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  • God, that shoreline looks so much like GTMO’s Camp Delta and McCallas’… Even those fences up there give a saltwater processing plant feel to them. During Operation Sea Signal, refuge little kids used to jump from great heights to shallow waters, no fear. Guantanamo Bay’s coastlines (American side) are one of the most beautiful in the world as they haven’t been moh-lezted that much. You can safely say they haven’t lost their V-card yet. 🙂 Great scuba diving. Thanks for the video, Derek.


  • Hey amigo how you 2 doing. It’s so awesome to see kids playing and enjoying themselves like that. It’s become a rare sight in the west. It sounds like to me that you need to have a couple of kids of your own

    • Nah, primo. I have a 17 yr old in Los Angeles that is getting ready to graduate, adopted 2 teenagers here and surrounded by neighborhood kids that look out for me, she has a 3 yr old from a previous Relationship, I’m good on the diapers bro

    • @Q Adventures that’s awesome your 17 year old is graduating. That’s an achievement for sure. Looks like you have a great life with the people around you and everything that you do in helping others. Keep up the great work.

  • Hi BUDHA D👋. Kids being kids!! Normal life for those daredevil’s 👍 . Cute 🥰 kids!! As long as you don’t go decide to jump in brother 👍Don’t want to see a TSUNAMI ALERT on Philippines 🇵🇭 NEWS !!! LOL 😂 Peace ✌️ and love ❤️!!

  • Good fun
    Reminds me of when I was a young kid whenever our dad took us to his family owned marble/concrete business. There was big machinery to load offload and move huge piles of stones and concrete. My brother and I were small enough to climb inside one of the conveyors that weren’t turned on and jump about 10 or so feet onto the pile of stones, sliding down to run back to the conveyor. It was like an amusement park ride for us until we grew too big to fit inside the conveyor.

  • My Grandmothers house was right on Shark River and we used to either jump off the cliffs or use the tireswing or rope to swing out and let go. It was a good time back then, when you get old you think twice because you dont heal like kids do.

  • maybe it happened off camera, but teach those boys and girls to show thanks and gratitude. it will serve them well for their entire lives and they will probably pass that lesson on to others when they get older. your hearts are in the right place Derek and Ai.

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