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  • I will be buying a Honda 160 Click I am Landing in Mactan March 22 Hotel is booked for 5 days in Basak literally 30 seconds walk to that dealership. Do they have Honda there? would be nice to know, cheers

    • I get different stories. What I concluded is that the it is DEFINITELY illegal to operate the vehicle without registration. Me being in the big city is strictly enforced. However, I have known other people that purchased their bikes 4 or 5 months ago and still has not received their registration but still drives it. Although still illegal in the provinces, just less enforced. But will be a problem if you need to go on a ferry without registration

    • @Q Adventures Pretty accurate statement as written.. Locals in Duma here said employees who collect money for registration blew it all on hotdogs and beer! Any truth in that I don’t know. I do know they said expect 3 months to get registration others said you can pay and bribe in order to speed things up. Most say they ride unregistered in Negros until they get it. Was warned don’t go to Siqujor but ok to travel to Cebu Island from Negros. Now I hear you have to wait 6 months to get a valid DL in the Philippines. Is what it is

    • Yes Rob. But I also have relationships here in Lapu-Lapu. I have helped a subscriber get his registration within 2 weeks and 3 days. In 1 of my recent videos. I often buy bikes for my rental business and never over 30 days. I did a license “conversion” same day. No bribe. Just paid a few hundred pesos for laminating my phils license. I guess it just depends where you are, how you talk to people and your luck of the person helping you on the day of

  • New Subscriber! Very helpful video for me since I’m arriving in June for 6 months and plan to buy new scooter when I arrive. Thanks 👍

  • Old Dog New Tricks paid $1200 for his brand new Honda motorbike last year, but I think his is only 110 cc engine.

    • Yes. Mine is a little more due to a few factors. I purchased a 125cc, when Paul made his purchase, the dollar was much stronger rhan now, and Paul has much better negotiating skills and patience than me

  • Yellow could be safer, the dogs, chickens, goats, pigs etc might see me coming down the road from a distance and let me pass…..’maybe’ ?. Although I do like the blue !!!

  • Everyone in the Philippines has an attitude, all good attitude so different from the USA where everyone has a bad attitude

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