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  • Derek, glad you made this video. My lifestyle will probably be very close to yours especially having sex in the hotels. No, for me I’m here right now, but after my 2 months are up and I go back to the states I’ll be back to live and updated videos like this helps the community prepare and get ideas and a prospective on life expenses. Thanks.

  • Maayon Buntag Derek, And a Happy and prosperous New Year to you and your girlfriend. Watched your video (thumbs up!) and thank you for just giving ‘the nitty gritty’ on your cost of living. And the miscellaneous cost that, we foreigners may encounter. Most importantly, I like to thank you for just being a good guy ! Someone that, I would love to just hang out with .. Officially today, (Jan 1st) here in Chicago, I have 3 years til Retirement. But, I booked my flight for the Philippines February 23rd. Once more my brother. Salamat ! You’re a breath of fresh air on youtube …Peace !

  • Ha! You made Ai blush ☺️ when u said ”Eat, Sh*t and have Sex” 😁 Another Good Video Derek. But what is your “Average” expenses for the month? Incase we want to “Ball” like you 😎Happy New Years to you both By The Way 🍾🎆

    • Yeah. I meant to make her blush. Filipinas are so conservative. My total fluctuates. All my necessities added together will be about $650. I travel a lot and I have been buying a bike or 2 for our business in the last 2 months, so about $3,000 or $3,500

  • Hello I have a trip planned to Cebu this coming May. Im looking for a place to stay for a few days I would appreciate any help from you finding a nice place to stay. Also what kind of license do I need there to ride a motorbike. I do have a international drivers license.

    • Hi Michael. You can reach out to me via messenger or whatdapp 1-626-626-6347 for the accommodation so I can have more details.
      The license you have in your pocket now allows you to operate a motorbike here for 90 days. Thereafter, it is your responsibility to get a Filipino license. No fancy international license needed here

  • Cebu is extremely hard to beat in terms of location, things to do, ease of travel to other islands, fresh sea foods, etc. But each of us are different. You have to spend time exploring the Philippines in order to discover a place or island that offers you that sense of overall contentment. Work as many jobs as you have too now to save as much as humanly possible. Establish a budget and live within that budget. It is your retirement, take ownership of it, and live your best life.

  • Hi i just saw your comment on SHARON LAPU LAPU Channel ,,
    A friend of Sharons is a Friend of mine ❤

  • Good video ,, good Information ,for people wanting to Visit or retire in the Philippines ,, My Rent in Manilla , 4,500 pesos 1 bed condo English money ,Roughly £80 ,,Per Month 😁😄 Salamat kaayo para magshare ,imo video .., Amping ka da lagi ❤i

    • @Q Adventures i know It is a great Price 😁😁 Water 200 P every month , Electric never more than 1,000 P No AIR con.. ,,,Most expensive WI FI 1,500 every month .
      My total without food ,, and travel ,, eating out for every month is 8.000 Pesos ,,£120 English pounds .. Dollars 140 Roughly ,, 😁😁 thats why I’m always smiling . Basic but Secure , comfortable , for me its a Beautiful Home . .
      Last week JUST for my Gas bill in England for one week ,,£140 ..
      It certainly is MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES 😄😄❤

    • Hi anders. Please feel free to reach out via whatsapp +16266266347 with specific questions. I wasn’t sure if you are referring to accommodation or motor rental

    • @anders streifeldt sure is for Rent ,, gas ,, electric , water ,, no air Con ,, just fans WI FI ,,, ,, but thats excluding travel food ,, if i allow £100 per week for food travel etc i am living like a king ,, I don’t drink . ,, have the odd glass of Red Horse at gatherings ,, So yes you can live Great on £500 per month ,, thats for 2 of you 😁😁 , just all Deepends on what lifestyle you want ,, me i love the Simple life ,, I don’t want to go to a swanky Restaurant , or buy a car or Motorbike ,, Sorry i better stop 😁😁🤣 getting carried away ,.. But 100% anyone with a pension or funds 500

  • Thank you for sharing. I appreciate your information. I’m from Hawaii and live here now. I like the idea that you rent out a room. Maybe one day my wife and I can visit for a vacation…🙏 Also, I just subscribed 🤙🏽 Aloha Dominic

    • @Q Adventures I shared this video with my Filipina and now she is expecting us to get mani pedi and facial together. 😃I am on my way back from Singapore. Will be taking time to travel around the Philippines with no specific timelines. I just want to relax and interact with locals with no pressure . Along the way way help people. We will be building a house in the Philippines Do you allow couples to say in your room? How do I contact you to check room availability when we are in your area?

    • Yes Raymond. I can be contacted through WhatsApp or Messenger. Both with my usa number +1-626-626-6347.
      Couples are welcomed

  • Cost of living will NEVER get old. People love them and the more different perspectives you can get the better you will be at making a general estimate of your potential cost of living if you live outside the Phillipines and you’re thinking of moving there.

  • There are expats on Siquijor Island in the Philippines paying only $40/month to rent an entire house right now!

  • thanks Q my girlfriend lives in cebu and i am coming there in june to see her.her landlord wont permit me to stay with her.maybe i could rent your room if its available.hope to meet you take care

    • Yes Joe. As of now, I have it booked up until end of March. If you have confirmed travel dates, feel free to reach out to me via whatsapp or messenger +1-626-626-6347 and confirm your dates with me so I can put you in my calendar

  • Thank you for the video . My wife and I are moving from Cavite Province to Cebu. We want to find a house in a subdivision close to Mactan New Town . How far from Mactan New Town from your subdivision ? Can you recommend any subdivisions ? Thank you

    • We’re about 10 minutes away from Newtown. My subdivision is called Bayswater. 2 bedrooms go for about 16k and 3 bedrooms between 20k to 25k depending on the owner.

    • @steve barrons
      I live in the Cebu Metro area. Trust me you don’t want to live in a subdivision. To many neighbors living on top of each other. I lived in a subdivision in Cebu and had to transfer because it was a large subdivision with many neighbors and they drove me crazy.
      Very noisy, with parties, karaoke, etc…….

      My advice find a house with very little neighbors ….avoid subdivisions at all costs.

  • @Q Adventures ,., In the future, could you say it all in Pesos? the rent contract is in Pesos right? electric and water and internet, everything is price in Pesos right?

    • Sorry for the confusion. I am still getting comfortable talking to the camera. When you here “10’s and 100’s” it’s dollars and when you hear “thousands” it’s in pesos

  • I’m in Lapu-Lapu by Marigondon crossing. I rent a furnished studio for 10k ($200). I’m solo. I have a motorcycle, but I like riding the bus or trike system. My biggest expense is dating. I like eating at home for healthy foods. During dates the food is terrible (salty, sweet, greasy, messy), but the local women love it. Yuck! I budget for $1500, but usually come in around $1,000, but I’m solo.

    • Yeah… I feel the same. We eat at home mostly. Looks like we’re neighbors back in the states AND here. I’m at Bayswater Mactan now. Let’s hook up for a meal sometime

  • Pare! Kool video. Question why aren’t you buying a home instead of renting? Just wondering. Im leaving the Bay Area and Moving to the Phillipines for good.

    • For multiple reasons, Joseph. Mainly, I am very particular about where and how I want to live and I am hyper focused on my businesses for now

  • H, thanks for the video.
    My family will be visiting the Philippines in May and will be there till the beginning of August.
    Can you help with recommendations for a rental?

    • Yes. Of course. Tell me what, specifically, you are looking for and where. Maybe whatsapp or messenger me +1-626-626-6347

  • I currently live in the Cebu metro area. I have been have problems finding a Filipino gf to live with because most don’t like “aircon “. They constantly complain if I turn it on. So i just live alone. Because I need aircon or I will sweat and be uncomfortable in my house. Have anyone else experience this with Filipino women? Any suggestions how to solve this issue

    • Oftentimes when one grows up living without a/c that person’s body becomes acclimated to a higher temperature. This remains throughout their life. For this person even mild a/c feels too cold. My wife loves a room temperature of 68-70 degrees. I can sit comfortably in a room or setting where the ambient temperature is hitting 81 degrees. It’s because I grew up in a place that had hot summers & without a/c.

  • Hello my friend. Great video. I’m an Englishman and hoping to live in Lapu Lapu on day. Is it possible in your opinion to buy a condo outright in the mactan area for £50,000 or around 62,000 usd. Thanks for your time 😊

    • Hi Christopher. Everything is possible depending on the timeliness, pre or post construction, number of beds, etc. Inflation is pretty aggressive in Lapu-Lapu and cebu area. With 50k to 62k today, you can get a 2 bedroom condo outright if you are confined to this area. With the same amount, you can build something pretty extravagant the next island over Bohol. Bohol is actually a great island as well as Negros on the other side. The more confined you are with location, the more restrictive it gets with your given budget. Feel free to reach out to me via whatsapp or messenger via my usa number +1-626-626-6347. I just accommodated the most beautiful soul of an Englishman just a few days ago and you reached out at the right time😉

    • @Q Adventures thanks very much for your detailed response my brother. Some great food for thought. I was thinking of Mactan for the location and ease of travelling to other parts of the Phils. I believe we “foreigners “ can’t buy properties there, but we can own condos. Thanks for your details also and congrats on the channel growth. Chris.

    • I was looking to buy a condo too BUT i think the benefit is renting a similar place would cost around 4000-4800usd / year fully furnished. So you arn;t locked down in 1 place forever. It would take you 12-14 years of condo living with having zero maintenance cost and the freedom to freely move to a new condo every month to change the scenery vs buying a condo in 1 place and then spending at least 5k usd furnishing it.

    • @PHDreamTeam good point my friend. I was just thinking that it would be nice to have something to own so i could deduct rent from my overall budget. Also something to leave the kids. Lots to consider 😊

  • Wow 480 usd for rent? Seems High. But I don;t know the size of house etc. For comparison, You can rent a 2bedroom condo furnished in Cebu city for 350-400usd/month. I personally like condo living that has a huge pool(s) and gym and security. And the fully furnished means I don’t have to buy anything extra. Just avoid eating at the Mall or ordering takeout everyday. The prices in the malls are pretty much same as AMerica. I don’t know how any Filipinos can even afford to visit the malls everyday. But its always busy.

    • My Sq footage is pretty generous, also with huge pool, armed guards and furnished. No gym though. I favor this place due to my scooter rental business and it’s convenient for me to park my inventory in my garage vs having to take an elevator to have access to my scooters. Plus.. it’s convenient for my clients to find me 15 to 20 minutes from the airport

  • Need some help. I need to move to Lapu Lapu or Cebu city in June. I work 100% remotely 8 hours a day . Anyone have condo recommendations for internet ? I am really worried as I here horror stories I can’t miss example 2 days not internet in a outage. So any recommendations be great.

    • Calm Joshua. I have 2 room available for rent. I have 150mbps download speed. If you want, you can rent for as long or as short of a period as you want until you find a permanent place. Reach out to me via whatsapp +1-626-626-6347

    • @Q Adventures yes very interested hearing more about your condo currently was looking at several in Lapu Lapu as I heard that area has very reliable internet in the bigger condo units. I am really looking for fair good price as well as I have a place still in the states I have to pay for. So Would like to know price furnished etc. as of know it be a June 1st – august 31. However, if things go good and I can figure out visas and a good private school for kindergarten for my 4 year old dual citizen daughter. I might stay school year. And sell my place in USA. However it all comes down to my job and if I can work it with no issues. Aka brown outs internet outages.

  • That’s cool good people might hit you up in nov or December looking for a place to live starting in Angelce then tacloban I’d like to meet Calvin then dumagette area see where I want to move to. Single 57

  • Thank you for the info, very informative. I am in the early stages of preparing to leave America for Cebu, I’m trying to collect as much pre-information as possible in terms of nice areas and cost, so this podcast was helpful. I will be checking out your other podcast.

    • Thank you Dr. Knight. You will see from my other videos that I am very interactive with my subscribers and very resourceful here in Cebu. If I may be of assistance to anything, please don’t hesitate to reach out

  • Get health insurance Reekay was in the hospital 5 days and it was $1000/day. That will cost you $500/month.

    • @Q Adventures Just have to ask around because sorry I forgot his name but there is an American that partnered with a Filipino to have an agency and he gave me much insight that is why I know it is $500 a month.

  • I’m a 40yr old guy from England it’s always been a dream to travel and live in the Philippines but if I’m being honest I’ve been nervous about traveling alone and thought maybe I’m too old but you sir are a inspiration so thankful for finding this channel 👍

    • @Q Adventures I have some loose ends in England hopefully I will find a buyer for my house. Job contract ends in November looking to travel out start of next year I would very much appreciate meeting up with you or stay at you’re property if you have room? What would be the best way to contact you? Many thanks again

    • Don’t worry all your fears r not true Philippines is a nice n beautiful country with many beautiful beaches majestic sceneries n so long u r a humble n easy going sort n willing to adjust to some discomforts u should pass the test

  • I appreciate your candor : Sleep , Poop , Sex , Eat ! The life’s basics . Enjoy your content! Subscribed. One of best massages in LapuLapu is located above the Sebastian Hotel . Which massage shop do you all use ? Also which Skin spa in LapuLapu do you use ?

    • We used to go to Evana for massages but they sadly closed. We now use Nuet Thai across from Gaisano Grand Mall Badak. They rough me up pretty good and I love it. Skin care I go to SM Seaside. Nothing worth mentioning in Lapu-Lapu

  • I would consider adding some graphics to videos like this. For instance, show a spread sheet of your expenses. Maybe the floor plan or more interior shots of the house when you mention you rent. Just a suggestion…

    • I am EXTREMELY grateful for the constructive criticism and suggestions. I am new to this and my sense of art is non existent. I will do that for my 3rd quarter update

    • @Q Adventures I dig your videos, quite informative. And am glad to hear that you’re open to suggestions. Maybe one day we’ll get to hang out in the P.I.

  • No need to for cost of living video I spend $7000 USD per month and enjoying my life, I have 2 girls whom I see.

  • Hi love your channel very informative . I watch most of you content since i bumpt into your channel just surfing.

    • Thank you for the support TopC. I am also very interactive. Pls feel free to reach out if I may be of assistance with anything

  • just found you guys now,,,, subscribed,,,, very useful info,,,, how far is lapu lapu from IT Park Cebu City?

    • Hi Bruce. Distance wise, it’s 18km (11 miles) from where i live in the far east side of Lapu-LapuCity. Time wise, it depends hugely on time of day, etc.

  • Do you have a Facebook account? I would like to pick your brain before I move to the Philippines?

  • I really love the breakdown. I always like to watch the cost of living videos for different regions because costs are so dynamic.

    Anyways, the flight pricing was incredibly interesting! I never knew that was the case. Anyways, great video and I subscribed.

  • New Sub here. I caught your video Pt. #1, helping a Filipina enclose her room. Awesome to see you giving back in your community. Great info here!

  • Enjoyed your honest presentation.
    I am coming in mid June to Manila first but have a “friend” in Lapu Lapu. No plans yet. Be there around July 1. Thanks again for the info. Cute couple😊

    • Thank you very much for the support. If your need a scooter, I have rentals. Keep that in mind if you need it

  • all of these cost of living in the filipines is just a guide, a template…just see who has similar lifestyle and you take it from there…easy. im not a spender, i dont buy much wants…maybe just a decent place to live for around 200.00-300.00/mo, then everything else falls into place from there as far as expenses….after the 200.00-300.00US/monthly apt/home rental…1000.00US/mo on utility bills, necessities (toothpaste, shampoo, toilet paper, etc…), food/groceries…1200.00-1300.00/mo for a single is doable…i know bcuz my bro has visited the filipines many times and his spending habits matches mines…he told me 1500.00/mo is more than enough for a person of one…keep in mind, this is based on location and his lifestyle.

    • You are absolutely correct. I live in a 3 bedroom huge house. Absurd for a single person to do the same. Do you. I am just a guide based solely on my experience

    • True, but they you can blend in a bit. You can get away sa Jeepney, tricycle. When you speak the locals just may think you are sosyal 😂

  • The more I watch your videos and others as well makes me desperate to go there mostly the humble friendly people, I would have never known that such a place existed in the world with a tropical paradise to add to everything, I am retired and making enough money to afford to expat to the Philippines but I have much to do before I go because I want my belongings to be safe while I’m there, eventually I plan to spend six months during the winter season there and six months the summer here, thank you for everything you do 😊

  • Hello, a question> how difficult would it br to live in the Philibins if you are wheelchair bound?

    • More difficult compared to the west but there are those who has done it. Less wheelchair accessible places but the more modern places are more wheelchair friendly. Maybe Dumaguete is preferred

  • Hey guys, happy new year even though I seeing this vid in June. Derek, what are you thoughts on van living in the Philippines? Basically I live very comfortably in a van in the US , have the ability to travel and do what I want when I want. I’m thinking I could buy a large van, build it out like an RV and be fully self reliant only needing a place to park. Thoughts please. Thanks

    • It can be done. But finding parking may be an issue. I would say it’s cheaper not to live in a van, but I get the nomadic lifestyle. Your van can be transported by ferry to go anywhere. It can work. Only inconvenience in finding parking but can be done

    • Have you heard of anybody else doing t his? As for parking, should be easy to rent a space , no?

  • I get what you mean about getting your nails done in the Philippines I just forego the polish and I have yet to get the facial though.😁