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  • Ai is so happy, she looks like she is about to jump out of her skin. Hopefully, this will be the first of many future international travels. What an fun experience.

  • So happy for you guys. Wow I would love to travel through an airport with such little traffic. Enjoy the trip guys.

  • Mr bum bum and Mrs red horse. When are you coming to visit me in Great Britain? Your bed is all made up for you. Can’t wait to see you one day

  • I’m very excited for you two 💕 I pray this is the first of many travels together. 💒🙏💕😇👍👍👍

  • I was in Singapore for F1 week back in September. You will love it!!! It’s crazy. So much to see. Plan for a couple of days at the airport alone. It is one the the coolest places in Singapore. I flew there via Scoot as well. They cancelled our return flight and had to stay there 2 extra night (at a significant premium due to F1)

  • Ai’s smile when she got thru customs was so beautiful it lit up the whole airport. It is so nice to see the joy she had. Thank you for sharing it.

  • The visa effect, AI is absolutly radiant and shining in that video! 🌟Very maganda, the immigration officer must have
    been trapped! lol Enjoy your stay!🙋‍♂

  • I think it’s good that they are trying to look out for the safety of the Filipina’s, but it’s sad that they make everything so difficult at the same time, even when traveling with their husbands. Hopefully having a stamp in her passport will make it much easier for her next time. I’m happy AI was able to get to see more of the world. I think it’ll be interesting to hear her perception of another country, and maybe if she’s willing, to compare the perception of another country (People, food, infrastructure, etc) to the Philippines. I think one of the biggest things about traveling to another country is opening up the mind more and see there is a whole world out there, not just the Philippines.

  • I’m surprised that immigration didn’t realise that she’s AI generated.😂 She’s happier than a kid in a Candy store.🍭🏝️

  • Hi. Happy to hear you’re going on overseas trip. Enjoy your travels. From Singapore, you can go for a day trip to Indonesia. Then another day, another day trip to Malaysia.

  • Nice. go to the Marina Garden by the Bay. Night time they play music. It’s awesome. Night River Cruise is also beautiful. My Wife and I love Singapore.

    • Marina Garden was the 1st place we went. Walked all day there and the Skyview observation deck across the way. Walked to Merlion, but was under construction so she was a little disappointed with just that

  • Ai literally made me excited for her from halfway around the world. Don’t get me wrong she always seems to be happy and in good spirits but in this video you can see her first international stamp and leaving the country is like a right of passage. Congratulations to you both and have fun on a well deserved trip.

  • Derek you sharing that First Big Trip is so Cool as Ai 😇looked like she is having the time of her Life and on her way to being an International Traveler 🌏 as the first time is the hardest and smart to go thru Cebu. I will Look forward to seeing and hearing it from her as pretty soon she’ll visit many places but may end up disappointed in the US after seeing some other Great countries. Her sincerity and Joy is so evident. 😂 Hope you have a Blast ✈😁

  • Please let us know when you do the other video about what documents and other things you need for a Filipina to leave the country.
    I am trying in Jan or Feb to get my Filipina some stamps in her passport also. She also has never been out of the country.

  • It’s really good she’s traveling with you, but just remember Philippines girls are totally different when they immigrate to a foreigners country,. call it westernized I think a lot of foreigners forget the reason they came to the Philippines for a beautiful nice down to earth girl, once you are over 50 in the USA you are invisible

  • Not sure if you are still in SG? your hotel is quite close to Bugis, so head there for street markets and shopping.
    Singapore has 2 national languages but one of them is English, so you should have no issue. All the signs are in 4 languages (English, Malay, Chinese and Tamil)
    If you have time visit Lou Pa Sat for dinner or evening snacks.

    • @Q AdventuresI thought my comment might be a bit late. Next time you plan a trip ask your viewers for places to go, as I’m sure you’ll have people watching who’ve been there. i lived in SG for a few years (my son was born there), also spent a lot of time in Jakarta (my wife’s family live there)

  • Lovely to see Ai’s excitement of her passing immigration and flying overseas for the first time 😊👏
    I’ve heard a lot of Filipinos give yes and no answers a lot and being too shy/nervous to answer instead of explaining more about the reasons for overseas travel and not sure of their itinerary sometimes causes problems.

    • Citizens of ASEAN nations don’t need visa to enter another ASEAN nation. Not Asians in general. Citizens from other Asian countries need visa to visit other Asian countries. Like, Indian and China nationals need visa to visit the Philippines.

    • That’s not true at all. It’s difficult for a filipina to leave the Philippines. Not so much as in entering a country, more so on leaving their own country

    • @Q Adventures My 52 year old sister wasn’t able to fly out from Iloilo airport to Singapore. The immigration officer asked her if she had Sponsor Letter from family and she didn’t have. I thought the immigration will let her through based on her age. But she was denied in suspicion that she might work in Singapore. Btw, sponsor letter is issued by Philippine Embassy in Singapore to certify that someone will sponsor the Philippine national’s expenses in Singapore but it’s not guaranteed. Philippine immigration has the last say whether you can leave or not. I didn’t get one for my sister as I thought she won’t face any problem. Well, she just went home and never tried to visit me again. Maybe one day.

  • Way to go Ai!!! That is so adorable seeing her light up for her first trip. Well done, and thank you for paving the way and showing us options for how it can be done.
    I’m 9:34 in and you’ve mentioned a couple of times it’s a very expensive way to get her first passport stamp – can you please share with us the approximate cost of the ticket/exit clearance (if it’s not already listed later in the video and I haven’t gotten to it yet)?

  • I know Paul Old Dog New Tricks had some concerns with baby Mae getting out of the country to go to Thailand but he said that they were more interested in how much money baby Mae made on YT and not concerned with with her leaving the country. My oldest son works in Singapore and thinking about a trip there. I watched a video about lawsuits in Philippines and that guy got me worried about moving there. The 1 year fee it’s your back ground check to make sure their are no lawsuits against you. Was this AI’s first time flying on a jet?

    • She was also worried but I asked of her to not. We either move forward or get turned back. Worrying won’t change the outcome.

      No, we have flown to Manila a while back

  • Does she have a sister? LOL She is always so nice and smiling and is so understanding to go along with you on all your adventures and helping everyone. You are a lucky man! Where are you from originally?

  • @Q Adventures just getting to watch your vlog now Derek. Awwww Its so good to see Ai looking so happy hehe..😅😅
    She’s like a kid in a candy shop lol..
    Enjoy yourselves and take care guy’s.
    Singapore airport is awesome and breathtaking. Beautiful country Singapore, but have never been myself.

    • @Q Adventures Yeah I actually heard that about Singapore Derek, coz there’s a few other vloggers I follow and they have been to Singapore and said it’s kinda expensive. The likes of Thailand, Cambodia,Vietnam and the Philippines are all prity cheap compared to the other Asian countries.

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