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  • Gr8 job with all that u do helping out there in all different villages. You, and husband to gr8 work bringing awareness to much needed area’s.. Much respect. Jim frm Chicago

    • @Jim Clark thank you so much I do appreciate it. It’s really a big help to me to continue my desire to help people who need help god bless you more😊

    • I’ll do the same nxt month Aug 27th. let me know if u want PayPal, or by coffee way.. All I ask u keep giving blessings to the children and, of course minus ur expenses. Hav a gr8 wknd! ✌

    • @Jim Clark yes, I will still continuing sharing my blessing to people who really needs help specially kids as long as I can, I will help😊but thank you though with out people like you who really wants to help I cannot do it I’m just only 1 person. Thank you so much for you kindness I do appreciate it and I just only accept donation via my link PayPal & buy me a coffee only thank you and god blessed you more😊

  • Great video Ai. That young lady has a lot of responsibilities caring for her younger siblings while her parents are away on work. Do they have access to plenty of food and water?

    • Speaking of water yes they have in the mountains like Liza’s place there’s sources of water is from the spring but it’s a clean and the government of the mountains mentane it ..but for food they just get it to there garden they have small garden to the other side of there house

  • wow, this is showing what some people have to endure, its the kind of thing we should see more of, so the old men going there for a young wife can see why they marry them, they don’t want to live like this, who can blame them

    • No I’m sorry I can’t help they don’t have proper ID and proper Address and I’m in Luzon now for a month

    • Does any of this ppl qualify to have a PayPal account….. Can you please provide me a better understanding on how they or anyone needs have to receive direct help, like PayPal.

    • @magaiver I believe they have to provide 3 forms of ID, a home address, phone number, and a bank account. That girl probably hasn’t ever attended school and her birth is not registered. They could receive the money in other people’s name though.

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