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  • It doesn’t matter where one goes, you will always find somewhere just amazing. Philippines is just a beautiful country. Oh, hope you found your way to the highway. lol

  • This area was introduced to me by another vlogger that is a foreigner living in the area. He was either German or Russian living in that area with his Filipina wife and kids. The place is really nice but there is beauty all over the world we just have to be adventurous and be willing to find it.

  • I so enjoyed the trip but especially loved seeing all the activity on the Fishwasher River! 👍🏼♥️🇨🇦

  • The Maripipi island 🏝 is very beautiful and the scenery is amazing…. i love it…❤…
    Thank you Derek and Ai for taking us your travels 🙏🏻 ….

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