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  • Derek & Ai, you all are amazing!!! This truly moved me, you are special bro! You have changed these kids life forever!

    • ​@Q Adventures if anybody can do it, it’s you and Ai. This is the greatest gift you could give them. If you give them 100 pesos, they can eat today. But by giving them an education😊, their whole family can eat forever.

  • You are a kind soul. You help those you see that try to help themselves. May God always bless you!

    • That is my purpose. World hunger is a legitimate cause, but not for 1 man like myself. I put an emphasis on those who has potential to help themselves

    • @Q Adventures Yes, and that is what makes your videos so good. People helping people. Keep up the good work!

    • Yeah. We have his back. We paying for his license and send him extras each month for incidentals

  • I think I am picking up a little disappointment in the fathers face, but at the same time I think he is also grateful.

    • @Christopher K yeh……I totally get that. I was just responding to the fathers expressions. I may have misread his reactions.

    • Very valid. At the same time, he should also feel very proud that he raised great kids by himself with the resources he has access to

    • @rayleo529  I just finished the video. It might be that he doesn’t understand English. I would suggest giving the father a gift too. It can be something small. That way, everyone is included.

  • @ Q Adventures. Derek you and your are truely amazing people in what you both do. Respect to ya bro..🙏

    • @Q Adventures what I meant to say Derek is you and your girlfriend are truly amazing people.
      Sorry I left her man didn’t mean to haha..
      Helping others is down to kindness and having a good heart.

  • What you both do is what we all should be doing in our own little ways. Lets build wach other up! OneLove friend!

    • I swear that at the end of this video I was singing Bob Marley’s One Love song. And now I come across your comments and I’m here like. What were the odds of this?

    • @xiko80 I’m glad you enjoy my contents. Please sure it with your loved ones. Maybe if enough people get inspired, we have a chance to offset the evil that is going on in other parts of the world

    • @Q Adventures I will do share it, o also watch the add until the end because that’s the minimum I can do and I want this channel to grow. One love brother ♥️

  • WOW😢U2 are kind hearted beautiful people who have hearts 💕 of gold! Brought tears to my eyes👍🙏😇. I too enjoy helping others who don’t have much $$. That’s family’s kindness towards you as a foreigner shows the character of who they are and how there parents raised them 👍🙏. Great job to the parents!!👍

  • In the Christian Greek Scriptures love toward the stranger (Gr., xeʹnos) is strongly emphasized as a quality the Christian must exercise. The apostle Paul says: “Do not forget hospitality [Gr., phi·lo·xe·niʹas, “fondness for strangers”], for through it some, unknown to themselves, entertained angels.” (Heb 13:2)
    Jesus showed that he counts hospitality extended to his brothers, strangers or unacquainted though they may be at the time, as having been extended toward him.🙏🧡🙂

  • wow I’m shocked you didn’t offer this to Gel, I thought Gel held a special spot in your heart

    • I can’t separate Gel from her natural parents. These 2 girls are older, more conscious of right and wrong, their mother passed a when they were real young and they are 3rd or 4th degree relatives of my partner Ai

    • @Q Adventures oh ok, don’t take it wrong I think what you did for Gel was awesome, also what your doing for these 2 girls are awesome. What your doing over there os also awesome my hat comes off to you

    • Don’t be silly. I didn’t take it wrong. Gel’s potential is amazing and she’s better off with her family. I will continue to mentor Gel in the background until her family is absolutely independent. These 3 kids have it much harder as their mother has passed on and the father works too much for too little to support 3 growing children

    • @Q AdventuresI did similar with 2 Filipina girls the last few years of their college so I understand the empathy ppl have to do this.

  • To help these wonderful people is amazing. I love the Filipino people and I hope to do the same thing with my girlfriend and help people that are struggling over there. I’m going to start a YouTube channel about my adventures there and I will do these types of things you are doing too. I think you are a great person Derek and I will definitely come visit you in Lapu Lapu while I am living in Ormoc city. I plan on going on adventures and seeing as much of the Philippines as I can and help as much as I can the beautiful souls of the Filipino people. I will be boots on the ground on the 28th of June. Landing in Cebu. I was thinking about staying at your place but I don’t know how far away from the airport you are and if my girlfriend,her son and I is too much or not. Thanks Derek for just being you and having a great heart. God bless my friend 🙏🏻 ✌🏻

    • Thank you brother. I had the same vision as you when I decided to come last July.

      It’s never too much but I only have availability till July 5th, 2 rooms. I am only about 20 minutes from cebu Airport

  • No more walking around the house naked for Q 🤣

    This is a great thing you are doing for these ladies and gentleman. I’m sure they will be appreciative of your gesture and put forth the effort to make sure the opportunity isn’t wasted. I so prefer and enjoying watching videos like this, giving back and helping others, instead of beach resort and hotels that every other YouTuber there has already shown.

    • 😔… but wait… I still have my private room with locks. 🤣

      Thank you for the support and recognizing my efforts

  • I like what your trying to do. The government looks at what foreign give and pays out. Stay out of trouble.

    • Yea gotta keep open mind to humanity. Sad to say I’ve acted like entitled foreigner to my girl in Davao. She has taught me so much and ldr is a mutha. But I see her in July and I want to be better for myself and then I pray for it to have snowball affect

  • I don’t know what else to say that everyone haven’t yet mentioned. Both of you are amazing human being.

  • I have so many things going through my mind right now that I want to say……but I know they will said over and over and over again. You are one of the most amazing people I have had the honor to watch on YouTube. People should strive to have half the heart that were blessed with. May
    God Bless you in every way possible and continue to let you do your work for many years to come!🙏🙏🙏

    • @Q Adventures Derek, I’m a 58 year old man sitting here at 6:00 pm with teary eyes and a runny nose, and I thank you for it my friend. The people who’s hearts you touch with this vlog will be epic. Bless you both ❤️

  • Damn, you Derek, and Ai, you making grown-ass man like myself cry! These things I take you two do together and it is just do darn beautiful!

  • I’m all cryin in my biscuits and gravy on a monday after work….i am a big fan of the ripple effect…i wonder how far it will carry through time? superb Mr.Q!

  • Derek and Ai, I’m glad to have the opportunity to have meet both of you. You are amazing people. I wish the best for the both of you, Until til we meet again. Keep the videos coming.

  • 20:20 give him the opportunity to work towards the gifts. He is a little bit embarrassed, let him give something back as a gesture to keep his pride.

    • He will have plenty of opportunities to do that. He also has for the 3 times he toured me for free

  • So are you stopping the room rents since the girls are moving in with you? Sure hope so

    • Yes. Of course. Safety is primary. Althought there is a still a 3 bedroom unit in the 4plex still vacant. Depending on the demand, I might get that to continue my support of my subscribers

    • @qadventures  I wouldn’t worry about your subscribers theyll be fine.. Some may visit there because of the girls. Possible? Many freaks in the world.

  • That is a wonderful thing you are doing with that family. I hope when I move there, I can do half of what you are doing. Your heart is in the right place and making dreams come true.

  • This is a story that made Me turn from the tv to 😢 May God continue to bless Your channel.
    I Watch You on the 77” but when I try to like or subscribe, I don’t know what else to do.
    So I have to come on my cell phone to like and subscribe sometimes.
    But I want to do it on my big tv

  • Derek and Ai, such a wonderful gesture. What you are doing is frankly one of the appeals of going to the Phils for me as well…where for relatively modest money compared to what it would cost in the west you can greatly change someones circumstance. How many times had you been around or interacted with this family before you decided to make this offer? Also, I am sure that Ai has had substantial interaction with them and is well aware of their situation.

    • Me… 4 times. Ai, quite a bit more. The kids’ mother was electrocuted to death at a young age. The father always hustling. The kids are left to fend for themselves and nutrition is not to par

  • Wow! you guys are amazing and changing peoples lives for the better. that family is amazing, what a great man and great kids. they’ll never forget this amazing opportunity. thanks Derek and Ai for all the wonderful things you guys are doing. not skipping ads and re-playing your vids, least I can do. Peace!

  • Why Cebu and not just stay in Bohol as they have great colleges here and could still be close to their family which is so important here. Bohol has a great reputation when it comes to some of the colleges here. Probably would just need help with their tuitions.

    • It’s also family circumstances. Their mother passed with they were young and the father has to put food on the table. These kids are left to fend for themselves. I have a business in Lapu-Lapu that they can learn from while getting support and stop eating rice with sprinkled chocolate and sugar

    • @Q Adventures Sounds good but I bet they will miss their dad, you know important family is here and their dad might miss them very much too. you know how crazy Lapu Lapu is compared to Bohol. I am helping quite a few kids (wifes nieces & nephews) go to college and all of them stayed here on Bohol but a few had to go stay close the the university in boarding houses and then do their OJT. and one of the girls had to go to Cebu for a few months for that. It’s great you can these kids here as so many need it. Don’t think they will stop eating their rice but at least they can eat it with some meat now.

    • 😊😇 yeah. They can bounce back and forth as frequently as they wish. I am supportive of their health and education

  • You will find a majority of the Filipino’s from Bohol are selfless and always willing to feed and help you. I broke down on the way back from Anda last Sunday and was helped to get my car running by the roadside people. If you get the chance take a trip to Anda as it’s paradise

    • @Q Adventures yep understandable, well if you ever get the chance check it out. We stayed at a resort about 2km away from the public beach there called White Beach Resort and we’re the only guest there and was so peaceful, unlike Panglao where you are constantly being approached by beach vendors trying to sell their goods. It is a great place to visit sometime if you get the chance.

    • @Q Adventures Good plan it’s great here, I live just up in the hills above Buenavista Community College where so many kids go to school here and someday might build a boarding house on our 3 hectares up here, if my wife agrees of coarse.

  • Derek and Ai, both of you are definitely doing god’s work 🙏🏽. It’s another tear jerking moment for me, thank you🤙🏽. 5665

  • Awesome! Blessing this family speaks volumes about your heart for others. May your lives be blessed in all aspects also.

    • No. I rent scooters in Lapu-Lapu. I also provide accommodations to my subscribers that come through cebu, but I think the room rental will cease since the 2 girls will be living with me in mid July.

    • @Q Adventures Nice! I will be looking for them scooters once I visit Lapu2. Glad you could help these kids.

  • I visited the Philippines for the first time in April for a week,I stayed in Cebu city.I loved my stay there,the people,food,culture,I plan on returning in feb for 2 weeks this time.would be cool to meet up with you guys and help a family in need if possible 🙏

    • For sure. We are extremely interactive with our subscribers and supporters. All of our guests are subscribers

    • @Q Adventures sounds good,I’ll keep in contact and we’ll figure it out and set something up when it’s a bit closer me landing 🙏

    • That’s what’s available. Agriculture or Culenary. That’s why I offered the 2 girls what I offered.

    • That’s the capital of the island and options are supposedly more available. But he lacked the transport and resources to study at a private institution with more options. So he goes to a government funded college and those were the options. I didn’t want to change his course of studies. What he’s studying, I can potentially start a farm for him to run

  • Well done Derek & Ali, you too are exceptional.
    Filpino are very emotional when big things change their life.
    Hopefully this will encourage them to do well and fulfil their dreams.
    Take care guy, great video, im sure im not the only one to get a teary 😢eye.
    Cheers from Australia 🇦🇺 👍

  • Wow, such raw and genuine emotion from that young man. You gotta be made of steel if you don’t cry or at least feel a lump on your throat seeing him trying so hard not to cry but couldn’t out of pure joy after receiving the key for the motorbike. Derek and Ai, you’re doing such a wonderful and unselfish deed here. The best script writers in Hollywood couldn’t come up with a better scene such as this. Why? because it’s real life situation. One of the best I’ve seen on YT. Congratulations and more power to you both.

  • Keep doing what you do best by helping these ppl god bless you with more blessings and road to 10k subs🙏🏼

  • Great video and very emotional as well. Looking forward to what happens in the future and what they will end up studying.

  • He’s speechless with all the blessing unexpected,rooting for their success.and hopefully in the future they would also help others the way you help them to give them inspirations to dream big for better future.and hopefully No boyfriend or girlfriend while studying so they can help also there parents 😊😊😊and give back to his Lolo of all the financial help that he gets…Sir you Made me cry 😢😢😢 God bless you sir Derek&mamAi for all the generosity that you shared to others♥️☺️☺️☺️

  • Wow your teaching to pass it on effect this will change the nation as a whole in due time. Keep up the good work my friend. 😊

  • The seeds that you are sowing in the Philippines will hopefully bear fruit when these guys continue to help others as well. I hope one day to be able to do the same.👍🏽🏝️

  • You help only pretty females, nothing for young men! You continue the imbalance in today’s society by making males invisible, where’s your empathy for the Filipino male!

  • Hi Derek and Ai, one of the best videos I have seen on your channel. You are doing great deeds for this family, and others you have touched. God Bless the both of you.

  • This got me emotional…. your such a great couple helping people they really deserve it i love this so much 🙂

  • Wow…just wow. I think i was more choked up than they were. The whole family was so modest and appreciative. Ive been following you for about a month now and ive watched all of your videos but i usually watch on my tv so this is my first comment. You and Ai truly have hearts of gold you make an adorable couple. I follow ten to twelve people in the Phillipines dating back to 2014 and you have quickly become one of my favorites. God bless you both for all that you do for the Filipino people. Ill try to stop by your first live stream tomorrow. Keep up the great work that you both do and a heartfelt God bless you from Johnny in Georgia, USA!

    • Johnny… you got ME choked up. I was just simply pursuing my passion that I had suppressed for a long time. I didn’t realize it would have this much affect on so many people in the world. I feel blessed to realize there are still so many good hearted people in this world

  • What a wonderful gift you both are doing to those deserving & humble. I will be coming mid next month for 4wks to use my skills to help with some community projects, visiting friends, make new friends & share the love of Jesus. I came last in 2013, God willing plan to visit yearly & hopefully learn Tagalog to help connect with locals 😃 Your blog inspires me too 👍🏼

  • I came to this video because the video of the two sisters moving popped up on my feed… I wanted to see the background story. They seem to be a good family. The hardship of live seems to be taking the toll from the father. I imagine he is a single father. I wonder if that is the field the young man wants to study or only doing it because it’s one of the few if not the only studies, he can get without having to pay. Good family a