Let There Be Light: A Journey of Community and Empowerment

In a world where technology has become an integral part of our daily lives, access to it can significantly impact one’s opportunities and quality of life. The video titled “Let There Be Light!!!” offers a heartwarming glimpse into the efforts of a community to bridge this technological gap for deserving kids. This article delves into the key moments and messages from the video, highlighting the importance of community, generosity, and empowerment.

A Warm Introduction

The video begins with the speaker, Derek from Q Adventures, addressing his audience with an air of familiarity and warmth. He shares that he’s at LJ and Jericho’s community to provide updates and deliver a laptop, a kind gesture from Todd and another guest from a previous video. Derek’s casual mention of having her own laptop now, so visitors don’t need to come to his house, sets a tone of camaraderie and mutual support.

Morning Musings and Cultural Connections

Derek’s recounting of his morning is both humorous and insightful. An innocent assumption about his Korean heritage, when he’s Chinese American, serves as a gentle reminder of the importance of understanding and respecting cultural identities. The community’s happiness and contentment are palpable, and Derek’s gratitude towards his viewers for joining him on this journey is evident.

Community Updates and Solar Power

One of the video’s highlights is the introduction of upgrades to the community, particularly the installation of a solar panel. This isn’t just a technological advancement; it’s a beacon of hope and progress. Lola, a community member, proudly showcases the solar panel, emphasizing its positive impact on the area’s lighting. The ability to charge phones, power banks, and even run a fan during hot days signifies a leap towards modern conveniences many take for granted.

The Gift of Sight

A touching segment revolves around the topic of eyeglasses. Derek’s selflessness shines through when he prioritizes getting glasses for Lola, his sister, over himself. Lola’s struggles with reading and walking due to poor eyesight underscore the challenges many face due to lack of access to basic healthcare.

Dental Dilemmas and Acts of Kindness

Dental care, often overlooked, takes center stage in a conversation about braces, dental work, and the importance of a confident smile. The mention of Reggie, a shy cousin who covers his mouth when smiling, and Derek’s decision to seek a more convenient dentist, highlights the community’s collective efforts to uplift each other.

Empowering the Youth with Technology

The gift of a slightly used but almost new HP laptop is more than just a gadget; it’s a tool for empowerment. With features like a 14-inch screen and an Intel Core i5 processor, this laptop can be a gateway to education, information, and opportunities. The generous donation of 2,500 Pesos each from Mr. Lee further emphasizes the community’s commitment to supporting its youth.

Education, Employment, and Empowerment

Derek’s focus on the younger generation’s potential is unwavering. He discusses the importance of education, the benefits of having a government job, and the value of independence. By not relying on others for support, one can chart their path and make meaningful contributions to society.

Gratitude and Moving Forward

The video concludes with Derek expressing gratitude for his supporters and acknowledging other noble causes, such as addressing world hunger and assisting the elderly. He emphasizes that while he’s just one person, the collective efforts of a community can bring about significant change.

In summary, “Let There Be Light!!!” is more than just a video; it’s a testament to the power of community, generosity, and the human spirit. Derek’s journey with Q Adventures and his commitment to making a difference in the lives of deserving kids is truly inspiring. Through technological advancements, healthcare access, and educational opportunities, this community is lighting the way for a brighter future.

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  • i love the house and solar.. my heart will always be calling that home, dont need fancy big houses and luxury things as that alone is my luxury of living …i miss philippines

  • There’s always going to be haters. But majority of “us” appreciate what you’re doing for the kids…for the Philippines. Stay true to your beliefs, brother. You’re doing a great job 🙏

  • I just got done with the dentist. It’s never fun but necessary. Derek secured LJ’s future. You filming for content has helped these people tremendously.

  • The combination of the great and kind Philipino people and the kindness of your viewers and yourself really touches my heart.
    Great work

  • Hi Q… “Wrong race”… From where I come from, you look like an American… Not Chinese : ) BTW… I live in the Chinese community in CA and I have no color to my skin : )

    • It’s all good, Ed. I am truly Colorblind (not just metaphorically). We all breathe the same air. No one air is sweeter than the other

  • You do great services to the young generations the future of Philippines you pass on the legacy of your Chinese ancestors to the nation

    • We are all human and breathe the same air at the end of the day. The Philippines had shown my family and I respect and dignity and now it’s my turn to reciprocate in a small way

  • You can rate your success by the number of haters and trolls, the more they hate, the more successful you are. Jealousy is such an ugly trait for people to portray, just because they can’t/won’t help others doesn’t mean they need to be jealous of those that can. Ignore them and don’t give them the attention they are looking for and they’ll move on to some other “cause” to hate on.

    Continue being kind and bringing some happiness and putting smiles on people’s faces and giving them hope. These 2 ladies and gentleman were so kind and friendly having never met you, and were giving, humble, and never asked for anything. They have earned the blessings given to them and the future is looking brighter and brighter each day. Thank you Derek, Todd, and the other folks that have made this happen and showing that, those ones fighting in the streets, being nuisances, harassing people, starting drama, etc., don’t represent all foreigners and we’re not all bad.

    • @ejtaylor73 it’s OK I’m here and I consider myself an expert when it comes to hunting trolls. Eventually they will get tired of my responses to their comments making them look like fools and they will move on.

  • The help that you and Todd are giving these kids and their families is important for them and their community. Ignore the negativity and encourage them to pay it forward.👍🏽🏝️

  • I don’t think I missed any videos from this community however I have seen you worry over the walkways, my worry is the supports.
    The community or a part of it seems to be on stilts that the ocean flows around.
    Have you by chance looked under the structures at the supports themselves to see how the community is built? have you asked how repairs are done under load of the houses above when a support needs replaced?
    I imagine if they plan to do any repairs or inspections it could make an interesting video… at least to a crazy person like me 🙂

    • Very good point. I did look but not inquire. The stilts are random combination of scrap wood and bamboo. I question to myself how the salt water deteriorate it

    • @Q Adventures when you went clam hunting we saw a little of it at least.
      I wonder if the stilts wash out in the waves often or even sink in sand areas.

  • The “haters” are exposing their inner selves, by expressing the badness in their own minds.
    There’s an old phrase or saying,
    ‘Set a thief to catch a thief ‘

    I’m not in a financial position to help, but I wholeheartedly appreciate the genuine Love you share with the folks you help.❤

    I’m hoping to holiday in the Philippines before Christmas and hope that our paths might cross. ❤

    • The funny thing is…. their usernames are usually “anonymous1234” or something similar.
      You are helping a lot already by simply watching and sharing my videos with loved ones. I don’t want anyone to go out of the way, that’s why I never ask. Only put up a link if someone is compelled and able. It doesn’t make sense to try to solve a problem by creating another problem…

  • Great job! My future mission is to help the widows primarily, but I will be in the province of Capiz and ILOILO in a few years from now.

  • Watching these type of videos of you helping people like LJ and Jericho are a pleasure to watch. Keep up the good work Derek. Planting some great seeds for a most abundant harvest!

  • I so much agree with you I should be over there in a couple of weeks when I come I’m going to bring all of my get them fixed so we can pass them out

  • I love to see you helping a community that will apricate your help. You are a very kind man. and god bless the people that have helped you.

  • LG almost made me tear-up when it was mentioned of her trying to give her spot for new glasses to her grandma. She is pretty as well.

  • Hi Todd. I love the things you are doing, and i love to watch your videos. but you have to do something about the sound, sometimes it is very hard to hear the persons you are talking to. so keep up the good work, and i will by waiting for your next video. best regards from Jan living in denmark

  • Q, you doing great job. I impress. When I visit to there I would I like to meet you. Keep doing good work. I subscribed you too.

  • There is something incredibly special about LJ and her family. Most people in this world have forgotten that true love is in the bonding of a family. They are teaching us what we have all forgotten. LJ will definitely excel in this world.

    • @Albert Head I am sorry for your negative comment. The bond of family will not be broken when they become westernized. I know a woman here from Manila that still drives hours every weekend to be with her family. It is definitely unfair to say this about LJ or other Filipina’s on a something you have experienced. I am sorry for what you did experience. This is all I have to say on this subject.

    • what negative comments, take a look at other Asian countries that have, im not knocking the Filipinas its the expats that are doing it, we from the west have a habit of making a mess of beautiful places lets take a look at the countries we live in @catinthecradle

  • How much was the eye exam and the glasses? I am wanting to do the same thing for my girl friends father so he can driving in the city

    • Exams are free with purchase. Glasses range from 2k (frame and lense) for standard to 15k transition bifocals and all these complex stuff

  • But LG and her brother has their own light, as OUR CREATOR made them such a beautiful souls, more blessings for them on the way and for u as well brother🙏😇💙

  • Also a question?
    You said you had a lot of haters out there. What do you mean by that?

    • People are generally telling me to do it differently, or accuse me of “grooming” kids or why I ONLY help females, etc. Which are all not true if you watched my other contents

    • got it.
      People in the USA and other first world countries don’t have a clue about life outside there own little worlds and they love to complain about things because it makes them think that there thoughts have value, when in reality they are showing how foolish they are when they choose to judge other people. Also there was a time when men where not looked at like we are all abusers. And it was common and respectful for a man to help others. Thank God there are places out there with people that have common sense and a brain in there head. And they don’t hate man, but have respect for men.. Brothers, fathers and uncles.
      @Q Adventures

  • Well said at the end, great speech and completely in line with my own perspective when it comes to helping others. Those children just need an extra push to make sure they get setup with a good start in life and become independent. And hopefully they remember later on to keep that ball rolling and help another kid as well when they’re in a better position when they’re older.

    I’m interested in a rundown on that solar system that was provided to them. That one panel seem to be sufficient for a household for the very basic needs. I think I’ll google that and find out a total cost for that setup in Cebu. Personally it crossed my mind to get such setup in small communities as a central place where everyone can atleast charge there phones and maybe even connect to a WiFi. A one stop where nearby students can go to study, research on internet.
    But if done to single households, it does save them from getting an electric bill often shared by multiple households connected to a single meter where they divide the total bill.
    I’m just trying to find something universal that can easily implemented/setup and benefit more people same time.

  • Love this vlog. Many thoughts come into my mind how these young people can get into wrong decisions bcuz of their situation. But the mindset of these youngsters are unique. You picked the right people to feature. Thanks for sharing this.I will continue following. Haters will continue to sow negativity. Inconsequential.

  • Hi Derek, you’re a true philanthropist ❤❤ a very big Thank You and Thanks too to Todd for giving LJ a laptop 💻 ❤. You guys are so admirable. Thanks too to your subscribers who have extended some financial help to these deserving young students 🤗🩷 GOD BLESS 🙌 🙏

  • Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime. I have tried to help people that didn’t want to help themselves before. I much prefer to help those who are trying to better themselves!

    • That is my emphasis, hence the younger generation. Nothing is perfect and my failure rate is still high, but I have faith in the good of humanity

  • The solar system for LJ/Lola’s house was a large two square meter panel, solar charge controller, sine wave inverter, agm deep cycle battery, two lights , stand fan with light, switches , outlets, wiring for 17.8k pesos. It took some careful install work because the roof was not designed to take the weight of a human doing install work and the floor did not like the point load of a ladder in the room. I need to sort out some structural issues there 😮 I got very lucky because the solar supply store is near them and they had everything in stock.

    • Your a good man tod,pleased u helped them out,they are so deserving, especially Jericho (no gangster vibes lol ,he will go far in life,have you ever thought about making a business model of every home over the water having a battery and solar,(not essentialy to start making money of them but it will trickle in after a year,knock door to door,a tiny amount paid upfront so you can see they are serious,and a weekly amount paid until the entire set up is finally paid of ,over a ten year contract,5 missed payments the solar unit is removed ppl appreciate things so much more when they feel they are working hard for there electricity,is the business model works in there village you could expand,but always remember u didn’t start out to be greedy and get rich, stay humble but a million trickles of payments will turn into a river in 7 yrs 🤔👍

    • Any chance of getting the full specs for the solar panel set up? I’m curious about trying to set one up on my in-laws kubo… Thanks in advance for any help…

  • Laptop was a NOS HP Elitebook i5 11th generation loaded with the software she needs for her university projects and it can hotspot to her phone so she does not have to constantly travel to do school work.

  • Exam , frames, and lenses for LJ , Lola, and Jerico were 21k but Lola’s prescription required transition bifocal lenses. Frames and lenses were ready within an hour. Just enough time for a trip to get ice cream. And yes I physically took them to the eye exam and eyeglasses store.

  • Brilliant Derek, big congrats for helping those that strive for good education.
    These young filpino will pursue their dreams.
    Shout out to Todd & the sponsor Mr Lee too.
    BTW, I hope you , Ai and the girls living with you are well.
    Take care brother, much ❤ and appreciation from the land down under Australia 🇦🇺 😊

    • Thank you, Glenn. We are all good. There are certain things I need to work with the girls. They still feel really awkward and there is a clash of culture. They are very reserved when I encourage them to explore their mind and even criticize the business and offer input.

    • @qadventures  unerstand your situation with helping and encouraging the girls.
      If I could suggest one thing… take a step back, let them come to you.
      They’ll soon realise your doing your best to support them.
      Cheers brother.

    • Very complicated situation. They are accustomed to redundancy while I encourage creativity. Drives me crazy that the elder girl constantly cleans the dishes and laundry by hand. I asked.them to go out and explore. I have a washer, use it to save.time. do the dishes after lunch and after dinner only. Time management. Go explore. All I get is “yes kuya” and back to old ways

  • You got a very irritating laugh; please drop it…….It’s seems that you’re looking down at Filipinos and making fun of their lifestyle. I’m sure you’re a big shot from where you come from; giving you a feeling of power…..

    • @user-gm3sc7ol3h I wish I was local to him so I could go film a video with all the Filipino families he helps and see if they feel he is making fun of them or really helping them. The fact that you even think someone should change their laugh because it irritates you actually says alot about you.

    • I encourage you to get off the couch of your mother’s basement to do something with your life. You will find so much joy that you will not sit where you are to practice on a perfect laugh that no one will hear

  • You’re doing a great job there bud…just one small thing I noticed ( that most westerners do ) and I hope you are not offended by this, but try to use smaller words and talk slower so they can hopefully fully understand you…keep up the good work. 👍

    • I get what you are saying. I try to speak with everyone differently based on my assessment of their ability. And I sometimes speak regular on purpose to assess whether they are just agreeable individuals or they can speak honestly with their mind. This also allows.me to know their true intentions

  • To the person who got them a solar panel and everything, you can’t put a price on how much that’ll impact day to day life, thank you so much for that level of support. I love seeing these kinds of videos. Although people may criticize who you decide to help and why, you decide what position is the most impactful and choosing to develop and encourage the next generation will lead a positive impact throughout these kids lives. So thank you so much for the support you give.

    • Thank you for your support and encouragement. There will always be people to say why this and not that and so on. To those people, they can always get up on their behinds and do as they wish

  • You are a great example of a good person doing unselfish acts to make peoples lives there better in some way. I wish other people could have the same attitude. I like the way you are contributing in helping their education. It gives them the best opportunity to graduate in the future and make their lives better. One thing about Filipino people is they might not have much but they will always share with a smile. Best wishes always.

  • I see yhe red tape you are cutting trough to help these kids.
    I am very familiar with the phillipines and what some kids have to go trough to pursue education.
    I think what you are doing in your adventures is very noble and will be greatly appreciated by many as what you have done will benefit the family’s of theses children.

  • Geez! When I was in high school anybody that did more than sit on the hill and chain-smoke got an A! Seriously. That’s all it took. Don’t smoke during Gym. (Not all were cigarettes BTW). We had a real old school coach then. He would knock heads, literally, for swearing or fights, but other than that….

  • Made my eyes leaky again. Seeing those wonderful, uncorrupted, excellent people receive these blessings! It’s such a great deed.
    Ps, didn’t know you were Chinese, I figured you were a filipino who had lived abroad and returned home. But then I’ve seen only 3 or 4 of your videos so far.

  • Great job was in the Philippines 1974 the people are so friendly i give the the Philippines inland mission who help kids learning about Jesus they also help in many others ways feeding and books and pumps

  • Hi BUDHA D👋. I thought you were RUSSIAN!! LOL 😂. Everyone is hospitable and smiling 🙂❤️. Todd 👍Great job brother 🙏. LJ is a natural beauty 🥰 and a heart ❤️ of gold!! What a mature young lady🙏. Thanks for the update BUDHA D👍🙏. Blessings 🙏🌺🌸🌼

  • your doing a great job in helping the not so well off but determined to succeed, i live in the UK but do help out people there when i can, gelspapa is having problems with buy me a coffee i sent 100 dollars through that for the poor young girl that had the brain operation but he has said he cant get hold of it for some reason, not only my money but all buy me a coffee donations, i trying through my bank to get it back from who ever it is that is holding the money so i can send it back again via paypal, keep up the good work, i wish you could get a million viewers so you could help even more people

  • A hand up…not a hand out…is the only way that will have lasting effect. These kids will hopefully go on to have productive lives and then in turn help their families and communities. Good luck to all!