Interview with KC: Strength, Resilience, and Hope

PinayWise: Magandang araw, KC! It’s such a pleasure to have you here today. Let’s dive into your story. First, can you tell us a bit about your daily life?

KC: Salamat, PinayWise. Ako’y natutuwa rin dito. Well, my day usually starts early. I wake up around 5 am to prepare for university. After classes, I usually go to my part-time job or hang out with my friends. Evenings are for studying and sometimes, just relaxing and listening to OPM.

PinayWise: It sounds like you have a full plate. Given all the challenges you’ve faced, notably the loss of your parents, how do you cope?

KC: It was really hard, especially during the first few months. Every day felt like a struggle. But I realized I had to keep moving forward, not just for myself but also for my younger brother. Remembering my parents’ love and wishes for us gives me strength. I also lean on my friends and a few close relatives. They’ve been my rock.

PinayWise: That’s heartwarming, KC. University is a different ball game altogether. How’s your experience been so far?

KC: University life is a mix of everything! Exciting, challenging, and sometimes, overwhelming. But I’m learning so much, not just academically, but also about life and people. I’m taking up psychology, by the way, so understanding human behavior is fascinating for me.

PinayWise: Ah, psychology! That’s amazing. Moving to a lighter topic, are you dating someone right now?

KC: (Laughs) Ah, the dating question! Well, I’m currently single. My priorities are a bit different right now, with university and looking after my brother. But I’m open to meeting someone special. Life has taught me to cherish moments and relationships.

PinayWise: Fair enough! Now, thinking of the future, what do you see yourself doing after graduation?

KC: I want to be a clinical psychologist. My experiences made me realize the importance of mental health, especially for those who’ve gone through traumas. I want to help them, provide them a safe space to heal and grow.

PinayWise: That’s truly noble, KC. Any parting words for our readers?

KC: Life is unpredictable, but it’s how we respond to challenges that define us. Hold on to hope, cherish the people around you, and always believe in yourself.

PinayWise: Maraming salamat, KC, for sharing your story. You’re an inspiration to many, and I have no doubt you’ll achieve all your dreams.

KC: Salamat din, PinayWise. It was an honor sharing my journey with you.

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