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  • Yes, it is All about Finding Good people with Solid character .
    DON’T Hold your breath though ! . . ha ha
    So Many are jealous of foreigners Due to Their Own Laziness & lack of Ambition !

  • It’s funny u had the idea to get a jump on everyone who’s at work and found the beach to be crowded 😄 welcome to the Philippines

    • Right??? Thanks for noticing that. Fortunately, I am the type to wing everything and not over plan and turned out great despite the crowd and no sea urchins to consume.

    • It’s warm!!! Even in the depth, 2 more degrees, I’ll label it as a hot spring (a little exaggeration but not much)

  • Hi Derek, this is my 1st subscription to any youtube channel. My name is Louie, you said your from Redondo Beach in prior video. These girls jumping off the rocks reminded me of some young kids jumping off the pier at Redondo Beach. Mabe you can do a side by side jump from your old home town to your new home in the Philippines. Been watching most of your Videos. Thank you. Will be visiting when the right time allows. Hit me up if you want me to send video a give people a view from your old beach. Finally subscribed,
    Thank You.

    • Louie. Thanks for the suggestion brother. Apparently, viewers don’t like it that I compare the east with the west. I also want to leave the west behind while here. Focus on paradise and not the negativity, you know? Thank you for having the privilege of earning your subscription

    • I hear you man, we will meet someday, I wish I was there now. This was my 1st interaction with anyone on YouTube. Thank you for the reply. Your Vids are great.

    • Don’t wish brother, if you want it, put plans in action. It will happen eventually. I am really interactive with my YouTube subscribers and community. Heck, I even have 2 businesses set up here to be supportive of y’all. All the expats in my vids that you see are my subscribers. We still keep in touch and a few of them are family now. You let me know if I can assist with anything

    • Definitely will hit you up, I want to fish when I go down there. I’ve been fishing all my life and want to try different locations in the Philippines.

  • We don’t get young women being that open, friendly and feminine often here in the States. It’s very ‘muted’, pretentious and not as ‘free-flowing’ or ‘girly’ like the young women here. That ‘bubbly attitude’ is rare, so when I come across it, it’s nice, but it’s not enough. It doesn’t manifest itself enough in most of the women in America. But there…in a single moment…there are 5+ young women all behaving the same. Friendly, open, inviting, and most importantly, just being girls. Can’t wait to visit!

    • That’s the beauty of the Philippines. While culture and attitudes are on a decline, traditions are well preserved here. That’s what attracted me

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