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  • Some people don’t read or write when she talk about school it to buy books for school she has to go to her business after school to check bthe income and keep for buy products

    • Oh…. you will be in front with the inflatable dinosaur suit, brother. You are part of the equation in marketing for her

  • Stay away fr her business or you will affect her business can’t she a foreigner or Philippines won’t buy

    • @@qadventures you have to love it when people comment about Filipino culture or the people and never have been there. There are plenty of Americans involved in many business adventures in the Philippines. People need to stop thinking that Filipinos aren’t in appreciation of foreigners. Just like you enjoy Filipinos and there lives so are Filipino people wanting to know about foreigner experience

    • @andyh5822 yeah. I leave those comments alone. This last time that I was getting ready to board my flights to the Philippines for the 5th time, my auntie dictated an entire 20 minutes of itinerary to me and she had, never once, been to the Philippines. When she told me to be careful of mountain communist guerrillas in the middle of cebu, that’s when I drew the line and told her to shut the f**k up. Gives ke a headache

    • @@qadventures be well my friend and keep doing your thing. I love the Philippines I love my family and I appreciate you.

  • The mother Carnt get birth cer because baby May been born not in a hospital or she Carnt read or write

    • I thought about this too, but then I realised what Derick is doing is so awesome, empowering her to have a profitable business will not only enable her to take care of that for herself but also help her siblings and parents.
      Derick’s approach of empowering people to help themselves is so admirable, so much better than just helping with short term needs 👍

    • Yes, you can see she’s not comfortable smiling so she’s covering her smile to hide her teeth. That breaks my heart. Would love to help donate a little bit to fix her smile.

  • She is so beautiful and looks so intelligent – like she could be a doctor. Thank you so much for what you’ve done for her.

  • Why is everyone negitive on this video be happy she is getting help from Q and his subscibers. to help her do her school projects and start a business in future. Jeesh Such Crabs there Jealous.

  • I pray that everything works out for this young lady and her sister sister thank you for helping her derek❤ Dennis james

  • Ok, that one got me teared up. Actually the young lady has a very smart business strategy, open when the other countless BBQ places are closed so no competition and she can work it and train her mom what to do. Open near school and church she gets all the kids from school for lunch, both morning and afternoon classes and Sunday traffic from church. Very smart business plan for a 16 year old. Even when she goes back to school, it is close so she can go to lunch and check on the business.

    I have a few marketing ideas as well, so if it turns out that this project is a go then “I am all in” as well. I will provide her with whatever technical and marketing services she may need to make her business “The BBQ” spot to go. I think she could market it as built by a student for the student, she will know all the little details about kids having a limited time from school for lunch and the struggles or obstacles. Maybe do a “student lunch special” at a lower affordable rate to attract the kids from school. Also, I think a mobile app with a menu for ordering and pickup as well as a website or whatever else she needs.

    As long as she is willing to follow your mentorship and commit to school and helping her sister with her own education I say we help build a BBQ like the Philippines has never seen before. Actually, I’m kind of excited for her and I hope this works out.

    • It’s a very simple business that only requires about $300 or $400 start up, Doug. Before proper research, I am guessing she has the potential to make $40-$60 profit per day which is even better than those who work at call centers for $300/month entry level

    • @@qadventures as i said her location idea sounds great, I think a mobile app would be good since kids have the phones for school anyway. it could be used for marketing and ordering

  • Anne Marie ❤Such a Smart intelligent motivated Young Lady @16 So Hard Working To Help Her Self & Family ❤ Often Given the Opportunity ! Filipinos Can Achieve Amazing Results 🙏🏝️🌴🎄🇵🇭Thanks Once Again Derek Ai & Salamat Tony ❤✅ AUSTRALIAN-GUY

  • Another awesome story man, do you have a rough estimate of what it could cost to fix her teeth? I have a feeling that could help her with confidence and be a tad less shy.

    • @@qadventures If you stay on this path you will help that neighborhood a lot. It’s such good work. Like Gold Finger’s helmet program in Dumaguete. Keep it up! Very happy with your content.

  • Here in the States, most schools require (or provide) a laptop or tablet. In PH, a cell phone would be alternative way (and less expensive) to complete projects that she mentioned.

    • It is incorrect that most school in the states give their students proper technology. Right now in the states most teachers don’t have proper budgets for teaching supplies let alone technology. In suburbs sure but look at major cities like, Philadelphia, Camden, Baltimore, all along the eastern United States, the Appalachian area kids lack in school needs also. Ask a public school teacher that spend about 1/6 of their own salaries to support the needs of their classes.

    • @@andyh5822 Yes, some locations don’t have access to the latest technology. However, the vast majority of American students have internet and computers. I work in the field and see it directly.

  • Great video Derek 😊🙏🏼

    Very happy for Annemarie 😊👏🙏🏼
    Tony you’re a blessing 🙏🏼

  • Great video! Prayers for her and her family…and you Derek (and Tony) for making a difference that is meaningful and lasting.

  • Well done Derek and especially Tony Persuad for the generous donations he has made. You guys are both champions in my books. Wishing EdMarie all the very best also. It’s a tough life but they try their best to achieve something. Much Respect! Jim from Down Under. ❤

    • @@qadventures i always appreciate you reading my comments and I mean reading my comments it just wasn’t fluid. I know you edit your videos and you are new and I enjoy your work it just wasn’t smooth. It felt like it was a last minute throw together interview. Your videos are actually better when Ai is there you seem more comfortable and almost more comfortable

  • You have to do more stupid spa and restaurant videos. I’m really getting tired of tearing up watching you change an entire family’s life. Derek, God bless you. I wish I had the ability to do more than comment. She didn’t even see the phone. Just holding it in her hands was enough for her. If you did that in America the girl and the phone (though not good enough. Should have been the Apple 30 or something) would be off to prance around making TikTok videos in her underwear. Today you have begun to pull an entire family out of poverty (once again). I really hope that one day I can meet you and Ai in person. You are both Saints. 🙏🙏

    • Watching it through is more than enough. I never ask for anything. Just so happen I have a few guardian angels watching and supportive of what I do…

      Ok… more spa videos, just for you

  • I am curious, how does the life look for someone who is not registered? Can they own land and house? Can they get a normal work and pay taxes? How does the police handle offences commited by, or towards people who “does not exist”?

    • Absolutely not for all those questions. Can’t even get married. She doesn’t exist.

      If that happens, police will throw her in jail 1st, take yrs and yrs to do her identity if they even bother and then yrs and yrs more to prosecute

    • @@qadventures Sounds rough. I only thought of the education part earlier, but this makes things way harder. What if she get robbed for instance? Will the police help if she turns to them? Can she testify in court if she is not registered?
      If not I start to understand that the problems of getting safety and justice for all in the worst slum areas is a bigger challange then I earlier thought.

    • @danielnor5508 that’s outside my realm of answering. I am an expat afterall. I would imagine the police will be more concerned with fighting crime over her identity

  • This is a smart young woman. Well done for helping her.
    It is all over the world that you have to have a cell phone for higher education.
    Years ago a woman wrote about her brother in Africa asking for a cell phone because you are “somebody” with a cell phone and suite.

  • Good job brother! She seems like a humble and hard working kid, she deserves the phone and i hope you help her more. Keep it up!

  • Man…LLC strikes again! Great Effort. I will be in CEBU for the Christmas holiday..I understand your vacating to SG. Coffee bruh??? Binh from San Diego.

    • Aye… I scrapped the sg trip brah. Hit me up on my personal. Messenger and/or whatsapp are both my LA number +1-626-626-6347

  • Whenever I start to watch one of your videos I have to quit after a couple minutes because your voice is so loud–and just in one ear. The voices of your subjects are more normal sounding, but I can’t stand your super loud voice. Other channels don’t have that problem, so I have no idea what you’re doing different. No external mic? Still using just a phone?

  • you are a saint you have brought joy to another life this brought tear to my eyes although I am a grown man in my eyes you will always be bless.

  • Thank you for what you’ve done for her. She is so beautiful. I hope you help her more. awesome story Great video❤👍👍🤞

    • I hope she will be profitable enough to help herself. I am in it for people who has the desire to help themselves

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