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  • But when he eats he need rest not to ask him many quetions which its not good ones he wants to eat he is hungry ok! Give him chances to eat first n then when he finish u can ask all u want to ask him. Time for eat no need to talk too much. He needs to eat. Okay. 🙏 please

  • Wow such a feast .. scan Ken’s documents send email not only to office but directors so they know the situation and put pressure on them to help

    • Someone in UK made Ken’s plans plight known to tv media. Bureaucrats take forever to deal with these immigration and banking issues. First issue was Ken’s health and nutrition. He had the head injury and that really hurt his ability to cope with his age related issues and poverty.

  • Sorry to say his taking his food let him finish everything then you can show him on your interview what ever (pls let Mr Ken focus on his food) that’s kind of you ❤

  • You’re doing great, Derek. Not much more you can do. Government offices are never easy to deal with no matter what part of the world you’re living in. Thanks for keeping us all posted. Jim 😊

  • Mr bum bum and miss red horse you are doing a good job. Hope when I come I get food like that. Can you tell me where I can buy? A pint of lard so I can buy for you and Ken but it taste nice with strawberry 😂

  • wake up instead of buyingall the different vitamins, there is a multivitamin called Centrum that has just about everything you need, and it even says right on it silver adults 50+ this vitamin is for older people, I’m 67 and I take it all the time and it makes a world of difference. I take your vitamin C vitamin and calcium for your bones, but this one vitamin has them all. The reason I take extra calcium is because, that makes your bones and cartilage wrong and I take 1000 mg separate from the multivitamin, but this Centrum I’m talking about that will cover all his basic vitamins and then some that I never hear him mention check it out Centrum plus adults 50+ excellent multivitamin all older people should be taking this they make room for young people to. Do your research and I’m sure you will be very surprised

    • They live in Philippines and can’t get access to American products very easily. Some viewers are mailing Ken vitamin supplements from where they live.

    • Ken’s preference. He said individual pills more potent. If he prefers it, I go with it. At the end of the day, it lifts his spirits

  • Not encouraging drinking. But if Guinness is available. It’s full of antioxidants & B vitamins & prebiotics. Full of fiber.

    • @qadventures  I don’t know the circumstances of Ken & alcohol Sir. 1 can/bottle Guinness gets into the system, much faster than pills/supplements. All the same he is looking much better. Keep up the good work 👏

  • I want to make another comment about.Centrum adult 50+ I can tell a big difference when I don’t take that vitamin, but it is a multivitamin and its design for the elderly and it makes a big difference check it out do your research and I’m sure you will be very impressed. They even sell multivitamins or your cell your white kids is a top brand and no junk if they have it in the Philippines

    • I don’t know if I agree with this guy at all let me explain why all our vegetables all our fruits is genetically may now,I do know if I do not take the Centrum for about a week I am like the exhausted, then I start taking it within a couple weeks I feel good I feel active I don’t really know if it’s any big thing if it’s an aesthetically made because it just about every medication we have in this world that’s synthetically made, I only go by the way I feel and I feel very good when I am taking that vitamin.@Barnabas Collins

    • yeah you are right they are more potent, there is no doubt about that. Just was trying to help I’m getting a little bit of all the vitamins. But Ken is looking awesome and everything looks like it is pretty good with him I’m happy for that@Q Adventures

  • What a wonderful world we live in where we actually care for our fellow human being. You are his life line and truly an angel in disguise. If you decide to accompany Ken back to the UK I would like to help pay for your airline ticket.

  • I’m 67, very healthy. My entire life, even as a kid, I looked at people 5-15 years older than me mainly, some older, to see their lives and choices to figure out my decisions to prepare for my future. Watching Ken informs me of a path. My choice is to move to SE Asia soon, while hopefully still healthy, and set up a home and helpers so if and when I need help it’s ready. A live-in fully trained caregiver able to lit my body is about $1000/mo USD. That’s in my budget. I’ll be looking into lawyers and accountants too. Filipino people are world famous caregivers so it makes sense to me PH would be a good choice for extreme old age.

  • Vitamin C & Iron are important .. take both supplements together because the Vitamin C will help to absorb the Iron ..
    The body takes a long time to absorb Iron .. but when Iron is taken with Vitamin C the Vitamin C will help to absorb the Iron quickly ..
    Greetings from Ireland 🎉

  • Ken’s looks healthier😊 great feed your giving him 👏

    There’s many foods he may like that helps promote weight gain, for example:- Yams, potatoes, corn, pulses-(beans) peanut butter etc.
    Good to see an update Ai & Q👏🙂

    • I think he is ok , I heard you one time that he Will Ne able to travel to his hone Country . I began watching your vlogs and I Find you very authentic and genuine , helping Ken no matter what The case may be. God bless you and your wife.

  • Thank you for saving Ken – without you coming into his life he might not have made it on the path he was going.

    • there is no doubt he would have never made it without use helping him use are very decent and kind people, thank God there are good people in this world that’s all I can say about this I also see why can got so frustrated with Social Security Wells Fargo, use took on quite a job and my hat is off to you folks awesome job you are doing

  • QAdventures- you can take the credit for Ken’s amazing progress. He looks excited and has a wonderful outlook now compared to his recent past. When he gets back to OK I really wonder if he will return to Phils? He so much enjoys your compassion and care. Qudos to your lady also.❤

  • Thank you so much for helping Ken. He looks well…Thank you for over seeing his nutritional needs too…May God Bless you for all that you do…….

  • He needs Selenium its important for reproduction, thyroid gland function, DNA production, and protecting the body from damage caused by free radicals and from infection.

  • ENSURE drink contains many minerals so it’s good to balance the intake, daily requirements of other vitamins and minerals.

    • So your answers is that he doesn’t help him or pay from His pocket and perhaps not have it. Ridiculous to make such a comment. I’m sure he’s spending more on food and time and rental car to take care

    • @Rose Lee were is prove that he help with big money people send money too old man. Vlogger said he kontakte muk and in manila were prove this vlogge sad too me he don’t know who is raffy toulfo this his half pinoy and us he lier very one knows who is toulfo a but this pict all over vlooger is scammer

    • @Rose Lee if you realy want help so e in need you don’t need make vlogs abut just you because you care not because you need some watch vlogs

  • What! Can only call landline to landline and can’t call landline from cell? Why? Never heard of such before…..Bless you and your family for helping Ken…this is why I say family is not always blood and blood is not always family

  • This old man he don’t get nothing that money you try help this vlogger use him just get money this vlogger he pinoy he act he don’t know who is raffy toulfo he must be stupid pinoy all pinoy our only use this old man get money

  • Unfortunately you are dealing with many uncaring UK civil servants, and departments.
    They will make you run round in circles, jump through hoops, and you will still be at the starting point.
    Good luck, many thanks for looking after Ken, he looks brand new now.

  • very nice to see him in good spirits and good food helps to get back his strength thank you and Ai for all those helps he can get 😍

  • yOU CAN REPLACE eNSURE WITH bIRCH tREE ADVANCE sAME BENEFITS BUT a little bit cheaper. Sorry, for the caps locked! 🤣

  • Elderly seems hard to gain weight. Maybe swallowing is hard for them too as we age our esophagus gets smaller.

  • Derek, their is a number of magnesium supplements, I take magnesium for cognitive health, stay away from magnesium Oxide, YT has health channels and explain the different Magnesium’s

  • @Ken I am new to your Channel- One Beautiful Soul sent from heaven.
    How can I help to add to his airline ticket to UK? A little of something helps.
    -Nancy T. (Irvine, CA)

  • Good luck, Ken!! Derek is showing the importance of ensuring YOU don’t end up in this situation. Doesn’t matter where you live, just make sure there are people watching out for you, especially when you are older.

  • ❤❤❤
    Hi Derek and Bernadette ❤
    Thank you for the update on Ken …. he is a loving elder man….
    Greetings from South Africa 🇿🇦

  • Thank you so much for doing such an awesome and admirable job helping Ken out! You’re his Guardian Angel. Please keep up the good work.❣️🌈

    Ken needs COQ10 (3O0 mg per day) in addition to those he’s taking right now and also Fish Oil (3000 mg per day). Humans start having depleted natural COQ10 as we grow older. Important for heart health, blood pressure, and promotes cellular energy production. Many studies that support this. From my personal experience, I strongly and confidently vouch for COQ10. More power to you and Ken!❤🎉

  • Cardif, the capital of Wales, has an international airport. Surely a flight could be arranged for him to land there, even after he lands at another U.K. airport first.

  • 6PM here in US 10 AM THERE IN PI

  • Nothing wrong with Ken’s appetite … ive been following his story with interest … hes fortunate to have the support from you both …. bless you and your work.

  • Can U please eat first Sir before talking give time for foods too Thank U😂
    greatly Appreciated what Ur doing God Bless U more!🙏🙏🙏

  • Thank you for the update and all that you are doing for him. ❤ I pray they don’t send him to some random place and I hope he gets his SS reinstated.

  • Derek and Bernadette, I’d still say Ty and God Bless for helping Ken. I pray he will get home safe to Wales. YOU GUYS GOT THIS! KEN WE ARE ROOTING FOR YOU!

  • Who’s that guy ? Wow , well done the man’s on the mend ..Any Motorhead fans notice his accent is like Lemmy’s?


  • I am not sure why you are calling Social Security in the USA as you will be bypassing our local office in Manila.
    You will have no luck that way as your local office needs to verify Ken’s account.
    The U.S. office will simply bury you in red tape and treat you like you are trying to pull a scam.
    I had a problem similar to his when PCI was bought out by BDO and all I had to do was to go to the bank I wanted to use and have a new account set up.
    I was told that one cannot use an old account that Social Security had stopped making payments to and I had to set up a new account, it is nearly painless and fast.
    They called Manila, talked to them, then I had to answer a couple of questions on the phone, hand the phone back to the bank manager and all was set.
    I received my funds within about a week.

  • It is good to hear Ken is improving with walking and everything else. This is because the care you and your wife give him. Would it be possible for you to travel with Ken to England? I think the whole journey could be a bit too much for him on his own. Always new people to talk to etc.
    I wish all of you all the best. Love from Switzerland.

  • This YouTube is all about kenn n i want to see kenn become more healthy n fats n i want to see his stomach Sir can you pliz try to show in your next video kk.Seems like kenn is still struggling to talk n swallowing food time he seems like struggling to swallow his food too.

  • Sounds like you are jumping through a lot of whoops, governments have so many checks and balances that sometimes the right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing. I commend you and your patients.

  • You’re doing a great job with helping Ken. From the start he looked like a heavy weight had been lifted off of him.🙂👏

  • I know it’s got to be hard for all of you involved, especially with the delays, but all your time and effort will be worth it. Keep doing what you’re doing!

  • Would you be willing to fly back to the United Kingdom with Ken to help him out if you could where he gets confused easily and the two of you have built up a relationship and he trust you !!

    • That won’t be possible. If you see my other videos, I will be abandoning many responsibilities to do that. We also have charities signing on to receive Ken in the UK, wherever he lands

  • Social security office is one big mess, even when you go in person. Im glad that you are still there for him and trying your best. Hopefully you can get someone who knows what they are doing with his claim. Keep up the good work

  • My God, it’s always harder in the Philippines, I will be coming there very shortly probably for the last time. I believe that the Ph should implement training in logic and critical thinking skills from grade school thru college. I like the country and the people but it’s ridiculous for every transaction to be complicated and drawn out.

  • Hey Derek, you and your wife are doing a great job. If you can?, please buy Ken some red meat to help build his strength. ❤

  • Derek.I have sent 15.00 US to you,its not much,but hopefully it goes a long way in Philippines? Please buy him some red meat,whatever he likes. Thanks again for all you do. 😊

  • imagine not having a sensible, caring person with the patience of Job to help Ken out. He is fortunate in this way and I hope his problem is resolved soon. Thanks for the updates.

  • You and your wife are doing a great job of caring for Ken. Who am I to say, but I don’t believe that his best option is to return to the UK. In my opinion, he will be lost in the mass of other homeless, elderly and mentally diminished who cannot speak up for themselves. One reason that most/many of us leave the west – USA/UK – is because the government and society at large, do not care for the sick, elderly or homeless, in a meaningful way. Once ken begins to receive his SS and/or retirement benefits, could he afford to live in the Philippines and pay someone to manage his money, food, etc???????

    • The level of care in the Philippines for an expat is non existent. If he doesn’t go back, he will wilt away with agony

  • Thanks but that’s not the best time to talk to have an interview with someone when they are having a meal. It will interfere with his nutrition intake. Some of the elderly have great table manners and they don’t talk whilst they are eating because of the risks of choking which can be fatal. Thank you for helping the vulnerable guy

  • Ken is so Blessed he has Derek and Ai and Bernadette and all the entire Q community pulling for him to get thru this quagmire of social services and immigration as his improvement is remarkable. Just need 1 nice person in Social Security to help pull you across that final hurdle to the finish line,. And resolve the overstay as maybe then Ken can pay the fees if JRC is unable to make progress in that. Keep plugging as we all praying and hopeful

  • You are doing your best Derek, but it also depends on his fate now. The system is designed to keep one anxious and waiting.

  • Who eats lard? That must be a facetious joke. Keeping Ken in my prayers. Thank you for looking out for him. You will be rewarded a hundred fold. Much Blessings!