my first interaction in the Phils…and it was inspiring

my first interaction in the Phils…and it was inspiring

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  • Hey Chris. Great to meet you yesterday. Great job cooking Brother! Will let you know if I get more Puffs. Keep smiling & laughing!

  • Great story! You mean there is still hope? Very happy to hear this.

    Found your channel from Derek/Ainen and the BD party video. Nice suit you had on. Great Lyrics. HA HA LOL

    So the question is… you planning to permanently move to the Philippines after your holiday and get yourself one of these ladies too?
    Maybe use this time to see if that will work for you while you are there.
    You definitely are not going to find a woman at a 10 level in the USA… unless you have the extremely good looks and a big fat wallet.💰

    Keep making the videos, you are a great story teller.
    Have subscribed to be entertained for more. Excited to see what comes next.

    • sorry my friend just got my new glasses and saw read more…i am looking to meet someone…i have been alone so long….i am here to really see if its a good fit for me so far its a yes!

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