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    • I don’t know about the Philippines, but in the US, baptism registration is one of the ways of applying for a birth certificate late.

    • Official asking for the Baptismal certificate will use data in said paperwork for initiating proof of live birth.

    • @@watjejanssen7535, give the official the paperwork( baptismal certificate) and we will find out what he does with it.

    • Forcing a religion by baptism can never be the case to get a birth certificate. I know too little about how to solve it but I know that much.
      I suggest Derek to actually find out himself the proper way before handing out money.

  • I dont know the culture and not sure of the body language of parent, but it does not look like she is motivated……but a person who has “on the ground” knowledge would be a better person to ask……..keep up the great work.

  • The sad thing here is most folk like this are so desperately poor they cant afford a bus to the store-so when someone wants to help to some degree some will be suspicious . I SALUTE the direction your taking here.effort is rewarded -Those being helped need to put in the effort first no matter how daunting it is -otherwise the hard work by everyone will dissipate and its back to square one.

  • More power to you and AI-The lady you interview looks to me too be honest-the years of hardship are written on her face-Love the little boy who supplied you a seat- God Bless the Philippines and the Filipino people.

  • Hi Derek, with some skepticism, will getting some info from an attorney without hiring one be helpful? There might be a philanthropic attorney who will be willing to help.

  • You can get a birth certificate sent by mail. At least what I saw by google it. Not eady if the parent dont have internet might even have a hard time read and understand the gov. pages and info. Hope it will work out for the girl 🙂

  • The mother is not capable she may not read or write u are missing the point it all not true now she invented way not to go to laty u will get the run around prepare to get fake papers

  • I meet forever that took a living baby out of rubbish bin and raised chin I see him I kn man that buy baby fr hospital the mother run away in night because no money this is common the man buy baby was a forier he put his name on birth certificate the hospital help him this is true story I use to hang out with this man a go to his house he build his son a house before he die in Philippine of cancer his wife Phil was is on the buy baby a was with him when he died the baby is now 20 y approximately

  • what needs to be done is do a late registration of birth for her child in the ciry hall where the child was born, she can ask the requirements at the city hall, it’s not a one off process, actually one can get info of requirements online like i done for my child who was born abroad& i had to do late registration of her birth certificate

  • The parents can do late registration of their birth. But they need to go back to their birth place to process it and a credible witness who knows their family to sign the papers. They can also ask someone, preferably a relative to apply for late birth registration for them.

    • She stated her cousin works at the city/barrangay hall there. We even inquired but she seem to have her ways set

    • My suggestion was based on my husband’s own experience who has no record of birth, because all records during world war time are gone. The proper way for her case is to first establish her own identity as a parent, coordinate with local municipal registrar office in her town. After that she can proceed in the late registration of her child. It’s very hard at first but it’s all worth it for the future of her child. If she insists on doing it her way, so be it, you have done your part.

  • Without judgement, but knowing life’s weird twists and turns, Derek I hope you and Ai aren’t inadvertently opening a can of worms.

    • Understood Jan. I wouldn’t have been as aggressive with her if my channel didn’t have the backing of government officials

    • @@qadventures Considering all the help you were offering her family on an on going basis, I didn’t find you the least bit aggressive rather just speaking the truth.

    • I think she may be one who wants to get more and more money. I knew of a girl that many American guys paid for a passport for her. Money more money…. I hope she isn’t…. but I think to just hand over 11000 is unwise. Pay directly to the entity to set up.

  • You are Tenacious Derek ! ……. (not to be confused with the american rock band Tenacious D 😅)….,. You are like a dog with a bone,never give up until its finished. Keep gnawing away sir 👍🙂

  • Well done Derek and Ai, hope this all goes smoothly as it’s up to the mother from here on.
    My question is, considering she has an Aunt working in a Municipal somewhere in Leyte, i’m wondering if the Aunt could get the details from the Church and then process the Birth Certificate herself, eliminating the need for Maricel to go to Leyte. Bob. NZ.

  • In Tagum city near Davao, I went to the PH internal affairs to register a marriage and after about 20 minutes all the sudden a guard said i must leave. He said only Filipino people may enter. so good luck They also wanted me to give them a single certificate. But I am not single. I am married to Filipina girl but it was not done in PH. It was in the US.

  • Thanks for helping out. You approached this right. It is hard to know what is going on unless you ask questions firmly. There has to be an answer to the daughter’s problem. In the PH there must be many kids with similar document problems… somehow those kids were able to get papers to be admitted to school.

    • As I learn, many are illegitimate documents that the institutions turn a blind eye. But in doing so, it’s just a bandaid affect

  • I totally understand the situation, just like what you did with Ken you put your heart into everything you do. And you truly are a very good man and I pray to God that the mother will go and get the documents because of the money involved, you have to give her incentive because she is very poor I pray that you get the papers and this young girl can start her education, even if she is late I’m going to school that doesn’t matter just get her going, and get her on the right road to make something out of herself and have the legal documentation to prove who she is. I wish you all the luck in the world in helping this young girl to get her life where she can make something out, awesome video my heart goes out to the mother and her family because I have seen this situation firsthand and I know exactly what you are struggling with. God be with youse all and I’m sure he is with you my friend you are one heck of a good man.

  • Glad you addressed it at the end, it really did feel like you were having to bribe the mother just to motivate her to get her daughters paperwork in order. but this is how the poverty cycle works, it’s the same in every country, the parents are nor registered, they made do in life so they don’t see the point in getting their kids registered, the kids miss out on education and the cycle repeats.
    I want to thank you Derick for trying to break the cycle, I hope many generations in the future benefit from your help.

    • When crab mentality possesses a family like this it’s usually not possible for such a child to rise above it unless & until they grow up enough to move away & often only if they happen to find a partner with the resources & wherewithal to sort these messes out. From experience when a cluster of people is living like this, you can’t lift one without lifting the whole group. Whatever that takes & costs. My advice to Derek- see what the response is if you offer to try to sort out the whole family’s birth certificates. I know that wasn’t where you started but, put it this way- I had to buy 7 mattresses for 7 women & girls before my wife would sleep on a mattress.

    • @@qadventuresbut for a good reason, it can be hard sometimes to find the best way to motivate people and unfortunately sometimes money is the best answer.

    • @@daveamies5031 yep & being completely realistic about the state of the group, rather than an individual from the group. Pasalubong & utan na loob ensure the group remains committed to each other, basically it’s a massive guilt trip for a youngster to put their own needs ahead of their elders. Just throwing money at the situation won’t fix it either, & if it’s at least 3 people with completely messed up paperwork, having to travel hundreds of ks to their places of birth, application processes etc it could cost really a lot.

    • @@qadventures just take a step back & consider the group dynamic. Being used to American individualism it’s probably the biggest cultural hurdle to get over/ around, the family however messed up it may be, is virtually always absolutely priority.

  • Mom needs to get her daughter’s baptisimal certificate. Then go to local civil registrar to file for her daughter’s late birth registration. I don’t know if mom still needs additional documents like presenting her IDs, marriage contract. She can ask the civil local registrar in Cebu requirements for late registration for her to prepare her own document before travelling.

  • have you ever been led up the garden path derek, you have now, im lost to why she cant be bothered to get it

  • in my country you register the birth and get a birth certificate issued, you don’t get baptised as that’s to do with the church

  • Derek…. i believe you should pay the fees yourself to the school. Im not sure about the 10000. Pay directly. The mother will take the money. Maybe give you fake papers. Be very cautious. Ive seen fake grades.

  • well done, get stuck in and get to the bottom of it and if all you run into is excuses, then your chase is fruitless.

  • Thank you Derek for giving the mother incentive to get her daughter’s paperwork. God bless you🙏

  • Would you be able to communicate with the mother’s employer about getting a day off to handle this? If that’s what’s holding up the situation. I hope someone who knows the process sees these videos and can offer some guidance.

  • They are being supported with alot of money to process the child future please keep encouraging them your doing a great job!

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