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  • I love mountain biking, I can’t tell you how many inner tubes I have thrown away because nobody in the US can repair an inner tube like this 11-year-old. I almost look forward to my first flat in the Philippines so I can watch this child work his craft

    • This kid is exceptional. Tragically, his father passed earlier this year and I see the dark cloud over his head

    • ​@qadventures Maybe you can encourage him. He still seems to have his innocence. At his age, my innocence was already gone. Who knows, he might surprise you.

    • @chris2489001 I am 45 and know nothing which is better. We have viewers from the states say the states is better and viewers from the UK says UK is better. He wants to go to London and I have supporters (including a charity) on standby to assist not only on his health but also his accessing his pension.

    • ​@qadventures Are you talking about the old guy? The kid’s to young to receive a pension.

      Anyway, you seem to always find interesting content to film compared to most vloggers. I definitely would like to check the Philippines out after going to Cambodia.

  • I am glad I discovered your channel..
    One of the very few who actually gives a few bucks for getting the HUMAN CONTENT..
    I think you made his and his family’s’ day..

    • I don’t ever offer money to do a video in an effort to keep everything genuine. Sometimes, I will just pay for their services, thank them and leave. Sometimes, I give them more, after the camera is off, as I feel them are deserving. Most of the time, I invest in them long term, like sponsoring them for college or mentor them. Please check out my website. QGives.com

  • Ingenious to use an old piston to make the iron out of. And looks to be a broken C clamp as the press. These are skills that people should still know. Not just “Mom I need money for a new bike tube…drive me to the bike shop”

  • Amazing. We did it so we could ride our on bike. But to have a job to support me and my family is something that blows my mind.

    • And at age 11…. he should be shooting hoops and enjoying childhood. What a privilege to be graced by his presence

  • what a great moment for him and us! My first job for my family was holding a flashlight during crucial car repairs.

  • what a great video, I’ve repaired my fair share of innertubes but never without taking the tire off the bike. He made it look so easy, it just goes to show your never to old to learn.

  • What I like about this boy is he reminded me when I was his age or younger doing exactly the same thing to fix my own bycicle Inner tubes and I did it almost exactly like him. Thanks so much for the generosity you showed to this boy Derek and Ai

  • I remember when I was his age, my dad would tell me to fix my own flats. I believe I used a glue and patches, but I think his way more effective. I’m guessing he is doing to learn a family business. I recall seeing tire shops near the highway by Manila of tire shops.

  • My first time going to the Philippines . It humble me changed my perspective in life. I’m filam. Raised the filipino way. Value morals ,respect, never sham the family name. The Philippines reminded me that not to take life for granted . I wish my nephews and nieces can come with me next trip so they can see that they have it made in the states.on easy mode.

    • Before 8 yrs ago, my son hassle me for toys r us every weekend. Took him here for summer break when he was 10. Went home humbled and on his 11th bday party, he asked his guests to make a donation to a charity in lieu of buying him a bday gift.

      That said, take your neices and nephews

  • Talk about ingenious. Only the compresser and the press seemed to be bought. Everything else was recycled over lol The reality of that kids situation, as well as many others around the world forces them to work instead of play. In all honesty its better he learns this than fiddling with a game controller with the reality of life. If he can stay out of trouble, and out of gangs, he’ll be one resourceful s.o.b one day;)

  • By no means am I discounting his enterprise, but if you go back 60 yrs in time most 11 yr old boys knew how to patch there own bicycle tube. Myself included. Otherwise you would be walking, not riding. Granted glue and patchs goes back many years but I’m old enough to have used vulcanizing patches that required fire and clamping as he uses.

  • @Q Adventures. Derek my man its such a privilege to watch your channel and see how good you are with all the locals and how kind you are with them. I just watched your previous vlog and now this one and I gotta say i love watching your channel always. Makes me wanna feel good and wanna be back in the Philippines again. Your channel is growing buddy and so good to see.🙏🙏❤

    • My privilege to have this opportunity to share my experiences with you. Please help my channel grow more rapidly by sharing your favorites to your friends and family

  • oh interesting there process is different, we use a special rubber call patch ( smll, med & large) they sell them at any bicycle shop . its super easy to use take about 2 min to work

  • Growing up in the 50s, we repaired our own bicycle flats with rubber patches and glue. Vulcanizing was done on cars/trucks inner tubes. After he was finished with the inner tube, he was not lubricating the inside of the tire as you mentioned , but searching for any foreign objects ( nail/glass etc ) that might have caused the puncture. No big deal here, but good job for a kid. 🚲🚲

  • Hey brother Derek, I am always amazed when I watch your videos of the young kids performing adult activities so effortlessly. Great work ethics to be so young. Wonderful video! Thanks brother!

    • No. The puuurty young lady is my girlfriend. The tire is the kid’s. I didn’t want to wait around in the scorching heat so I asked him to repair his own tire for me to document the process

  • Old school inner-tube patching. 🙂 When I was a kid, I used to patch it on an ironing board using an ironing machine and pressing it down with my body. The patch was just cut out from another inner-tube. I would use a strong black glue designed for that. Thanks for the vid, Derek.


  • At 5 or 6 years old my dad taught me to patch my own bycicle tires, which was great because I was always getting goatheads in them.

  • Thank You Derek & Ai as this touched me as my dad left when i was 11 yrs old and i had a paper route to help with the family expenses as I had to grow up early like this young man. But i never had to worry as this young man has no backup as he has had to adapt and learned how to survive. He would be the perfect young man to give some trades training to whether it be Jason in machine trades or me in the construction trade. he could go on to become an motorcycle / auto mechanic as I wonder if your mechanic could use a helper or apprentice.

  • Just came across your channel the other day. Subscribed and now has become my favourite. Your contents are purposeful and meaningful. You extend a helping hand. By the time you reach 60 years old, your sponsored children will have graduated and some with families. All the best to you.

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