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  • I always see your new videos when I’m going to sleep. I will watch it tomorrow thou. Thank you for everything you’ve done for ken, you’re amazing!

  • Any videos of Ken getting home to the UK? any Updates? You have done an amazing job getting him home. Thank you !!!!

  • ❤ Always Great Content ! Hope to see an update of Ken in UK,Once he has been assessed & Settled in his New Accommodation. You & Ai ❤ Must be proud of your Boy ,Ken , & U Both in Ken’s ❤Heart , Forever ! For Saving him from Certain Death Away from Home 🏡 ✅ AUSTRALIAN-GUY 🦘🦘🦘

  • God bless Ken in UK and hope he will celebrate New Year joyfully. Hope Derek may also have a happy new year.
    Derek hope Ken and you be in contact both this coming years

  • I was worried that something happened to Ken. Had no idea he had children. Maybe they will see this and reach out to him. He needs family now. His story about his son made me cry.

    • ​@@qadventuresJust to you, I’m sure it’s a lot more you don’t know about this man. I did write a comment that don’t think that this man said everything that’s real.

    • ⁠​⁠@@qadventures He was quite malnourished and weak when you met him, he could barely talk. His kids sided with the mom and he lost them. Therefore he has none. He probably felt betrayed and from that little spurt of anger..he might’ve had a hard time communicating his feelings

  • Most people see an old homeless person like Ken was and they don’t stop to think that they have a long rich history worth hearing about. Thank you for not just helping Ken but for listening to him.

    • Derek, you have opened Ken’s eyes and story to the world. We know now we can help him reach his destination. He’s an angel. He shouldn’t have been treated like this by the SSI, it’s deplorable.. he fell through the cracks. Thank you for helping him cut the red tape and honestly, you saved his LIFE. You are the best thing that happened to him in the Philappines

  • What happened with all ken’s money sounds like he had much making me worried about going to the Philippines next year

    • He never talked about how he lost all of it. My opinion and observations, Ken needs to take responsibilities for his actions also

  • The mother was the problem
    Of course she feed bad things to her son abt ken
    Women sometimes we are evil very evil 😈

  • Hard to see the aphasia or anomia. But, interesting stories with a lot of tragedy. Hope he has reconciliation with his children.

    • @@qadventures well it looks like a lot got out of hand with Ken but it also looks like he did it my way ‘ as frank Sinatra song 😀 he could write a book or make a movie if he was well enough I do wish him well and hope he lands back in wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 not England like I said before south wales is a nation of very close communty people and I’m sure Ken would fit back in with his Welsh speaking elderly community the old ones first language is Welsh not English this I believe would help him fit back in to his mother country’ you have done a extremely good job in helping keep you most certainly went above and beyond your call of duty thank you Derek 👏

  • Usually known simply as “Men of Harlech,” this famous harp melody nearly became the Welsh National Anthem. The original, known as “Rhyfelgyrch Gwyr Harlech,” is of unknown provenance though it probably dates from either the siege of Harlech of 1408/9 or the Wars of The Roses. It was sung at a mass meeting of the Welsh churches in London’s Hyde Park on June 21, 1913, and has been popular ever since. As with many famous songs, the lyrics have been changed and augmented over the years, probably most famously for the 1964 film Zulu in which it was sung by a regiment under siege from native warriors, but the contemporary military connection is by no means fictional, and “Men of Harlech” is the official song of several regiments, including the Royal Regiment of Wales and the Royal Canadian Hussars. Besides Zulu it has featured in a number of films.

  • Now I heard Ken’s life story I hope his son and daughter would see him thru Derek’s beauriful very emphatic presentation of an aged man who could still get his biological family with him. I hope the celebrities he knew would get together with him.
    God bless you Derek for your dedication in helping seniors like Ken who really need attention from all the people who knew him

  • Thanks for this video, Derek. It breaks my heart to see that his kids do not want to see him. Such a sad story. I hope he is doing ok now and is being looked after. It would be good for someone to send you a video of any updates from the UK. Regards from the land down under… Jim ❤

    • Yes, of course. There are two sides to every story but still quite sad that it turned out the way it did, especially with his son. Keep the videos coming, mate. @@qadventures

    • ​@@qadventuresAnd Ken’s kids story I’m sure is the real one. Ken, has been a asshole as a man and a husband and a father to his kids. I’m sure, his Rolls Royce and BMW 745 was more important

  • It would be interesting to hear his family’s side of the story. I also think his story of his filipina wife stabbing him should serve as a warning to men not to rush into marriage without fully knowing your partner. When he talked about selling his Rolls Royce, Ferrari, BMW 745 and Toyota it sounded like he had a lot of money. I only hope at this point that he is getting the attention that he needs right now.🤔🏝

    • I’m not sure I’d want to see that , every single female in this episode he talked about either ran of with a man or was violent with him and his disdain for his daughter was palpable …. sometimes as the saying goes it’s better to let sleeping dogs lie

    • @@meichong8278something is not adding up, he’s is either very unfortunate man or selfish man?? Please don’t come for me, I have donated for Ken’s return but would love to hear the other side of the story.

    • @@Maligroot Come for you … absolutely not !!! Though I stand by my comment it was in effect a fleeting thought and also this isnt the type of channel for an ongoing / back and forth feud. It’s an admirable thing you did donating & I commend you for it so can I ask how would you feel if the other side of the story came out painting Ken in a less than favourable light ?

    • I’m sure he loved his cars more so an his wife and kids like so many rich people do. I know a few of them or that kind 😂

  • Ken must have been a millionaire if he owned all those vehicles sounds like he was relieved of all his money by someone

    • I can tell so 🎉
      By all those cars he mentioned thats totally insane!
      But atleast he had enjoyed his life back years with his fortune which he deserves🎉

      Imagine that how he travel around the country!

      Thank you Ken for chosing our country THE PHILIPPINES❤

  • The woman Ken was with before his finances were messed up, that went to the hospital and Ken paid for it, then she left him. I think she told Ken that she was ill and needed surgery, but I feel like she must have used the money for a tummy-tuck/breast enhancement. She left him when she came home from the hospital. Thanks for posting this video Derek! Beautiful Ai was cooking – she’s such a sweet lady! ❤

  • old man disowned by his family, goes hunting girls young enough to be his grand duaghter in the Philippines, he doesnt sound like such a nice guy, probably why he has ended up in the situation he is in

    • I don’t have an opinion. A human suffering in front of my face so I did what I thought was right. Ken wanted to tell this story after he co-hosted my livestream so I turned on the camera

    • Thank you so much Derek for switching on your camera and help Ken.It was God timing for you to do that.God bless you.

  • Ken certainly has had his fair share of ups and downs😢

    Interesting to hear some of his life story, very sad about his son and how it has affected him then and all these years.
    I thought being estranged from family may have been part of something he didn’t want to discuss straight away about.
    I hope one day him and his son can reconcile as there’s a possibility Ken may be a grandfather 😢

    • ⁠@@qadventures awe that just brought tears to my eyes, I look forward to watching 🙏🏼🙂 Thank You Derek 😊

    • ⁠@@qadventuresthanks D, I would love to her the their story. Just not liking the way he speaks of-his teenage daughter. You tried to direct him but he’s didn’t listen. We as parents love our children no matter what. My love to you & AI ❤

  • Oh wow he had 2 children ❤ awesome🎉
    Hope he”s children will see this Ken Story and they will get back their connection to him.
    My wishes for you Ken.
    Applause to Derek and his woman🎉
    Ate Bernie and the rest of the people of this journey possible for Ken to live a life stands strongly!
    Y’all made an Incredible job ❤❤❤

  • Sounds like he might have been in the ” time share”, business, at one time. Their commissions on sales is pretty high!
    And the Welsh are well known, for the “gift of the gab”. No offence! Lol
    Surprised his first wife left him with any property at all.
    Thought in America, the ex wife got the lot as a rule!?

  • good story from Ken, everyone has a story the older you get the more you realize this. Hopefully Ken can find some peace back home in Great Britian. So sad to hear of his broken relationship with his son.

  • Didn’t Ken get money from people awhile ago he should have used that money to get back home but no just another Grifter wanting other people to pay his way

  • Sound like his 2nd ex wife got tired of him partying with his friends, always partying… She had enough to the point she stabbed him wow. And than look like he threw all his money out the window partying and chasing after Young teens. From millionaire to homeless.

  • I still think you did the right thing. Unfortunately, we see the elderly like vulnerable children. But they are not always, they have lived experiences and the ability to plan for their futures. This story is a a testament to a selfish individual. I say this in reference to his personal decisions to be with the younger women and how he speaks of the two women who are his ex wife ( the mother of his child) and his daughter. I think it speaks much to his greater character.
    He was fortunate to meet the kindest people when he was in a bad situation. This being, Derek and others. He may not ever truly realize that. That in itself is sad. Kudus to you for being true to yourself and doing good deeds anyway. Thank you.

    • Amen, you said it so well. If you have change, read my response to this channel also about Ken. I don’t feel one bit sorry for this man. He has been an asshole in his younger years. He, is so !ucky that this YouTuber helped him with whatever he is now going to get.

    • @@tcb1017 – I read your comment on Ken, you are correct he was very fortunate to find Derek and others to help him. I think he ended up vey vulnerable and that is a result of nothing to do with his actions, his decision making. Rather it was due to his poor decision making and belief that he could act as he pleased for much of his life!

  • You don’t call your daughter a bitch or tell your ex wife and son to F…k off and to never contact you again, when your son tries to call you. That is nasty. Also Ken telling you to hold your tongue, while making a horrible example with an ugly facial expression. shows no respect either. Seems to be a bitter man with a sharp tongue. I’d like to hear his sons story.

  • Ken seemed to really like women! He sounds like he was quite the charmer and entertainer! No wonder I like him!

  • Well I think Ken is a little bit of a perv . lol ……. He is in his late 70’s casing twenty year olds lol . Sounds like he caught a couple . The old bugger did ok . Wish him the best and hope he enjoys life the rest of what’s left of it . Take care my friend .

  • Life lessons from Ken. Seems he does like to go all in ! Had the Ferrari, the Rolls, the Bm , the Winnebago, the wives, the careers … until he didn’t…but always comes up roses, … eventually. Ummm 🤔.

  • Lovely story time with Ken….
    Interesting ❤
    I could sit for hours listening to elder peoples stories….
    So much to tell….👏🙏🏻😊

  • I really hate those girls that broke your heart. It melts my heart. How i wish i can take care of you. To show you that i also care about you. 😢❤️

  • Hi Ken & q adventures.. so happy for what has been made possible by q adventures… truly pray more people in ken’s situation can be helped by people like q adventures.. happy for you ken

  • Gross, the filipina girls he chose in ohilliphines as girlfriends were was 25 and 21, he was late 70s thats disgusting 50 year age gap. They used him he said right. Did he honestly th8nk they were intererested in a relationship woth a 78 year old old man. They were barely out childhood. Makes my tummy turn. Abs filthy.

  • He never finished the story so 25 yrold, then 21zyr old. Then what that didnt take timeline up until he left

  • What a beautiful poignant memories that ken is sharing in the video. I hope he is doing well and being cared for in the UK.

  • So Ken actually has a family that unfortunately decided to dump him, it’s so sad. The ex-wife turned the children against him 😔.

  • Ken looks great. I hope he continues to thrive. He’s a very special man. God bless you for helping him.

  • Ok, so what I could get from this story is that Ken, in his days was an asshole Mr. Bigshot in CA. Soon as he talked about his Rolls Royce car, BMW 745, big house with a swimming pool etc etc and the way he was talking about a few things including his daughter and also his son. He was not that close to his son. Ok, maybe he thought so but if he would have been and his sn felt the same ok, his son would not have acted they way he did. His mom did not brainwash the son to not see or be with his son, he did it on his own. In many ways, I can also see why Ken’s wife dumped his ass because he was an asshole in his younger years. I had an uncle just like Ken. Then just like Ken here now so when he got older he was so soft and tried to be so nice etc etc just like Ken here now. Ok, he is sick and old now but I don’t have any sumpathy for people like Ken, who has been ok living like bigshots. And here, after all these years and his kids don’t want anything to do with him……………..ok, it’s more to the story. Ken, is lucky that he can go back to the UK to get the help he needs and also, so lucky to have this YouTuber man that has helped hm out so much. Ok, I think that this YouTuber have learned a lot more also about Ken that ok, he is not so pyre and God giving man that people think hat he has been. I could read rght through him. Bless, this man who have helped him out because of not for him ths YouTuber Ken would still be sitting there at that dirty table looking at that wall or ceiling waiting for whatever so bless this man not Ken but this YouTuber 😊 People, who read my comment I’m sure is saying that wow 😮 how can this man write about Ken as he did that how cruel that is. Ok, again I don’t feel sorry for people like this man Ken, I been around them to much.

  • Your memory isn’t bad Ken. As we age, we remember our life from long ago much better than what we did yesterday or the last week.

  • I’m Glad Ken got home to UK where he can get the Help he needs. He led a colorful life, and people tend to remember certain bits and pieces but forget others as we all were quite surprised to hear about the disowned children but it is His choice not to want to continue or keep the relationship. I hope his quality of life is better now. Great Job Derek

  • I want a to now about Ken in England were he is now A talk live Peace and Love to All people and thing on live I say grow grow grow grow every plant on earth Love everyone Peace Marcus ✌🙏

  • These guys just can’t leave these Fillapinas alone even though they are trouble. The rise and fall of Ken…….however, he had an interesting life and some good times for the most part.

  • Kenn ur story touched me so much and I can’t stop crying,is a motion 😢thx for sharing ur stories ❤

  • I doubt Ken will get much help in the UK.He doesn’t qualify for a full state pension.Also when you leave the UK for more than 6mths you loose your right to free medi care.He probley get some benifits.but.just enough to pay for a doss house to sleep.

    • He’s entitled to a reduced state pension, and he has US social security. But you’re right, he will be living well below the poverty line in the UK. The future is pretty grim.

  • What a good up date sorry about cancer Ken you never know your daughter or son my get in touch with him .he famous now . But its sounds like he had a good life and time .😊

  • May God have mercy on Ken and make his old age easy for him. Don’t know if I can believe all he is saying though. Amen