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  • Nice little business there, so many beautiful shells and items made of the shells. I hope their work conditions and pay is decent.

  • Hey Derick, I was wondering if you provided any help to the girl with the Depression issues. I felt really bad for her. I noticed you removed that Vlog.

  • @Q Adventures. Such an array of beautiful shells here Derek. I think the one’s hanging can be named as wind chimes.
    What happened to your last vlog Derek?
    I didn’t get a chance to watch it all bro..

    • Sorry Mark. The girl requested that I take the video down, so I did. I will talk about it in an upcoming livestream

    • @Q Adventures ahh ok Derek I didn’t know that. She seemed to be a nice girl and looked to enjoy you doing the vlog.

  • It just absolutely blows my mind that some dumb foreigner with a camera can stumble up (nothing personal my friend) and ask for a tour of anything and they are just so dang accommodating. Try pulling up to a gas station here in the USA and ask to see the back room or their home and see how far you get! These people are just so dang lovely. They don’t ask why, or expect anything from you, yet open up their whole lives to a stranger. I’ve seen this on several different Utube channels and it’s always the same. Extremely nice people willing to open their homes to you. No suspicion. No side-eye. Just totally amazing people everywhere. I would think that this doesn’t happen every time, but it seems like 95% or more of the time. Seriously gives me a bit of hope for humanity. God bless them, and you Derrick and Aei. You have touched so many lives there. I can only hope that I could do the same at some point. I truly hope to see you there in the (not so distant) future.

    • No offense taken at all. And it is true and a primary reason why I chose to Philippines to live in. Just lovely

  • I got into the aquarium hobby, and that’s like a goldmine. The prettier ones can be used as decoration, but even the crushed pieces are bought and mixed into the substrate to help balance pH levels. I grow algae on shells and alternate them to help with the cost of food for algae eaters.

  • Good decision to nix mountain girl’s video, not wise to exhibit mental health issues especially for young people

    • Thank you for the support. I’m here to contribute to humanity, not cause problems nor exploit. A viewer with 1st hand experience wrote me a compelling message, consulted Ryry and took it down instantly

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