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  • Bugs will make you miserable, military version we didn’t have any shelter, we slept in the open. But we also DET in vest form. The interaction between you and the ladies showed how the younger generation respects the elders. Ai would stop talking when the lady would talk. Much respect, sad the westerns has gotten away from that culture . Get some rest, ty for vid.

  • It’s a mental thing. First day is the hardest. Let yourself go and say, whatever happens, happens. It gets much easier. Accept where you are and forget what you have known in the city life. If your hands or feet etc are being bitten work out how you can stop it. etc etc etc. Once you let yourself go, you get the most of the experience.

  • I’ve just read a fascinating article about the Filipino Aeta’s, they suffered greatly during the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo in 91 which caused 847 deaths. Many were separated during the evacuation and sadly, even decades later some were never able to reunite, so maybe this is the reason for the tribal woman’s lack of knowledge in regards to her own ancestry. It was not until 97 that the Philippines government awarded them a paltry 128,000 hectares of what is only a small fraction of their ancestral land. The Aeta are a true hunter gatherer tribe just peacefully doing what comes naturally. What a life they live. Respect 🤜🤛

  • I believe the native Filipino tribes came from the Malay peninsula, the south Pacific, Indonesia, Africa and Asia probably thousands of years ago. Very interesting people.🏝️

    • After the fact, I came across some Tribal people while searching a path to Mt Pinatobu and they look so African

    • If you look at the Siddi people in India and the people from the Andaman Islands(also part of India) you realize at some point there was migration from Africa to the east. 🏝️

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