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  • There is a Hospital in Manila that is highly certified by Canada and 12 certified by US. One in Cebu called Negros Oriental Cebu City, Bohol 7:49

  • Derek if you need some “dentistry money” to help Ai’s daughter, please do so. I will hope she won’t need more hospitalization but just in case ♥️

    • She has since been released an recovered, Jan. Thank you for your thoughtfulness. We are still getting EdMarie set up as we extended free boarding and a salary as a working student

  • You need to buy a large property and build what ever you want.
    And yes location location locatin for your business is a most ..,.
    Choose one buy some land there.

    • @@qadventures the need to be specific…. Wow

      No person in the world is allowed to own land in the Philippines besides a Filipino….

      Specifics …. Ai; Your wife to be can. So I apologize for not being specific.

      Just my opinion not a fact.
      Married or not I know for sure that Ai will not screw you over like many many stories of expats just living for a few days for a visa run … Then they come back to find out that everything is sold (house, land, cars, business, and anything of value) then nothing one can do but in my heart after watching the interactions you guys have AI will not take from you I think she loves you too much to think that way, if a doubt was there everything you guys have accomplished would still be on hold.

      Hey after all is just my opinion.

  • Derek, I completely understand your feelings of having your hands tied. You’re a kind, generous man that is just trying to make things better for those who are willing to help themselves. Try and take some solace in knowing that you are doing the best you are able but working within the social constructs that are not what you’re most familiar with.

  • Sorry to say Filipinos can’t manga money. They just live for the day with no thinking of funds for the future. If I let my Wife manage the money we would be broke. Yes get paid today and be broke by tomorrow.

  • Great video your like we all should be you are a smart man with lots of love and compassion in your heart your one in a million

  • Those are great and important questions. Apologies for my absence brother. Travel agency problems, locked out of my e-mail by over-bearing security people and then sickness has left me stuck in Kamloops nursing a cold. Stay strong Derek! Hope to see you soon but……

  • Derek, I could feel your disappointment from the many issues you are facing coming from my screen! I’m not going anywhere and will continue to support your channel. This too will pass. You and Ai are a strong team and will be alright. Sending my best to Ai’s daughter!!! Safe travels back to the U.S.

  • Coconuts don’t ONLY grow on trees in the Pinas. You are surrounded by coconuts, even in the city

  • It is just the growing pains of your business, it means you are doing well and maybe have to look for a bigger property. On the kid’s side, you can teach them all you can, and they will still repeat the mistakes that we made or have witnessed. Lol, kids will be kids, they have to have a personal drive in them to want to do better, but it is always good to teach.

  • Derek, you’re a good guy with a big heart, but just remember, ” no good deed goes unpunished”

  • Thats right Derek, nobody complains and they just accept anything without challenging it. I lived there on Cebu for 7 years and i noticed this early on, where the general public are very subservient to anyone who has just a semblance of authority, whereas unlike us Westerners we tend to challenge most things we don’t agree with. And this attitude us expats have grown up with is not acceptable in the Phils, and one can become very unpopular, so like myself, i quickly learned to shut up and say nothing, no matter what my thoughts were. Bob.

  • Derek, it’s a great thing you’re doing in the Philippines especially in Lapu Lapu. That’s where my gf/fiancé works. Soon she’ll be joining me in a few months in the US cause of our K1 visa approval. I commend your good thoughts and vibes to help the filipino’s there. I hope to come back in 3 yrs or so to visit. I’m hoping when I do re-visit we can meet up. Keep positive and the good work you’re doing for the Filipino people. 👍 In life there are ups and downs. We just have to keep pushing forward! Have a safe trip back to the US! Too bad i’m in the East Coast, else we could meet up 🙂.

    • For sure. My door is always open. I don’t think I will ever reach the point of charging a fee to meet supporters

  • Derek
    Adoption is a hard thing when you mean well. Put your foot down brother.
    Let me know if you come through Sa TX again. Prayers going out for little Natalie . There is no distance in prayer. Stay strong.

  • Hey Derek I so sorry to hear the load of problems that just came down on you. Your reactions to the situations certainly merits ur frustrations. Take it a day at time. Your kindness and generosity may be tested by those few that don’t appreciate it. But the many that do make it worth the struggle. Stay strong

  • Lord ,what can we say but to ask you to heal this three year old and many more in jesus name😇🙏

  • When we have God, we need nothing else. Lean on God and put your faith there for His revelation and solution. I’m a Christian minister for almost 28 years. Let us agree with God for His healing power and best pathway of healing. Let us unite in prayer believing. The Bible says, “believe WHEN you pray.” Not when you see change. But to have faith and believe God when the prayer is released. Let us have faith in God rather than the Doctors. All healing comes from God, regardless of the pathway He uses. God also says in His Word, “When two or more agree on anything, it SHALL be done.” Let us agree in faith with God and each other, and expect God to intervene. I agree! Amen!!!

  • Know the underlying culture and its meaning and consequences, especially with family loyalty in the Philippines and the consequences of poverty. You’re moy dealing with the USA anymore. It’s sad of course.

  • All you can do is all you can do – and you’re doing great. I hope and am sure everything will work out, although some things (like AI’s nieces) may take a little longer that we might hope.

  • I know exactly what You mean about the doctors in the Philippines. My confidence level has dropped from 90% to 20%.

    It’s sad that from one day You are fine to being bedridden the next day.

    About the locals, most all want a free ride. Look for a stupid American with money….

    The local girls will fall into the same category. And will end up looking for another cash cow.

  • 👍🏽👍🏼👍🏽👍🏼👍🏽👍🏼👍🏽👍🏼👍🏽👍🏼👍🏽👍🏼👍🏽👍🏼👍🏽
    The locals need to show more pride.

  • All I can say is to be careful not to be black listed for the rant. I do feel your pain But you can be black listed for this rant many have. I understand you do not agree with how things work . But you have no rights to complain because you are an outsider looking in. Yes here in the states things do work a lot different and that is always going to be true. But you are not in the States and when you made this trip from the start you knew this. We may not agree with what they do or how they do it but we must never complain about it or point it out. Now on the other hand the wife can because she is a Filipina.

    • @@qadventures Just friendly advice I know a few that have been black listed and can no longer go back for their rants not personally but from other YT channels. You can do a Million things that are good but all it takes is one thing wrong then the Million things are now meaningless.

    • @danelionheart5881 for sure. My emotions got to me and I am grateful for you to point things out

    • Its illegal for a Foreignor to be intimate with a 17 yr old. Do you thing that is ok? Why do you support these actions?

    • As an adopted father, isnt it your responsibility to protect a minor, 17 yr old, from these Predators? For her independent future, the time is now.

  • I lived there for 3 years ….just know that your western ideas will never work there…and if you criticize to much you will get a knock on your door, always remember no matter how many years you are there it will never be your country….my son and i ran a brokerage business there but he has had it with the way they do thing there….he is so fed up that he is shutting it all down and looking for a easier place to do business…the red tape and the erratic behavior of clients there is crazy …example they tell you they will sell the land for 5 thousand then tomorrow they tell you ten thousand …there is no structure there.

  • I built 2 block houses for poor people there and they did not even appreciate it, instead they just called more people to ask me for a free house….”””you can’t give them fish only the fishing rod so they can get it them self’s””.

  • Much the same here in Thailand.
    The people hold the doctors in reverence and never question the doctors.
    As you say.
    Very frustrating.


  • husband speaking age 81 – even good Dr’s screw up – our son at age 3 1/2 had a bad cold, took him to the ER because that’s the way it always seemed to happen.
    Dr. looked, did some serious tests, X-RAY, and said after, give him some baby cold med every 4 hours. His mother then woke up every night to give him some
    Rx for about 5 days, finally, even as young as he was he said ” he would not take any more cold med ” back to the ER, another Dr., another X-RAY, then this Dr. said
    didn’t the last Dr. tell you our baby had Pneumonia ? Immediate hospital stay for two days and he came home ok. THAT mistake on the X-RAY could have cost him
    his life and also triggered an internal hospital investigation on WHY the miss-diagnosis of the Pneumonia.. We did get a letter about this investigation but were not
    told what the outcome was. Time on your story 6 min. 10 sec. you saw a white dog wandering. Our female dog just before we left in March to come back to the U.S.
    had bitten a rat, got infected and it took a month for her to get really sick. Our maid took her to the Vet, she got an IV, tests and determined that she would not survive.
    We had to put her to sleep, had her cremated, an Urn and she is buried on our property. This all cost 35,000 Peso’s for this process. No local will spend that much on
    a dog. For most Americans, pets are family and we take care of them. Her last hour was on face time with the Vet. so many tears that night to say good by.

  • Thailand has a much better health care and services… Even in this modern world… We cannot rely upon very accurate diagnostics… You have to inquire on your own and search internet to whittle down the answers… Good luck i hope you can find some answers…

  • So sorry, Ai’s daughter Natalie is so sick – hope she gets well soon. Sound like it could be bronchitis, and that’s horrible, and especially with the unstopping coughing – poor baby. Things have got to look up for you guys, and hopefully soon!

  • Your passion and work ethics shine through in your videos which is why I believe in you as a person. Don’t forget to give yourself that extra meditation time when needed to properly analyze your thoughts to clear the emotions and exicute a positive plan. Love ya Brother 🙏💕🙏

  • Derek, that’s sad an customer went behind your back, you did your best to give them independence and put them in a good position for future employment, sometimes for mental health put yourself first…

    • Yes Rangi. I cannot invest more effort when one never has anything to say and the other, everything that comes out of her mouth is a lie. I m9ve on, Rangi

  • We are going through the exact same thing with a two year old niece. The difference is that we are in the province. So multiple your situation several times. When any relative goes to the hospital normally whatever I said turns out to be the sickness. The doctors ask my wife or relatives where I got my medical training because I’ve been correct every time. I’m like you, just using what is common knowledge in the west. But like the situation with the niece, I’m told I just don’t understand things here and you never question a doctor or basically any official. If the niece keeps getting worse I’m going to lay down the law and bring the niece to a good hospital. Like you I try to help out people but they generally never want to change. I’ve been living in the Philippines 8 years now. 6 years in the Manila area and 2 years in Zamboanga Del Norte

    • Wow Cedric!!! I can imagine how much tougher it is in the province. Nathalie has healed now and I wish your niece the best

  • I told my wife if I have another heart attack Do Not call an ambulance because its just a wast of money, save it for my fineral, because generally they are not even equipped as an ambulance and even if I made it to a hospital it would be a waste of time before somebody knew what to do or they don’t have adequate equipment. Been there before and its embarrassing and frustrating advising a doctor what is wrong and what I need! The best qualified doctors are working abroad because the Government do not look after them. You are completely right Derick nobody speaks up here, lovely people but scared of authority unfortunately!

  • Ai, all the best for your daughter getting better soon😢🙏🏼
    Derek I’m sorry for what you’re having to deal with😢.

    Ok people, watch the videos, allow to let the ads run, don’t skip them, and hit the like (👍-thumbs up button) it’s free and helps the algorithm for the channel.
    Derek, Ai, take care, thinking of you all 😘🙏🏼

  • Good content gets viewers, late night walks is just not great content, sorry. and call the cops on that dirty renter, she 16 for christ sake!

  • i spent a lot of time in pi in the mid 60′, while in the navy.not one thing has changed there that i can see.that place has probably been the same for hundred’s of years.the government is so corrupt,lots of the people are just lazy,,,,,,the women fart kids out like lays potato chips,then say,,oh,another blessing. lol these people will never be anymore than they are now,,,,,,,,because it’s all they know. imop.

  • Ivermectin for anything viral. Also available as a horse dewormer paste. People use it without any problems.

  • She has Whoopi cough treatment are antibiotics or penicillin symptoms high fever consistently cough sometimes living conditions and environment impacts like garbage toxic substances lead asbestos old metals rust pollution causes toxic chemicals bacteria certainly foods viruses like raw meat and cook meat left out in heat temperature and outside long periods of time can cause cough episodes in the bronchial tubes in the lungs where coughing occurs lack of fresh oxygen flow through heart and brain lungs can have long health problems earlier stage of bronchitis and asthma attacks blood tests and cst scan it giant body mri x rays like certain airports have scan in the movie total recall it scan the whole brain and the body in a 2 d or 3 d computer animation pick up in toxic shape dust mite etc since we produce viruses and bad bacteria to produce antibodies take her to America Memphis tennessee st Jude children cancer hospital better chemicals tests and cancer tests no charge better safe than sorry remember Japanese occupation Philippines islands world War 2 so there lot of hidden mines and booby traps fill with deadly gases mahal kita I pray for you and your family

    • @@qadventures if she starts to spit up blood immediately rush her to the hospital that blood come from her liver should have it checked out liver is bad make person cough liver disease liver cancer Tuberculosis hepatitis c

    • @@qadventures insects bites mosquito carries mayleria and other infections diseases including tiki fly of Africa 🌍

    • Since goddess of fire kanleon she erupted and it being heatwave typhoon and raining all the Philippines islands falling ash and gases in the atmosphere that produces toxic sulfur acid rain and children breathe in deadly toxic air sulfur acid is caused irritated and suffocating in all lungs tubes etc if you ever shower and you been in longer time you notice fingers are wrinkles well sulfur acid made it 10 times worse you skin exposure to sulfur acid rain you skin begin to melt away eyes start to fall out shocket hair fall out your you start to bleeding everywhere nose mouth ears private part butt and lungs will shrink to a grape and water will evaporate every organ dry up teeth fall out if any symptoms of this happen immediately placed her in hyper decompression machine suspense animation chamber

  • Vitamin C
    Olive leaf
    Vitamin D (may already have enough if exposed to the sun)
    Might be hard to get a little girl to swallow a pill. Chewables, liquid concentrates.

  • Iodine is another fast acting solution. Works well for me and my kids when they were growing up. Nascent Iodine is tasteless and a good choice.

  • There’s a whole subculture dedicated for girls to date foreigners…it’s disgusting…even foreign YouTube content creators are telling everyone to come to the Philippines and “date”.

  • you have a lot on your plate right now. hang in there bro everything will turn around .wish i was there to help but i am back in the states .i will be back in oct.hope to see you when i get back.take care

  • New follower- best of luck with the family situation, i get what you mean about helping people i used to try all the time but realised the small things are usually what counts here.

  • derek watch your mental health first then help others and not all expats have good entensions when they come to asia 🥲

  • There are a few companies, Jase Medical comes to mind, here in the US where you can order prescription antibiotics and more online. It requires one of their doctors to revies everything, but is a pretty streamlined process. Might be worth a look into.

  • I just don’t get this ‘not allowed to complain’ thing. Tat is precisely why countries never get out of 3rd world levels. The politicians and a select few get stupid rich skimming off the poor while providing nothing. Look at Russia, another example. All that wealth and no indoor plumbing for 90% of the population. It happens all over the world. Why would trying to improve your country be illegal? Why would trying to point out deficiencies be wrong? That is the only way things can improve. Your situation is where someone can die and yet you have no right to critique the situation. I just can’t grasp the lack of accountability that is considered ‘cultural’ in some places. How can that be beneficial to a culture?

  • Can you have a ‘back lot’ off property where you can cycle bikes to? Keep the ones reserved there to have ready when the person arrives, while keeping a selection at your house for new customers? Even a shipping container off site could securely hold quite a few bikes. Just a thought.

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