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  • Diet lifestyle (low carb) could help Ken’s vision to get better. Just keep him off from sugar, ultra processed foods, and breads. Ken is hopeful now and no stress with the good progress of his situation (because of you) that’s may be he is inspired to get better. Thank you Q Adventures for your big heart for Ken ❤❤❤ !!!! Keep safe and God bless always!!!!

  • Thanks Derek for being a good Samaritan to Ken! I just donated $25 to your paypal account a couple of minutes ago with the name Mary and last name starts with S. to help Ken get better. He’s looking and talking better already. What a difference you’ve already made in his life. You’ve given him hope for a better life. Proverbs 19:17 – Whoever is generous to the poor lends to the Lord, and he will repay him for his deed.

  • I cant wait for Ken to be home where he wants to be…God Bless You Derrick for doing all these🙏❤️

  • Derrick, you said “human decency and kindness” rings in my ears, God bless you abundantly and the lady🙏🏿

  • This is the very BEST video i have ever seen on YOUTUbe- Q Adventure thanks to you so much and Bernadette too

  • Hi Derek, Ken is a bit younger than me, i’m in my 80s, and i think it’s great what you are doing for Ken, but, i don’t think Ken can grasp what you are trying to tell him, it’s too much for him. I understand it’s for your YT views but Ken obviously looks confused, and i’m thinking it all might be a bit overwhelming for him. Slow it down a bit please. Bob NZ.

  • I’m glad you sorted it all out for him peace and love to you and your family. Keep the good work up. You are a number one show in the world everybody likes you. You will be famous person soon and you will be helping everybody out who you can help for maybe one day someone will bless you to buy you a big house and plenty of money in your bank account. Peace and love to you

  • Relinquishing your green card does not change your eligibility to receive U.S. Social Security retirement benefits. Once you have given up your green card, you will be treated as a non-U.S. citizen or “alien” and classified as a non-resident alien (NRA).

  • That’s what I said before. No current address on file and no way to contact him and no active bank account, therefore no check. I hope that they have his phone number also.

  • He can renew his green card. I’m sure it won’t affect his Social Security as it’s his contributions while working. Just refer to the US Embassy on his case and they’ll contact the SS where he resides.

  • I start to feel pity for that old senile man. Send him back to UK, and stop benefit on his misery! He are sick and need hospital care. And he will NEVER return to Philippines.

    • I’m waiting for my family member to get back to me regarding medical and social welfare help once he arrived in the UK.

  • Oh ken😢😔…sir Q adventures, thank you so much for the extra patience and care u’ve been giving this poor elderly. My dad passed away a few months ago, few days before my bday. My dad was scammed too just almost a yr now

  • Ken should be taking vitamin supplements A rice diet has given him beriberi Use benfotiamine B1 And all the other vitamin And vitamin D Good luck

  • Ken should have an email address for communications with the bank and social security. He can also sign up for social security access. I’m also receiving US Social Security I find it easy to check updated info re my SS benefits.

  • OMG Q, Never thought I would meet an Angel! Your his Angel Bro. I knew, not all Angels are White. Hahahahaha Angels come in all shades. Thanks GOD.

  • Soft diet maybe is good for him as his digestion is quite weak. Tinolang manok is also good for him or sinigang na isda. He needs healthy broth. Kudos to this kind couple helping him out, God bless you and your family.

  • Hello, this Elio from Dipolog City. If Ken get his Social Security back and want to travel back to his Country, may be a problem. Checks will be deposited in a Philippine account, right? He need to go in person every month to the Bank and get his money. Once he travel how he will get his money? He will have to report to Social security his new address and open a bank account in England. He need to make sure to have cash until this happens. How about to get the money in the Philippine Bank once he leave the Country? He said wants to come back to Philippines. With his benefits restored, no need to leave this wonderful Country. Excellent hospital and doctors are right here. No money to buy food is his big problem. Look the improvements now that he is eating everyday and healthy food.

  • Also high dose Riboflavin Phosphate B2 He has all the symptoms of beriberi and myopathy Can be treated this way

  • He looks dehydrated before that why he has impaired cognition.Yes,definitely it has something to do with good nutrition intake and sufficient fluid intake, he is looking much much better now.Thanks to a person like you with a lot of compassion to others.

  • It was great seeing his face when you told him his Social security benefits are sorted out
    Well done Derek & Paul & JR & Bernidette ✌️😎🤗

    • @ziggarillo  we where always on about his pension obviously can’t apply for benefits when your not here living. Let’s get him home 1st, cross thar bridge, he will be classified as priority due to health. You being ex-nhs surely can tell there is alot of health issues there!! Eyesight/hearing/incontinent/lots of lumps appearing all over torso list goes on.

  • Hi Derek, I haven’t caught up on Ken’s progress lately. I did find out that Social Security sent out a bunch of proof of life notices last year and this year because they slacked on everything during covid. If you did not respond to the letter they cut-off the payments. Many elderly people had problems because of this letter, especially retirees living outside the U.S.

    • Needs to make who is the person is gonna meet him at the airport in case he goes home.by the way he don’t have family in U K Nd why he’s going there for.just saying

  • I will continue to pray for his safety and for the lady to continue to help him with all she does may God bless KEN and everyone that is truly helping not harming him !

  • Sending Massive Love to you Ken from Australia ❤xoxo I Pray you get home safe and sound and Thankyou Derek for bringing Kens story to light.. God bless ❤

  • Getting Ken reinstated for his Social Security is a Major achievement as your friendly kindness in just listening and being his friend and advocate literally helped getting his situation well on his way. His next hurdle is documents to get a bank account as either BPI or BDO or Chase and even Citibank are good for Brit Expats. As i would get it all set up with a $1000 peso account so he can also get a bank card. The Alien certificate or registration identity card will be the thing to work on. Derek you have cut thru this man’s confusion and assisted him like a true friend as you have gone so far above and beyond it just shows what a Kind, patient and caring person you are and I am so proud to be part of the Q-community. Writing it all down for him may also help as some of the details get lost in his distractions and it might help him greatly just as this video documentation will also. You did more for him in a few hours than he was able to do in a year. Your wisdom, street sense and life experience of even thinking of the San Diego routing number shows thinking on your feet. Man I am so rooting for Ken and You as you deserve to go viral as you have in your viewers hearts. Guled to our chairs awaiting the Next episode of the Adventure

    • He can get his US SSA sent to a bank in Britain. Which is where he should keep it. If he goes back to the PI he can use something like wise to have it sent to the PI. Wise even has a auto pay. Either way he should be in a assisted Living setting.

  • He has all the symptoms of beriberi and Riboflavin definitely Aii minerals including potassium All B numbers up to 12

  • WELLS FARGO will deactivate bank account after 2 years of inactivity. Afterwards, they send written notification to the address on file. If no response, they will close the account and send the funds to the government/Treasury’s unclaimed assets department. ken will have to claim the funds. Sometimes this can be done online. He will need to verify his identity with an address and other information related to the account. This is how it works in the USA. I assume that there is a similar process in the UK

  • Praying for you Ken hopefully get back to uk soon get the treatment you need from NHS David from Scotland ♥️

  • You are so awesome Derek, Thank you for taken care of Mr Ken i wish he could stay over there for a little while longer after he gets his social security back, because he doesn’t have a family to go back to we all know Mr Ken not going to be around forever, i wish you could be Ken beneficiary and you just give that lady some money for food and rent etc and then hold on the rest for his doctors bills and his funeral when the times comes.Mr Ken needs plenty of bake chicken and mashed potatoes and spinach and beets etc 🙏🏽Thanks again Derek for all you do your doing a great job!!!❤❤❤👍🏼

  • great work, he should take care of fines, stay, and get bank account. we figured it was address. uk will be a major issue. Thank you for helping him.

  • I am so happy to hear that can is doing very well now he looks much brighter.
    I have a question for those of you out there in the know about immigration. I have a lengthy over stay, 19 years. I’m American and want to pay but have heard of attorneys approaching immigration and getting a reduced fine. One man i know paid 50,000 for a 12 year overstay. If any of you out there are an attorney or know of one that could negotiate a deal for me I am willing to talk. I have a valid passport and some cash and am receiving social security monthly. I have absolutely no family in the USA as they have all passed. I am 65 and in love with the woman who saved my life.
    I am living with the woman I’m going to marry and wish to remain here in the Philippines until the end. My reason for doing this now is that I want to get a life insurance policy on myself to give her something when I die but i cannot get one here without an ACR card. So if I can get that started it would make me feel much better that I can leave her and her kids something. PM me if you can help thank you.
    I am not asking for money. Maraming salamat po

  • If he has a Barclays Bank account in the UK, they have a US Barclays. That might be a good bank for his direct deposit of his social security. He might have problems if he travels to the UK for a checkup and surgery. It would be easier to access his money if it’s in Barclays Bank. Another good option is to open an account with Charles Schwab, because he could use their debit card at any ATM in the world, they don’t charge a fee and they reimburse whatever fee the ATM charges.

  • He mentioned something about checking his money in the bank and said a guy was helping him with that. You need to find out about that, maybe it’s some kind of fraud. The guy might be telling him he has money in the account but it’s all fake. I’m not saying it’s fake, just that you or someone needs to make sure everything is OK.

    • For sure. Something to look into. But it got real late and I was getting incoherent. I just chose to prioritize his social security benefits due to time difference and it makes a majority of his income

  • You are definitely an angel sent to help Ken who can’t do it alone. God bless you and the lady helping him and bless your family too!

  • I am so glad those were tears of happiness from ken May God Bless Him in every way ❤❤❤ Great video Derek

  • The red dots that Ken is experiencing in his eyes could be due to high blood pressure, or it could be a symptom of diabetes. An optometrist can check his eyes and see if he has burst blood vessels.

  • Geez I feel so sad for Ken. Getting old is hard but having no family to turn to is a killer. You are an amazing man Derek. He really needs help. Keep doing what you are doing for this lovely man, God will reward you. ❤

    • Your second sentence makes sense indeed. To a certain degree quite a number of people are going through this.

    • once you live in America there’s no problem there’s so many home care that hospitals can bring you there a lot of caregivers to take care of you. once he live in care home his money goes to care home.including food medicine medical coz he applied for medical part A&B I did that for my husband.

  • I just want to add the ensure drinks are amazing my mother suffers from a eating disorder and uses ensure drinks she relays on them alot in her daily life to maintain her food supplement it increased her stability and probably saved her life so a great addition for him well done on that because you made a great choice there ❤️

    • Thank you for validating my purchase of choice. There are off brands available, but under the circumstances, I preferred to go with Ensure

    • @qadventures  yes verry good choice they are alot of flavour variety aswell I agree with you verry well done on everything your really leading the way for him and have helped so much already and gone beyond to make sure everything is okay for him god bless 🙌

  • I think 3 scoops of Ensure is better for Ken. Thanks again Derek for your kindness and everything that you do for Ken ❤❤, GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS 🙏 🍀🙌🤗🇵🇭💖

  • Blood cells and tissue suspended in the vitreous can give the impression that there are spots in the field of vision. Some of the conditions that may cause bleeding into the vitreous include diabetic retinopathy, central retinal vein occlusion, age-related macular degeneration, trauma etc.

    • @Celtic Fairie He has made some NIC contributions to the UK pension in his early work life so yes he is, but not a full pension he has entitlement to a partial UK pension which he has been getting

  • I’m glad he is getting help. He is such a fragile person that can be taken advantaged of. Derek, your an Angel.

    • And he is also in a very desperate situation where he is forced to trust any and everybody with a slight prospect of help

    • Derek you and your girlfriend is God sent to Ken and you really helped him get better and all the concern you get him ! Thank you and hope he gets what he needs .. and also Ken’s caregiver Bernadette and she’s very good and helpful to him! where can I help maybe sent something even a little help 🙏

  • You Derek are a Saint just for your information he may need a dollar account to receive his social security you can set it up when you do the pesos account

    • I am in a very bad position. I really don’t want access to his personal affairs but he does not have living relatives to help him

  • I heard 2 scoops a day better to jave 1 scoop 2x a day like morning dose and afernnon or evening dose always better to distribute nutrient intake More than only once if you give to doses , it’s why we generally eat 3 meals a day not just one big meal intake of nutrientsare better spread over time.

  • His green card having expired has got nothing to do with his social security benefits. All he needs is to provide proof of life for him to restore his benefits.

    • Yes. It’s done. It was a crash course for me but it’s restored. Just need 5 days for ss to update their records and then update bank account

  • Derek I sent you a paypal donation to help with food for Ken and your other charitable activities. I already posted a message about this but I don’t see the message (youtube deleted it?). Anyhow posting again. Thanks for your time and effort selflessly helping others.

    • Yes, Alistair. I received your $50 PayPal donation and am grateful for the contribution. It takes a community and I am glad this Q Community is functional

  • Thank you Sir for being kind and helpful to Mr. Ken hope that he can go back home … God Bless Sir Derrick❤🙏🙏🙏

  • Thanks Derek for helping Ken 👍It’s clear already how much you’ve helped him, just little things like ensuring he has the vitamins and minerals he needs in his diets have improved his health so much, plus you give him hope and optimism which will help his mental health so much 👍

  • I got Goose-bumps all over me when Ken said” IT IS A MIRACLE”. it is INDEED a MIRACLE. My prayers are with Ken and all those helping him. BIG UPS to you all🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • You’ve confused his “UK STATE Pension” with “Social Security” in the UK they are different things.
    If you can get his US Social Security and his UK State Pension paid to him in the Philippines he would be better off staying there.
    He’s going to drop into a mess of red tape and confusion after being out of the UK for 34 yrs.

  • I lived in San Diego very close to El Cajon only 20 minutes . I hope ken will get he’s pension back.Dereck you are sent God.

    • @Celtic Fairie didnt know he left the UK that long ago……he wouldnt want to go back there now…get the SS sorted and stay in Paradise.

  • US green cards have to be renewed every 10 years. There are several categories of immigrants. I know for a FACT that at least refugees can go this late and renew their green card without any problem, they just cannot work until then. Now, I don’t know if being more than 6 months out of the country could affect that benefit somehow.

  • Bro im not sure thats a safe thing sending someone you dont knos to pick him up in london you dont know their intensions good or bad but you should arrange for social sevices in england to pick him up you got to consider hes blind camt see hes very volnerable old man. Just like the last people took advantage of him maybe taking his pension from him before. Safer for government social worker to pick him up and take him tl hospital in england

  • Great for Ken and well done. I’ve always found that your polite and patient USA services are normally accommodating and on your side. You could always get someone who is not. What time did you phone them?

  • Ken couldn’t have achieved any of these things on his own. I fear what would have happened to him if you’d never met him. Having his social security reinstated is going to make the world of difference to his life and to the trip back to England. Thank you so much for having the patience and the kindness to help him. And thank you for giving your time to help him.

  • Direct Express card for social security and ssi and ssd recipients. I have the Direct express debit card my social security disability goes in.

  • I think he’s toast. A couple cups of strong black coffee might kickstart his frontal lobe. Thankfully you have plenty patience Derek

  • That’s so awesome.. Great Job man, for helping this guy. Very nice of ya… Hope this works out for him. Can’t wait to hear s update. Have a great day guys. All of you are awesome to watch.

  • I feel so happy for Ken getting his social security and back pay back. You really help him out. Also his Filipina friend.

  • I, have been on this Planet for 76 years and I’m well travelled, I have met some bad people and I’ve had the pleasure of meeting good people but in all my experience I have never met anyone with such a genuinely open heart ❤as you sir.

    I might add that I never would have expected such selflessness from someone with a background in Sales.
    I will be landing in Cebu in late November for my first ever visit to the Philippines, I sincerely hope that I will get to Lapu Lapu to shake your hand Q. 👍✊

  • MOST expats t only think about the present and not about this stage in their life. We are all heading there, and if we don’t have a supportive wife and/or children in the country, our lives could turn into a living hell. This man needs to live in a senior care facility in the US. He needs a caregiver 24/7. Caregivers in the Philippines won’t help him one bit. He needs quality healthcare and professional caregivers.

    • Cho: What you write makes sense, but where do you think Ken will get the funds to allow him live in a senior care facility? The median social security check is US $1,700 per month while the median cost of a senior facility is $ 4,700 per month. This cost is so high that 80% of American seniors cannot afford to live in a senior care facility.

    • @Garcia My ex-girlfriend used to be a caregiver. I can’t tell you how many stories she would tell me about seniors not being able to take care of themselves anymore, or by caregivers, and that had to be removed from their low income apartment to a senior care facility. They all were taken care of by the state some way or another. Most were living under the poverty line and couldn’t afford a private senior care facility. I’m talking about the US here. Don’t know about the UK.

    • ⁠@Chochi To: I am an American. I agree with you that many, many seniors are so frail that they cannot take care of themselves. Even those with children or family find that their care-givers burn out. But what I want to ask you is what states provide free or subsidized 24/7 elder care. Of more than 55.8 million elderly adults in the U.S. (65 or older), 1.3 million live in nursing homes, representing 2.3% of the elderly population. An additional 818,800 (or 1.4%) elderly Americans reside in assisted living facilities. So, only 3.7 % of seniors live in elder care facilities. Sadly, folk living on SSI cannot afford to.

  • Once a day ensure and a balanced meals of protein, vegetables and fruit and some carbohydrates is the best diet if he can eat well or another ensure in evening if you can afford it I know it’s expensive I bought it for someone in the philipines but 1 full dose is good About his vision maybe he had a cataract surgery happens lots with older folks

  • Hi Q UK pension will only pay back max 12 months I live in OZ and when I applied for my state pension I shoul have been back paid 24 months but I called them up they told me 12 months max back dated 👍👍🙏🙏

  • Great to see Ken looking a lot healthier thanks to Derek. The Wales Authorities are aware of the situation l informed the BBC news . The news papers are also aware l also informed them of the plight of Ken. Derek should soon have news from Wales UK on the progress the media attention it has attracted. Lets keep fingers crossed things are going to move for Ken. T hanks again Derek for your kind work helping things possible for Kens plight to repatriate him back to Wales.

  • Regard 🙏 from Indonesia… God bless your soul and heart Derek 🧚🏽‍♂️🧚🏽‍♂️🧚🏽‍♂️💐💐💐
    Best wishes for Ken 🙏🙏🙏

  • Wonderful update. I would not open a Philippine bank account for his SS. That would create more mess, especially if he goes back to the UK. He needs to see an Opthamologist badly to follow up on his eye situation. Thank you so much for helping him❤❤❤

  • Thank you Derek .you.have a heart of gold ..GOODLUCK to Ken hope he gets home safely and well ❤❤❤❤

  • Aww..Im so happy for Ken. I just want to give him a hug! Thank you for everything you and your wife are doing for him . Thanks to Bernadetta too for taking him in and caring for him. God Bless you all. If he stays in the Phillipines later,I hope no one uses him for his money.
    Perhaps he should check his eyes again,or does he plan on doing that in the UK too? .aybe he can see an opthamologist to get some temporary relief? Drops for the burning maybe?
    I think he means he has had a cornea or retina transplant or something??

  • Such a great vlog. I’m no Social Security expert however a lot of issues arise when Social Security Administration doesn’t receive the “proof of live” form from recipients living abroad, which is due annually so they suspend payment until it’s received. Banks around the world are all to eager to get their hands on a steady stream of US Social Security money. The conversion rate can vary by a lot depending on the bank. Banking fees, conversion fees, ATM fees, all can eat into precious retirement money.

  • Top man Derek you are a decent human being for helping this man. We must not forget Bernadette also who played an important role in looking after him. I am a big believer in what goes around comes around and in your case more blessings and good fortune guaranteed.👍👍

  • I can’t wait that Ken dreams will come true to be back in UK. God Bless You Ken ! Thank you Derek for your dedication to help Ken…🙏🙏🙏

    • They got him the money but he cant leave be ause he has fees to pay for ovrstaying his visa these must bw paid before he can leave

  • Praying for Ken. He seems to be a good man. Woe to the gf who left him after the kindness of ken.
    May God bless and grant ken’s heart desires , strength , good health and longer life to enjoy compensating those horrible days that happened

  • Great work Derek 👏👏 So happy for Ken to have his payments reinstated 👏👏 a weight has been lifted for both of you thank goodness for that lady giving you that information 👏👏
    What Ken has in his eyes are commonly known as floaters, as for red flashes or red floaters he’ll need his eyes checked, maybe someone with ophthalmology knowledge can confirm this, and also have his blood checked for diabetes too, it could be due to a bleed in his eyes?

    If Ken likes sweet potato, boiled or roasted, it’s good for weight gain too amongst other foods, snacking throughout the day helps too.
    Ken may have his old address in an email, either received or sent, also his GP or hospital in the UK will have it too, a video call could prove his identity with either one.

  • What i know for green card holders if they go out the country, they should report or come back to States every 2 years or fill out reentry form before leaving.

  • You should cut back from asking him too many questions. He is struggling for air and by the same token trying to talk. Poor man.

  • You’re Ken’s angel for sure, we appreciate you. But next time, don’t give away too much detailed info like how much he will receive from his pension and all that, for his safety and yours too. Remember that too many people are watching, but I hope that your neighborhood looks after Ken’s welfare ❤

  • Please get him some avocados. His body needs healthy fats. Many vitamins and minerals cannot be absorbed without fat in the diet.

  • God Bless your good heart sir. There is nothing more beautiful than someone who goes out of their way to make life beautiful for others.

  • I only fond this channel recently but what a difference! He already gained a little bit of weight in the face which is good.

  • New Subscriber today! ❤ Thank you Derrick for helping this gentleman. You are a GOD send! You’ve given this man his Dignity!

  • Thank you Derek for helping out Ken. You are such a kind soul. As far as his vision is concerned, it is best to take him to an Ophthalmologist to have a thorough examination on his eyes, not an Optometrist.

  • You are a wise man to make sure people can not say you have done something wrong.
    I think Ken has a saving account in the uk and he would not be able to get anything send abroad.
    We have an account like that for our pension. We have to be phisically there to take it out.
    Our daughter also could do it for us.
    Increddible how fit he still is.
    Can I have some mango too😹

  • Getting his Social Security reinstated will be absolutely life changing for Ken!
    It may also present him with some interesting decisions to make. Is he better off going back to the UK to live alone, or will he be better off in the Philippines with someone who has proven to care about him. The social security back pay will provide him with a necessary emergency fund and the $900 per month will give him more than enough to live on.
    Immediate health needs may be the deciding factor.
    Wonderful work you have done for him!

    • Costa have gone thru roof in the UK and now Winter on the way. What with a lump some hopefully coming his way, it may be smart to stay put and seek treatment locally

    • ​@A GAgree. I follow one UK vlogger who said her mortgage is increasing by £300 per month. Housing prices here in the US are equally bad.

  • Great. I’m in sales too from long time. That’s the way 😊u should open a new bank account now so in 5 days u ll already can give the new one.

  • Hello Mr. Derek, God blessed you. Thank you for your Service. May God, Jesus Christ❤ protects you and blessings to you and your other half in many ways. 👍💫😇