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  • Thank you. Do his eyes not get the spotting in darkness? Is it worse in the light? Just wondering as he seemed to adjust in the dark and walk? Great job.

    • I was thinking the same thing, can be a lot of stuff if that is the case. Everything from dry eyes to an eye infection to worse. If possible, just some lubricating eye drops could make a huge difference.

  • I’m 76, I’m still active and I put it down to taking supplements ie, Vit C, Vit D3, Zinc and B complex.
    I’m following a Carnivore diet and feel so much more energetic since I cut out all the Sugar and Carbohydrates.
    I’ll be in the Philippines at the end of the month and hope to be able to stick to my preferred food.
    Ken has improved immensely and I hope continues to do so.
    All the best ❤

  • So happy that things are going so well… Your such a awesome guy to help this man. I love your all’s content. God bless ya all😊

  • Perhaps his muscles were wasting and the cause of pain? If your body doesn’t have calories it will try to get it from your muscle mass to survive.

  • When booking an airline ticket you must request “assistance required” at least 48 hours prior to travel. A wheelchair and attendant will be made available at no extra cost once checked in and also on arrival at the destination.

    • what a fantastic story, thank you for spotting this man amongst all the other people on the street and realizing that he needed help. And for actually bother to help him out of his terrible hopeless situation. You are amazing, a hero, Thank you from the bottom of my heart❤🙏😊

  • Ken’s spirit has changed dramatically, he looks alive bless him. We need more humans like you in the world 🌎😇❤️

  • Bloody Derek is doing it again, making me cry… But it is happy tears. And pretty awesome community you built here dude. You don’t seem like the person who pats your own shoulder but perhaps you should!

    Also nice you taking these small walks with him, with all that protein it will do him good.

    • Bloody hell, I did!!! 🤣😇 I don’t need to pat myself on my own back, I genuinely feel fulfilled in my journey

  • Ur so muchh appreciated sir and thank u so much .u ve been a great blessing for ken..godbless u sir and if not for u ? I think ken will end up to death maybe but u

    • Definitely increased my yt monetization, yes. And that allows me to give more to the community I live in, sure. I hardly doubt $800 a month is classified as “rich”. If so, please tell me what country you are from and I might move there

      Just noticed your handle… LMFAO!!!

  • Boy he’s thin, he needs to eat. You should try again to call Social Security. It’s too bad you don’t have the other persons that you were working with. You just need to get the right person..

  • You know some people live on a he can drink that three times a day it’s going to be good for him he should at least drink it three😊 I know it’s can you say so I’m sure

  • Thank you Derek and Ai. You guys are the best. More blessings for you both from Canada. Ken looks so awesome. Definitely made my day. ❤❤❤ ….

  • After all the hurdles and groundwork it’s great to see the forward progress.
    💒🙏 Love and Blessings 💕😇

  • This man’s quality of life has changed for the better. Ken looks happy and like a huge burden has been lifted from him. Next stop is the UK for his medical issues. God’s speed to such a sweet man.

  • Ken is clearly happier since you have started to help him. He thinks Stacy that he has only known two days is kind, but he has to give most of his thanks to the lady who took him in this past year or so. She is not wealthy by any means but took him in, a complete stranger and foreigner, surely without her help he would have died. He will soon get his pension and back pay that is owed, hopefully he will pay his landlady back or buy her a few household items like a fridge or a cooker as well as food etc, and then he can make arrangements to get back to the UK.
    He will need to see a GP for a referral to a hospital, and find somewhere near to the hospital where he can stay for a few months. Beds are only available straight away for emergency cases. Getting around London from hospital to home etc is time consuming and tiring there is lots to consider for Ken’s age and physical ability, and he may be reffered to more than one hospital so there are lots of things to take iinto account before arriving in London He is not used to London and how big, highly populated and busy, its not like his life in Wales was. I would imagine he willl be looking at six months to a year living in London while attending various hospitals for all his ailments. Thank you for helping him, his life has improved and in time his body will fill out more, food gives you energy and life!

    • yes, London is very expensive! Who will be looking after him? Where to live for months with high cost rent? Cost of living etc………? for months? Costs of flights to an from.
      Why can’t he stay in Cebu and have treatments. With his pension and social security money and the money raised he can pay for it if it is not free.

  • Why don’t you take him to a doctor for blood tests etc? Then he/she can advise accordingly and specifically for Ken’s medical conditions? He still seems very frail and his cognitive impairment is quite pronounced! But well done for all your help for him!

  • Ken is like a new man as his vibrancy and health seems to be improving drastically as you and Ai have been so wonderful friends as we are all supporting your efforts💗. Looking forward to seeing you on Nov.16th 🏍😀

  • It’s amazing to see Ken walking so well on his own and his spirit so uplist since you have been taking care of him. May God continue to bless you both.

  • Oh dear, poor Ken , who, alongside many other UK citizens, turned their backs on their home countries to live the high life in the sun with young money grabbing girls, then, when they get old and broke ,expect everyone else to pick up the tab and give them a life of luxury.
    Forget it Ken, you reap what you sow, no sympathy here buddy, you made your bed, lie in it and pass away in it.

    • I see it differently. Like me, Ken had the curiosity to look beyond country lines and the courage to pursue his musical dreams. The Philippines is so much more than just young women, it’s nature, its culture, its adventures, its people, its opportunities, rich in music and list goes on. Yes, he made his bed, but still deserves human dignity

    • He’s lived a full life, he didn’t “go broke” he has he has over $ 10,000 owed to him and probably £2,000 in UK pension payments in his bank in the UK. He got cut off from his money.

    • @tessie4136 
      Thank you for your respectful reply, however, I am digging my heels in, and what I say is true.
      I’ve seen so many of these guys seeking nirvana and falling flat on their faces, it’s sad, but, other people shouldn’t be expected to pick up the tab for their mistakes.
      I apologise for being harsh, but, take responsibility for your actions.
      Qadventures can make money from this content, personally, I think it’s disgusting.

    • @Dave Devally Who exactly are you referring to when you say “other people”? As far as I know the only people who helped share any burden so far are Derek and those who reached out on their own and offered. I might also add I am fairly certain the majority of those people reside in the US and not the UK. I don’t think Derek or Ken are asking for handouts from anyone. Ken just had a series of unfortunate events that separated him from “his” money and Derek is trying to help him get back on track. From my understanding he has US Social Security which is an earned right and not a privelage. it is his money he has paid in over 30 years and the UK pension is small because he was working in the US and not the UK. In any event I think the UK governments stance was that since Derek is helping him they don’t need to, which is a horrible take to have on your citizens well being nomatter where they are.

  • high blood pressure maybe causing those red dots in his eyesight. small blood vesicles popping and bleeding in his eyes. check what his blood pressure is 3 times a day and see if it needs lowering using proper meds. he may have to see specialist to close up those bleeding vesicles, if that’s the case. he looks like he needs to gain at least 25 pounds LOL. PEACE.

  • Glad to see Ken looking much better’ all due to Derek helping with his diet and now those health tabs to supplement Kens vitamins he lost lets hope its going to be a great help in making it possible for Ken to fly out to UK London. The UK Authorities are aware of Ken’s plight. Derek is a Gentleman he deserves a medal.

  • If you can give Ken lots of protein that helps tremendously. My mom’s memory and balance improves tremendously. Thanks for your caring 😊

  • This little old lady was impressed when he flexed his muscles. 😏 Being on the “lean” side is so much better for your overall health, Ken…than being obese. I’ve no doubt you will see continued improvement as the days go by. Thanks to Derek and Ai’s persistence to getting your life back on track, this has been a real life “feel good” story!

  • Happy birthday Ken I can’t believe how much better you are looking. Keep smiling you hasn’t amazing smile ❤❤❤❤❤

    • @larryleafernking4650 your right, how dare someone go out of their way to help a complete stranger in need. I don’t know what he was thinking with all this nonsense. You sound ridiculous, why don’t you tell me what exactly was disgusting?

  • Kens looking better 👍. Be sure to have change of clothes for the climate difference. I imagine UK is much colder than Phillipines, especially at this time of year. Cheap wool cap and a thrift store jacket can go a long way.

  • Tell Ken we love him and praying for him, all the way in SC. Everything is coming together, and I am so hopeful and happy for him.

  • Why the talk now of Scotland, I thought Ken was from Wales and was hoping to go back their?
    Happy Birthday Ken!!

  • One of many ATTA BOY award to your efforts on helping this man receive what owed to him. LLC looking damn good at this point so you need to hire a staff!

  • Well this is great news for Ken. Just knowing you have money coming in, is so heart lifting. You have saved his life ! Thank you!

  • Man, something don’t sound right with Stacey and how she’s trying to isolate Ken, I would be very very careful with Ken, it’s obvious he is realy naive and way too trusting, and what about this lady who took Ken in when he had absolutely nothing, I hope he will recompense her in some manner if he leaves to follow this Stacey ???, I would hope man that before Ken goes off following his heart with a person who he knows nothing about, you find out more about her and try and get some referees too vouch for her. It just sounds realy suss, she no sooner starts talking with Ken, and she wants to take him away from the Support network he currently has, people need to realise, the small welfare money he is going to start getting again, and the back pay of a year or more is a very considerable sum in the Phillipines, and the facts are many many Western people have been murdered for their funds, the facts are their is a big difference on how we look at people and Asians have a whole different way they feel about people, facts are it is so so easy especially if your old to be taken advantage of or murdered in the Phillipines, simple as a taxi driver seeing you have a large sum in ur wallet, maybe a gold chain or ring, and that can be your death sentence, and I am talking from actual knowledge of people who were murdered in these circumstances, so don’t let Ken be a foolish old bugger and get himself in trouble or worse, he I doubt would be capable of having intercourse, so instead of trying to live o old memory’s, face facts that your not long for this Earth and help those who helped you when you had NOBODY KEN !!, LIVE OUT YOUR DAYS SURROUNDED BY THE PEOPLE AROUND YOU NOW, AND ENJOY THE TIME YOU HAVE LESS, DONT GO JUMPING ON BUSES FOR 10 HRS OR LONGER BUS RIDES AT YOUR AGE AND FRAIL CONDITION, YOU’VE BEEN GIVEN A SECOND CHANCE BY THIS MAN MAINLY AND OTHERS, SO DONT WASTE ALL THEIR EFFORTS THEY PUT INTO GETTING YOU FINANCIALLY SOUND AGAIN AND OPEN YOUR SELF UP TO SOMEONE YOU HAVENT EVEN SEEN, AND FOR HER TO WANT YOU TO MOVE IN WITH HER AFTER ONE PH CALL STINKS TO HIGH HEAVEN OF A SET UP. WAKE UP AND SMELL THE FLOWERS ALLREADY ALL AROUND YOU KEN.

    • Ken is going to land in the UK wih no friends or family to support him, he has access to some money now but that is all. Stacey is part of a small loose network of people in the UK who thought that all Ken needed to do was get to Heathrow and everything would snap into place. I think she has realised that Ken will need ongoing support for a number of months, just to negotiate the various bureaucratic hurdles that he will find in his way. I’ve had some incidental contact with her and she’s very genuine, but a little idealistic. I think she’s stepped in because she realises this could be literally a fatal disaster in the making.

  • Hi Derek ,I started to watch U from Regular Guy I Watched a few of U episodes But Ken ❤Is U best work ✅ Absolutely Beautiful Content Thankyou LEDGEND. Ken Will get home to get the treatment he deserves ❤😇✅ U still talk too much lol AUSTRALIAN-GUY

  • Sending Ken to the UK now or soon is not compassionate, winter there is terrible, the emergency housing he will be offered will be awful. Mark my words.

  • Wells Fargo Bank And Lisa William Baltimore Social security What a Bloody Disgrace 😮Keep persevering 🤬 Derek And Ken has come Alive ✅😇

  • Thank you so very much for helping Ken out may God bless you for the rest of your life . I truly believe he wouldn’t of lasted much longer without your help he looked like he came out of a pow camp when you 1st met him and he looks so much better now . All of your subs this is caring about a human you never knew and took the time to talk with him and then help him . If we all did this the world would be a better place for everyone . Our gov’s of the world don’t care about us so it’s up to the people of the world to take care of each other . You never know what a kind word can do for a person or the joy you can bring to someone just by listening to them . This story of Ken is a prime example of how we the people of the world can change it 1 person at a time .

  • loose the ego at this point, otherwise it could kill you,your doing great and Q god bless you you been a life saver for ken

  • Omg! I just watched the other ken videos, he looks a different man!
    Amazing! I think it’s a combination of good food, friendship & hope of things getting better for him.

  • Can Ken be able to get back his social security that he did not receive? We should find out if he is able to get them back pay.

  • Time is running out !


    Read HEBREWS 9:27 kjv in your Bible

    ” A prayer to go to HEAVEN ”
    Luke 23:42-43 kjv
    >>> LORD I am a sinner and I believe that JESUS died on the cross for my sins. Buried afterwards, then rose from the dead.

    Read Romans 10:9-11 in your Bible

    1 Timothy 1:15 kjv…Acts 16:25-31 kjv…John 11:25-26 kjv

    Time is running out !

    Read HEBREWS 9:27 in your Bible

  • Kens needs are much. He needs rehab in the form of months of care . He is extremely malnourished and much care needs to be taken with right amounts of nutrients given. Going too fast can be dangerous to his major organs recovering . He was very near the end at the beginning on these vids. His recovery will be as much mental and physical. It’s all tied together. His mental state has taken huge damage but I’m so very happy to see a rise in his drive to make it out of this situation .
    We humans all over this planet have the desire and need to be loved and respected and he has this now. What a treasure you have found in Ken. Please give us updates on Ken and let him speak his feelings and tell his story to the world. I think he deserves that opportunity .

  • Ken looks more healthy and more responsive every video but to me the best change I see more and more is his will to live and overall energy about life. You have done an amazing thing here Derek (and Ai).

  • Keep on going Ken, one step at a time!! 😇God bless you and Derek (with wifey) 😇 and God bless to all who supports Ken and this channel😇

  • You will be lifting weights and running marathon’s in no time Ken,sending you so much love,may God continue to Bless you through his Earth Angel’s ❤❤❤

  • Oh god social security calls are an exercise in futility. You have to get lucky to get some one who is helpful and not rude. Most of the employees are malcontents and take it out on you. Just sayin.it’s a point of fact.

  • I’ve been taking 5000 IUs of D3 now for almost 20 years and have the blood levels of a surfer. I recommend astaxanthin, creatine, and collagen peptides as well. It’s best to get your multivitamins from food sources, if possible.

  • vitamin b complex in high potency especially b5 for that burning and a thyroid support vitamin for circulation plus aduit one a days might help. thanks again for helping ken! and for the update

  • Happy Birthday Ken 🎉🎂👍

    That’s great about his account, shame about that ladies customer service attitude😮 not good enough at all.

    Thank you Derek and Ai 😊 👏he needs those little walks and keeping his spirits up, good to see you & Ken happy, joking and smiling 😊

    Marissa and Stacy, thank you beautiful ladies 👏🙏🏼
    Looking forward to the next updates 😊👏🙏🏼

  • Blessed happy birthday, Ken! Praying for fair health, graces and miracles, both big and small, for you! 😊

    Thank you, Derek! Praying for more graces and blessings for you as well!

    This is Maripi, on my dad’s phone 😊. My phone is acting up, but wanted to check your updates😅

  • Hi Derek
    From California with appreciation
    Your helping Ken brings a warm light to the current chaotic and divisive time here in the US. Thanks so much for being brave in getting involved with Ken’s sad situation. And may I add a suggestion here: you can share with us images of your town, the people, the market, the different neighborhoods..or Ken 😊And you just give us the narrative. We already know how you and your girlfriend look like so you don’t have to be in the picture that much. This will certainly improve the quality of your videos.

  • By the way, what you might also want to look into is to seek advice from a Geriatric Doctor as well (they are supposed to specialize on general/overall health for the elderly).

  • Delighted to see such an improvement in Ken,I do think the walk was a bit much for him you have been a game changer in his life 🙏⭐️🙏

  • Derek, you’ve seen for your self how much of a difference proper nutrition make, It’s really important not just for the elderly. In Australia the government found that primary school students did much better when they ate a proper breakfast before school, so we have programs that help underprivileged children get breakfast. When you’re helping your normal demographic bear this in mind, so if you can help them eat well, that will help them in their studies.

    You may have seen advertising for a product called AG1, It’s active ingredient is Spirulina, but Spirulina doesn’t taste great so the other ingredients in AG1 are just flavourings to make it taste better. You can get Spirulina in powder or tablet form, I found it easier to take the tablets, when my immune system crashed I had a diet of just Spirulina and white rice until my immune system recovered and then I eased back to normal food. Spirulina is very rich in vitamins and minerals, FYI AG1 will do what it claims but Spirulina will do the same thing for a lot less money.

  • You along with the ones who help are a blessing especially to this man who has grabbed and held my heart ❤ God is great

  • Vitamin C and Zink can also be had in one supplement and is also essential. I am here in the Philippines and while I eat well, I take all of the supplements in this video plus the Vitamin C/Zinc.

  • she shipped exactly what he needs she did a great job thanks Melissa , he could use some zinc also , I am sure they can find it there .

  • Way to go Ken! 😊BTW those vitamins are right on target . The D3 K2 is awesome it take the calcium out of the tissues and put it into the bones where we need it.

  • This whole date convention thing drives me crazy; there is MM/DD/YY and DD/MM/YY 😡. The whole world should adapt the System International convention:


    We adapted that in Canada in the mid 1970s why is it taking the US, such an advanced country, as well as just a few others so long to catch up?!

    • It’s preference. I hope people are intelligent enough to under there isn’t such thing as the 13th month nor the 78th day

  • So good to see Ken smile . 😊
    He is unbelievable better thanks to you & your wife care & kindness. ❤️
    I am from the uk & I don’t think he is well enough to get buses! You don’t get wheelchair assistance as far as I am aware on a bus. You can get assistance with trains etc.
    I am so glad the Ensure supplement seems to be helping as well.
    I am a retired nurse & we have supplement soups & puddings . You can also make ice lollies etc by using the ensure drinks.
    Ken is like a different person , thank you for all you have done. Tell Ken love from Caernarfon North Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 xx

    • Yes!!! I am certain he would live that. Please message me privately with your messenger handle and I will assist him to connect with you

  • I am glad to see that Ken is getting all the help that he needs to get back to a normal life. My question is why was this allowed to get as far as it did without some kind of aid? I feel sorry for what this man had to go through to get where he is. I am going through this same problem as Ken now. My bank closed down my account with no explanation other than I don’t have a US mailing address. I am sitting here in Angeles with a social security check in America and no way of getting it to me. My Skype closed me down because they weren’t getting their money from the bank instead of trying to help me. It must be much easier to throw a person under the bus than to help him. US social security at the American embassy in Manila will only help two times a week, on Tuesday and Thursday, and only three hours each. Even when I call, they won’t accept my call so I must go away without help. I need someone like Paul to help me regain my life in the Philippines. How do I find one?

  • The old guy known for being major alcoholic and drug user. He is hopless. The video guy should be ashamed for using that old guy for attentionn and clicks.

  • Your a Saint for helping Ken, thanks an God Bless you both.
    I am 86 still do gardening, yard work. An drive. The secret is Positive thinking don’t associate with Negative people.

  • I’m adopting him as my grandpaw i don’t know how he stole my heart like he did & how he did it the 1st time ever watching. I wish I could be there to cook dinners for him or clean his house and just to share all types of stories like he was also my best friend.😊😊

    • I will tell her story after Ken board his flight. I hope to bring all involved in Ken’s journey. But for now, I am hyper focused on ken along with my personal obligations

  • Mr Ken’s UK family obviously need to step up and be responsible for his well-being. This is total BS . He’s become a total burden on the Philippines. Inexcusable!!!!

  • It only takes a simple act of kindness, You have done well going above and beyond helping Ken improve. You will be blessed for your kindness besides what u already feel in your heart.

  • Please get Ken some vitamin D3 with K2 and make sure he gets some magnesium glycinate he will feel tons better he’s an older gentleman and it’s hard for him to get all the nutrients he needs out of food due to his low stomach acid. We lose that as we age. He needs lots of potassium also. I think your a wonderful person for helping Ken out bless you.

  • Ty D for eveeything you are doing to help Ken! Ken reminds me of my Dad! I take care of my Dad because of his old age and his health. Take care D! And Ken, you got this Brother!!!!

  • God bless you for exposing Ken’s situation and getting help for him. I pray that Ken will be able to go to Wales. Again, may God richly bless you and what you do to help the people in need and are not able to help themselves.🙏😇😇😇

  • I just saw someone got that for him that’s wonderful she knew just what he needed now he’s going to be just fine

  • I love when people help take care of the elderly ❤❤❤❤ Thank you so much for helping Mr Ken you are a earth angel. 💯🙏🏽👍🏼

  • good to see u again. i see u r building muscles there ken. thanks for the update.
    many ppl that work in government service offices r plain rude. no courtesy at all. just bite ur tongue till everything is settled.
    take care all.

  • Please GET KEN SOME CASTOR OIL FOR HIS EYES, ORGANIC, NO PARIFINS, organic, IN GLASS BOTTLE,, drops directly in his eyes…. he’ll get relief….. and You’ve made my month!!!!!! Amazing what you’ve done and how you’d helped not only his physical state but his spirit!!!!!! God bless!!!! Loove you!!!!!

  • Happy birthday dear sweet Ken!!! 🎂🎂🎂. You are so brave….I’m so glad things are moving right along towards going to the UK! I’m rooting for you!

  • Derek your humanity and kindness shines through. Ken was on his death bed and you have helped to breathe new life into him. Blessings! ❤

  • I am not a doctor but I had the same condition with one eye where I was seeing red splotches. I went to eye doctor and was diagnosed with a vein occlusion which is bleeding out onto the retina. It will damage the retinal cells and I am partially blind in that eye. This is just my experience because I am diabetic. He needs to have it looked at by a optomologist.

  • I think you added 10 years to his life. That having been said as a American born white boy from Southern California living here 30+ yrs and a dual citizen I would expect Ken to respect and obey our immigration laws and get his status in line with what it right or leave my country we have enough people here that are indigent and living in squalor destitute. I would suggest he go home where he belongs because the Philippines isn’t his home he’s a tourist and was suppose to come take pictures and leave. I’m not being mean spirited I’m being honest. I lived here most of life now and despite being able to speak, the language, fluently, reading, and writing with the proper pronunciation, and being a Filipino citizen, I still know that I am a guest. Go Home Ken or get your act together. Maybe a SSRV is needed for Ken or leave please

  • Government is full of employees that couldn’t survive in the real world. My advice is just hang up and call again.

    So glad you are helping Ken. Big improvement for the ol boy!❤

  • Seeing Ken walking down the street with that walking stick, I was thinking I was going to see him jump up and click his heels. Good job!