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  • I’ve been there , 17 years of alcohol abuse that turned into alcoholism , comfortably sober since May 2000 .

    • @Q Adventures Yes , so thankful and taking care of other things. Have all intentions of moving there in a few years . Been there 1980s , love Filipino food even Tuyo . And developed friendships with people there

  • Im still halfway into the video but now just typing how I experience the watching as constructive criticism.
    I’m a bit annoyed by the constant interruption with a bombardement of questions, clarifying and summarizing. I wanted to listen at his story. Let the person you interview talk for a bit…. Now it’s even bit more difficult to follow as I feel the story is jumping left and right due to the interruptions while he was in the flow at some point.

  • Good he pulled through. No more alcohol. Drugs and alcohol destroys families. Time for redemption.

  • Very touching and educational. What a blessing he received.
    Hits home with me, as I try to get my sh** together before I make the move to the Philippines.

  • A guy affected by the war in Russia and the Philipina breakup. And alcohol.Alcohol could have been the big one.

  • One Day at a time as I will say some prayers for Yury’s continued success as it is great the community rallied around to support him as there are so many sad and hard stories as there is no real rehab funded by government like the states. Solace is doing God’s work and you can see how wonderful and Needed this is as it is an increasing problem along with mental health issues. Thanks Q for sharing all of it.

  • There many aspects of this story, he jumps from many different parts. Banking, ex wife, street living, war. Job. And the language. All details with the alcohol.

    • Yes. I tried to contain the conversation as much I could. Some viewers interpret that as me being rude. I tried, but Yury is a good man with a good heart. Some mistakes in the past, but without a past, wisdom wouldn’t exist

  • Just shows what can be accomplished through the combination of community support, individual contributors, and a strong community leadership with the mayor. Some of our fellow humans sometimes fall, but they don’t need a hand out, but instead a leg up to get out of the hole they’re in. Bringing light to their darkness. 👍👍

  • solid, strong and a smart guy. wishing him the best and success and for him to get back w/ his kids. Peace!

  • Alcoholism can cause a disease called Beriberi, which is when your body becomes depleted of thiamine (vitamin b1) and alot of cases require blood infusions of this vitamin. The symptoms of Beriberi are horrible, it affects the nervous system, the organs such as the heart and brain and other organs.

    People who eat a very high carb diet without adequate vitamin b1 can also develop Beriberi and neurological condition called dysautonamia. Certain antibiotics such as Metronidazole (flagyl), Ciprofloxacin (any with “flox” in name), and Bactrim can severely deplete the body of vitamin b1 and severely damage a person also.

    If i could suggest anything, it would be for people to eat clean diet containing whole foods that contain all of the B vitamins, avoid alcohol and certain antibiotics and supplement with a multi vitamin that contains all of the required vitamins and minerals for the human body to function.

    The term Beriberi means “i cant i cant” and the japanese people invented a medicine called Allithiamine in the 1950s or 1960s. However in high enough doses thiamine hydrochloride can work to an extent as well and usually alchoholics are iv infused with this vitamin at the hospital along with magnesium and other b vitamins.

    • In a simple explanation, alchohol is a super sugar and the body requires vitamin b1 to process all sugars in the body. Without enough vitamin b1, the body gets flooded with sugar and starts to shut down. A car with a full tank of gas will never run if the engine doesn’t have spark plugs, thiamine vitamin b1 is the spark plugs for the human body and sugar is the gas for our body. Ultimately our body burns all food for fuel and converts it into sugars, proteins/fats and carbohydrates are all converted into sugar that our body will further turn into ATP which is the primary source of energy in our body.

  • Dude I really want to watch your vids but your voice is too loud in my ears. Please remedy, other vloggers don’t have this problem.

    • Ok. I am new to this and just received some microphones. Thanks for giving me the opportunity

  • man this guy had a close call, I never drank but I’m fighting a binge eating, if it’s hard for me imagine for him, I hope he stays strong so he can help others

    • I just checked. It is active. Please send me a messenger message if you find otherwise. I am tech dumb and totally new to this. Thank you for bringing this to my attention

  • Thank you sir&mam ai for sharing your blessings to us,and also to others..God bless you into fold..silver bottom coming☺️☺️🙏🙏

    • You are 1 of the very 1st to bless my channel with your subscription. Without subscribers like yourself, I will not be able to do what my heart desires

    • @Q Adventures because I enjoy watching your videos sir very Real,very Authentic ♥️♥️♥️

  • I lived with my uncle back in the 1980’s when my aunt had enough after 25 years of marriage and kicked him out of the house. I didn’t realize he was drinking so much until I saw with my own eyes. I’m not joking when I say he was drinking 1 liter of Vodka a DAY!!! I didn’t think that was even humanly possible, but he had acquired a high tolerance to alcohol over a 25 year period. Surprisingly enough he did stop drinking when the doctor told him his liver would stop functioning if he didn’t stop drinking. He ended up living to a ripe old age of 81.

    • Wow!!! I don’t know how it is to be in that position. But when I met Yury, I just saw a man asking for help and it’s human decency to help another brother in need. I am glad your uncle lived a full life though. He’s lucky

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