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    • Yeah. The beauty of it is… we became brothers for life now. He is conspiring a trip back in September

  • found your video recently, nice to see something different, as in not Dumaguete, Cebu, or surrounding area. So many Islands to explore! One thing more that interests me, how is Chris getting on with his new teeth, and what did he have done? I am also looking to have some work done and would love to hear from someone who has already been through it. Thanks in advance

    • Chris came with a budget for 4 zirconia crowns for his top front row. He ended up getting the entire top row (I believe 10 zirconia crowns) for about $200 additional. It was just a lot cheaper than his research says. He also got some free work done because Dr Christy is Ai’s friend

    • @Q Adventures thanks for the speedy reply, although I am looking at implants for myself, this is a great start.👍

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June 2024 | @Wise

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