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  • So where do i subscribe and support this future national treasure of the Philippines? She will find the strenght and drive to succeed with her channel. There will always be bullies that are jealous because they can not be like Gel. Be proud, strong and find happiness in all that you do and you will be fullfilled in your life dear Gel. 🙏

  • Wow my man introduce me your channel and made me impressed you guys content was so amazing ❤❤
    I will be your subscribers for now

  • OMG!!! ❤ Gel 😇 is a Beautiful little girl and wishing her all the Best with her upcoming YT Vlog… looking forward to Supporting her and her Vlog …..take care and stay Safe 🙏🏻

  • Gel is such a sweetheart. I look forward to seeing all she has to share about her life, her family, and her community. God be with her and protect her on her journey in life. I am so excited for her!!

  • Gel is an amazing young girl, I really hope that you guys will mentor her and protect her from a lot of the negative things and even dangerous people she might meet through YouTube, the Internet is a tool and it can help us learn more about our world and teach us many things, but it can also be a double edge sword, that can hurt us and make us feel bad about ourselves, so please guide her, and I teach her to be grounded and never lose sight of who she truly is, Gordon 🙏

  • Keep it simple, and enjoy it, your content. I personally look for the simple side of the Philippines.

  • Gel, I Love your smile🤩 You are very Beautiful!♥️
    I will be very interested to hear your stories about mountain village life in the Philippines. It’s very different from my life, so I want to hear about it.🥳
    I’m sorry about your plastic friends and bullies. But know that I had them too. It’s not just you. They made fun of my ears, and a girl called me “string bean” because I was skinny. No one is perfect, but everyone thinks differently about what “beauty” is. The bullies are jealous of your smarts and your smile! 😉Best Wishes!♥️

  • Good luck to you Gel. Always stay humble and remember where you’re from! 🙏 “Filipina Mountain Angel” sounds like a wonderful name for your channel. Just a thought.

  • Hi. Angel girl..I got no idea what to say that you aren’t hearing from all the people. All the complement ,like. Beautiful, smart, and I think it’s true. And I want to add. Gel. I believe in you. And I’m so happy for you. Wish you the best because you deserve it. Be your self..

  • Watched the q adventures episode and had to watch this also. Derek asked for channel name suggestions. Possibly “views of an Angel” or “Angels view” or similar.
    The use of “view” as a visual and opinion descriptive word works for growth of topics on the channel.

  • If she can keep her humility and about her, she will do amazing. Such a huge opportunity, but it will be a real culture shock as well.

    Great interview.. subbed here and looking forward to what’s coming.

  • Gel wish you much success,,, you will be a excellent example for those who treat or treated you bad they may learn from you,, being a leader and marching to your own drum will get you far

  • It is easier the shrug off bullying once you realize that they are just lashing out at what they percieve as an easy target when they are hurting and upset themselves. Don’t let it ruin your day. Try to let it slide if you don’t know the reason. Not sure how girls deal with it to be honest when their social needs are higher. They can be “catty”.
    And if you are still upset you can always text your new big sister Ai, I guess.

  • Wow! she’s a natural! She’s going to do very well as vlogger/YouTuber, super talented, smart with amazing English. Can’t wait for the channel and to support her channel grow. Here from your hubby’s channel Q! New subscriber, looking forward for more upcoming vids. Peace!

  • You are so super smart, we all look forward to seeing what the future holds for you. The future is very bright and the skies the limit for you, heck the stars are the limit… Remember, if you work hard and stay on the straight and narrow most of the time, not all of the time but most of the time you’ll be rewarded and be a success, so focus on your goals but mostly continue being a kid, have fun being a kid with your family and your “true” friends..

  • Gel did a really good job on this first vlog with you Ai. Hope to see more of her doing vlogs in the future, she speaks very good English and she’s a very smart girl. Good luck to the both of you.

    • Yes she is thats why i always say to her not to listen to her fake friends like what she said on the video she have fake friends

  • gel don’t change who you are to please people a lot of people from the West envy the life you have

  • Many won’t understand her Family’s income. They live up in the mountains. Several family members walk for many miles on trails to get to a giant marketplace to buy bundles of fruits and vegetables and chips, and/or ride a small motorbike. They then carry them (by hand mostly, if a cheap jeepney is not available), and then place it in their shop to sell to others all around the small community they live in. This is a MAJOR way of life in the Philippines. Gel is unique in her ability to learn and understand English as well as her home language. Cute, smart, and hopefully to be successful. May God bless her, and her Auntie Ai. Be safe! Many foreigners will see this beautiful girl and pretend to fall in love. The smartest ladies will be able to wait until they are in their 20’s or so to think about love.

    • Just to add: I was in Davao City in 2006. I had a female friend there, and she wanted us to meet. We went into the mountains to Toril. I met her families. They lead similar lives from marketplace to home. I fell in love with EVERYONE! I keep them all in my heart and prayers always. God blessed her with a wonderful husband and now several children. But, as I advised, she waited til she was about 26 to find someone that she could spend her life with who would keep her the great person she is. Gel has the same opportunity. I wish her her the best of luck and send prayers.

    • Their family is much better off than others in her community. They have a store and a piggery with a house on a nice size land. A flat screen TV. They could be the richest people in the mountain area that they live in. Not to say that they still are not poor but compared to their neighbours they are more than average.

  • Gel I know it’s hard but don’t listen to people that hate on you. Your cute, smart and have a great personality. I can’t wait to watch your channel go for it. Good luck

    • Thank you Frank Smith soon she will have her own chanel i will anounce it to my chanel😊

  • Gel you are a beautiful young girl both inside and out. You are also very smart. Keep studying hard in school. Happy Birthday! Listen to Ai she know what she is talking about. Always be careful if you have a YouTube channel and always talk to your parents about what you are doing. Thank you Ai you both get along very will together. Salamat po.

  • Great job to the both of you… I’m hoping one day the young lady can be the Ambassador for the PI to some countries 🤓🤓

  • Best of Luck to both of you, young Ladies. Been following you all (Q too) from the beginning..!!! -chuck USA..!!!

    • @Charles Salzer thank you for tunning in to my chanel and for subbing i do apreciate it😊

  • Good luck in your new journey and many blessings.
    Wishing Ai and Gel will have a lifelong friendship.

  • Awwww what a beautiful angel. Her whole family is amazing and although I’m new here ,I have seen several videos of your time spent with Angel and her family and I tip my hat to you both for bringing her into the spotlight for us all to fall in love with this wonderful young lady. Awesome interview 💯♥️🇨🇦

  • She’s not just a beautiful young cute girl, I find her pretty smart for her age hearing her answers. And so articulated in English 👍🏼 Just a sweet smiling young kid. Children are just harsh to eachother and bullying at school in the Philippines is a problem that really needs to be addressed and recognized I have noticed more often.

    • Aside from that, I’m happy to see you two keep monitoring and guiding her in her journey for her protection 👍🏼

    • Do you follow the channel? The next video is him throwing her not 1 but 2 birthday parties complete with a roasted pig for the entire community, having high speed internet installed in her house and setting her up with a full camera and computer setup and his wife mentoring her to create a YouTube channel. How much $ is her share? Not exactly sure but him posting this video and his community pitching in to help change this families life is much more than most YouTubers do.

    • @CheddaGuap I Apologize for that comments tone as it was not meant for you it was in response to a comment that was asking “How much is her $ share” insinuating that Derek was taking advantage of Gel for his financial gain. Comments like that drive me crazy because all you have to do is what a video or to and read a few comments and everything should be quite obvious. Again please accept my apologies as it was not intended for you.

  • Angel, my name is Russell. I’m 69 years old. I hope you enjoyed your birthday and your pool day. Angel your a beautiful young lady. Its good to see a young person to reach for the stars. Be created and fresh in your vlogs. Always be honest and be respectfully to your parents and family. Way to go !!!!! Gel. Gel I’m from Virginia in United Ststes.

  • mountain videos would be interesting and fun. Gel has a natural charm that shouldn’t change except naturally as she ages. please dont reinvent her!

  • With her English skills, Gel will soon leave for the city and become a call-center agent. Can’t wait for her to have her own YT channel. Gel, pls don’t e-beg from the get-go, show value first, then u will be worthy to panhandle for coffee.

  • Angel you have a celebrity look alike guest who’s she he is i gave you a clue she was one of going bulilit celebrity

  • If the others weren’t your friends before you were noticed and want to be your friend now, watch out for them, they have ulterior motives, and just trying to take advantage of you and use you for their own benefit. Just because someone is being friendly does NOT mean they are your friends, be careful and get to know the person for who they truly are. If they’re only pretending to be your friend they will ask for things, TRUE friends will ask for NOTHING but your friendship. It shows that just being associated with a foreigner, the social and economic status is increased, which may not always be good, it can bring out the greed and selfishness in others.

    I wish Angel all the best and her future has become a bit brighter now thanks to the help of AI and Q, and hope she continues to learn and grow to be an even better person than she already is.

  • The kid should concentrate on her studies. Too early exposure to adult stuff is not safe for children. You got all kinds of pedophiles and freaks online. Just too dangerous for children.

  • Hello Gel, I’m am loving your Pre-Youtube channel experience and mentorship from Ai, and Derek. I first came across you during the time Ai husband, Derek from Q Adventures started filming you in his vlogs. for many of us, we all saw something special in you right from the very beginning, through the day of your birthday, and then when you and your neighbours went to the pool for swimming, which was a very fun day for all. Derek and Ai are an incredible couple. I wish you much success and happiness, Gel, and you are a very special young 12year old lady

  • Happy birthday Gel. Will be waiting on your own channel. Good luck and be safe..to Derick and Ai, please guide and take good care of her..she’s so young and vulnerable..

  • Loving your channel, AI, and thanks for mentoring this beautiful gorgeous young lady and an aspiring 12yr old and future Youtube star in the making..Wishing all the success and happiness for Gel, following your expert advice, and mentoring. Oh! By the way, you made me jump when that dog appeared out of nowhere and gave you a shock..Omg, you made me jump too

    • thank you Liamwilliams6088 , hahaha honestly i didn’t see the dog im almost have a heart atack LOL😅

  • Two beautiful Ladys, Looking forward to Gels wonderful life to be, onward and upward. Stay true to yourself, have fun. Also a suggestion for your music VLOG, please listen to my favorite Dolly group from the Philippine’s 4th Impact, they are fantastic would class singing group of 4 sisters. They are in U.S.A. as of a couple months to pursue the U.S.A. market. Good luck to 4th Impact and good luck to our sweetheart Gel. Pennsylvania U.S.A.

  • Gel is a beautiful young lady, But just my opinion I believe she is to young to start her own channel, Only because there are many bad people on the internet. And i hope im wrong but youtube don’t allow kids under 13 to start there own channel. Whatever happens please protect her from bullies at home and online. When you start your channel Gel i will be a subscriber for sure. Be yourself and much good luck to you

  • Rich in culture, rich in family and rich in personality. Do not cloud your mind with comments from people who are jealous and stay true to who you are. Most of all, never act as though you are better than anyone else and always stay true to your family and love them.

  • Gel has such a pure heart. She is a blessing and she is so humble and happy! Don’t believe what judgmentsl kids at school say. Be confident in who you are. Stay positive Gel! We all support you and we are proud of you!!

  • Fantastic film Angel you do very good and you will be a very good YouTuber . All the best .

  • “It is better to be poor and happy rather than rich and wealthy and miserable and sad.”I hope Gell will have a successful future and keep her ambition and knowledge to help her family and stay humble and not being pressured and exploited by people that influenced her. Gel’s family are not poor they have a store, the parents are not struggling. The family bonding is very close and there is always love. Only God can tell our future.! “God Bless” Amping!

  • wow that was a surprise seeing you interview my friend Sharon really enjoyed that, and you did a good job interviewing her

  • I Hope gel grows up and turns into the person she’s always dreamed of. I see a star in her. The future is bright. Please guys your work is appreciated. Thank you for discovering her and loving her. May you be blessed and take her in as your own child. I lived her before. It’s hard and I wish I met you two before. You’re amazing.

  • How do we find Gel’s channel when she starts? She is going to have a lot of subscribers as soon as she starts

  • 😊 sometimes, we can only PRAY for those that have negative, hurtful comments. ❤ PRAY ABOUT EVERYTHING. Philippines is known to be catholic population. ❤❤

  • Gel, some of us who live in the very rich part of our world think that YOU are actually the rich one. You are rich because
    you have such a great mother and father and family
    your great school which is so close to your home
    your intelligence and good grades in school
    You are from a paradise island surrounded by mountains and clean air
    your beauty and your soul.
    Good luck with your channel. Work hard at it but put your school work first, it is more important. We’ll be looking for your videos.

  • she is traditional and smart will work out good for her , when she gets to be an adult she will make some man happy to have her as his wife that im 100% sure of
    with so much respect she gives the elder and how nice and kind she is at people

  • I really hope she does well in her channel. And I pray she does not transform into some western star. We want the simple filipino girl.

  • She is way more rich than most people because of all the great qualities her beautiful parents gave to her !!! She is very intelligent , mature , talented , respectful , humble , grateful , beautiful , loving and caring and I wish her all the best in life ! 😇 ( Daniel , guitar teacher from Canada 🎸)