The Philippines is a diver’s paradise. With its vast marine biodiversity, crystal-clear waters, and rich underwater landscapes, it’s no wonder the country has gained worldwide acclaim for its diving sites. While it’s hard to narrow down to just ten spots (given the myriad of options available), here are some of the absolute must-visit dive sites in the Philippines.

10 Best Diving Sites in the Philippines
1.Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park
2.Apo Reef
3.Malapascua Island
4.Anilao, Batangas
5.Coron, Palawan
6.Puerto Galera, Mindoro
7.Moalboal, Cebu
8.Pescador Island
9.Balicasag Island, Bohol
10.Dauin, Negros Oriental

1. Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park

Located in the heart of the Sulu Sea, Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site known for its pristine coral reefs and vast marine biodiversity. This remote atoll offers a world-class diving experience, teeming with sharks, turtles, and various species of fish. Its isolated location ensures that the marine life here remains unspoiled, and the vibrant coral gardens are nothing short of breathtaking.

2. Apo Reef

Situated off the coast of Mindoro, Apo Reef is the second-largest contiguous coral reef system in the world. This natural park is a sanctuary for over 500 species of coral and numerous marine creatures, including sharks, rays, and turtles. Diving here gives one the sensation of swimming in an enormous natural aquarium. Don’t miss the iconic Apo Island, surrounded by clear azure waters and renowned for its stunning coral formations.

3. Malapascua Island

Famed for its thresher shark sightings, Malapascua Island in Cebu offers a unique diving experience. The Monad Shoal, an underwater plateau, is the best spot to catch a glimpse of these elegant and rare sharks, especially during sunrise. Aside from threshers, divers might also encounter manta rays, hammerheads, and a vibrant macro life.

4. Anilao, Batangas

A favorite among macro photography enthusiasts, Anilao boasts a colorful underwater world rich in nudibranchs, frogfish, seahorses, and other tiny marine critters. Located just a few hours from Manila, this diving hotspot is not only convenient but also offers a myriad of dive sites suitable for both beginners and seasoned divers.

5. Coron, Palawan

Diving in Coron is like traveling back in time. The area is famous for its World War II wrecks, sunken Japanese ships that have since become artificial reefs teeming with life. Apart from the historical underwater artifacts, Coron also offers stunning coral gardens and the unique Barracuda Lake, where divers can experience a thermocline — a noticeable temperature shift in the water.

6. Puerto Galera, Mindoro

Characterized by its lush coral gardens and vibrant marine life, Puerto Galera is a favorite weekend getaway for Manila-based divers. Sites like Sabang Wrecks and Canyons offer captivating underwater landscapes and an array of marine species. The waters here are also perfect for night diving, revealing a different spectrum of nocturnal creatures.

7. Moalboal, Cebu

A mesmerizing natural spectacle awaits divers in Moalboal: the sardine run. This dense school of sardines, forming a shimmering silver cloud, can be witnessed just a short swim from the shore. Apart from this, Moalboal also boasts healthy coral reefs, abundant macro life, and occasional sightings of whale sharks and turtles.

8. Pescador Island

A stone’s throw away from Moalboal, Pescador Island is a marine sanctuary known for its deep wall dives and teeming fish life. The Cathedral, a cavern with an opening at the top, is one of the island’s signature dive spots. With its impressive coral formations and diverse marine inhabitants, Pescador is a must-visit for any diver touring the Central Visayas region.

9. Balicasag Island, Bohol

This small island off Panglao, Bohol, is an underwater gem. Renowned for its steep walls adorned with soft and hard corals, Balicasag offers an exceptional diving experience. Expect to encounter schools of jacks, barracudas, and the elusive turtle amidst its clear blue waters.

10. Dauin, Negros Oriental

Situated along the coast of Dumaguete, Dauin is a muck diving paradise. Its sandy seabed is home to peculiar creatures like the flamboyant cuttlefish, blue-ringed octopus, and ornate ghost pipefish. Dauin’s dive sites are a testament to the beauty that lies in the small and unusual aspects of the underwater world.

The Philippines, with its vast marine resources, offers some of the world’s best diving experiences. From wrecks to reefs and from tiny critters to giant pelagics, there’s something for every diver in this tropical paradise. While these ten sites are undoubtedly exceptional, there are countless other hidden gems waiting to be discovered in the archipelago’s depths. So gear up, dive in, and explore the underwater wonders of the Philippines.

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