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  • I’ll watch them all. Subbed earlier when I saw Gels mom comment on AI video. Can’t wait. Beautiful to see all the kind things you guys are doing.

  • I think that Gil should not do too many videos because I don’t think she will have enough content to put out. I think it’s best to just shoot when it’s a special occasion or every once in a while to give an update on her life

    • I’ve just asked her to run the GoPro once a week. We can chop those videos up to 3 or 4 video contents through editing and upload every other day. All the background work will be done by others and not her personally so she can focus on life as a student and child

  • I have watched another channel Dustin Backpacks where viewers give him money with no strings attached and he then makes the donation on his end and he will usually say it is from a viewer that wants to remain anonymous and they know who they are…it could be his own money from You tube or it is an actual viewer….no one can say and there is no legal attachment. You have a good show I enjoy watching have fun .

    • Yes. I do something similar. The obstacle is when a donor makes a contribution with specific instructions attached like “this is for Gel’s Laptop”. If this contribution came AFTER her laptop is already purchased, it just puts me in a difficult position where I have to reach out to the contributor to see if they want a refund or figuring out what to do with it.

    • It is also illegal in the philippines to photograph or video people who are destitute or “poor” and ask for donations for them. They consider it an illegal charity at that point and the videos are considered exploitative. It might seem wrong, but it is the law there. Be careful with this stuff. You can be arrested and deported permanently, with very little due process. You know how the police work in that country.

  • Sometimes it’s quite sad to hear that people would just lie straight into your face. But that’s a think we have world wide, in every country and not only in the Philippines. So don’t give up on it, you are amazing and thank you for another great video.

    • It’s human nature and not specific to a race or culture. I am selective. I am not 1 to just pass out money for content. It’s a long endeavor

  • Please help Gel set up a Patreon acct. I’m sure it would help her. Too bad it can’t go into a trust just for her that she could access when she is 18, on her way to college.

    • We can and will set the trust once it reaches a certain monetary breakpoint. We will also file an LLC on behalf of the family to properly manage finances so neighbors and relatives won’t prey on them and Gel’s future will be more secured

  • wow….ppl are opportunistic for sure…….but Ai will be able to filter them out as she knows the culture. Suggestion: Give help tht is earned……example if u get A’s in school u are rewarded…….does not have to be money………involve whole family to support objective. Example: Son wants to be a famer…….tour a nearby successful farm for day if grades are good with a overnight with family…….just my two cents…….as an outside person……

    • Great suggestions. Keep them coming. I love it as I DON’T know it all and ever learning 🫶

    • @Q Adventures that’s what makes your content so good 🙂

  • I totally understand about not wanting to start a charity as money involved is better spent to those in need and you desire to help. And I see the difficulty and burden to make a choice of who to help and how since you can spend money only once. Some take advantage and try to get help in a selfish manner.

    But I would also like to share that you most likely attract some storms and thunder from where you expect it the least. You should at least prepare yourself for. And that’s actually coming from other foreigners/vloggers either from within the Philippines and/or outside the Philippines.
    Even when most subscribers enjoy watching people helping others and are moved by the reactions of those who are helped and many love to support and donate as that’s the best they can do since they don’t have there boots on the ground but still can whiteness immediate effect of there donations, there are many sick foreigners who would go after you spreading claims that you are scamming or even try to turn the table and make you look like you are living in expense of the poor.

    I don’t say you should stop helping others. But get yourself mentally prepared for those claims and even YouTube channels that are dedicated to slander your good intentions. Keep going but above all, keep strong 💪🏼

    • Thank you for that… I already have a few naysayers and I simply block them from commenting on my channel. It’s just 1 simple click. I was in Commission Sales all my life. I have pretty thick skin🫶🙏

    • Sadly what you said is true, what they have going for them is they actually follow through repeatedly with projects so it is harder for the internet trolls to make accusations. Like he says he’s in it for the long play but I am sure behind the scenes he has already probably experienced what you talked about. I try to go through the comments and call “BS” when I see it and I hope as the community grows others will follow suit, when the trolls get pushback eventually they move on.

    • @𝐁𝐫𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝑺𝒐𝒍𝒖𝒕𝒊𝒐𝒏𝒔 Personally I think it’s best to block/ban and ignore them entirely as any pushback given is energy wasted to the wrong cause. Because unfortunately I know some are very dedicated to slander and cause issues as much they can.

      My best advice is to help those in need as much as possible. And even better to stay on the safe side of things, Ate Ia and Kuya should never explicitly ask for a donation for a specific goal. Instead, surely they can ask for donations but be clear that donations are given only from the heart and to be used at their own terms as how they wish (not accepting donations with a specific purpose or goal given by the donator).
      Donators should simply give from their heart without expectations or requirements. The vlogger Filipina Pea does this in my opinion perfectly. If she ever shows generosity, she clearly states she won’t accept donations to give to others. This way she can honestly state that whatever she does comes from her own pocket 👍🏼
      Viewers and willing donators can surely read between the lines and it surely does not make them stop donating as they see how others in need benefits from all blessings ate and kuya receive.

  • Went and subscribed to her channel, subscriber #49, awaiting her 1st video. I find the humanitarian and educational type videos far more entertaining than some high school drama filled channels. The happiness you can bring to others from helping them far out weighs the costs of doing it. I commend you and Ai for what you do to help others that are TRULY in need.

    I also agree that starting a charitable organization isn’t the way to go. The amount of money it would take just to start, then to keep it running would be better spent helping a LOT more people. Don’t invite the government into your house if you don’t have to. Just keep doing what you’re doing, helping 1 by 1, and getting to appreciate what all your efforts are for. I hope you and Ai have a great day.

  • I remember when Calvin was helping a family in the squatters area, they took advantage of the situation. Sometimes trying to help can backfire on you and it seems like this family have become used to conning people who try to help them. Also be careful handing out cash on camera I think it’s illegal. Keep up the good work and stay positive. 👍🌴

    • Yes. I don’t think I have ever handed out cash. Just not my flavor. And these bad experiences won’t hurt my efforts. I will continue to pursue my heart

  • I was thinking in the back of my mind watching your videos that when you help selective people that it would create situations of jealousy with the neighbors and even siblings and family members. That’s human nature but probably even more so in the Phils. Im glad you shared some failures. It’s not easy what you are doing. But keep up the good work with your philanthropy

  • That’s great Derek and Ai! Looking forward to your live Derek. I subscribed to Gel’s channel, looking forward to her videos too.

  • There will be many more opportunities in the near future for you and Ai, to help out. I think you guys are doing awesome work in the PH. There are many unfortunate stories to be told. Good luck in your next adventure. I just subscribed to Gel’s channel. 👍

  • So sorry that they tried to take advantage of you like that. And, subscriber 114 for Gel’s new channel!

  • Good morning ☀️ U2🌞. More power to you brother 👍. Your kinds hearts and caring for less fortunate people you meet is a BLESSING 🙏. Eyes do say a lot about a person. Keep doing Gods work 👍. Never change your ways 👍🙏Blessings 🌼🌺🌸

  • Looks like I’m a little late to the party. I’m subscriber #147 already to Gel’s channel. You two are amazing people with huge hearts. There needs to be more people like you two. (I’m subscribed to both of you, by the way.)

  • I arrive in Mactan Airport July 3, i need to donate a computer to Rise above foundation in cebu, then might stop by. No reservations yet

    • Excellent. I am not sure what you are speaking of in regards to reservation. If you are referring to my room accommodation, I, unfortunately, don’t offer accommodations anymore as I will be having 2 of Ai’s nieces staying with us. If you need to rent scooter(s) we can provide that…

    • @Q Adventures no reservations anywhere yet.
      Recommendations? Cheaper beach resorts in Mactan. Maybe I will airbnb Newtown condo

    • Newtown condos are nice, but a little expensive if you don’t mind the price. I haven’t been active in the rental market for a while. How are is your stay?

    • @qadventures  30 days. Manila bgc 2 days then Mostly cebu Island. Travel by bus or boat. Maybe rent bikes in province area’s. Siquior, bantannyon or Duma. Moalboal and oslob. Whaleshark and waterfalls.
      I’m from Victorville CA

  • what i like most about your channel is its not about will you marry an older foreigner like 90% of channels seem to be

  • Your philanthropic desires are noble however if you start with one child at a time by adopting a boy or girl to give them a good chance of success in life.

    • Adoption is a long and rigorous process. Although I will be having guardianship of 2 girls and sponsoring thier adult brother through college as illustrated in the video “Blessing 3 kids with a fighting chance”

  • The saying “No good deed goes unpunished” is unfortunately real and those of us good hearted people get burned once in awhile. I’ve learned many lessons the hard way also and it teaches you to trust your instincts. Those in need of a hand up in life will work with you to make their situation better. Those who take a handout and do nothing don’t receive my help anymore. Your on the right path my friends. 👍🙏😇

  • I agree with comment below about humanitarian but like you said in another video no good deed goes unpunished and your correct about charities not much of the money sent goes to the actual cause, I learned about that when wife worked for a non-profit and yes I subbed to Gel channel

  • Sadly and unfortune that there are some everywhere that try to take advantage of an extending hand. I myself have had a run in with something like that, and it made me more untrusting of others.

  • You’re doing great! You’re very clear and direct with your words. Your videos are entertaining and interesting and to the point! It’s good to see people like you helping out those with needs. Glad to be a subscriber and Good luck Dereck.

  • Subscribed to Gel’s channel! I’m truly hoping she can use this and better her and her family’s lives.

  • Subscribed to Q Adventure and also Angel’s channel. I applaud you my friend in all that you’re doing. The Lord has placed his hand on you. God Bless My Friend.

  • I’m a new subscriber I just subscribed after watching this video. I subscribed because I’m in total agreement about helping people in need. I thought your videos would be interesting. Can you tell me, who is Gel? Either I missed it on this video or she’s from past videos that I haven’t watched.

    • She is in a 3 video series that I have done. The 1st being titled “Humbling Mountain Community Tour” check it out. It’s a must watch

    • @Q Adventures great job on helping others in need by the way. Maybe I’ll be able to help in the future

  • Derek I think you are a nice guy but you are naive. Obviously when people saw you help one family fix their house others in the neighborhood would ask for help. Also, I think you are overly nosey when searching to help people. That seems nice but let it happen more oganically without being as nosey and in people’s business. To try and care about every person’s situation is a bit ridiculous. Funny story about the girl acting like she had a medical issue … she probably was trying to extract money out of you somehow. There are many people who will try to extract money from a person who is willing to help and that they think has money.

    • Yeah. I think you read wrong but I appreciate your concerns. I am not trying to help everybody. Everybody is spontaneous and random. I vet every story before I make a decision to go forward or pull back. Not to be nosey would be naive of me to take every word at face value. People can choose to not answer and I immediately back off. I held a career in sales, I have pretty thick skin

    • @Q Adventures do you speak Vietnamese? I think you said you were Chinese but from Vietnam. My ex wife was Vietnamese and I have spent a lot of time there. Have you been back there?

  • huge congrats 10K subs! boooom! subscribed to Gel’s channel. looking forward to Gel’s channel and supporting her. keep up the awesome work guys. Peace!

  • it really is a difficult job and we must be very careful, we need to keep a safe distance, whenever I can I help anyone who asks me, there were occasions when I would meet someone on the street and they would tell me a story, days later they would tell a different one, I can’t donate now but i will do it soon

    • Yes. It’s pretty tedious. But fortunately, I spent my career as a sales professional. So I am able to read people just a little

    • Sad to say I am subscriber #275 about an hour ago (I wanted a lower number haha). On a positive note I just checked and she now has #310 subs. That’s exactly 10 subscribers in 10 minutes since your post, that’s so cool.

    • @𝐁𝐫𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝑺𝒐𝒍𝒖𝒕𝒊𝒐𝒏𝒔 How do I see what Subscriber number I am? I never thought about this before..

    • @sterling557 I only know because I opened a tab and subscribed and went back to the tab after a read the comments and she had 275 subscribers which made me 275 then i refreshed after I read his post and saw the updated subscriber amount and it was exactly 10 minutes after he posted his comment, that’s the only reason I knew

  • I applaud your philanthropic desires. I have a suggestion on how to find deserving people.

    First, a brief bit of background: I also enjoy doing philanthropic work. I got burned many times and used each time to teach me. Over the years, I learned we are all born with magnetic energy.

    Magnetic energy in our lives is what pulls to us (and pulls us to) the people, things, places, and opportunities to live our dreams. It is also the energy which pushes away the people, things, places, and opportunities that take away from our living our dream.

    Babies are full of magnetic energy. Because of it, every need they have is often taken care of. Unfortunately, in a monogamous life, usually by the time you are 30 and get into a serious romantic relationship, you shut down your magnetic energy instead of keep discovering, exploring, developing, learning about, experiencing, and harnessing your magnetic to help you live the life of your dreams.

    With developed magnetic energy, you live your best life tuning into your inner being and become your best self, living your best life. Your magnetic energy goes out from you like radio waves from a radio tower and gets tuned in and received by people who are a match for your own vibration.

    Going inward in yourself learning to be at your best energetic self when you search out people to help. Being anything less than your best energetic self and you meet some of the wrong people because your energy connects with them instead of who you want.

    Have you ever known someone who got out of a bad relationship and nearly all their words, feelings, and thoughts focused on never wanting another bad relationship like that and what happens? They end up in another bad relationship wondering how it happened.

    It happened because the energy they put out was focused on what they did not want, not on what they wanted. So here is my advice:

    1. Be clear about what you want, what kind of people you want to help, what you want to do for them. Write it down. You can always make changes later but begin by being super clear about this.
    a. Imagine going into a restaurant with a 10-page menu of the most amazing smelling, looking, and sounding food in your entire life. You want it all. You cannot possibly eat it all and so you must make a choice for what you want the most in that present moment.
    b. Make a choice. Don’t be afraid to go wrong, it is how you will learn by making mistakes.
    2. Each day, read your written down choice.
    a. Feel into it, put yourself in that place of feeling what it feels like to do exactly as you desire. Feels good, doesn’t it? As you are feeling it, visualize it and see it.
    b. Experience the energy of doing exactly what you desire to do. As you are out and about, allow your radio tower to broadcast that energy.
    3. Connect with the right people who can help you make good choices. People like teachers, business owners and employers, barangay captains, politicians. Communicate to them your choice of who you want to help and to what level you can help them.
    4. Let the opportunities magnetically come to you through third parties. Do not chase them.
    5. And this last point is the most important one; have fun yourself! When you are having a ton of fun with limited resources doing philanthropic endeavors, your energy will life up far more people than your hard work and money.

    • Thank you. I feel this is something I should read in its entirety, but I have a bad case of flu now. I’ll get back to it

  • i am 339 to subscribe to Gels channel. Looking forward to bing watching her videos 2 or 20 times each
    lets get her up and running and monetized asap

    • If someone knows her and reach out, I am not oppose to it. I don’t know her or anything about her so I can’t carry an intelligent conversation with her

    • @Q Adventures i also would like to donate some money to help her, are you working on setting up a way for her to accept donations directly or is that not permitted by YouTube because of her age?

  • I am Subber 381 on Gel’s channel. All power to you and your Mrs, Derek. Did you know that in the UK the name Derek, folks call you Del, or Del Boy?!.

    • No. But my Canadian tattoo artist friend who was just here joking called me Dirty D and we laughed about it for a few weeks

    • @Q Adventures There was a hit UK series called Only Fools and Horses with Dell Boy as the central character. He was actually Derek but the English have a nickname for most Christian names. It’s an English comedy classic show.

  • Mountain Angel Diaries sounds Great 🥳♥️ (Yay! I helped😃).
    Q you are doing a great job helping who you can. Very admirable!

  • Hello once again Derek, there’s a mixed bag of good and bad news in this video. I was delighted to see you’ve moved quickly to get Gel’s channel established and now I’ll eagerly await to see what she does with her diaries. With regard to establishing a record of getting monetized I think you got a hard uphill battle, especially until she gets more then a handful of videos up. I say that because I’ve seen video’s out there in the YouTubeverse of people bragging about how quickly they got monetized. I don’t care about that so I’ve not watched any of those videos so I have no idea how quick a channel would need to grow to get the title of the fastest. I’m not trying to discourage you from trying I’m just warning you to not get your hopes too high. One thing you can do now to speed things up is to try to drive as many of your viewers as possible to Gel’s channel and subscribe right now. Even though there is no content yet people can still subscribe and there is a requirement of a certain number of subscribers as you know in addition to the number of view hours. As of this moment as I write this Gel has 381 subscribers which is great. She’s well on her way. Of course I am one of those. I heard recently that YouTube has reduced the required number of subscribers from 1000 to 500 if that is true then Gel is close to resolving that requirement and that will speed her to monetization as quick as anything else. As far as I know the view hours is still at 4000 to achieve monetization. So another important thing to speed things up for Gel is to try to get as much content in place as possible when her channel goes live so to speak. More videos will make it possible for all those subscribers to get her above the 4000 view hour requirement. Of course as I’m sure you know it’s not automatic, meeting those requirements just opens the door, Gel will still need to step thru that door (join the YouTube Partnership Program) to become officially monetized. A seperate thing Gel could establish to start bringing in money as soon as possible and maybe be able to benefit other members of her community is to establish some sort of merch program. I realize that is tricky given her circumstances and just how things are there in the Phillipines as far as being able to ship things. I was thinking though if anyone in her family or communty makes handcrafted goods to sell to tourists maybe she could also sell that as merch? Realistically that’s probably a good ways down the road but you likely have a better idea of what it would take since you’re there and know what is involved? In my idealistic view of things I’m imagining her father loading up the truck with orders to take to a shipping point when he goes on his banana runs. He could drop whatever they have to ship out off first and then get his load of bananas to take back afterwards. I mention this because every successful YouTuber I’ve gotten to know has all said they get more money from a successful merch store then they do from YouTube. Anyway, I’ve put that bee in your bonnet I’ll let you decide whether or not it’s something that is doable or not. Now on to your efforts at philanthropy. I was saddenedd to hear what happen to you and Ai with that family you attempted to help. Alas this is exactly the sort of thing that results from how foreign influence has corrupted things there. I’m not blaming the locals, they play a role but they’re ultimately doing what they can to capitalize on the opportunities that exist they’re in survival mode. The situation is so desperate there right now you can’t really blame them and really it’s no different then what you see happening in homeless communities here in the states. There you have all these foreigners going there sold on how they can live like kings off a retirement benefit that in their home countries would still have them in poverty. The thing is, most of those people are not prepared for the heart wrenching poverty they encounter there and so it’s easy to want to try to help people out when they suddenly find their monthly income stretching so far. It’s been going on like that for decades and the opportunities are growing ever greater as more and more people seek to live like kings. Now as far as what you experienced I think some of that was a setup, especially with the mother and the vendor who turned out to be an auntie and hey maybe even all of it. It’s hard to judge by the brief story you told. I would imagine that somewhere inside it bothered you when you started to suspect you were being played, which is only natural. I want to give you something to consider though that might make you feel a little better. The brief health scare you had, sure it might have never happened if you never announced an intention to continue to help after the meal but there is another possible explaination. Now to you or I the food you gave them might not seem like it was all that rich but you have to consider that some people there are so poor they may be going for days without food and/or eating plants that amount to little more then grass or weeds that they pull up from their surroundings. If someone has been surviving long enough like that then suddenly being given good, healthy, normal food can sometimes be overwhelming to thier bodies, especially if they already have issues due to malnutrition. So that one girl’s reaction might have been genuine but was just a brief attack and it was just coincidence that she seemed to miraculously recover when you started talking about calling for an ambulance. Another possibillity is that when it started to sink in that she might be sent off to the hospital fear could have kicked in? If their situation truely is as you described and they were surviving like Peter Pan’s lost boys then the thought of one of them going to the hospital could be terrifying since I doubt all of them could go to look after their sister and whoever did go would weaken the ability of the rest of them to survive. So once the possibilty of that happening sunk in she might have just acted like she recovered to stop that from happening There’s a whole lot that could have been going on there as an effort to milk your kindness for all they could but it would take too much for me to go into detail about all I was able to suspect. Since I don’t really know though and am just imagining what might be, there isn’t much point in discussing it further. I’ll just say this, if the mother is in a situation where she is working so far away that she’s gone from her kids as long as she is, i have a hard time believing she would risk the meager job she supposedly had to rush back home, lose pay and all in the hopes of maybe catching you guys before you disappeared. What sounds more believable is that there is no job and the mother was hanging around near by and the job was just a story to set up the heart wrenching situation of all these kids living in extremely poor conditions in order to draw out the kindness of strangers? Anyway enough of that. On to just your philanthropy. I realize in the past month or so you’ve seen your subscriber numbers double and you’ve probably been getting much more views on some of your more recent videos so I could see where you might feel like you’ve suddenly been blessed with more income and that allows you to be able to do more acts of kindness. That being said, you’re still way too small to be throwing money around or buying food for people or building materials, you need to wait until you get to silver, preferably gold play button status before you start considering that. Even in the Philippines where money goes so much further. You also need time to be able to recognize the dangers and the pitfalls such as all the neighbors seeing you do something kind for one family and they suddenly expect you to do the same for them. I’m sure you know this saying and for now this should be your guiding principal “Give a man a fish and he will eat for one day, teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime.” You kind of did both with Gel, the birthday party was lik giving them a fish but it didn’t backfire on you because all the food was shared with the community which helped to keep the green eyed monsters away. What you are now doing with Gel by mentoring her and helping to get her channel started is more like teaching someone to fish. If all goes as you and many of your subscribers hope the proceeds from that will lift her family and community up so they can maybe have a better life, from their own efforts. I think the reason why the government has it’s rules about raising outside money for the locals is to try to prevent what happened with that other family. Not just to protect them from ending up in a worse situation but also to protect foreigners like yourself from becoming discouraged and wanting to give up and leave. People like you staying there and spending into the economy for your own happiness is good for the Philippines it injects money into the economy which in time will lead to more businesses and more work opportunities. I realize what I’m saying to you is probably not what you want to hear. I would be just like you if I were there and I saw all these wonderful young people so full of potential living in totally unacceptable conditions. It tugs at your heart and makes you want to do whatever you can to help. If however you give too much of yourself too soon and too often it won’t be too long before you find yourself in a bad way. So for now, to be able to do the most down the road you need to be very careful and take small baby steps. i wish you luck and I’ll give you all the support I can which isn’t much since here in the US I’m not much better off then Gel’s family in certain ways. With advice, encouragement, insights though I’m a wealthy man and I’ll give you all of that , to my best ability. 👍

    • Make sure that your comments are correct and brief. So that we RCA (reading comments association ) can go to the next without delay.

    • @Iziehingbe Lunggalang you wont like my comments either then because unfortunately I suffer from writing “books” in the comments feed to so I’m sorry in advance lol 🙂

    • @Iziehingbe Lunggalang No need, my comments are for the channel owner only, not for you or anyone else. So when you see one of my comments just feel free to skip over it immediately and move on to the next one.

  • Monotization has changed just recently this month to just 500 subscribers so it’s a moot point the record bro.

  • at the very end of your video i saw my name on your board hahaha.looking forward to the livestream take care bro

  • Hey i havent commented here before but yeah just wanted to say firstly Shout out to your beautiful wife Ai and and to you Derrick your a ripper bloke and i love what you 2 are doing on your channel i enjoy the content but i really love all the help you are trying to give to families and people or are so geniune and struggling. Its so nice to see the smiles on there face when you interact with them and i loved the Angel episodes. What a lovely beatiful young sweet girl who is so nice and heart of gold… i sub to her channel and am on all 3 channels now so just love what your doing and keep it all up mate. Cheers from Australia 🙂