing trees, like mango, jackfruit etc..! It will serve as well as a shade later on!

  • beautiful small 🏠 and paradise property ❤❤ my husband is retiring we planned to back in the Philippines i miss my hometown romblon Philippines ❤❤

    • @@brandonandarlenewhen I build this tiny house it will belong to my fiancé. Doesn’t matter if she is in the Philippines 🇵🇭 or America 🇺🇸 lol

    • Right! I always find the whole land thing funny. Its as if western guys in America married to American women actually own the house and land as well. Don’t pay that property tax or interest to the bank and you’ll find out real quick who owns that house and lot in the west…and I didn’t even bring up divorce yet 🙂

    • @@brandonandarlene definitely better for your family to own the home than the American government,,specially today. And at around 25% of the cost for a better built home

  • Awesome brother. Good plan and good location. We have a two story home right outside of Vigan City illoco Norte on the northern part of the Philippines 🇵🇭. Trying to study your accent 🤔 were in California but I’m from the Midwest and spent 20 years in the USVI. 🇵🇷

  • Congratulations on your new place! Looks great! Its nice of you to build her family a beautiful home…. im sure they will cherish it. Sounds like you have gone all in. I wish you the best and HOPE its a happy ending for you. Look for red flags.good luck buddy!

  • Places like the Philippines is the real “American Dream” where one can get rich slowly as well as enjoy peace without having the Government continuously reaching into your pockets and telling you how to live your life and what you can and cannot do with your property.

  • First time viewer, Like the Vlog and what a cute little house and you seem like wonderfull people. Im gonna check out some more of your videos now 🙂

  • Can you replanted those banana plants ,,,somewhere else in your property? That way,, you could still enjoy them instead of destroying them when you will start your construction?

    • I’m not sure, if we can we will,. Arlene will know more about that than myself. Thanks for watching!

  • Don’t bring her to the U.S.A. She is going to be corrupted by the leftist-feminist-chickenheads! Much love, health and happiness to you and your family. I am Leyte bound in twelve years!

    • Not for the guest house. That will be in the bungalow on the front lot eventually, Thanks for watching!

  • I suggest you should put up an thick steel fence to the window and door inside your house for your safety and protection.

    • To my knowledge I’ve never seen foreigners getting robbed by a break in but is it a common occurrence for break ins without a fence/wall?

  • Looks good guys congrats 🎊🎉 that’s my next move after I get into my condo with my fiancé end of the year in Cebu! She’s also from Leyte, Leyte and I was just there last month and it was a blast!!

  • Great job I’m building a house for my fiancé this year in Bulacan, I can’t believe that’s all it cost you to build that house very smart well done brother

  • I used same windows and had them changed after months as a night time if you have lights on you can see inside crystal clear but not out at all if you have a light on inside get aftermarket tint on bathroom window or your balls will be on display for any bush creeper lmao

    • Yeah i didn’t realize that till after the install haha. We got blinds up now in the living area but not in the shower. Balls on display!

  • That’s really a cute little place you built there! I like your bathroom. I was only wondering where you cook, as I didn’t see a kitchen.

    • Well its just a guest house. We do have power in the hut so for now we use hot plate and cook inside the hut until we move in a few years and complete the bungalow on the front lot. Thanks for watching!

  • Dude American or foreigners can never legally own land in the Philippines buy a condominium foreigners can own a condominium but not land you we’re tricked she can divorce you tomorrow and you have nothing.

  • Wow fresh air sorround w/ a greenish diff plants ,,. After my retirement I stay also in my province …. Currently n UK 🇬🇧

  • Congratulations! I just made the permanent move to Cambodia after I graduated in December. I applied at all the schools and have been on the lookout for a good woman to start a family with. Life is great in paradise!

    • @@brandonandarlene If I was you, I would just live in that apartment permanently, because it is so nice, but it probably won’t be big enough, once the babies start coming . 😉

    • Correct, if it was just us we could easily do it! The bungalow will be similar style just slightly bigger to add bedrooms and kitchen@@mylifethaidiy7045

    • Your tiny house is great BUT you should have a large (raised) roof off of one side of it with outside kitchen, seating areas, Hammock, tool shed, etc. for working in things, lounging, cooking, etc. etc. cuz in the tropics you do lots of things outside instead of inside because it gets too hot inside and cooling a large area is expensive! Outside you have good ventilation and fans!@@brandonandarlene

  • Just saw this channel. One thing in the farm land the humidity much higher and mosquitos. I can see your old ladies nipples (you need to explain the american slang if she reads this comment), its humid lol. Good looking area just hopefully people dont build up the area with a bunch of shacks if you guys build the bungalow. No matter how you slice it, still local comps.

    Lastly if this was permitted, no way in hell you can build this including the lot for this price.

    • That’s dipping sauce from lunch LMFAO.

      The guest house was 15.9k and the lot was 12k USD. Thanks for watching!

  • What’s up Bro, from Seattle! I’m Brannon and my Filipina wife is Elaine! I’m 41 years old she is 40. We met here in Seattle at work over 18 years ago. I’ve been to the Philippines 20 times, just got back 2 weeks ago we enjoyed Christmas and new years there in Cagayan De Oro City. I work 2 full time jobs almost 100 hours a week for 5 years as We built our house there, we are almost done building our 5 story Beach Hotel, that opens next year! We will move there next year finally! I had to build an Empire first to move at a younger age. Love your story! Happy for you guys! You’re doing it right! Hope to welcome you guys later at OHANA BEACH SUITES!

    • Awesome story and good luck with your Suites. Keep us updated hopefully we can make the trip to visit one day. Thanks for watching!

    • @@brandonandarlene Heck yeah bro, It’s like looking into a mirror with you both! Sounds good! Drinks on me at our rooftop bar for sure! Have fun I’m jealous right now, but that’s a good thing so I stay motivated here in Seattle!

  • I’d love to know your monthly expenses! I’m going to move to the Philippines in 3-5 years. I can’t wait!

    • I don’t live in Philippines full time so I wouldn’t be the one to ask yet. When we do move there eventually I will do monthly cost breakdowns as its important info IMO for us foreigner’s with dream of moving overseas. Check out Cory from “Its me” channel, he did a great cost of living breakdown of the Philippines

    • @@brandonandarlene I watch It’s Me. I Love them both! Such an Inspiration to me! 🎉 They are Adorable together!

  • Nice house and property. What are your next plan on the vacant lot? Love to see some farming, chicken coops stuff there.

    • Bungalow house on the front lot and guesthouse on the back lot. We will do some farming as well. Thanks for watching!

  • Just came across your channel now. We’re a young couple he’s from the U.S. we’re settling in Leyte too.

  • Does anybody know which part of Leyte don’t get as much flood? I thought about tiny houses here in the US, but the zoning/permit laws here in nearly all states are atrocious. I really want a house in the Philippines since I was born there. I remember going to Bohol and renting a house there. I miss the weather and the sounds of the nature, sari manoks, insects, and other animals there.

  • That’s a nice countryside in province..nice spot where everything is green! So, may I ask how much is that house built for bottom fine line estimate..labor/lot and materials ? I’m planning go back home (i’m here u.s.) build a home as same square footage as that… but with 2nd floor with terrace on top of that.. 2nd would be master bedroom with balcony over a carport.

    • The land is 12K and the guest house was 15.9k all USD including everything from labor to the TV. Thanks for watching

  • Getting ready to learn life scam lesson . Brag today be crying years later .Brag all you can do may be the tears won’t be do lathe .

    • My fiancée wasn’t born yesterday you might have been experienced being scammed but don’t generalized and give some respect we don’t know each other sir! Thanks for watching though it help us!~

    • Let us know if there is anything we can do to help you brother? I know you got a lot of pain and suffering going on, let us help. Good luck, and thanks for watching!

  • This is only something that should be considered with your wife and a good prenuptial agreement. If you’re thinking about doing this with your girlfriend, then you’re an idiot and could possibly be losing a lot of money. Foreign people can’t own property in the philippines, so it will be in your wife’s name, and the house can be in your name. Unless it is on wheels, then you will probably lose your investment, and this is why so many expats choose to just rent. Remember that if you spend 2 to 3 million or more pesos on a house and lot, then that will less money that you will have to travel and enjoy your retirement. Now, if you plan on going to the other side of the planet to sit inside of a box, then why even leave where you are at. When you not only build a house for your wife but her family also then you are really not thinking straight so be smart and practical so you can truly enjoy your life in the philippines and not become the welfare department.

    • Hello Gail (Internet Police Captain),
      Do you really think I didn’t do any research on the laws of the Philippines before purchasing all this? Yes, I talked with lawyers and everything else we are fully aware I don’t own the land. You mention 2-3 million PHP will be less money on travel so renting is better….your assuming everyone that comes to the Philippines are broke living paycheck to paycheck and have little to no capital/investments and savings. It’s not like that bro, why do you feel the need to pocket watch? Lastly, we are not building a house for her family and no they have never asked me for a dollar either. Not everyone is the same man, you cant assume just because you heard some BS on the YT.

    • “Foreign people can’t own property in the Philippines”

      People always say that which is not true. Gail, did you know that Foreigners can own land in the Philippines via a will if the wife passes away? The foreigner can then take over the land 100% in his name 🙂

  • Nice place m8
    Im from uk Ive just bought land
    Sea front plot in southern leyte
    About to start a 3 bedroom bungalow
    And defo a big shower room
    Good luck on your future build 👍

  • It would be nice to beautify that place. With so many Pilipinos getting married to foreigners,in my mind..many Pilipiino facial features will not look like exotic like Malayans anymore. But here’s hoping that our Pilipino culture to the future generations will still remain intact and would not change like being respectful to everybody,kind-always ready to extend help to anybody/strangers without reservations or questions,l oving,resilient, humble and most of all..will keep their belief and faith to God.

  • Very nice thanks for sharing. Me and my wife know some missionaries tha live in south eastern Samar and they do go to tacloban for thier big shopping trips. Might see you some day there.

  • Hi guys, awesome project! Exactly what my wife and me are planning as well. We have a piece of land in Southern Leyte. Would like to build the same tiny house on it. Did you guys roll up the sleeves yourself, or did the hired people do it? Can you give me contact?

    • Arlenes family built the guest house. We did hire a few helping hands and painter though. Thanks for watching!

    • YOu can fins anybody to do the work as most men will tell you they are skilled, yet not. Even if you get a engineer, or contractor, the work in………well lets be kind and say would not pass US Code for sure. I know this as we have a house in Leyte2 and it will drive you mad watching the work and way its put together… SO anyways, you can find workers everywhere. 9 dollars a day for worker and 10-12 USD a day for the forman. Yes that correct

  • Nice work guys! Judging by what you said about it being an office/guest room in the future, I assume you’re going to build a full size house on that front lot? Also, big question… can you see inside those 1 way windows at night? I’ve seen other people use the reflective windows, but being dark outside with lights on inside, you could see right through them. Asking for our future build 😂. Thanks!

    • Yes, bungalow on the front. Also, you can see in the windows at night. We do have blinds up and decorations now so its not an issue. No regrets love the windows.

    • @brandonandarlene  nice. Thanks for the info! I’m sure we’ll still get the same type of windows, but that’s a bummer they don’t work at night. Guess we’ll be investing in curtains too 🤣

  • The place you bought is very nice, the natural space and fruits. It is to make a small town with few neighbors.
    They did not say the cost in American currency on the land, it would be interesting. Thanks.

  • Guest House: 15,900 USD
    650 sqm Lot: 12,000 USD

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    • Yeah, that’s possible but who knows for sure. I like making deals with Charlie Mungers advice in mind. If the buyer and seller will be willing to switch places and still make the deal, do it! If i overpaid so be it, were happy with it 🙂 Thanks for watching! @@macolet9711

    • @@brandonandarlene yup. Anyway, its your money. As long as you’re happy then it’s good and you cant do anything about it. It’s a done deal.

  • Good job man.. I’m thinking about doing the same thing here in Cebu. Take care and be safe. Do you play ball, down for some 3 on 3 ? Come to Lapu Lapu sometime for a pick up game with me and another American named Gunny.. ( Marine ). You have a good channel.

    • I do love sports and play basketball but that is the worst sport for me. Im left handed in everything else but play ball basketball right handed (odd).