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    • That is a grandmother who’s looking out for a young neighbor, it is common here in the Philippines, the neighbors are the extension of the family.

  • im ur subscriber i want to meet u and to drink and drunk with u ur awsome if u come to my province i will acomodate u im ilocano from ilocos and i love ur vlog

    • Very much brother, I just wanna say keep doing what you do best by showing your kindness and humbleness. Keep grinding you’ll get that 100k subs I’m here for you🤙🏼🙏🏼

    • ya i slip once in awhile. then my ingrate ass watches these vids and perspective is restored

  • Whats with all the coconuts laying there in a pile. Are they going to be eaten and just saved for later or are they bad?

  • Good morning U2👋. Nice video of a typical province lifestyle. Kat is adorable ☺️. Really enjoy the peace and natural scenery the province offers you. Definitely a place I would like to retire someday. First gotta visit next year hopefully 🙏. Blessings 🌸🌺🌼

  • Wow, I could so easily adapt to the lifestyle there. Aside from a few repairs, there’s not a lot I would want to change.

  • She seems like a kind and beautiful person. Hopefully, the father can use the mattress now that they are staying with you. You should get some things for the father to make his life more comfortable or give him some money to buy what he needs.

    • That’s a nice thought, but doesn’t work. I promote independence and now that he has no financial responsibilities to all 3 of his children, I want to see him work harder, save more money and earn his own. If he demonstrates discipline, I will most likely invest in him in the near future. But my resources are more reserved for kids who has potentials

    • @Q Adventures ya the younger ones need more opporitunity esp the ones with drive and ambition

  • Hi Host here watching from Singapore thank you for sharing the informative Vedio will see you again in your next Vedio lodz

  • Since I started watching your videos I have quit watching the others because all they want to talk about is the city life in the Philippines and the tourism spots and promoting sexualization of the Filipina which I don’t like, your videos show a deeper insight of the province life and the pure beauty of the culture and you do well to show the humble honorable nature of these people and the precious gem that the Philippines truly is, I cannot wait to visit and meet you and Ai in person

    • I feel so privileged to earn your respect. You are welcome anytime. We love meeting our supporters

  • Wow, they are so open. Just imagine in America lola gets pow pow! Kat is everything missing in the entitled American Youth. They may not have much but they will share it with you. She is such a beautiful girl. I hope she and others live their best life. I live across the bay from Manila and the kids are so Americanized in our subdivision. Great video.

  • I left my house in Albuquerque two years ago and moved to my property in the mountains where my family owns 40 acres, its beautiful and I love it, we have a river running through it and I have chosen to live the off grid lifestyle, these videos of the province life is interesting to me because they live no different than I am living in the USA , the “offgrid “ or minimalist lifestyle is getting very popular these days, I think people are sick of the direction things are going and want to return to a simpler life

  • This is very humbling watching how they live in the provinces. Youre doing a good job with your philanthropy work upgrading the quality of life of the people you touch. Keep up the good work!

    • a lot of these impoverished kids just need opportunity that is severely lacking in PI and other poor countries

    • @archie cruzMaybe in the near future some may see an opportunity with the U.S.N., like in days of old…..

    • @Bob Wershing that would be great. its unfortunate whats happened with the two countries ties. i hope it returns to the old like u said. americans and filipinos just mesh so well together lol

    • @archie cruz YES,
      If we ever again, ever have an Outstanding National Leadership, instead of the total Putrid-Garbage we have today….

    • Endured or CHOSE? It has taken me over 20 years of being around Filipino’s to get it into my head that THEIR success is judged in family time NOT in dollars.

    • @tilapia dave Endured.

      “THEIR success is judged in family time NOT in dollars.”

      They do value family, but it doesn’t mean that they “chose” to remain living in this condition. They just have to. They are forced by life. They don’t have two pennies to rub together.

      And look, Filipinos valuing family is nothing out of this world. The reason Filipinos appear to “value family” is because of “poverty” which forces large families to live together, crammed together into tiny shacks. . Filipinos treat themselves in their families worse than any other culture I have ever experienced. Foreigners can’t detect this because they are outsiders who don’t speak their language. Filipinos are more complicated than the masks they wear in society. I love Filipinos and how they treat us, but there is a sad reality about them that rarely any foreigner gets to see.

  • “Cold in the Philippines?” 🤣 Cold is a relative term, guess it depends on your definition. Being from the northeast U.S. and stationed in Alaska for 3 years where it got to -60F and North Dakota for 4 years at -40F, I don’t think I would ever consider Philippines cold.

    I think what really woke me up to how entitled kids in the U.S. are was getting deployed to Afghanistan. The kids there were so content with just a stick or water bottle as a toy, giving them a piece of candy was like you just gave them the greatest gift in the world. It was quite the sobering experience.

    • Thank you for your service. I brought my son to the Philippines when he was 10 for 3 months of his summer vacation. He saw, with his own eyes, what you said. Kids here were playing with rocks and their imagination. My son went home a humbled child

    • Yes. She will help my scooter rental business so she can interact with the foreign community to learn more. She’s concise in her speaking abilities also

    • @Q Adventures yeah been busy. Trying to catch up watching all your videos…lol.. glad to see you out there still doing good deeds and showing us the Philippines lifestyle..

  • These houses are actually “do-able” for me. Simple and plain, but resourceful. I’ll live in it with no problem.

    • Not pretty but semi-safe from typhoons. i could denifitely live there. I could enclosed the toilet myself. I would likely bring in the plumbing/running water in for showers and kitchen

  • I really enjoy your videos of the province life. In fact I don’t always get to watch them right away because I’m waiting to watch on my tv. My father grew up in similar circumstances after having lost his dad at a young age. I can still remember seeing the small wooden shack that he grew up in wondering how his mother raised eight kids there. Another great video,we love what you and Ai are doing.👍🏽🏝️

    • Yeah.. shes is something.. hopefully she will prosper one day get a better job and travel the world.

    • She’s actually starting her own YouTube channel in about 2 weeks. Please stay tuned here for updates. By you watching her channel, you can help her family prosper and put her and siblings through college simply by watching

  • Such A very nice young lady,
    that when you have time & some $$$$, it’s very good you will help them out !
    A new bamboo home,of your helping too build, would not be out of the question, as A very positive reality you definitely could make happen !
    Dial up such videos on U Tube & you will see how easy it is, if you do not mind some hard work, stretched out over ah couple of months, going too A Great Cause😊

  • i don’t speak Filipino, but i don’t think then neighbor trusted you. i heard her say “No papa” a couple of times, I could be wrong.

  • I’m a new subscriber I’m so glad I found your channel I really enjoy your videos thank you so much for sharing take care and stay safe.

    • What’s there to miss bro. Even when I was in LA, I spent about 6 months out of the yr in tj. Now I live like a king and trying to do good for others

    • Tj?? huh? hehe ..last time i was in TJ the pigz freaking robbed us and threatened to lock us up ckuz my drunk azz battle buddy U.S Army HHT 11th ACR) pissed on a public sidewalk wall. 🤣🤣 luckily he had a fling in tj and she saved all of us from getting more by corrupt pigz then our own commander. We weren’t supposed to cross over international borders in time of conflict/ war. Iraqui Freedom war. We aolso almost got detained on our way back but the border patrol just lectured us and he was kool. He had every right to detain us knowing we were soldiers but he said wut the heck go home because we were deployable soldiers plus half our unit already deployed to Fallujah.. we were next

    • I agree. If you can share the video in your social media’s, I would really appreciate it🙏🫶

  • so funny about her saying it gets cold it is never cold in the philippines haha my ex gf on leyte was cold when it was 38 celcius lol
    i love bohol i think it is the best island there

  • And between the Philippine government and the Catholic Church absolutely nothing gets better for these people!

  • Amazing how she lives but to me she looks so clean and classy looking switched on girl and I really like her

    • Do with what they have. They have access to more resources now. Please watch the few recent updates I have posted on the girls

    • @qadventures  ok i will watch those updates thanks and I’m glad there resources are better aswell 🙂

  • When I retire and move to the Philippines, I want to adopt a family like Cat’s. When I watch these videos, I feel blessed.

  • If you truly want to show people from the philippines, you should strive to show the successes of the people and the community. I think its in very poor taste to show how poor some people are.. what your showing is pretty fucked up. You want to show realism of a third world country, then do a fucking documentary.

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